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Found 67 results

  1. Title: Title: The Cutie Map (Part 1) Air Date: April 4th, 2015 Synopsis: The Mane 6 arrive in a village to solve a friendship problem and find out that everyone in the village has given up their Cutie Marks. Title: The Cutie Map (Part 2) Air Date: April 4th, 2015 Synopsis: The Mane 6 have their Cutie Marks taken and must find a way to get them back from the pony who took them. THE MANE SIX'S CUTIE MARKS WERE KIDNAPPED BY NINJAS ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO RESCUE THEIR CUTIE MARKS?
  2. A cutie Mark is more than just a decorative tatoo on your arse. It permiates your entire life, makes up who you are as a pony/person. I want that for me in the human world. But I can't come up with a design. In the past families would have a coat of arms, all who saw it knew who you were and what you stand for. But today we seem to have lost that. Some people get tatoos but in a few years always regret it. I don't want a tat but I would like a symbol I can make jewelry with, stamp on envalopes, hang above my door way, stitch into my cloths. I love how the equestria girls are wear their marks with pride. Does anyone else have a cutie Mark that is their defining feature? I feel like Emmit in the lego movie. "Look at Randy here, he likes sausage. That's something. Gail is perky, that's something." but when I think of me it's (crickets) and maybe I'm just indecisive, I have no OC and I don't know what my patronus would be eather. share your personal cutie Mark if you have one.
  3. Hey everypony! Just wanna know if anypony has an idea as to what Tempest's cutie mark is? Is it candy related? Or did she loose it when she lost her horn and personality?
  4. Today's blog entry will be about the show for a change. I have always loved the lore surrounding cutie marks, and I find it fascinating to discuss them. I was prompted to write this post when I stumbled across a Dr. Wolf video in which he posed the question of whether or not Pear Butter rejected her cutie marks when she married Bright Mac. Such an idea was instantly captivating to me. Before I respond to it, I would like to post a short piece I wrote some time ago in a thread asking about cutie marks, what they mean, and how they work. I feel that my piece sums it up quite well. [Well, first of all, I'd like to address a point that I feel many people tend to get a little confused on. I often see some chicken-or-egg like confusion over cutie marks, in which people seem to think that a mark appears when talent is shown, and thus reveals to the bearer what they're supposed to do. There's confusion on the actual show to this effect, with foals talking about how they "hope they get a good mark," or "the right mark," and so forth. This is completely backwards of how it works, and the wisest of ponies, such as Luna, know this. The mark is just a representation of one's belief about who they are. In fact, cutie marks have nothing to do with talent. (Yes, you read that right.) Cutie marks appear when a pony decides that this is who they are, and this is what they were meant to do. It doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it. Troubleshoes exhibited zero talent for the rodeo, yet he got a rodeo related mark. He misinterpreted its meaning, but the mark remained because he never stopped believing that he was meant for the rodeo. The mark did not mean that he had talent at clowning. This claim makes no sense, as he had never even tried clowning up to that point. The mark simply meant that he belonged in the rodeo, and he (thanks to the CMC) found a way to make that possible with the "gifts" he had available. Consider this: what if he had no liking for the rodeo whatsoever? He would still be a klutz, but would he have gotten the same mark? No. He got that mark at that specific time because it was when he decided that he was meant to be in the rodeo. Conversely, in the very same episode, the CMC exhibited a talent for helping others long before getting their marks. Even after helping Diamond Tiara, their marks did not immediately appear. Talent alone did nothing. It was only when they decided for themselves that that was their calling did the mark appear. Consider this: suppose that, after helping DT, the Crusaders had decided that they wished to continue their quest of trying every activity under the sun to find their talent. Would they have still received their cutie-mark-counseling marks at that time? Certainly not. The marks appeared when the decision was made--when the identity was realized. Every mark appears in this way. Marks don't appear as a response to exhibition of talent. They appear when an internal decision is made as to what the bearer is meant to be. To reiterate, this need not be something that the bearer is good at, though logically, in the vast majority of cases, it will be. If we extend this understanding of cutie marks to its logical conclusion, it seems to be an inescapable truth that cutie marks can change based on the currently held beliefs and self-perception of the bearer. That said, many viewers may be left wondering: "If I don't live as a pony in Equestria, then how will I know what I'm supposed to do without a mark to tell me?" When it is understood that marks do not tell the bearer what to do, but it is in fact the exact opposite, then this question simply disappears. We know what we're supposed to do in the exact same way as ponies: we feel something inside and we decide it for ourselves. The only difference between us and ponies (or ponies and any other race in FIM) is that we don't get a pretty emblem of our identity