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Found 6 results

  1. Cyberpunk Vinyl Scratch Generation 4 Friendship is Magic pony character design Vinyl Scratch re-designed as a generation 1 custom pony figure. Available for sale in my commissions thread- pics- Description of craft- Pony base is a white generation 1 Glory unicorn. Original body color kept, removed original cutie mark via Acetone/hot boiling water. DJ Pon3’s cutie mark is painted in acrylic paints with some Daft Punk embellishments to the design on the body. Eyes are a fusion Vinyl Scratch’s eyes with the generation 1 eye mold shape, and lashes and shadow I kind of got in a war with a rainbow and the rainbow won. But I sealed it in place with Artists Varnish, so it’s all good~ Eyes are also painted in acrylic paints. Mane and tail are re-rooted in dollyhair’s nylon mlp hair in the colors blueberry muffin, bluebell and daiquiri ice. Hair styled via hair dryer and my hair gel method. Outfit- started with the hind legs. Wide black bias tape with black with white pin striped fabric lining the bottoms. Detailed in steampunk accessories and plastic beads. Jacket- black mesh material with the bottom and sleeves hemmed with turquoise and white bias tape, lined with turquoise hemp cord. Stripes up the sleeves are white maxi piping and turquoise blue silk ribbon stitched to the jacket. White zipper stitched to the front, collar of jacket is the wide black bias tape. Steampunk trinkets, neon blue chain and antique white beads strung across the back to finish. Ruffled skirt coming from one side of the jack is 4 layers of pleated patterned fabrics. Embellished with a glass blue etched boom box, various beads some glass, plastic, and antique. The record at the bottom is crafted from a plastic hoop bead with a metal piece glued on top, then another flat metal piece glued in the center. Entire piece painted in acrylic paints then sealed. Glasses are cut from then hand-stitched from leather, lenses are lavender oval-shaped rhinestones. You can pull the glasses down to peek at Vinyl Scratches painted eyes underneath them. Complete removal of the glasses is not recommended. Head phones- Started with two large black plastic beads. Glued round glittery blue beads on the outsides, lined them with some neutral blue cord trim. Stitched some patent black vinyl to the insides of the beads, glued down a strip of aluminum flashing underneath the strip of vinyl with Gorilla glue, then sealed with mod podge then painted black. Glued a piece of thick black leather in the middle to keep things balanced. Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out my main gallery-!
  2. Well, I saw a LOT of Honey Boo Boos and Daft Punk costumes this year! Also I saw a Tardis, a human Angry Bird, A HUMAN DERPY, and because there's a lot of Finnish people in my 'hood (i'm one of them) there were a load of Smurfs. (I was one of them!) What was popular in your neighborhood.
  3. I'm trying to get some more people to listen to my music on Soundcloud. There's a few on there I'm not proud of, but it was part of the learning experience. Some of my songs are Daft Punk inspired, and some are pony-related. Please check out my songs and maybe leave a comment or follow me for more. It would help me to improve if more people would give their opinions on my songs.
  4. I am thenorthstarbrony and I have a special message: Me and several good friends are planing a very unique project, ain't going to say what it is right now, with that in mind I would be more than happy for you folks to audition for it, and be a part of something that is not 20% cooler, but rather 120% percent cooler! This is pointed towards everypony, male and female. For those that want to audition, here're several tracks to prepare with: Send your demos and recordings to this e-mail: Before going I'll have you know of several rules: 1 A clean mic, or an ability to remove background noise (I still prefer a clean mic though) 2 Do your best and have fun with it! 3 Some of our track require the use of impressions, scootaloo, twilight, and so forth, to those who can, try to send me an audition of the impression you know how to do. 4 Have a great and I'm looking forward for this project to put smiles and groove onto a lot of peoples face! Have a good day everypony, think positive and always be happy!
  5. Artist: Alex Braxe And Friends Title: The Upper Cuts Label: Vulture Music/Play It Again Sam/Different Cat. #: VULT010, 451.1041.028, DIFB1041CD Release Date: June 2005 Format: CD (1 x Unmixed), Tracklist: 01. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Most Wanted 02. The Paradise (Alan Braxe & Romuald) - In Love With You 03. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You 04. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro 05. Shakedown - At Night (Fred Falke Remix) 06. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Love Lost 07. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Palladium 08. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Arena 09. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Rubicon 10. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Penthouse Serenade 11. Rec (produced by Alan Braxe) - Link 'n' Rings 12. Alan Braxe - Vertigo Review: I must say that I'm already familiar with Alain Quême due to his various remixes for Jamiroquai's songs. I also know that he's well known in the House scene, specially for his "French" House style, his friendship with Thomas Bangalter and Manuel Guy de Homen-Cristo (a.k.a. Daft Punk) and the fact that he has remixed several pop artist's songs. So yes, if you're into Electronic & Dance music, you must know about Alain Quême, a.k.a. Alan Braxe. Now, some people call this an "album", but in fact is a compilation, featuring tracks released throughout the previous years of this release. But don't let this fact fool you: This is going to be a hell of a ride. Indeed, before listening to this release, my expectations were nice, but after the listen, I fell in love with it. This doesn't even feel like a compilation of tracks, it feels more like an album than anything else (so yes, I don't care if this is technically a compilation, I'll also call it an album). Anyway, is time to go for the ride... Things start smoothly with the beautiful "Most Wanted", which was created in collaboration with Fred Falke (who appears in six other tracks). Let me tell you, this one is a great House track, and arguably my favorite track of the album. The lead is very melodic, the strings are beautiful, the bassline is really awesome (it