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Found 56 results

  1. So, I was thinking of making some custom t-shirts of my OC's, and thought I'd offer it to other members on here. My (very) limited budget limits me to simple inkjet printer heat-transfer shirts, which have to be carefully worn and washed. But until I can afford a better-quality printer, it will suffice. the idea is that you would limit use of the shirts for special events, like con's or something. shirts would be limited to OC's only (no cannon characters). anyway, just wanted to see if there would be any interest, before I go out and buy a $200 heat press, lol
  2. I recently found a catnip farm not too far from my place. They are a completely natural and pesticide free farm so I bought a whole bunch for my kitties. I even made this banana toy with the nip! I sewn the whole thing by hand with pet friendly felt. My cats loved it! I'm gonna make more to trade with other pet owners. I love it when I discover new/high quality supplies for art. I should totally make a beef shaped toy. Lol
  3. He's here. I ordered a custom pony plush months ago. Of one of my favorite guys. And now he's here. Stygian! This is made by little-broy-peep on deviantart, And oh my god guys... He's so well made! I'm in sheer adoration. He has such heft to him. It makes it slightly harder to cuddle with than I was picturing, but it means he feels more "real" than you would think too! His cloak can come off too. He has a clasp on his front where you can undo it. Months ago I was looking around plush maker pages on deviantart, and on one waiting list, I saw Stygian's name on it! No way! Someone is making him! This would be the first time he would be made in plush form! I decided I had to get on that train. The images came out of that first plush and I was in utter love. So when the opportunity came, I signed on to the list for my own. And now I have possibly the second Stygian plush ever. You've probably picked up on it if you look at my posts, but he is one of my favorite characters on the show. He is the one I have fixated on the most. Something drew me to him. Maybe it's because I first learned of his name and wondered what he had to do with the Pony of Shadows, and maybe it's because I felt for him on another level after hearing his story and jealous spiteful situation. I'm sure that it's a mix of both. And since reading the Legends of Magic comics, which showwcase the Pillars, and Stygian's journey to find them, and hints of his eventual falling out, and the Nightmare Knights comics, where he is one of a team of five former villains teaming up to recover Luna's magic, I've come to love him even more. I sometimes wonder why he doesn't get as much love as others, at least from the fanart side. Lots of people have customs of their favorite ponies or OCs. There's lots of photos of people's work, I never jumped on that wagon... until now. And now I got a shipment that may as well be somepony who sent himself direct from Equestria itself, and I'm so happy. I feel this serves as a pretty wonderful personal coda to the show being over. I've never gotten a custom plush of anyone, pony or not. But the level of which I'm fixated on him was enough to get me to take the step. One day I might do the custom thing again, but I don't want to spend too much money at once. But if I do, I'm sure it will be either Sandbar or Sunburst. Both are serious cuties. What do you think?
  4. Hi there! I decided to open commissions here on mlpforums. Below are my latest works, I hope you'll like it! *** COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED *** Prices here: IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE ACCESSORIES, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST - I WILL TELL YOU HOW MANY ITEMS YOU SHOULD ADD TO CART! I ship worldwide!
  5. I don't know if there's a thread on this already but I'm starting to rack up a bit of a plushy collection and most of 'em are of good quality. The Funrise plushies seem to be the most basic. I bought a Rarity only to have her eyes scrape off in the wash (it was creepy). I have two 4th Dimension plushies (Dr. Whooves and Trixie) and they're practically top notch custom quality. I also have a bootleg Chrysalis from the infamous Only Factory who apparently steals custom designs. So any thoughts on who makes the best/worst plush toys?
  6. So I've had a bait G3 Rainbow Dash laying around for years and decided to finally make use of her! I'm transforming her into a G3 version of Apple Split, since apparently he's my new obsession hehe <3 This is my first custom so please bear with me, I know there are probably lots of flaws even in these early stages but I'm pretty happy with him! Everything so far has been hand-painted with acrylics. I'll probably be sculpting his mane and tail out of polymer clay and then wiring/gluing it on, since they have a distinctive shape that would be a little hard to replicate with synthetic hair.
