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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, well i had been painting a sculpting ponies for a while, but as a change i started to customise hasbro ponies. So here are some that i have made some sold and some are up on my new etsy store. G3 sugar skull-rose
  2. I just recently finished my latest custom pony! This is the second Derpy I have created, although the first one turned out pretty bad, being my second custom. I strongly believe I've gotten better at customizing ponies after a lot of practice and experimenting. I might post some other customs later on, including Luna and a Chat Noir themed pony.
  3. Hey guys! I've been addicted to watching vids and looking at pics at custom figures! So, if you've made any, share some pictures!
  4. I'm not sure if this would be the correct place to request this so feel free to move if not I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a store or fellow brony which takes on custom plush commissions. Basically I want my OC made into a plushie. I've seen some on deviantart but I could never get my head around how to get a commission on that site (just me being a noob) Any recommendations would be great
  5. Who else here wants that to happen cause I do because I think it would be 'freckin awesome!' so yeah just amagine your oc on a animation series like the actualy mlp tv show!!!
  6. I've been wanting for a little bit to start taking EQG dolls and repainting their faces to look show accurate, rehairing them and styling it, giving them better/different outfits, or altogether using the doll body and rehairing and repainting the face to be a different character completely (e.g. buying an Octavia doll and using her grey body as a base for repainting/rehairing her to be Bubbles or Maud Pie. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions/tutorials that would be helpful for me to know in starting out? I want to do a couple for my own collection, but I also would like to sell them on Etsy for cash (as I am finding it hard to get a job at the moment). Any input would honestly be welcome. I'm entirely new to this artform/hobby. ;u;
  7. Just put up a Little Pip custom over on Devintart, she's the second one i've done
  8. When I see the latest robotics being sold for children, it breaks my heart. I'm a robotic engineer and I know that simple motors and a repeated voice recorder is so 90's. It's time to go a major upgrade I want to ask not just you guys but any of the robot engineers in this fandom. "Wouldn't you like a Fluttershy sing you a lullaby WHEN you ask for it? Wouldn't you like Pinkie Pie throwing you a party and bounce around on your birthday? Wouldn't you want to see your OC walk, talk and comprehend as if they actually existed?" We have invented flexible and thin screens, programed robots to walk up stairs like a normal human and we are in the midst of making actual Iron Man suits for the Military. We push for Technology yet we lack to show our capability to the younger generation. I want to brighten this dark corner an advance in toys for children. Of course, I would have to start with OCs (which I'm more than Happy to) to show popularity among the brony fandom and show what it can do for children, but I'm positive it will be a great push for us. Below is a list of features I plan to have it program to do: Official Pony Bots: ~Sing along with Original tracks ~Say it's famous catch phrases ~Teach about it's field (example: Fluttershy and the Biology or Zoology) ~Respond to common questions and commands (send me commands you want it to have and it might pop up) ~Play certain games (limited by certain terrain or other specific limitations) ~Comes with a CD that will have a program to back up the coding and have a special program to add any features I installed on the disc.(It would be easy to understand for those who aren't computer literate. Like the Lego Bots Program.) This would allow you to add songs(ponies wont sing them though, sorry), download any apps from a special store( Apps like Calculus 101, Cookbook stuff, etc.) OC Pony Bots: ~Would have more storage space since pre-programming won't be installed in it's hard drive. ~Will have a different CD Design for you to customize it your way (example: Voice Recording,) The Customize OC Pony Bots may be a little more expensive, considering the outer coat, mane and tail along wit any accessories would cost more to fabricate than the Officials, but I promise that both of them will be only slightly above my costs. Do you want one If I accomplish in building a pony bot. P.S. I won't be able to get them to fly but I should be able to get them to walk, trot gallop and use the stairs like in the show.
  9. Hey there herd. I have a friend who wanted to try her hand at making a few custom plushies to supplement her while in college. I suggested going with minky and embroidering as they seem to be the best selling. I was wondering which ponies you guys think would be the best. She'll probably be doing about one a month. So if she could sell in the $150-200 range that would be her goal. So which ponies do you think would be the best to make or that you would buy? Outside the mane 6 I reccomended Derpy (of course), Lyra/Bon Bon, Octavia/Vinyl and Trixie. I also pitched the idea of Snow Drop as she has a real nice design, but I'm not sure if she's popualr enough. ALSO! I came up with another idea about making some plushies in different styles. mainly the baby filly style or these 2: Would that be a good idea? Any feedback is appreciated!! thanks
  10. No idea if this is the right forum agh- It's been a pain getting the head off and the hair off of it, but I's getting there! Still gotta take off the eyes. I was too lazy to paint so i got an extra rainbow dash. Was looking for a Durpy for this custom, but I can never seem to find her (so i'd feel bad using the one i have). I had an extra Dashie, so i'm using her. Hair is taking forever... SO i'm thinking of a name for her, her cutie mark, and how i'll be styling her mane. another pic. she's coming along pretty good.