to wear for all to see. (Unless we get a tattoo.) Gabby helped show us, at least to an extent, that an outward sign isn't necessary for one to find their sense of identity. It would have been a bit better if she had come to the conclusion of who she wanted to be by herself, but it was still a great message. She had a limited and exterior understanding of cutie marks. She was under the impression that marks tell the bearer what to be. Thus, she was trying to obtain a mark to find out what her place in the world was. Trying different things is certainly a good way to find one's place in the world, but her expectation of how this would occur was obviously reversed. In the end, hopefully she learned that cutie marks have no power whatsoever, nor do they tell one what to be or shape one's destiny. They only tell others what the bearer already knows inside. Thus, cutie marks aren't necessary, and are purely cosmetic. What viewers should take away from The Fault in Our Cutie Marks is that we should never look to others, or to any external signs to tell us what to be. Look only inside. Only you can know what you're meant to be. Looking to others is a great way to broaden your experiences and wisdom, but in the end, it's up to you to decide who you're meant to be.] That's the end of the piece. Back to the present. Let's take a look at the Dr. Wolf video, shall we? Absolutely fascinating! What an intriguing idea! I had never considered this. But after taking the time to consider it, I definitely know what my response is. If you fully understand my theory of how cutie marks work, then you can probably guess why I would say that Pear Butter absolutely didn't reject her mark. Do you know the reason? I'll give you a few seconds to figure it out. 3... 2... 1... That's right: a pony cannot "reject" their mark because it's not even ontologically possible! As a pony's mark is a reflection of their own beliefs about their identity, it follows that "rejecting" the mark would simply mean that the pony doesn't feel that that is who they are and what they're meant to do anymore, and thus, that would no longer be their mark. In essence, a pony cannot "reject" a mark because the moment they did so, the mark would cease to be. This would mean that the mark would change, which goes back to that piece I wrote earlier. One of my very top wishlist items for FIM is an episode where the CMC help an adult who's cutie mark changes. We'll probably never get such a phenomenon...unless we actually have already?? Perhaps Pear Butter isn't the first example of a pony who rejected their mark, as the good doctor suggests, but instead, the first example of a pony who's mark changed. Maybe it did, and nopony noticed. How could this be? The answer lies with Goldie Delicious. She pointed out that the jars of apple and pear preserves look nearly identical, so that gave the kids no clues that their mom was in fact a pear. Could it be that shortly after the wedding, her mark changed to a jar of apple preserves? I submit that it's entirely possible. Another possibility is that her mark remained the same simply because she still felt that she would always be a pear at heart, regardless of if she was actually growing, harvesting, and bottling pears. I argue that one does not need to be actively practicing a given activity to have a mark related to it. As long as one feels that that's their true identity, then the mark would remain. Maybe Buttercup always felt that pears were her identity, but she was willing to give up that life for her love. Many a similar story have happened in real life. Cutie marks are as complex and nuanced as our own perceptions of who we are. Personally, my headcanon is that her mark changed to apple preserves, but no one noticed, possibly not even Pear Butter herself. My theory leads to an even more startling truth that I had not considered until now: not only can cutie marks change, they can disappear! That's correct: a marked adult can regress to a blank flank!! But doesn't that just make perfect sense? If ponies' marks are determined by their beliefs and self-perceptions (which I maintain they most definitely are), then what would happen when a pony decides that their current mark isn't who they are anymore, loses their way, and doesn't know what to do with the rest of their life? Why, they'd be a blank flank again, of course! And what could be more relatable and realistic? How many people have gone through a transition like that in real life? Marks must be able to change, or disappear entirely, because they are just an outward representation of what the pony knows inside, and they can't hold a pony prisoner. Cutie marks are just a way to add a little visual splash to the struggle of identity that we all face. At any rate, Pear Butter's story was a really interesting one to consider. Thanks for stopping by, everypony.
  5. Another Equestria Girls commission for someone on Deviant Art , this time featuring Sunset Shimmer. Their idea was that, just after the events of "Friendship Games", Sunset Shimmer's brief turn as "Daydream Shimmer" puts her in temporary contact with her friends' powers. She then gets to have a fun day or so using them to do various things: creating a ballgown, acing a zoology test (with some help from Fluttershy's animal friends) , baking a masterpiece, lifting incredible weights, and winning the 100 yard dash with ease. The ballgown in panel 2 and the cake in panel 4 are my design The extra racers in the last panel were also created by me. Sunset Shimmer's gym outfit in the last 2 panels are the commissioner's design. All other designs/backgrounds are based directly on the show.