  7. Mello, I've made some customs using the Pop! Kits, The Pop! kits are perfect for customs because of ability to swap hair and the double packs are great as they supply lots of eye stickers. To start things of it's Trixie Lulamoon and Octavia Melody (my two main pony waifus )
  8. So, here's something I've been working on for MONTHS! My custom resin-cast pony figurines! ٩(ˊᗜˋ)و Materials I use: ● polyurethane resin ● SuperSculpey polymer clay ● I hand-paint them with acrylics and cover them with acrylic varnish Figurine size: ● 13 cm (5.1") tall ● 8 cm (3.1") measured from the front hoof to the back hoof So, here comes the first one I made, Trixie! She is pretty much just a prototype, my resin-casting guinea pig. ♥ Hope you like her and don't mind all the minor mistakes I made. (◡‿◡✿) MORE PONIES TO COME!
  9. OK a lot of people keep talking about not wanting to see certain sections of the site over and over and don't seem to realize you can choose your own content, and it is very easy to boot. So here in 7 easy steps (with pictures) I'll show you how to do it. Since the Debate Pit is the big one, that is what I am concentrating on, but since I don't care about Roleplay or Ponyverse TV and the like, I'll add them to. Step 1: Find your activity streams at the top of the page. Click the down Arrow. Step 2: It will make a drop down. In some cases this may scroll down your screen, either way you want to scroll down to Create new Stream. Click it! Step 3: Give it a name. I named mine "No Debate Pit", so you can use that, or call it "Peace of Mind", "Only Ponies" or "Wilma"... your choice. Just make the name something you will remember in case you ever make other streams for different content. Step 4: After you name it scroll down to "Topics" in circle 1. The box you care about is in circle 2. Hit the little arrow next to the gear. Step 5: It will expand a list of ALL the forums & sub-forums on the site. Hit the down arrows next to the forums to reveal many of the sub-forums. Just CLICK EVERY SINGLE FORUM YOU WANT TO SEE. DO NOT CLICK THE ONES YOU DON'T! Look at the whole list and do this. As you click them and more and more drop down, you will have to adjust your screen. Grin and bear it. Step 6: As you click them, you will see tags forming above the box. This is what is causing the screen dropping... when done click outside the box and you should have something like this. If you notice no Debate Pit in sight... nor a couple of other forums I don't frequent. Look them over, see something missing, or something you don't like, make changes now. Step 7: Save it!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough.. no one ever saves it. If you don't save it you just wasted your time and won't see the results. After saving it. you can return to wherever, then go back to Step 1. This time when you hit the drop down list, you will see your named Stream above the Create New Stream Button. If you click it, it will only show you the updates on the forums you chose to look at. Anything you did not include will NOT be included in this. You can further customize as you see fit though. If you play around with the other boxes and tools you can get all sorts of views going. You can't break it so don't worry... if you do do something really wonky that you cannot figure out how to fix, you can just delete the stream and remake it. Be aware this is only for the desktop and laptop versions of the site not the mobile version, so if you have questions pertaining to that, you'll have to speak more to mobile users or just play around with the settings in your free time. Thanks for reading. Hope this helps some of you dealing with this issue.
  10. I gotta advertise this for those that haven't played it... y'all NEED to play the small horse custom stories for Amnesia... If you like ponies, if you're on the internet way too much, if you enjoy hilarious horror... PLAY THIS GAME!!! For those who don't know, I got into MLP from this was so crazy and wacko, that I had to discover the origins of the I watched the show, and ended up loving it! but back on track, if you haven't played it, please download it here!!the-small-horse-epic-journey/c13ag it's well worth your time! Many lets players such as Ratchetness, Cinnamontoastken, Jacktherbert, Pewdiepie and many others have had fun with it, and so should you!
  11. So, hello everyone. It's been a long time since I posted something on here, and this is being posted for one of two things. One, I want to introduce people to Furious Factions - The Multiverse Battle Card Game, a game I've spent about three years developing, and am still nowhere near completion. So, without further ado, let's get started with the factions! United Terran Expeditionary Force (UTEF) The UTEF are a faction from an alternate Earth, where alien invasion upon alien invasion has turned our world into a partial wasteland, with the world banding together as the Union of Terra. Technology is focused mostly on war, with very few new advances in civilian technology due to the massive needs of the current war. Examples of UNITS: Now, the second reason I am posting this. I require assistance. I was of the school of thought that I could do the entire game by myself, all the art and setup, but it's starting to become obvious to me that my previous reasoning was in error, and now I am looking to build a team. To answer the obvious questions: Yes, I am a traditional artist. All the card art, minus the symbol for the UTEF (Which serves as the card back) is hand-drawn and coloured. I've been doing this iteration of my card game for about a year now. Also, the [.spoiler] tabs are... acting a little weird at the moment.
