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Found 15 results

  1. If someone said that to you, in a genuine, unpatronizing way... how would you feel? Would you care if most people you knew regarded you as cute too, to the point where cuteness becomes one of your defining characteristics? And do you ever attempt to act cutely, or perhaps does it come naturally to you, whether you want it to or not? As for me, I'd be happy- though somewhat shy- if people saw me like that and if I felt that way about myself too... while my online personality can be naturally pretty cute, though, real life is another story...
  2. On a cuteness scale from 1 to 10 how cute would you rate yourself?
  3. Yet another art dump, but this one will be filled with my chibi drawings well digitally colored chibi drawings I recently opened a chibi shop and decided to make an art dump and place them here as well so everybody can see the cuteness of chibis so I have one completed so far which was requested by my cousin PrincessofCompassion now her OC is an alicorn, but I accidentally forgot to add the wing and when I had realized it, it was already submitted in which when I did let her know she was fine with it and said it can remain posted without the wing any who with that all said I hope you like my chibis. And one more thing the drawings belong to me I drew them and digitally colored them, but I do not own the characters they belong to their rightful creators I only own the drawings themselves.
  4. Is it a whorl (like the pony equivalent of a human scalp)? Diagrams and visual imagery allowed, neigh, encouraged. Asking for a, uh, friend.
  5. hope you guys like them !! thank you for all the encouraging comments!!
  6. For me it's fluttershy. Who wouldn't hug her?,fJIHdqR,UDa1BOv,eT8gQxG,Yu0Yk77 (Warning. Don't click that if you have diabetes. It could kill you.)
  7. Every time I watch Girl Meets Yearbook it makes me think of something like this...So I drew it.
  8. Hi everypony! I found this song on youtube, and I honestly think this should be in the show ^^ Just love it! It has a similar feeling as the Smile song.. So happy ^^ What do you guys think?
  9. Hi all, I've just been doodling with a new style of illustration. I usually work with vector tools when drawing so this is a refreshing change. I would love to hear what you think of it Thanks very much fellow Bronies.
  10. hello, everyone I'm new in forum, but wanna show my animations I hope you enjoy
  11. I was watching Sense 8 last night and I got the sudden urge to draw fire and water elements doing stuff.
  12. It's been a while since I posted anything here. And I apologize for that. But here's another one of my drawings! This took me a couple of hours to finish I think. I really like drawing cute ponies What do you think?
  13. So I did a thing. haha I got bored. I think it's cute.
  14. Welcome to my humble abode. My short time in this community has made me realize that Fluttershy is one of the most polarizing ponies in MLP:FiM. It seems like the majority of people either really like her or greatly dislike her. There aren't too many people in the middle. In fairness, some of them cite inconsistency and the use of her for comic relief. That doesn't reflect on Fluttershy but on the inattentiveness of the writing staff. Unfortunately, those effects are still felt and it's easier to like other ponies more. I also know that some of you genuinely love all six ponies (I'm one such person myself). But, due to the cruel process of elimination that ranking them one through six involves, somepony has to get that undesired number six spot. One thing that makes Fluttershy so divisive is her exceptional cuteness. Some people find it to be very endearing. Others say she is almost an over the top artificial kind of cute. She was deliberately made to ooze cute, after all. In Stare Master, Fluttershy proves to be cuter than the Cutie Mark Crusaders. A grown up that can beat kids in the d'aww department? That shouldn’t be possible. This rubs some people the wrong way. I get it. Even I think it's overdone at times. But as adorable as Fluttershy is, that's not the reason I care about her so much. Ironically, what captivates me about Fluttershy is her most tragic flaw. She has a tremendous amount of heart but her deeply rooted fears prevent it from shining through. I'm grateful that most true fans of the show, even the ones who hate her, understand this. If Fluttershy was in fact gutless, she wouldn't be able to control one of the Elements of Harmony. She wouldn't have stayed with her teammates through all of those dangerous missions together. She would go very reluctantly at times, but she still went. And most of all, she wouldn't have been able to achieve a state of true agape with her five best friends which allowed Twilight Sparkle to complete Star Swirl's spell. Depending on how you look at it, Fluttershy gets one sixth of the credit or one sixth of the blame for Twilight evolving into an alicorn. In a thread titled Why is Fluttershy so Cute, the original line of discussion about how lovely Fluttershy is gave way to a number of complaints that her character is very boring, predictable, and shallow. Here is my response to those allegations: Here are my two favorite Fluttershy PMVs. The first one focuses on her cuteness and beauty. The second highlights her great inner strength. For the record, I don't even like One Direction. I just adore this PMV! The clip selection matches the lyrics perfectly from start to finish. This is another fine PMV inspired by one of our brilliant young minds and made by one of our best resident video editors. I'd say more, but I don't want the compliments to go to their heads. I also want to add that my non-Brony roommate thoroughly enjoyed this video and she can't believe that Fluttershy has some haters out there. Thank you for taking the time to read my position. For everybody who has been paying close attention to the cartoon, there is no new information in this blog. But if this caused any of you to suddenly see Fluttershy from a new perspective, then I have accomplished my goal as a writer. If, after carefully weighing what I've said, Fluttershy is still your least favorite Mane 6 pony, I respect and accept your decision. It is much better to make a choice with a full knowledge of all the pertinent facts instead of going by knee jerk reactions and poor first impressions. Reactions due to feelings and emotion don't cut it for me. But I will honor any opinion that is based in logic and reason. Whether you like her or not, please feel free to share your thoughts on Fluttershy. All points of view are welcome.