  6. I'll post cutie marks I made here because why not. I recently made at least eight for the Brony D&D Campaign tell me what you think and try and guess who's who if you watch it.
  7. Basically, post a comedic image, and write what it would mean if it was on the butt of a pony somewhere in Equestria. It doesn't have to fit into the category of "cursed image" but try to use original images and not memes made over images. Check the spoiler for examples. I don't have any good ideas rn, so I'm going to pass on starting it. Here's a meme you can start with though:
  8. Do you think that ponies can get an evil cutie mark? If so, how would that work? To my knowledge, cutie marks are supposed to represent ponies' destiny and are usually gotten as fillies/colts. So, if a serial killer were to get a bloody knife cutie mark, would that mean that their destiny was to kill people? If murderers are too dark for this show, then try to imagine if Tirek were a pony. Would his cutie mark be something to do with conquering Equestria or would conquering Equestria be more of a hobby while something else got the representation? (BTW, if there's already a topic like this, I'm sorry. The search function seems to be broken.)
  9. I was thinking about if this was possible based on what we know about cutie marks. The reason I am asking is because if it was possible, it would really help out my OC's backstory that I am developing right now. A more accurate question would be, can a cutie mark be modified? My OC is originally going to have a heart as a cutie mark, but because of certain event, an arrow goes through the heart. Is this possible based on canon or popular fanon?
  10. What did you shout when the Cmc got their cutie marks for me it was "YES THEY GOT THEIR MARKS" (and I liked Diamond Tiara now but thats beside the point)
  11. I have a theory on what Cutie Mark really represent. Fair warning: It's NSFW. You have been warned! Please don't be upset at me for posting this. What's the deal with Cutie Marks? I mean, they seem pretty pointless and unnecessary. What purpose do they even serve? In the earlier seasons, they tell what your special talent is, but the later seasons say that the Mark tell what you wanted to do with your life. Which is it? The show never does fully explain the concept. Do Cutie Marks mean something else? Could they be an ID of some sorts? A status symbol? Or could they represent something else? Okay, here's my theory: Cutie Marks are a metaphor for virginity ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, as ridiculous as this claim sounds, if you hear me out and think about it, this theory makes sense. This theory mainly revolves around the CMC in the earlier seasons. The CMC were overly obsessed getting their Marks, and were willing to do anything and everything to get them; they didn't care what the Marks were or how they got 'em, as long they gotten them. This reflects a lot of teenage boys' (and sometimes girls) obsession with getting laid with any girl they liked and didn't care how they did it, as long as they gotten laid. In this case, the CMC just wanted to get their Marks just for the sake of getting them and for the bragging rights and nothing else, same how some people want to lose their virginity so they won't carry the burden of being a virgin over a certain age. Hey, remember the times where Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon shamed and teased the CMC for being blank flanks? This is a metaphor for virgin-shaming, obviously. In fact, if you changed their taunt from, "Blank flank, blank flank!" to, "Virgin, virgin!" it would still be the same, no difference! In the latest episode, Marks and Recreation, Rumble claims he didn't want his Cutie Mark, and the CMC were shocked at this and insisted that he try to get his Mark, disregarding Rumble telling them several times that he doesn't want his Mark. This is a clear allegory for somepony (Rumble, in this case) that doesn't want to have sex (for now, at least) and others (The CMC, in this case) try to encourage them to have sex immediately. This also reflect when your peers insistently encourage you to get laid as soon as possible. As we know, Society looks down on those who are virgins over a certain age. And I know that the virginity isn't a real thing, and it's just an (mostly) irrelevant status symbol, but most of us still apply the concept of virginity to our daily lives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, how do you feel about this theory? Is getting your Cutie Mark a metaphor for losing your virginity? I know it's not canon whatsoever, but it's what I'm seeing. And how do you feel about the concept of Cutie Marks? Again, please don't be upset at me for wanting to post this.
  12. In one of the latest episodes, Starlight switched the Royal Sisters' cutie marks. Back in Twilight's Kingdom, we see Luna's Cutie Mark is only the moon but in this episode, when her cutie mark appeared on Celestia's flank, it's both the background and the moon. So... what is it???
