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Found 16 results

  1. Just curious. I never saw anyone else make a thread like this, and so I have decided to start it off for the heck of it. So, as the title of this thread is, what do you call your parents by? For example: In my case, I call my mom: "Mama" and I call my dad: "Tata". "Tata is how kids would call their dads in the Balkan countries and ethnicities (Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Macedonian, etc.). Vote and post away!
  2. I've been thinking on why Spike is so accepting and sometimes whimpy at certain times and tends to be too kind without standing up for himself at certain times, and why he hangs out with the girls most of the time - Twilight's the closest thing he has to a mom, but who's his dad? Has he ever had a fatherly figure? I'm sure he's hung with Twilight's family when he was a kid and I was thinking that Shining Armor coulda taught him O&O, but that's more of a brotherly figure than fatherly. Now Sludge wasn't necessarily a positive role model for Spike, that's for sure, but who's to say the closest thing he'll have to a father is a dragon or even a pony? I would like to think that when Scorpan finally comes on the show, HE could be Spike's father figure! A dragon with a pony mom and a gargoyle dad, who woulda thought? XD Every kid needs a father figure AND a mother figure. Even homosexual couples need an opposite sex role model for their kids, cause that's why there are Moms and Dads. They don't have to be husband and wife necessarily, but for the kid's sake, both gender role models is healthy for a child's growth. And Spike has a feminine personality mostly from hanging with girls for so long, and only hanging with guys once every week or so. I can't think of anyone else other than Scorpan that can fill the job. If he shows up next season, let's hope he becomes Spike's fatherly figure. It could really help him! What do you think of this?
  3. Do you watch MLP with any of your family members, like parents, siblings, cousins, or maybe even your friends, or relationship partners? What do they think of the show, and what are their points of view on it? I watch MLP with my mom, and even though she's not in the fandom cause she doesn't follow anything, she doesn't read fanfics, she doesn't listen to music, or look at the art. She just watches the show, and enjoys it! She doesn't make a big deal over it, but she gets pissed when I watch an episode without her! XD She has some opinions of the show that are common with mine, and some that are different! Fluttershy is her favorite! She also really likes Rainbow and AJ! She doesn't like Pinkie cause she's too hyper. She has mixed feelings with Twilight, and she's okay with Starlight. She doesn't like Discord. She likes all the CMCs, and she likes Scootaloo best mainly cause she pities her and thinks she's an orphan cause her parents never showed up on the show. She likes Spike as well! She doesn't like Rarity though cause she's a drama-queen, and she doesn't like how she treats Spike, much like my opinion of Rarity. I DO like Rarity! I think she's a good character, and her drama queen moments are funny! But I agree that I don't like how Rarity uses Spike's crush on her to get him to do stuff she wants, which is pretty much why I want the crush to end. My mom does although like Flurry Heart, and the entire Apple family, and all of the princesses! She likes Celestia best because she's colorful! How about anybody you know? What are their opinions of the show?
  4. So I'm sure y'all heard the news! During the Toy Fair, there was a sneak peek sketch of episode 13 of season 7, and Meghan was also there revealing some news for season 7! That news is Rainbow Dash's parents, and APPLEJACK'S PARENTS! Yes, they're all going to appear in season 7! AJ's parents are going to appear in a flashback scene! AJ's mom was singing a Romeo and Juliet-kind of song! Proof of all this, right here: This is pretty exiciting news! We're gonna see the rest of the Mane Six's parents! Now all there's left is Spike's and Scootaloo's! :3 Perhaps this season we might see them too, and Meghan just didn't wanna mention it, but we'll see! There's still season 8 if they don't show up!
  5. So, I have been thinking. Which parent will McFlurry be closer personality-wise? Be advice that I don't mean she'll be exactly like either of her parents, but it's possible to say her own personality can be comparatively closet to either of them. I think her personality will be closer to her dad rather than her mom. Appearance-wise, she already look like Cadance (two-tone curly mane, a lighter but still pink fur), so I think she should have a personality closer to her dad . I don't mean she will be a disciplined military commander, but rather closer to the geeky of her father's younger days, plus a bit of an adventure strike, and taking care of stuff herself instead of the royal guards. Got this idea from Sapphire from the Disgaea series Sweet at a moment, but danger comes and she be like....