  15. As some might be aware, I've made an official calendar event for Scootalove's canonization, which can be found here. Though I've debated on making this topic or not after making a brief meme topic off in the outskirts of Cloudsdale solely for the purpose of picking on Scootabuse now effectively being 'dead', I've decided I might as well follow through with a true topic. -- The legacy that the pony show's athletic tomboy and her hyper-active #1 fan have gone through is a brief one in screen-time, but a detailed one in the fanbase. Ever since Scootaloo's primary appearance episodes in season one (namely The Show Stoppers and The Cutie Mark Chronicles), Scootaloo has been painted as a Rainbow Dash fangirl, and that's more or less what she is. Scoots would live, breathe and sleep Rainbow Dash if she could. Further episodes in season two like The Mysterious Mare Do Well, in which Scootaloo is shown to not only be in possession of a Dashie hair wig, but also to be the leader of the Rainbow Dash Fan Club, solidified this image. Starting from the early months of 2011, whilst the aforementioned episodes from season one were released, Scootalove started to become a popular art and fanfic focus in the fanbase. The only cutie mark crusader without a sister, who also idolizes Rainbow Dash? Clearly this was a recipe for diabeetus. The concept of Scootalove was further made fanon by subtle episode observations. At the same time, prominently gaining a little traction after Rainbow Dash told Scootaloo to 'take out the trash' after tossing her apple to her in 'Owl's Well That Ends Well', and also being created just to counteract Scootalove, Scootabuse began to emerge within the fandom as well. Both Scootalove and Scootabuse fueled art for themselves, some to spite the opposite side, much more simply to appreciate the concept itself. Needless to say that the war was a 'average user' vs 'troll' concept to begin with; Scootalove gained thirty artworks for every one artwork Scootabuse obtained. *Click to Enlarge* 'Fight the Scootabuse', by autumnalone. One of the very first and most well-known pro-Scootalove pieces submitted in April of 2011, a day after 'Owl's Well That Ends Well' aired. Scootalove never once dipped in popularity, even beating out Scootabuse all but completely before the former even became canon. In today's time, the concept that's been ablaze within the fanbase for a year and a half has finally become canon, thanks to Sleepless in Ponyville. Dash has willingly taken Scoots 'under her wing' as both her surrogate big sister, and as a mentor, as well. The amount of praise that Sleepless in Ponyville has obtained simply due to the fact that Scootaloo finally obtained an episode in which she and Dash were able to bond is truly incredible. Hug by KP-ShadowSquirrel The famous 'wing hug' scene from 'Sleepless in Ponyville', which has consumed DeviantART ever since the episode's release. My questions to all of you now, are the following: What are your thoughts on 'Scootalove', and Dash and Scootaloo's relationship? Did 'Sleepless in Ponyville' change your overall views on Scootaloo? If yes, how so? Did 'Sleepless in Ponyville' change your overall views on Rainbow Dash? If yes, how so? The chances of Dash and Scootaloo's relationship not being continued at all in future seasons is highly unlikely. If and when we're to see Scootalove again, how would you like it to be handled? Would you like it to be an entire episode centered around a theme, or just a few short scenes showing continuation of their relationship? Do you have any specific ideas or wants? To me, Scootalove has been a primary front of mine ever since I first joined this fanbase. The very reason it's dominated both Discord and Dash on their own in my avatar and signature for a while now is due to how much I adore this concept. Both Dash and Scootaloo have grown in character development from this experience, and I hope we get at least one more episode focused around developing the two of them in this new found relationship, in season four.