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Found 3 results

  1. I consider myself to be a really patient customer, in a restaurant, for example, finding a hair in my food is not enough for me to get angry, I'd eat the food anyways, I mean if it's good why not *shrugs* but... if I find a nasty dead animal in my food, I'd return it, very politely, without doing a scandal about it, and ask for another plate or the return of my money. (well that depends on the animal, if I find a dead mice, then I would firstly get scared XD and then do a scene! and never come back to that place ) If I'm in a fast food waiting in the line, and if they keep me waiting for a while, I won't get impatient and wait all the time needed (of course, I won't wait 1 hour for my food), because I know that they are busy with all the orders, however, if I see somepony that was behind me in the line and got served before me, then I would ask about my order, again very politely. I would get angry (still don't know to the point of screaming and yelling) and probably would be rude, if I got a really bad service when they just do what they want and treat me, the customer, badly. If I'm on the phone, with customer support (for cable, internet, phone services etc.) and if they make me wait, and transfer my call to another department multiple times, I'll accept it, as long as I get a good service from them (of course I won't accept like 20 transfers, that's ridiculous ) I'd rate myself 4/10 being 1, not picky at all, up to 10, very very picky!
  2. Hello and welcome! This topic is intended to provide a basic outline for both artists and customers who are interested in commissions. Our goal is to ensure that the process for selling and buying commissions is easy and safe. For your benefit, please read the following carefully! Meet the Team! These are the staff members responsible for overseeing commissions. PathfinderCS -- Responsible for the overall management of commissions and finalizing payments. He's the person to contact if you're interested in setting up a commissions shop. He can also answer many of your inquiries about commissions. PathfinderCS -- Responsible for assisting with commissions and customer relations. Jeric -- Responsible for helping to curate your shops and market you as an artist. For artists -- getting started! So, you're interested in doing business here on MLP Forums. That's great! Whether you're selling digital or physical artwork, we can accommodate. In order for us to assist, you'll need to share a few bits of information, as well as formally agree to several stipulations. First, you must have at least 20 "active" posts on the forums. These are posts counted outside of the Welcome Plaza, Roleplay World, and Cloudsdale Colosseum. Reaching 20 posts helps artists to grow accustomed to our community -- so not only is it good business practice, but it's also a nice and friendly thing to do! Second, you will need to provide the following: Some samples of your work. Your agreement to let MLP Forums take a 15% cut from all your sales. This cut is part of our escrow service in which we hold payments until artwork is completed. The escrow does three things: it supports Poniverse through the 15% cut, ensures you'll be paid for your work, and protects customers in the event a refund is needed. The PayPal address at which you wish to receive your payments. A complete outline of your pricing structure in US Dollars (this includes domestic and international shipping for physical artwork, if applicable). Any social media or art accounts you may have (namely, Tumblr, Twitter, dA, and Facebook). Remember, all payments are made in US Dollars (USD). Consider the 15% cut and the value of the USD while setting your prices. Each item must be at least $5 USD. For your convenience, here is an online exchange rate calculator: NOTE: If you sell custom work that has adjusted pricing based on materials and labor, we can arrange a second method of payment according to the following steps: Instruct your customers to send their payment through Tell the customer to leave a note that the payment is for you, the artist. Alert us to the payment so we can process it for you. Please note that the commissions staff also reserves the right to deny a request to open a shop on MLP Forums. Setting up shop If you agree to all of the above, then we can begin in earnest to discuss creating a shop for you. The system works like this: artists get a section in the forum store dedicated to them, and they make a thread in the Commissions area to set up shop. You direct customers to your store area to pay for work, and we then pass your payment along to you. Essentially, we hold the payment in escrow. It's our task and duty to ensure both parties are compensated; as such, your share as the artist will be passed along to you once we have confirmation of your work being completed. The customer must first send us the money due to you. You are guaranteed compensation, so long as you provide proof of the work for which you are being paid. Once the staff verifies that the customer has received the commission and is satisfied with the final product, we will send you payment as soon as possible. In summary: A customer submits payment for a commission they'd like. We hold the payment in escrow until you, the artist, complete the commission. Once the commission is completed, you alert me, PathfinderCS, to the fact you've finished and have delivered your work to the customer. I will contact the customer to make sure everything is squared away on their end. Assuming everything's OK (and it normally is), we then send you the payment. Terms of Service Be aware that the board rules apply to all sections of the forum, including commissions. We must first emphasize the exclusive use of the shop here on MLP Forums. Directing customers to pay via another method must be cleared with Path first. Otherwise, you'll be cheating us out of the