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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I need help creating a ponysona based on my own personality. I love computers (and building them) and am very studied on computers. I also love Nintendo, especially Mario and Star Fox (the Arwing is amazing!). I love Linux and Windows, as well as math and science. Now, my favorite colors are red (MY NUMBER 1 PICK), cyan, and a hint of mint green (Linux Mint FTW!). I would like some help with a name for my OC, as well as seeing potential visual designs. If you want to try and design a cutie mark, be my guest! Thanks in advance! -Mario3D13
  2. (If you like progressive rock, or classic rock in general, listen to this album!) So to start out my first blog post, I'll review something I choose. The Yes album! I don't know any Yes fans on here, so I hope some of you who like this type of music give it a try! If you like Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. You have a high chance of liking this band. OK, so if you are still here , I'm going to review it track by track. Yours is no Disgrace (Opening tack): This is the first song I have heard from the album, I believe. It's also the opening track by coincidence. It doesn't have much singing at all, more of a song to play on an instrument. It has multiple tempo and pitch changes, and goes from a major to a minor into the guitar solo-ish area if I believe. It starts out with simple chords. EE A E, AA D A, AA D A AE,. and then changes pitches. Until it goes to the guitar break down thing. There is also a part in the middle, close to the end almost where it is a lot of peoples favorite part. It gets all "badass". Great song, awesome opening track and a great listen. 8.5/10 Clap OK, so the real name is THE CLAP, Yes, laugh it up, but most people refer to it as Clap. It's a simple guitar tune made for you to clap your hands along to! Kind of... Anyway, It is a complex solo acoustic guitar piece with a playful nature to it. Next to Mood for a Day, it is another genius work of art by the guitarist, Steve Howe. FUN FACT: This was written for his son Dylan the day he was born. 8.5/10 Starship trooper: Simply amazing track, blows my mind to this day. It is a song you have to just listen to. I can't explain it perfectly. The live version from "Yessongs" in 1973 is amazing. With "Disillusion" in the middle with the acoustic just picks up the tempo and brings the song into a more "happy" tone. Then it goes straight back into the jaw-dropping "Wurm" with a memorizing guitar solo and the mini moog solo by Rick Wakeman. My favorite song on the album. 9/10 SIDE 2: I've seen all good people: This song is notorious for it's "poppy-ish" style, and it's repedative-ness. It is not received very well by fans. I guess I am the minority then. It isn't my favorite song by and means, but I still think it a great song. "Your move" Is a happy tune, it makes me happy. Then it goes into a blues-ish rock thing. A note able part is the amazing guitar solo, very fun to play. 8/10 A Venture: To be honest, I never was a big fan of this song, probably the weakest song on the album. One of the shortest songs on the album and nothing noteworthy to me. It's sort of a quiet song. I can't relate to it in any way and was honesty a boring song to me. 7/10 Perpetual Change: Starting with the in your face guitar and keyboard chords in the beginning, and the awesome tempo change in the middle of the song that surprises you. It is an awesome song, another highlight. I love how at the tempo change in the middle, half of the band is doing one thing, and the other side something else. Pretty creative. I do also like the lyrics for some reason. A great listen. 8.5/10 Hey guys, this was my first post. I spent quite some time on it. Leave me feedback on it! Tell me what I should review next! Tell your friends. For now, I'm out. Hope to see you next time! -Cyan Blue