  13. I have a birthmark shaped like a white "Z" lightning bolt below my nose and above my mouth. It's fitty, since I ended up studying electrical engineering. I know in that in real-life, it is not a cutie mark. I've searched online, and read that many jews have marks on their philtrum. My grandpa, which may or may not have had jewish ancestry, also had a lighting strike mark on his philtrum. It's fun to think of it as a cutie mark. Does anyone else have cutie-mark like birthmarks?
  14. So to begin with, I'm not exactly sure where this goes on the forums. This seems to be the best place for it but if it needs to be moved, I'm totally okay with that. These are just the main tools and resources I use on a regular basis. I can barely draw a stick figure, so I mostly use line arts and bases. Paint Programs Not free, but totally worth it Paint Tool SAI - If you're like me and you have a laptop or tablet with a touch screen, this is definitely worth shelling out a little bit of money for a software license. Unlike Photoshop, which is also totally worth it but needs a monthly fee, this is just a onetime payment. (*NOTE on SAI: An online friend of mine who is also into GFX work said they managed to find a free version of SAI. However, it lacks most of the "premium" tools that I think make it worth paying a little for. If you do have the bravery and time to go looking for this one, be very careful where you download from. Deviant Art P2U bases - Deviant Art has some really awesome P2U bases out there. Unfortunately, some of the best ones art strictly SAI and/or Photoshop. Though there are many that will work on GIMP with some extra effort and hassle.) Corel Painter X - Okay, so this is probably a good chunk of money and I wouldn't suggest getting it if you are only wanting to do Pony OC things. There is also one hell of a learning curve; changing one little thing can cause your computer to go insane. Free Art Programs I use GIMP for raster pictures and editing bitmaps. I actually prefer GIMP because it allows for actual pixel control Inkscape/Ponyscape is good if you're working with vectors. I just started playing around with these, but it would probably be ideal for a "final product" type of image. Depending on your level of techie knowledge and GFX and basic skills (I can't draw a circle to save my life), there can be a pretty big learning curve to Inkscape. I really suggest reading all of the tutorials with the program and this place has some extra. Paint.NET, I can't say to much on right now. I just started peeking around at it myself but it seems pretty good so far. It's free, less hardware intensive than GIMP, easier to learn than Inkscape. And it has a layers function, yay! For Colors I'm a big inspiration person. A lot of my "ponies" start off from other images. I have a weird process of finding an anime picture, nature painting, whatever that I like first. Sherwin Williams has a program called Chip It. It is far from perfect, because it only uses paint colors that they carry to come up with palettes. It starts out with 5 colors, but you can use "Edit Colors" and it will show you 10, which is good because you'll almost always get some for of white or black. The bad part? It doesn't give you HEX or RGB codes for the colors, which is where comes in. Upload an image, pick an area of the image and it will zoom in. Pick your pixel and you'll get a color code for it. Depending on your paint program, you may have to use either HEX or RGB. You can use (which also flops to hex to rgb) to get color codes. Here comes the fun! I absolutely adore! I use it a lot for inspiration. If you have a basic idea in mind, Colour Lovers can help you pinpoint palettes (using five colors) that work well together. It also has a good section of basic shapes that you can use for putting together a Cutie Mark. And to take it one step farther, for things like shading and gradients, I use It's actually more of a tool for website design, but I use it for more details on palettes. It is also good for more basic palettes too since you can get monochromatic, adjacent 3, color triad and tetrad. You can use the "preview" and it will give you an idea of how your color pattern will look on different backgrounds. I see people getting crap for using certain colors because they "look bad". Well, maybe they do if you're looking at them with a highly reflective white background which can make them seem more neon. But if you're on a darker page, like a DA upload with transparency, your eyes may perceive them in a less intense way. (Random Rant: Not saying that there aren't some colors that are just garish together, but one thing I learned from web design is that there are a LOT of things that can affect how one's eyes perceive light and color. And it doesn't help that someone's eyes are usually as unique as they are and where someone may see blue-green another person might see greenish blue. Yes, there is a difference and it can be very frustrating.) Clipart for CMs if you totally suck at drawing is good if you have a program that can open SVG files. is a personal favorite because of the different file types available and a filter engine. (also has background, color pages, and animated gifs which can be useful) free clipart section. It doesn't have a search filter, but you can look through basic categories. has some good stuff of varying quality I personally enjoy WikiMedia Commons ( because if you can't find something, you can always request an image. I also have sunk to ferreting through There is no search which is a pain but it looks like it just grabs popular clipart from around the web. Quite a few of these have their links on the image itself, so you can sort of website hop. Also, if you see an image on one of the pay for clipart sites like fotosearch or 123rf, try looking at using the same tags. There is a very good chance that it will come up without a watermark. You can also use Google Images (mentioned below for different reasons) but be prepared. If you search by a watermarked image, you'll likely find that the first results are watermarked versions of well but I have also seen where a non-watermarked image will pop up too. Also, something I learned. ALWAYS use Google Image Search ( to look at your chosen image for cutie marks if you didn't make it yourself. When I first started trying to get my pen and paper characters online, I would just type a description in google and look through images until I found one that fit really well with what I had in mind. And it turns out some of them were custom cutie marks on DA that people had paid for. It is also helpful because sometimes you will run into the opposite. One person who came to me had "paid" for what wasn't even a tweaked clipart piece that was uploaded YEARS before her custom cutie mark was made. I still didn't use it anymore... but you'll find that, unfortunately, it happens quite a bit. Best tip I can offer is, sadly, go to google first and try typing in a term then looking through images but ALWAYS check your sources and terminology. If you specifically search for Cutie Mark, you're going to get images from DA that were created for others. Other Things - It isn't great and you may have to go in and do some tweaking up but this is pretty decent for removing white backgrounds from jpgs. If you have a more complex image, like one with little swirls, you may have more of an issue.
