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Found 4 results

  1. Hybrid ponies are extremely fun to make, like so, but what if I made customs? What if instead of mashing together multiple body and mane bases, I drew over a base and designed the hybrid myself? Those questions were answered today. Behold, Orangeade the kirin and regional unicorn hybrid, and Shimmy Sherbet a goat hybrid. Don't mind the Toyhouse watermarks, they're to prevent stealing. My Toyhouse folder containing other hybrid OC edits can be found here! I surprisingly had a blast designing these ponies and I'll definitely do it again Let me know what hybrids y'all would like to see in the future. Original bases by Selenaede on DA
  2. Check out this awesome 3D Printed Tempest Shadow Custom and let me know what you think! She was printed on my 3D printer and the painted with nail polish
  3. Yeah, I know I'm Malaysian, but today (and tomorrow) will be about one of my favorite festivals: "Jani" (Yah-nyee) is a Latvian festival occuring around June 23-24, where the Latvians go to the countryside to dance around bonfires, eat lots of meat and cheese, and drink loads of beer. There's also lots of singing during this festival. Latvians love singing. Oh, and don't that men with the name "John" will have a wear a huge wreath on their heads! So, for all of you non-Latvians (including Americans), how do you celebrate Midsummer/Summer Sun Festival?
  4. Once, I was a smuggler. And I had to get 20,000 pounds of hashish through the customs. I chose to hide it on me somewhere. But where? "I know!" I said. I'll shove it in my butt. After that I tried to leave the restroom but suddenly the door opened! "HEY! What are you doing?" the Gendarmerie yelled. They searched me. They looked in my pockets, they looked in my shoes. Down my shirt then down my pants. They even looked UNDER my ass, but they never thought to look IN my ass now did they? So they let me go. And then when I got to where the other smugglers were I said "Hooray! I got through!" Then I shoved my hand up my plot... Out it comes, but it's not 20,000 pounds of hashish. I was my liver. Whoops.