  6. Now I know there are people that think Scootaloo is an orphan, but Lauren Faust, or Big Jim, somebody... said that Scootaloo's parents are just never around because they have, and I quote "very demanding jobs". What do you think these jobs are if that were the case? Now me, I thought it would be pretty cool if Scootaloo's mom is an EUP guard, and Scootaloo's dad is a nurse over at Ponyville General! It's so ironic, yet so natural! Teaches kids that gender in jobs don't matter! Males can be nurses, and females can be royal guards (something that we need to see before the show ends - mare guards). I hope Scoots' parents appear on the show soon finally!
  7. So by no means am I new to the fandom. Regardless, I have little pony stuff. I have a Fluttershy poster from a con, Luna sticker, Celestia sticker, a shirt, and SINGLE booster from the ccg. 2 of the 5 are from friends. Only reason I own things I bought is because my mom thought I was joking. So anyway I can't buy pony stuff because my sister told my mom every brony is a clopper/pedophile. My mom is known to beleive everything she hears and/or sees. So my mom gets REEEEEEALLY mad when I try to buy pony merch. CCG, tees, vinyls, you name it. TL;DR: Mom hates bronies. WANT MERCH! HELP!
  8. I have always loved Applejack and it is something I have said many times but with today being the 2nd anniversary of my fathers death I am reminded of one of the reasons that I believe really sealed the deal for me and made me have a strong bond with Applejack in particular and there is a hint in the picture below. The death of Applejacks parents, orphans have been a long time trope in literature, TV, comics, cartoons, video games and just every media that has ever existed and ever will exist but something about Applejack's case in particular is special to me. It is never explicitly stated in the show itself because it was judged to be too tragic for the show's "target audience" but is confirmed by the writers and was hinted at in Apple Family Reunion which is my favorite episode of the series. But again what about Applejack's story pulls at my heartstrings? It is because these experiences remind me a great deal of my own. Applejack faced hardship early on by having to take responsibility for the family farm and to help raise her younger sister Applebloom and while my experience wasn't exactly like that there is a lot of similarity. I was diagnosed at age 2 with Autism after exhibiting severe behavioral problems and losing what little language I had, I had to work a lot harder just to learn things that most people take for granted like basic socialization, what is appropriate and innapropriate, how to handle stress and even learning how to talk. Fast forward to age 12 and though I still had many issues I was on the school honor role and though I did go through bullying did have some friends but it was at this time that my grandmother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 64 which is only 4 years older than my mother is now. Fast forward to my early 20's and my grandfather is in a coma due to complications of trying to remove a brain tumor and as per his will the feeding tube was pulled which I had serious moral concerns with and still do to this day. And then there is of course my father he was sick for most of his adult life he nearly died from Polio during his childhood, and nearly died from Lupus sometime in his 20's or 30's and one of his kidneys failed in 1995. My Mom stepped in at the time and gave him one of her kidneys which lasted 8 years. After that kidney failed he despite some difficulties was able to take care of himself albeit with some assistance but after a nasty infection and drug interaction in 2008 his condition slowly deteriorated to the point where my Mom and I had to help take care of him. He wasn't strong enough to go through another transplant so that was out and after years of suffering his body finally gave out on March 13th, 2012. My Dad has been there for me since I could remember, no matter how sick he was and how much he suffered he always thought of me, my brother and my mom and I am glad that I could be there for him in the last few years of his life. While Applejack's younger sister Applebloom unlike my father was is actually healthy the fact that she along with her older brother Big Macintosh and Granny Smith had to all help take care of her still reminds me of my mom and I banding together to take care of my dad and to me is a sad but also very inspiring story. The fact that Applejack was able to go through something like that which would destroy so many and come out of it stronger to me shows a lesson that is important for everyone and it is that even when times are tough that hope can still burn bright.