  15. There are many cutie marks in the MLP Universe that range in size, color, and uniqueness. Cutie marks have played a huge role in the MLP T.V series both in defining ponies' gifts and talents, as well as serving a part of ponies' identities. After having viewed many cutie marks around Equestria and outside (fan made), which particular cutie marks are your favorite and why? (Pictures are Welcome!)
  16. We have already seen the cutie marks of Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot, but what about the other Wonderbolts? Will we see theirs at some point?
  17. I my cutie mark would have something to helping others and being nice to them
  18. So I've had this pony OC of mine, Ariel, for a number of years now. She's gone through massive amounts of development through various roleplays and discussions with roleplay friends, and now I feel like the cutie mark I gave her when I first created her just doesn't suit her anymore. It's not an accurate representation of her talent nor who she is as a pony. The issue is, I am honestly not that great at coming up with ideas for cutie marks. That's where you come in. For any and all information you need about her, her profile page is linked in my signature; however, if you don't want to read through all that, I'll give a basic rundown here. Firstly, this is what she looks like: Lovely young mare, isn't she? Drew her myself~ That blue eye's normally covered, though. As for personality, she generally is very sweet, but more often than not doesn't approach others / is very nervous speaking to others due to anxiety. She is mentally ill, largely suffering from anxiety and is subject to psychopathic episodes if she becomes too stressed; which is another reason for her nervousness around other ponies: she doesn't want anyone finding out she's "cursed." Her special talent is magic-based. Specifically, she can form solid objects with her magic. These magical objects are as solid and real as anything, but will shatter or fade if her concentration on them breaks. Larger, more detailed objects, obviously, require more magic and concentration to maintain. That's the basics. Any and all help is appreciated. I ain't even asking you to design the cutie mark for me or anything - I'd just really like some ideas to maybe inspire me.
  19. You know how the cmc try to get their cutie marks. Well in real life in we had cutie marks to show what we're good at, well I found mine 2 years ago. I was 11 at the time in 2014, I fixed my dads laptop when he was at work, it took me a couple hours, until I realized that I had the knack to fix computers it had adware on it when my dad started up internet explorer or firefox. A month later I got my very first laptop, and I got a hilarious confession to make to all of you, I got a virus the first day I got the thing. 2 years later the year 2016, I got really good grades in computer class, I learned python another computer language, and back in 2014 I started to use Linux instead of Windows, I switched so I can learn how Linux worked. And at the end of the year I got a desktop pc a Dell Dimension E520 from 2007-8 for free from my computer teacher, I was also the classes fastest typer in the class, I knew the keyboard shortcuts in Windows and Linux, but now a days, my dad thinks I am obsessed or addicted to my computer or technology in general, if he thinks I'm addicted then why does he sit on the computer for hours and hours then? Nobody in my family thinks I can do it, I fix my own computers desktop or laptop, I don't need tech support I only need myself to do it nobody else. One day on the last day of school I found Tech Geeks half a block away, its my first time going in there and this guy that was working there didn't know much on how to fix computers besides basic stuff I was able to fix a guys computer. Then eventually the place the place closes sometime in late July because the boss there has health problems so the place is closing. I'm sick of it that people don't think I can do it. So does anypony have a story on how they found something that they're good at? As if they had a cutie mark.