  12. So after a little debate, I've decided to open up a thread where I share my custom cars from the PS4 game: The Crew. The Crew is an amazingly unique racing game where the USA is your playground for exploration, racing solo or with three others in four vs four crew battles and other adventures. Dirt Spec 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Performance Spec Lamborghini Gallardo LP-570 Superleggera Drift Spec 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Raid Spec Ruf 3400K Dirt Spec Nissan 370z Performance Spec Mercedes Benz AMG GTS Performance Spec 2004 Dodge Ram SRT10 I'd like some feedback on car design and how I took these photos. This thread will be updated with new stuff once in a while.
  13. Perhaps one of the most important elements of a song is the sound of the instruments. Nowadays, most people have turned to the synthesizer, which is perhaps one of the most powerful musical instruments up-to-date. It can produce a wide variety of sounds. Even so, companies have now produced what are called "sound engines" that aim to create a sound so perfect, that it almost sounds like the real thing. Nonetheless, people have taken this a step further by pushing the limits of the sound engine. In this thread, you will find various resources from yours truly on creating sounds that can and will improve the quality of your creations significantly. All sounds you will find in this thread are produced from the Korg Kronos 88 workstation. However, even if you don't have the Korg Kronos, you can still do alot with the effects paths, instruments and other elements in your own DAW. Every sound is based off of one of four simple sound waves: sine, square, sawtooth and triangle. There are many other types of waves such as step and exponential waves, but these are more complex. In addition, there is a variant of the squarewave known as the pulse wave, where the peaks and bounds of the square wave are of different phase. A phase is a single instance of a wave. Here's an example of a single sine wave phase: A phase is consisted of a leap and bound. Rolling back to the pulse has a skinnier top end than a standard squarewave as shown in the picture below: Now that we got that out of the way, it is time to apply this knowledge to creating custom sounds. Let's say you're making a piece that calls for a solo instrument such as a violin. You don't have a virtual violin...what are you going to do? Simple, you can make one from scratch using the knowledge you have soundwaves. of the five basic soundwaves has a mellow type of feel...? The answer: The Triangle wave. So, a triangle wave alone simply cannot produce a violin or wind instrument sound. It has been stated that most synthesized wind instruments originate from the square or triangle must transform it into the instrument by changing the attack time, equalizing and adding some vibrato if necessary. For a more brighter wind instrument sound, a subtle sawtooth may be added, but we must not make the sawtooth overpower the triangle/squarewave combination. After all work has been done, we get something like this: Notice the reverb and the sawtooth decay after the initial square/triangle combination wave has fully decayed. This is supposed to simulate either string vibrations or location that this sound is being played at. Next, let's say you want to make a song about our favorite bubble cutie-mark mare Derpy Hooves. Her cutie mark is bubbles...but you don't have a bubble sound. What are you gonna do? Well, if you have a sound engine in your DAW that has filter controls, your cutoff control is your big one here. Turn that all the way off. Next, turn your resonace up close to, but not all the way. Finally, turn your EG Intensity knob all the way up, that is, if you have one. You may fiddle around with other parts of the sound engine to fit to your taste, but here's what you should get: The second run of this sample is with added ring-modulation, which is basically tremolo beyond it's maximum capacity. It gives the sound a "retro" feel, sort of like pac-man. So as you can see, there is a lot of potential with the five basic soundwaves. I'll start with these two custom sounds and add more as I go on. Happy creating!
  14. Hello, well i had been painting a sculpting ponies for a while, but as a change i started to customise hasbro ponies. So here are some that i have made some sold and some are up on my new etsy store. G3 sugar skull-rose
  15. Hello my friends. I'm afraid that I have started quite late to prep a cosplay for bronycon due to deployment and lack of internet access, I have gotten to request a custom wig/tail of my OC from a great customs pony on etsy and hope that it has reached her and maybe accomplishable before the alotted time, however I am still lacking pegasus wings and can't seem to find one that can be done as i'd like it to be and arrive ontime for bronycon; even if its brought to bronycon it may still be too late so I might have to be an earthpony to my first con. I may be attending another con later this remaining year and would like to find someone who can also make a great set of wings:) only catch is to be the main color of black and the secondary color red.
  16. Hey guys! I've been addicted to watching vids and looking at pics at custom figures! So, if you've made any, share some pictures!