  9. Today is the day of my fathers funeral. He passed away December 22. I love my daddy, he was my best friend. He was always there always by my side. I could be so wrong and both of us could know this but he would still support me and my choices. He was funny, caring, loving, a gamer, and he was a fellow pony fan. I never really knew if he was big into ponies or just loved seeing the pinatas I made. Either way the ponies made him happy and he was so impressed with each one. He never could wrap his mind around how I did it and it was so cute to see him so interested and fascinated by what I do. These past weeks have been difficult yet peaceful, I am sure I will be an absolute wreck after the funeral but until then I am ok. I would like to share what happened the day before he died. My dad came over to my house to drop off a Christmas care package. The box had a turkey, all the fixings, deserts, tacos, like everything even like 4 more cans of beans. (no one eats the beans.... I got over 20 cans that are just going to sit there, because my dad thought I liked them and I couldn't tell him I didn't... I really appreciated the care pack and the beans made me laugh.) So I got to see my dad and hug him and tell him how much I love him and I gave him one more kiss. With that he left. It doesn't end there no, it gets better. I got an email a few hours later saying this... "Hi Alaynna, I am sorry to say, i wont be able to give you anymore shifts. You are a very good person, and wish you a good luck for future. You can come coming friday to collect your paycheck. Also, please bring your Tshirt." Yeah, I got fired.... they replaced me with their old white girl... so new white girl was canned. This was great news (crappy I lost my job but this would mean I get to spend Christmas with my family.) So at 10pm I called my mom and dad to tell them the good news! I got to talk to my daddy one last time, tell him good night and I love you. He went to bed a couple hours after that and passed in his sleep. Before he told me I love you he said this. "You are far better than you think. I believe in you Alaynna. Shoot for those stars because I know you can reach them. I know you can go further!" I will never stop shooting for those stars daddy, it kind of makes me feel closer to you... One day I will touch those stars dad, I will accomplish all of my hopes and dreams. One day I will join you in the stars daddy. I love you so much. Forever and always I am your little girl. With much love I wrote this for you. It is a promise, to live my life to the fullest each day. Love always, ~PP For my readers, Please take this moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. You honestly never know when it is going to be your last day. Let my message to my father inspire you to at least not take for granted. Life is too short to do that. ~~~~ A cute pic of me and my daddy at grad
  10. Hey guys, I thought I should try this, my dad said he's cool with having an ask thread here, so just ask him anything, as long as it's clean. when I'm talking it'll be this slanted font, and when he's talking it'll be in normal font. oh, and it might be a bit before questions get answered, I only see him every 1-2 weeks you can also ask me stuff to. really ? no-one, okay then, just so you know, you can ask him now, you just have to wait a bit, I could always email him the questions you know. And he is no hater, but he also isn't a brony.
  11. My favorite family member is my dad. He is a very friendly and funny, a caring person; a doctor; and hates to see people unwell. He also cares a lot for me, and even if he scolds me for doing something bad, he'll cheer me up afterwards and give me a snack to make me feel better. I never hold grudges against him, because I just can't. He's not that kind of person. Who's your favorite family member and why?
  12. Hi, everypony! I've recently got one of these new-fangled human inventions, er, Internet? Anyway, Rainbow Dash, you know her, right? She's kinda world-famous, you know. Anyway, my dear Rainbow badgered me into setting up this Ask thread thing. So I figured, why not? So, ask away!
  13. Do you have little brothers and sisters, little cousins or if you are a parent, children? Do you watch Nick Jr with them? Then you will know what's the best and worst shows you will see. I think Blues Clues is the best and Dora is the WORST. What's your opinions?
  14. Since every time he's appeared he has a large straw hat on his head, it's anyone's guess if Rarity's father is a unicorn, or an earth pony. What do you think?
  15. About 5 months ago, I became a brony, and as usual, parents start to hate. Usually, they become the first haters, but something strange started happening. One day, I left my computer on to, and my Dad came over and started watching an episode. It was the Cutie Marks Chronicles episode, and he actually started to ask me questions regarding the overall story. Then, in the middle of the night, I woke up in a somewhat shock, realizing that my dad may be becoming a brony. Of course, I didn't want to jump to conclusions, as my Dad is usually sarcastic. It's been about two weeks, and he's starting to be more...interested in this fandom. Is my dad becoming a brony? If he is? Should I welcome him to the Forums? Should our conversations be pony-based?
  16. So today we got netflix and we were searching through the shows and i saw My Little Pony on there and got all excited about it, then my parents both shot me strange looks and my dad said you should be ashamed of watching that and being excited about it. I don't know what i should do help i don't want my dad to be mad at me or ashamed of me.