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Found 3 results

  1. Lets assume for a moment that Tempest is getting ready to attack Canterlot, but not in the universe we know, but in one of the other timelines present in the Cutie Remark and how different things could be, this has been a really fun topic in my head. Crystal War timeline: This is the hardest one, you would assume the invasion would be easier, with most of the defenses gone to the north and Celestia leading the charge, but if Tempest attacked and took Canterlot, she would deal with the offense from a fully militarized Equestria, and I don't think Sombra would team up with Tempest either, he would know that she is a threat to both his conquest and Celestia, so he would lay low with his army, if Storm guard ships started heading to any of his territories, they would be destroyed immediately. Celestia is now more battle hardened and we have a larger more trained army, I do think that Celestia would march on Canterlot and be turned to stone by Tempest, but I still think Tempest would lose in the end because Equestria isn't vulnerable. If Tempest did win, Sombra would already have gained more, if she loses, Sombra has gained much more ground and would likely win the war. End result: Tempest temporarily succeeds, Sombra wins in the end. Best edgy horse. Chrysalis timeline: Invasion of Canterlot utterly fails as the incoming ships are swarmed with hundred of changelings, Tempest does manage to land in Canterlot but when she goes for Chrysalis, one of the Storm Guards turns into her and destroys Tempest. End result: Oof, sorry Tempest, can't win this one. Nightmare Moon Timeline: Tempest takes Canterlot (It was still a city when the sisters lived in the Castle) Moves on Nightmare Moons Castle. Nightmare Moon isn't an idiot who will stand and wait, she engages Tempest in the air, destroying her fleet. End result: Nightmare Moon destroys the invading army Discord Timeline: He turns the entire fleet into an ice cream cones, flicks The Storm King into the sun, and turns Tempest into a puppet. Tirek Timeline: Haha.Tirek blows up all the ships. RIP. I don't see Tempest winning in any of the alternate realities, Sombras is a possibility but I still think it is temporary, Sombra is a master at manipulating your mind, imagine he made Tempest see her losing her horn over and over again.
  2. And more like alternate realities than anything. While its cool and all to try and handwave it away as "BUTTERFLY EFFECT!" the differences in timelines really didn't add up much and were too massively varied. it seemed less like they were altering the timeline and more like they were Jumping from alternate reality to alternate reality ala Bioshock infinite with far more differences than ones that would be directly linked to the rainboom. I get that they weren't trying to focus on WHAT what have happened so much as just saying "Bad stuff would happen, accept it" if the sonic rainboom didn't occur, and so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but those timelines really seemed like alot more than just the sonic rainboom would have needed to have occured for the various effects. Hell, everything makes more sense if its just assumed to be "bad realities" than different timelines.
  3. So I watched the new episode and I was wondering how each of the actions that starlight and twilight did lead to all the dark futures. also how they didn't lead to the other dark futures. and stuff. So here's a list or whatever. AU 1 Cause: Starlight puts Rainbow in a body lock, preventing her from winning the race. Effect: Crystal empire goes to war with equestria. AU 2 Cause: Starlight talks down the bullies who then become friends with fluttershy and Twilight has an awkward conversation with rainbow dash. Effect: Changlings take over Equestria and Zecora leads a resistance against them. AU 3 Cause: Starlight and Twilight have an epic battle and all the colts and fillies stop to watch. Effect: Celestia is trapped in the moon and Nightmare Moon has taken over Equestria. AU 4 Cause: Starlight knocks Rainbow Dash out of the air. Effect: Tirek DESTROY! AU 5 Cause: Rainbow gets trapped in a big Gem. Effect: Discord chaos land. AU 6 Cause: Starlight levitates Fluttershy through the obstacle course and the bullies watch. Effect: Flimmy Flammy. AU 7 Cause: Starlight blasts Rainbow out of the air. Effect: Windy Wasteland.