  17. So the other day I shared a MLP cake my sister made. Over the last 4 years she has fallen in love with crafting homemade cakes, dinners, desserts, and crocheted items. This prompted me to find all the pictures we have taken of her creations, as well as some of the other projects my family members have created. *Unless otherwise stated: ALL OF THESE ARE LEGITIMATELY FROM MY FAMILY! NO JOKE. My participation has been photography...haha and taste-testing! **I've edited over most of the names she has written onto the cakes ==================================================== I'd love to see what other things your families have created, if you have pictures of course! So feel free to share what you can! PIRATE CAKE, Cupcakes, & Cannons This was the first cake that she made so it's a little rough around the edges! We had a pirate party for Halloween 3 years ago (we've actually had 3 now...we like pirates! ) The Captain Barbosa toy on the deck, the masts, sails and string-rail, and flags were the only non-edible parts. My father created the little cannons and cannon ball piles out of various candies (Tootsie Rolls, mini Oreos, Hershey Buttons, Sixlets, Milky Ways and I think Whoppers) ==================== Giraffe *I don't know who Aspen is so I figured I could leave that name there. ==================== 50/50 Split She made this one for some twins: ==================== MLP: FiM - Rainbow Dash ==================== Gingerbread Houses My mom and another sister made these a few Christmases ago:
  18. I'm not sure if this would be the correct place to request this so feel free to move if not I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a store or fellow brony which takes on custom plush commissions. Basically I want my OC made into a plushie. I've seen some on deviantart but I could never get my head around how to get a commission on that site (just me being a noob) Any recommendations would be great
  19. This is pretty amazing, lovely art and amazing work really beautiful error message Great job on this really creative idea and beautiful execution Gives me the giggles
  20. As the thread title says, I have made a couple of PVC Lightsabers. I'll go over both of them, but first, a reminder: These are my first two sabers, so perfection or even greatness is not to be expected. Feedback is welcome, as long as it is constructive. So, first up, the RAVAGED HUNTER. The RAVAGED HUNTER was my first saber. It is of the design of dark siders and has a red blade. As you can see, as the name implies, it is rather 'ravaged'. This was kind of a happy little accident. I decided to say it has seen a LOT of wear and tear and been used a LOT. It's been from one end of the galaxy to the other and back again. Next up, we have the SILVER HUNTER. The SILVER HUNTER is the big brother to the RAVAGED HUNTER. It hasn't seen as much use, is bigger and has more reach. On the topic of models: I make my sabers with the idea that every type of lightsaber, be it normal, crossguard, pike, double-bladed or whatever, depending on the size of the wielder, it can come in two basic sizes, outside of Shoto sabers. These are normal and big models. So, what do you think? I'm planning on making more, but I need a valid source of income first. I was thinking of doing more PVC sabers as commissions once I get good enough at this. PS: NO ELECTRONICS. I added the blades via special effects.
  21. Please can you make custom design so we can make custom colors to forum,custom fonts and custom cursors this will make the Forum live once more time.
  22. For those of you who had the recent Equestria Girls figures from McDonalds, I had created custom Kenner Styled cardbacks for those of you who are Bronies/Pegasister that are also into figure collecting, etc. Cardback designs as of today: Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy: COMING SOON Applejack: COMING SOON Pinkie Pie: COMING SOON ------------------------------------- I'll be working on setting up instructions on how to create your custom cardback with the figure of your choice, cardback design, and the blister bubble after I got those items on this project.
  23. I was wondering where people get the custom painted figures and stuff of there OC and other things? I know they're not official, but are there commision pages? I see pictures on EQD for custom compilations and I kinda like them so where can I go about getting one if I wanted to? I know most on there are made by the people who sent them in but... What is going on?
  24. Hi there! I wish to show you my own custom. I spend 3 days to make her that was very hard becouse I used only a simple needle to add her new, silver mane and tail. Eyes and cutie mark is 100% handmade ofc ^^ I like her but I must sell her soon need money for new paints XD I don't take commissions for custom, brushables ponies couse It's too much work ^^' I have only her What do you think about her?
  25. The "heart" shape, normally associated with love in Western cultures, shows up a lot in Equestria's (or Ponyville's) traditional art: you could see it atop roofs, on doors, on carts, and on a major railway express. Do you have any headcanon ideas on why the "heart" shape is a common feature in traditional Equestrian art, and a possible history behind the custom?