  20. I would like to create three new pony OCs, all earth ponies. However, I need help thinking of color schemes, cutie marks, names, and other design aspects for them. If anyone would be willing to provide some ideas, I would really apprciate it! Pony OC #1 I would like this OC to be female and her special talent having something to do with chilli peppers. I was thinking of making her some greens, reds, oranges, or perhaps some brown? Pony OC #2 I would like this OC to be male and his special talent having to do with cheating in poker. As for colors, I have no idea! All I know is that I want him wearin sunglasses and giving off a real cool, yet jerk vibe. Pony OC #3 I would like this OC to be male or female (Either could work). His or her special talent will have to do with oceans; perhaps being an excellent swimmer. I would like him or her to have colors of white, blue, and black. Other than that, i'm lost!
  21. Bronies have tried, and failed on some occasions and succeeded in others, to answer how Cutie marks work. but here i will explain that problems such as: Cutie Pox (the sickness) The magical mystery problem. And 'Our town' Are not caused by Cutie marks themselves if you have your own opinion on what i'm about to say, feel free to say it in the comments, and you do not have to agree with my opinion. First, Cutie marks themselves. how do they work? well Twilight explains them as: The representation of a ponies talent. and that is what they are something a pony earns them when they discover their true talent. Now onto Cutie Pox. How did Apple Bloom catch it? and why did it do what it did? well, A heart's desire gives a pony/creature what they desire most. in Apple Bloom's case it gave her a Cutie mark. but if A heart's desire works that way, then why did it give her Cutie pox? you may ask. well, the heart's desire couldn't decide what cutie mark to give her, and she hadn't earned it yet or had one on mind, so it gave her all the Cutie marks. but since they weren't her Cutie mark or her true talent the talents of the Cutie marks forced themselves upon Apple Bloom. Which brings me to 'Our town' Starlight changed the Cutie marks of everypony in 'Our town'. so why were they all equal? when Twilight and her friends had their Cutie marks forcibly removed and replaced with equal signs. and those equal signs were actually the representation of a talent and that talent is equality meaning every pony had the talent of equality, resulting in everypony being the same. Magical mystery cure is a bit more complicated, let's just say that the elements had more to do with the memory loss than the Cutie marks themselves. but why is that? these are the elements of harmony we are talking about. by swapping what those elements are, you change them from harmonic to disharmonic because they are no longer what they are supposed to be. this could result in the mane six's destinies being changed and as a result their Cutie marks.
  22. On Your Marks Now that they've finally received their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders struggle with the question of what's next; the friends do not all agree on how to embrace their destinies. Gauntlet of Fire In order to save his friends, Spike is forced to compete in a perilous Gauntlet for the title of Dragon Lord. What are your thought on these. The CMC one sounds very nice and it's a great continuity of where we left off from the time, where they got their cutie marks. Looks promising. When it comes to the Spike Episode, i admit it looks nice and the title is even a little reference, to my favorite Harry Potter Book "Goblet of Fire." But i expect so little out of a Spike Episode. Could probably be a rehash of Power Ponies and that would be enough for me, to be honest.
  23. This is, of course, assuming everybody else also got cutie marks, so you wouldn't be a mutant or anything. I myself don't think I would want a cutie mark, the fun of life is pursuing happiness, and that involves finding out who we really are. Sure fillies do this, but once they find their cutie marks, there's no doubt what they'll become. But if you don't have a cutie mark, then there is always that inclination in the back of your head, that maybe this goal, or hobby, or career isn't for you. And you burst with fulfillment if you stick with it, and it was the right choice. What do you think? Would cutie marks help us out? Would you want one?
  24. As we all know, Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess in the Season 3 finale was a huge game-changer. I love the idea of Twilight solving Starswirl's spell and saving her friends in order to become a princess, but if this is the reason that she became a princess, I feel that Twilight should've went a step further in her discovery. She "solved" the spell by pairing up her friends with their corresponding elements of harmony, but to me, a solution like that to a spell like this is not satisfying enough. The use of the elements of harmony in the finale left me with some fairly legitimate questions. "What would happen if somepony that wasn't in the Mane 6 got their cutie mark switched like in this episode? How would they regain their memories and change their cutie mark back if they did not have a corresponding element of harmony?" These are some thoughts that I've had for a while now, and although this is a bit late for discussion, I'd still really love to hear everypony's thoughts on this topic. Please let me know any and all of your theories and/or solutions that will justify Twilight earning her royal position. Your participation in this discussion is greatly appreciated.