agreed upon cut and hurting the community (as well as the customer) in the process. Please come and talk to Path if you're ever concerned about your payments. Bear in mind that you cannot sell artwork which would otherwise violate our board rules. This includes, but is not limited to, art which may be excessively vulgar, is NSFW, is fetishistic, or qualifies as hate speech. Artistic expression is a precious thing, but it must be consistent with the standards of our community. Finally, your artwork must be your own. If you appropriate any elements, such as vectors or designs, in your work from another source, it must be done with the express consent of the original creator. In other words, you need permission to sell what wasn't originally yours. Failing to do so is plagiarism and violates our community guidelines. Violation of the above terms may result in the closure of your store and the cancellation of pending purchases. Furthermore, you won't be paid for completing commissions which violate the board rules. Remember: If you're ever uncertain, ask first! Once your shop is ready and to your liking, you may then go ahead and post a thread in this section. Pathfinder will approve the thread so that it is made visible to all potential customers. Shop Activity Artists that have been inactive for a prolonged period without a stated explanation may have their shop closed. An explanation must be submitted to the Commissions Team in advance. More specifically, if there have been no commissions (completed or in-progress) within 60 days, we will contact the artist directly to make sure commissions are being accepted. This will also act as a gentle reminder that the shop has been inactive. If the artist does not respond after 2 weeks from being notified, their commission shop will be closed. This does not apply to temporary closures communicated in advance to the Commissions Team. Similarly, this will not apply to artists who frequently have works in-progress. We understand that some artists work with materials that take longer to produce a finished item (sculptures, plushies, etc). After all, nobody wants a rushed product. For customers -- a promise To those who are interested in ordering commissions, know that you are supporting both the artists and MLP Forums. Your business is always appreciated! Because your payments are held in escrow, we can guarantee that there is zero risk involved for you. You will always be compensated, whether or not you receive the work you requested. We will contact you to find out if your commission has been completed to your satisfaction. In the event you are not satisfied, please let us know! We cannot assist you if you do not make us aware of the problem you may be facing. Our team is here to mediate any dispute, disagreement, or confusion surrounding a commission. We are not responsible for physical items once they are shipped. As such, we encourage customers to look into shipping insurance. Artists who have proof of shipping will be paid, and we are more than willing to assist in arranging a new shipment if both the artist and customer agree to a new deal. Payment Information Transactions charged to accounts will appear in statements as The following information is also attached to each transaction: Merchant Name: Poniverse Website: Email Address: Address: 1641 Lonsdale Ave., Suite 248 North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J5 Once more, please direct any questions to PathfinderCS via PM. He will be more than happy to speak with you.
  3. I met a lovely gentleman today named assface who share with me a grave concern about salmonella poisoning. Okay so that is not his real name but for the purposes of this blog that is what I am going to call him. Because my wall load (yogurt, cheese, eggs, juice ect...) came so early that it got there before the milk load it was a lot more difficult and time consuming than usual to break down and work the milk load which put me really far behind. Assface freaked out and yelled at me because *gasp* get ready wait for it you are going to love this... HE FOUND A FEW EGG CARTONS WITH BROKEN EGGS! Can you believe it the nerve of me for not being able to alter physics and make eggs which are one of the most fragile things ever unbreakable? I tried to explain to assface that I was behind but his majesty decreed that unless I bent over and put my lips on his decrepit behind that he will complain to the corporate office and the health department. If I didn't need my job or didn't care I would have said this "yes sir do you want me to do that before or after I chew your food and wipe your butt for you?" But since the customer is always supposedly always right and I had the order from management I had to check every egg carton on the shelf, so I had to take the product I had out back to the cooler and take this shopping cart full of cardboard to the bailer and go to the front to get another shopping cart to put the broken egg cartons in and come back literally no more than a minute or two later and assface scolds me again and orders me to "do it now". But maybe I am being a tad cruel to this guy, it was unprofessional and inappropriate for me to divert some attention away from his holiness the second coming of Jesus Christ himself to put away highly perishable product I had out at room temperature and clean up my own cardboard and get a new shopping cart to put the broken egg cartons in when I could have just said "screw physics" and had a black hole come suck up all the broken egg cartons and leave the good ones intact. So this puts me behind by at least an hour possibly even more than that and I barely find anything, but hey it is not like I was doing anything anyway. Yep, I may complain about how hard I get screwed at work but it is all a lie all I do all day is hang out in the cooler brink beer and play pool and occasionally come up front to the checkstands to play video games and eat Doritos.