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Found 3 results

  1. The title speaks for itself. What are some of the stranger, more outlandish character builds you've gotten away with in RPGs without rendering your character unusable? Currently, I'm about 20 hours into Kotor II using a duel-blaster Jedi Consular. I have low strength and reasonable dexterity, and a series of feats and powers that specialize my character in this ranged combat. Mainly, he's a support/DPS character, and has very low health. I'll have to pick up toughness next chance I get. Overall, though, I'm having fun with this build. If I stay the course, I should be able to take him through to the endgame without too much trouble.
  2. Ever since I signed up for a neopets account almost six years ago for the sole purpose of learning html through the 'pet pages', I've been interested in fiddling with the look & feel of websites. Today, I randomly decided to make a more modern and sleek style skin for MLP Forums. Here's a preview of what the front page and a topic look like: (Edit: A lot has been updated since these screenshots, including the main banner. Here's a quick preview.) If you'd like to give it a try, go get Stylish for Chrome or Firefox. After installing, you can click on the Stylish button in your menu bar while on MLP Forums and click "Find more styles for this site". Keep in mind that it's still a WIP -- PM me if you find any problems or if you have a suggestion for this or a new skin.
  3. I've noticed that MLPForum's banner-making guidelines have not been updated. Being a person that likes to make graphics, I wanted to try another shot at making banners, but I don't know the new format. Is this privilege exclusive now? If so, why?