  11. Hi everyone, first time poster/reader here, My girlfriend loves MLP, and has (as many people have, I'm sure) come up with her own pony design, everything except the cutie mark so far. I was thinking it would be great to get her a custom MLP figure/model (FIM style) to her design, perhaps for her birthday early next year, but I don't know if it's possible or where to start. (I do notice the Commissions section here, but it looked more for artwork and other things rather than custom figures?) Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for anyone with literally no idea where to start? I'd appreciate any help anyone can give
  12. Hello Every pony My name is Chris from Hunter Knight Customs I have recently started making MLP customs and my latest ones are Lyra and a mini version of Derpy. The hair was sculpted in apoxie and then painted with acrylics from Model Masters. Her head still turns left and right a bit. Now we can have a Lyra with show accurate hair! Derpy was just a repaint of a mini-figure complete with deep shadows, highlights and more. They are up for grabs on Ebay: I always make a video for all of my custom figures. Here are the ones for Lyra and Derpy:
  13. Woot did some painting! Now shes clearly incomplete. she needs a second coat of the lighter blue and a fair amount of touch up work but i think shes looking good.
  14. Yay! i'm starting a blog . but instead of telling the world about my mundane life i figured i'd use this to chronicle some customized ponies I've decided to make... you get to ether watch my triumph... or failure we will see . (weird Rarity with mask toy) first up is Rarity who sadly must be sacrificed to my pagan pony god to make Vinyl scratch aka Dj-Pon3. (Design a pony Luna toy) n next is the Princess of the night herself Princess Luna! who's not getting sacrificed so much as getting a makeover. i'm still undecided on whether to make her look like a show accurate season 1 Luna or season 2/3 Luna? Opinions on this are much welcome. there you have it, i'll be positing pics of the various stages of development until the finished product. this is my first time customizing ponies. (i do it with 40k models all the time though.). so wish me luck.
  15. This is a custom WIP I am working on thought I would let people see a peek ! The picture is not quite the best, up close (iphone 4 lol) but shes turned out so lovely thus far!! not happy with her armor relayering it and repainting it! *Flex* rawr !!!!! I shall let her dry, and then I will redo the armor and cutiemarks then seal and prep for hairing.
  16. I finally got a little bit of cash, so decided to fulfill my dream and get some G1 brushables for customizing. Yes, I risk to be unpopular but I just love G1 sculpts. I do not care they are not like show, I'm not aiming for show accuracy or anything, I just wanna make pretty silky-maned toy horsies. Anyhow... Is that only me, or does the top row middle pony (the electric white one with pink white yellow mane and peachy tail) really look totally off? The eye is little and black, color scheme is totally horrible and that's not a G1 sculpt. Could that be a later generation white blankie that someone has customized horribly (thet would explain mane in colors of hilighter), or could it be a fakie? Not like I'm too worried about having one fakie, I'm bidding for this lot anyhow, still gives me 8 good ponies and two good babies to work with, and I could use that one for practice if it's still made of vinyl (I just hope it's not hard plastic), I'm just cturious who she is...
  17. Do you need help naming a pony? I know I do! Discuss bronies who are great at giving names, your own naming dilemma, or help other bronys who just can't figure it out!
  18. The title is an (obvious) reference to Tiny Toon Adventures. Anyway, I created my own pony! LOOK AT HER!: TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! She's pretty much my MLP avatar. I really like her.
  19. Hey guys! So I'm working on my very first custom. I'm working with a brushable Rainbow Dash and I was just curious if anybody had any good resources or tips on making customs. I'm changing her pose, sculpting her mane and tail, and also I'm going to attempt to sculpt the crystal armor. I know, it's a lot for a first, but apparently I have that go big or go home menatlity on this, for whatever reason. Anyway, I'm currently using apoxie sculpt to change her pose and for all the sculpting. I was curious what to use as a base coat for her. Do you use a special primer or would just painting her white be sufficient? Also, what sort of paints does everybody use? I'm familiar with acryilics and was thinking about using those. Any other tips, tricks, links or resources would be greatly appreciated!
  20. His name is MorePowerfullThanCelestiaGalactusAnd200HulksCombined. He got his cutie mark when he benchpressed Equestria out of the ground. Some say he's half robot and half monster. He trots sonic rainbooms and he can planeswalk to other universes. He enjoys conquering places he doesn't own, re-conquering places he does own. He doesn't negotiate with terrorists and his pet is the one and only, Chuck Norris. I got really, really, really bored... If you can't tell it already...
  21. So here they are, my first custom figurines. They are supose to be Surprise and Velvet, two tumblrs I realy love (if you cant even recognize them I realy sucked ). So I like to have your opinion and maybe some advices. For Surprise i only had to brush her and paint her. For Velvet I had to change her mane, I used Pinkie's one. I took picture of every angles so you can givem e your opinion, sory for the quality. And thanks for those who're gonna answer
  22. So here are the first two ponies I've ever customized in my life. ^^ Discord here was made out of a G1 Honeysuckle flutterpony. That poor toy was in bad shape. The mane was chopped off, and there were bite marks in its legs. HUMAN BITE MARKS. So I bought it and turned it into Discord. I have an excuse for why the wings look so shoddy. For the most part, you don't notice his wings in the show anyway. And when you do see them, they look like ovals plastered against his back. Also, I only had cheap-o modelling clay to make the tail and wings, soooo.... Pinkamina was an off-brand pony toy I found at a thrift store. As soon as I saw those creepy eyes of hers, I though "I gotta turn her into Pinkamina." So I did. The blood-effect on her hooves and chest and muzzle were an afterthought. I was like, "Wonder what it would look like if I put blood on her hooves?" Loved the effect so much that I went a tad bit crazy with it. ^^; Anyway, that's all I've got right now...if you want to see more, add it to your favs, whatevs, you can check out the link to my devART. It's under my avatar over there. *points* It's also right here: