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Found 26 results

  1. If anyone knows me well enough they know I love designing and making cutie marks for people. Its a big hobby of mine. Typically I make cutie marks for other people and for my own personal characters but when it came to making a cutie mark for my OC I was found kind of stuck. I'm at the age where if I was in the show where I would be expected to have found my special talent and know what I want to do in life but I didn't. I had no real aspirations and I don't know where I want to go in life. I still don't but I figured something out It got me thinking, is it possible that there could be a mare or stallion without a cutie mark? Somepony who doesn't know what their special talent is or what they want to do in life. They have no clear destiny and don't know where to go. This wouldn't mean they're not trying. It would just mean they're not sure. What would this pony look like and be like? Would they have given up trying to find their special talent or would they actively try and find it? Now granted people equate getting your cutie mark to going through puberty and in a way I can see that. But I think of cutie marks as the process of learning about yourself through high school. You know what direction you want to go but you still have a bit to learn I feel having a pony without their cutie mark trying to earn one would be a good lesson for kids. You don't need to know exactly what you want to be in life at a certain point. Now there are a few ways this could fail. 1. The pony is accidentally written as lazy or as carefree without the stress of looking for a cutie mark. This could come off to kids like its OK not to know where you want to go in life and that's OK but it doesn't matter if you try or not 2. The stallion or mare gets their cutie mark after very little effort. I really don't feel like I need to say why that approach wouldn't work. 3. The character ends up a pony version of Gabby the griffin. That's just lazy. Though I'm sure a pony with the element of Gabby's determination is something that could fit. Anyway what do you think about all of this?
  2. Nye

    Cutie Mark Game

    What would be your Cutie Mark? Give a small description of yourself, or make one up. And then the person after you gives a Cutie Mark that fits your “style.” I made a big explosion in chemistry and got my cutie mark. But what does it look like?
  3. So, we see it in stories all the time, there is a pony with no cutiemark, they never found something they're good at, but is that realistic? Gabby was understandable, she was a griffon and we saw the foals that never wanted a cutiemark for awhile, but is it possible to never find something you're good at (as a pony)? Would that pony be criticized if he never got a cutiemark?
  4. Does anypony know how big mac got his cutiemark? It never says in the show!! if you've written a fanfic or something about it then I'd love to read it!!
  5. So, after quite a few months or so of not doodling or drawing anything, I've opened up MS paint, and very sloppily sketched something out while waiting for something else to finish. This came out. And while things may be added, or removed as she's still in her concepts stage, I -do- know that I'd like for her to have some stage presence. Likely a (swing) singer of some kind but it can be any other stage/performance you can imagine better. It's in its concept stage so I'm still open for any suggestions as far as that! But I'd really like not only a name for her, but a CM design idea. I could go for the music symbol or something but I'd like it to be a bit more unique than that. It can deal with music but I'd like something more... different, I guess? I also like the idea of it having some red/flowers around it somehow, as I feel the accent would sort of pull the look together but I'm not sure. I know it might be a lot to ask but I would really appreciate any help! So yes, name and CM (and feel free to throw in career/talent ideas), Please, and thank you!
  6. It seems to be common belief that Derpy's cutiemark are bubbles, but they seem more like rocks or possibly bubble wrap to me. Just look. I'd show the images, but for whatever reason, I couldn't upload images onto this post, so I have no images 2 show u. Wut do u think?
  7. Okay, so I have this new CM that I'm SO excited for!! ;w; and I want to be sure that I look through all options before making a final decision. Of course I can't take them all but I'd love a list of ideas from everyone on what they'd think this CM can represent as a talent or skill! ANYTHING. It can range from dark, and twisted to childish and simple! With that being said, here's my new CM: And here's the list of options that I have so far. If you like any of them, feel free to let me know... that's fine too! If you suggest something new, I'll add it to the list of suggestions also! 1. Capable of speaking to deceased 2. Paranormal investigator/Medium 3. Spiritual summoner/necromancer with Grimoire as a guide 4. Talented horror/spooky/ghost story teller 5. Talented with spiritual/ghost history/knowledge 6. Pony that sets up great haunted houses/decor That's all so far! Thank you in advance for any help! I'm pretty excited, and any help will be highly appreciated.
  8. I my cutie mark would have something to helping others and being nice to them
  9. Hi everypony! I was wondering what your thoughts and theories were on why exactly cutie marks appear on ponies. It was established in "call of the cutie" that they appear when a pony discovers their special talent, but I don't think they ever mentioned why it happens in the first place. I have a theory that Starswirl may have had something to do with it when he was making his masterpiece that Twilight eventually finished. Perhaps I'm reading into things too much, but I thought this might be an interesting topic for discussion. So, what do you think is the reason cutie marks appear? Edit: I apologize for posting this topic here. I now know to post something like this in sugarcube corner. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. If you saw the season 4 finale, you would know that Discord´s cutie mark was a Hurricane/tornado. His best friend is Fluttershy. Her cutie mark is Three butterflies. Butterflies and hurricanes. Did the writers reference the butterfly effect with this?
  11. Hello everybronie!! I'm trying to give to my OC an adequate CM, but i don't sure of what could it be. My OC is ( in my comic) the King of th Underworld, but his not really bad. He organizes the souls of the living and thinking beings among those who deserve punishment and no, it is also responsible for the Tartarus. His name is Shadow Mist. Here is he in some of my art work: and here ( that CM is temporally and i dont like it) In the end i would like your help, thanks.
  12. xyae


    Part of my 'pony on a cutiemark' series. Comment who I should draw next! It could be an OC, or just any other characters in the show! Here's Sunbutt! XP
  13. xyae


    Part of my 'pony on a cutiemark' series. Comment who I should draw next! It could be an OC, or just any other characters in the show!
  14. xyae


    Part of my 'pony on a cutiemark' series. Comment who I should draw next! It could be an OC, or just any other characters in the show! Urghh... I'm not really satisfied with this one. I'll draw Celestia's version tomorrow..
  15. Hai! So I'm wishing to get more CMC episodes... and more songs from CMC! Their songs are amazing! It would be better when they get their cutie marks too! So share your hopes down there. And we hope the writers of MLP make CMC get their cutie marks pwetty pwease Alright bye!
  16. I've been needing to make a little money drawing Cutie Marks but I don't know how to price myself. I have Photoshop, Illustrator and willing to use GIMP if need be. I could probably get it done in 30 minutes depending on complexity.
  17. Here a better artwork of my pony Rocket Star is born !!!
  18. It was a rare and suspicious thing for a mare of her age to be a blank-flank. As a filly, the lack of a cutie mark seemed, albeit perhaps embarassing, innocent enough. "Don't force it," ponies would tell her time and time over in her youth. She supposed they were trying to comfort her, but their words were prone to have the exact opposite effect. She knew for other filles and colts it might be that way. She knew other filles and colts had the same problem before her. She knew all of this; but she wasn't any of those other foals. Having no cutie mark wasn't just an inconvenience or a source of schoolyard bullying- to her, it felt like a premonition of doom. Whats worse was the casual manner in which adults would treat the issue. The way that they would smile down at her, ruffle her mane, and offer up useless sentiment only drove the stomach-twisting sensation deeper into her abdomen. Years had passed now, and they had all been wrong. ----- Prevasive chill rippled through the sleeping mare's coat, seeping like an acid through flesh and tissue- only her bones felt indifferent to the cold. Sore, weary, and dusted in the fine powder of fresh winter, the earth pony came to. With sleep's dark shroud lifted from her eyes the pony recognized immediately that the vacant expanse around her was not her room. Like her own body, the stretches of soil and its freckling of rocks were painted with frost. The stones looked like small corpses, hunched over to face the brunt of pain. The flurries that fell over them in a deathly veil gave the impression that this place was a miniature Pompeii. The mare rose with aching difficulty and turned away from the scene. Her hooves felt like wet glass as she stumbled towards home, something which might have been easily managed if her legs weren't limp and trembling from sleeping in the hearth of winter. As of late, she had grown accustomed to sleeping outdoors. After a long day of nothing but solemn work she knew the next day would hold just the same, so why leave her post? It wasn't that the mare particularly cared for her work, she in fact disliked it, but she cared for nothing else either, so this was her fate. She shivered bitterly, though it was a familiar thought, her hopelessness had never become something she had overcome. "Pinkamena Diane Pie!" A voice struck her more sharply than any amount of sleet had in the night. She raised her head, her long, limp mane parting to reveal her face as she looked up. The evenly gray sky was painfully bright and made it difficult for her to look anywhere but the ground, even still, she could see her mother's stern approach. "Yes," she answered flatly. "'Yes' is all she says. I should know by now. No common sense. No work ethic. No wonder you've still got a blank flank. Just isn't right. Do you realize what today is? We're supposed to harvest the rocks from the south field! And you, sleeping the day away- outdoors! Don't you know what that does to a body? Makes you weak! We need all the hooves we can get today and now what." Her mother's eyes were little more than slits peering up angrilly over the glinting edge of her semi-circle glasses. An exasperated sigh prefaced her next statement. "You're no use to us out here today being like you are after a night like that- take this into Ponyville and bring back some flour." She produced a pouch from her shawl and tossed it to the ground near Pinkamena's hooves. As she walked back toward the house, she twisted her head back toward her daughter. "Just flour." she added firmly, disappearing into the entryway. Pinkamena kneeled and retrieved the pouch. As she trotted away from the field, down the narrow path towards town, the pouch bobbed noisily. ------ As buildings began to emerge from the horizon, Pinkamena felt her nervousness manifest itself as nausea. It had been a very long time since she had been to Ponyville, or to anywhere that wasn't home for that matter. She wished desperately that her mother had given her a saddlebag instead of this pouch. It had been so long since she had been out in public that she had nearly forgotten that her blank flank was an oddity. She recoiled, the edge of town was drawing nearer. Despite herself, Pinkamena continued on. The reproachful words of her mother earlier in the morning were enough to keep her hooves from simply freezing to the path where she stood. Not wanting to be a further disappointment, she resolved that she would complete the task as quickly as possible. In fact, her own gnawing curiosity sent her into a haze of deep thought from which she did not emerge until it was too late. Before the mare realized it, she was standing blankly in the middle of the street, surrounded by buildings and by ponies. Thankfully, the building she was here for was among the ones that were currently before her. Though ponies were beginning to stare and she felt very much like running home, Pinkamena knew she couldn't do so. She did, however, quicken her pace, shaking off their murmurs as she made for the entrance of Sugarcube Corner. "Dear me! I know a straight mane is the rage this season but has she not heard of volume?" Pinkamena overheard a unicorn mare hiss as she passed. She was one to talk, Pinkamena thought, those overdone curls looked absolutely ridiculous. Her ears flattened aginst her mane as she stepped into the shop. She hoped that, given the professional duty of the employees, the whispers would stop once she was indoors. To her surprise, they did. In fact, no one in the shop said a word for several moments. Pinkamena bit her lower lip and pawed the hard floor nervously as she stood at the counter. Indeed, the whispers had stopped, but in their place were stares. Every pony in the shop seemed transfixed by her presence. Their gazes immobilized her. "Well...hello!" A brightly coated mare behind the counter managed with forced pleasantness. "I..." the mare glanced around at the other customers, they all sported a violent frown. "I don't believe I, er, we, have seen you around Ponyville before! Welcome." Her eyes shifted to a dark stairwell behind her. It seemed out of place in the cheerful shop. "What can I help you with?" Pinkamena furrowed her brow, a thin line appearing in the center of her forehead. "Flour." she said, after a moment of contemplation. Pinkamena couldn't decide if anyone in the shop remembered her. She didn't recognize them, but surely they would have heard of her. "Just flour?" The mare insisted, drumming one hoof against the glass case between them; it had several shelves full of pastries, sweets, and cupcakes. Pinkamena nodded solemnly without hesitation. The mare behind the counter frowned and turned her back to Pinkamena, shuffling around in a cabinet on the back wall of the shop. A metallic clatter made them both jump. The bakery mare scrambled to conceal something that had fallen out of the cabinet, swearing under her breath as she shut the door with haste. When she turned back to Pinkamena, her foreleg had a gash that was leaking blood onto the floor. Pinkamena felt a burning sensation shoot down her throat as she swallowed hard. The blood captivated her. She looked down at her own legs and wondered, but was interrupted by the faux-cheer of the shopkeep. "Silly me, no flour up here! I'll just go check in the store room. One moment!" The mare smiled with unusual vigor before turning and disappearing into the shadowed stairwell. Her hooves clattered loudly against the stairs, the sound growing faint as she descended. Pinkamena, though she didn't turn to face them, could feel the stares of the ponies in the shop still upon her, and could see their glowering faces in the reflection of the glass display case. One of them, yellow pegasus, was holding a newspaper and peering sadly over the top. "5 years ago today." she murmured to the unicorn in the next seat over. "Apparently someone in Manehattan did a sonic rainboom last night. Wish I could've seen it." The bitterness in her voice intensified. "You would've if Dash were here, she could've done it years ago." A stallion interjected, not being careful of his volume. "Could have." the pegasus sneered. Pinkamena couldn't tell in the wavering reflection, but it looked as though she was crying. She felt her stomach turn at the mention of Rainbow Dash. Leaning against the counter, she collected herself, or at least tried to. She didn't care about the flour any more. She was certain now that the ponies here did remember her, and she wanted nothing more than to leave. "Its fine this time," she heard the voice of the bakery mare hissing downstairs, "but be more careful where you leave your things." A door slammed angrilly somewhere down the stairs and the mare reappeared, a sack of flour in tow. She set it on the counter without saying a word. A blood saturated bandage was visible now on her foreleg. Pinkamena did her best not to stare as she emptied the pouch her mother had given her onto the counter. She hoisted the flour onto her back and kept her eyes to the floor as she half-galloped from the shop. Her pace quickened even more as she exited the shop. Pinkamena ran all the way home. She was never going back, she couldn't. She also realized, however, that she couldn't go on the way she had for all those years at home. Something had to change, Pinkamena decided. It was time to give in to herself. From now on, she would be ruthless. Pinkamena decided then that she would get what she wanted, and for the first time since the incident with her friend so long ago, she felt no regret for what she had done. Suddenly her flank went numb, and then buzzed with a thousand sensations at once. Where for so long there had been nothing, now a gruesome cupcake, overlaid with a bloody scalpel, graced her anatomy. For the first time, Pinkamena smiled. Perhaps, she thought, she could go back. And perhaps, she thought, she would. With that, the mare turned, tossed the flour to the side of the road, and set back for Ponyville. She was going to have so much fun.
  19. Hello I have a new OC, but I have no idea for a name, OR cutiemark for her. She is my new main OC instead of Shining snow, to. So, here is a pic. I am currently working on a background for her, but for now, let me explain what I got for now. She is 18 years old, she is a pegasus, she lives in Clouds dale, she has only one friend, but she can be very mean, she is bullied, and she is sweet, calm, unpaitcent, and at moments, can be very annoying, and rude. Her favorite foods are daffidel sandwiches, and she usually trusts ponies, but then again, its hard for her to trust. So.. ya, think anyone can help Thanks!
  20. I got my cutiemark the other day it took me a while to relise it, but then all the things i did to earn it just Flashed through my head, like how i gave a bag of doritos to a homeless lady, offered my watch to a friend who broke hers, and shared everything i have ever owned before i used it. thats when i got it, right after i gave that bag of doritos to that lady, And guess what it is. Its one of those smiley face stickers, like those round yellow stickers with the black eyes and black smile. you guys know what im talking about right, the smiley faces wal-mart used to draw on the little kids' wrists after they checked out, if they asked? yeah, one of those. my special talent, is making people smile, and when they smile, i smile, oh, and one of those pictures that flashed into my head, is when i put a peice of paper that said "FWEE HUGS" on my shirt when i was little, i did it just to see the people smile. And i know what your gonna say, "So your like pinkie?" Yes, i am, me and pinkie have alot in common and get along great. i was listening to this: while writing this forum post. (insert sentance to make this post 100 characters here hhhhhhhhhhh)
  21. I am having some problems trying to figure out a color scheme for my cutie mark... I can't decide wether the cloud should be black and gray, ir blue and white. I will be a pegasus, by the way. Here are the two clouds:
  22. I've yet to make a pegasus OC, so I've been working on one lately (along with my new fan species). However, I'm having some difficulties naming her and deciding upon a specific talent. She's primarily green in color, and I do already know that, whatever cutiemark I give her, it will ultimately have to do with 1. artwork or 2. her personality. I haven't drawn her quite yet, simply because I want to have everything planned beforehand because I've decided to use her to debut my new "commission" grade style (since I've finally developed my own technique and look). She's going to be my new main OC. Name suggestions and cutiemark suggestions are vital. PS: If you have any unique ideas that I may be able to use in her design (or in the design of my new species), that would also be very welcome. I'm gonna give her a masquerade mask :3 EDIT: HER CUTIEMARK IS A PAW PRINT AND A PAINTBRUSH (NOT AS SIMPLE AS IT SOUNDS)
  23. (Didn't know where to put this thread... I hope it's fine here...) For the past two weeks, I've been trying to get back into developing programs with C++. For the past week, I've been trying to come up with an OC I like. I'm hung up on what I want the cutie mark to be. Now, these two facts went to that little motel room in the brain where ideas are made, and out popped an idea so brilliant... Um... Something happened. ANYWAY. Pretty much, I want to create a simple program that has you answer some questions, then based on your answers, it tells you what your cutie mark might be, and what colors mightbe used. It wouldn't actually show the cutie mark itself, though; it's simply there to give a pony with somewhat... ecclectic interests (like me) an idea of what cutie mark might best suit them. I can do the programming stuff myself (with some help from google and a friend of mine), but I'm going to need some ideas for questions, answers, cutie marks, etc. When I actually get around to the coding, I'll only be able to compile to Linux and Windows, I think. Sorry Apple users! I'll keep you all posted on the planning and development of this little project of mine. So yeah... Suggestions? Questions?
  24. So i got to thinking what if Rarity wasn't into gem hunting for her dresses, what if she was a geek who loved collecting Rare collectibles? Some names in Equestria are too broad, what other names can you think of that can have more than one cutie mark, and what do you think it might look like?