even becomes more uplifting after the middle break) and the drums are tight but not hard. This is a winner in every sense. "In Love With You" comes next. This track was made by The Paradise, a project by Alan Braxe and Romuald. It starts slowly and builds a nice, romantic atmosphere with its pads, toms, piano and a guy who repeats "In love with you" several times. The only bad thing about this track is its repetitive nature. After a while there's a break and the pad is looped, the drums are filtered and everything slowly comes back. I'd like to have a little bit more variation here, but at least this track doesn't feel like a filler. Now, I know what I said about the first track, but let me tell you, the next one is THE DEFINITIVE HOUSE TRACK FROM THE 90's. "Music Sounds Better With You" is the only track made by Stardust, a group that could have become even more famous if it wasn't for the fact that Thomas Bangalter, one of his members, decided to just "leave it like that" (by rejecting an album contract with TWO MILLIONS DOLLARS IN ADVANCE, before even making another song for it). Most people say that this is practically Daft Punk, due to Bangalter being part of the group, but people forget that both Benjamin Diamond (vocals) and Alan Braxe were also part of Stardust. The only reason this track is not my favorite from the album is because it feels like a cheapshot to put it here. Yes, the track is awesome and is one of the best works ever made by Braxe, but it feels like a bonus track in a sea of good works. It won't affect negatively the overall score, but I'll just treat it like a bonus (not a filler track, just an AWESOME bonus). We go back to Braxe & Falke with their "Intro". What are they introducing? I really have no idea, but with a bubbling, groovy and funky bassline, WHO CARES?! This one's another banger for the dancefloor. It might be a little bit polarised (too many filtered elements going out and then coming back), but due to the bassline, it shines. As I told you before, Braxe have remixed some great tracks, and this next remix by him is no exception. Shakedown's "At Night" is one of the most iconic House tracks ever made, and the Alan Braxe remix is definitely something worth listening. It might not be better than the original mix (OH, CELESTIA! I LOVE THAT ORIGINAL MIX!), but it is definitely next to it. The only issue I have with this is the fact that it doesn't feel as energetic as "Intro", but is just that. "Love Lost" comes afterwards, with some cowbell, a looped pad, a nice bassline and some really well made EQ. Now, this is the weakest track of the album. Is just so simple that it feels like Braxe could have done so much more with it. It takes a while to add a new element (a trumpet sounds with some keys) and, again, doesn't keep up with the pacing. This is not a bad track though, just the weakest one. But that won't affect my score that much. Now, I've been listening to this album and seen some of the inspiration for what we call Nu-Disco this days, but this track has definitely inspired some of the guys who make tracks for this Genre. "Palladium" haves some nice things going on: a nice bassline (which, I swear, Daft Punk sampled for one of the tracks on their Discovery album), lovely keys, beautiful strings and great chords. The drums are the only part that are simple, but this is a track to get relaxed, just like the previous one, so I understand its goal and approve it. "Arena" is the shortest track of this album, and we can finally see the deliberate decision of moving from club beats to one-two drums in the previous tracks. This one uses some ambient recordings from a stadium to create a magical build-up, afterwards using both drums and percussions to maintain the interest and finally adding the bassline and chords to make this track really lovely. It is not clubbier, but is clever. Well made Braxe & Falke, well made *clap clap clap*. We now explore some 80's-ish Pop drums and keys with "Rubicon". I swear to Celestia, you can add some cheesy vocals on top of this track at this would be the perfect 80's Pop track. This one just rocks (Pop music that rocks?! Oh, the irony...). By the way, those lovely guitars that appear at 3:40 aprox. are so awesome! Makes it even more awesome than ever. Seriously, let's create lyrics for this one, shall we? The last track made by both Braxe & Falke is here, and this one is to uplift the energy. Nice chords, lovely strings and yet another bubbling, groovy and funky bassline! What's the name of this song, you say? "Penthouse Serenade", it is. But is not serene, Dear Luna, is not. You can definitely relax with this one, but come on! You really need to get up and move those hooves! Love this one. Now we move on to another exploration, this time with a Hip-Hop track made by Rec and produced by Alan braxe. This one is definitely the most interesting track of this album, due to its different approach to Electronic & Dance music. Even if it is different, it fits so well with this compilation concept that becomes one of the highlights. Just listen to it and love it. This is the end, beautiful readers. This is the end, our only friend, the end... And is time to end it with House muziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!!!!!!!.. Ok, won't write like that ever again (WORD!). "Vertigo" is the only track that was made by Braxe without any kind of collaboration. I enjoy this ending, but somehow it feels anti-climatic, compared to the beautiful selections we previously had. I think that Braxe just played safe with this one as the closer track.... JUST KIDDING! You just have to wait a little bit before the track becomes even more clubbier. The middle section is just awesome! You'll definitely dance (and also pump your hooves in the air) with this one. Final Thoughs: I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking "Well, he liked it. But it doesn't seem like he loved it... Does it?". Well, I did love this one! This is one of the best compilations I've ever listened to. It doesn't feel perfect, but it is really great and coherent. Some tracks are great, while others feel like unfinished products. I do understand the context of those ones (they were made when things were more simple and therefore you couldn't create complex structures in your tracks), but they still feel a little bit simple. Anyway, this is a tight, cohesive compilation and deserves to be treated as a great House album. Overall, this was one hell of a ride and I enjoyed this album so much that I'm going to buy a CD copy when I have the money for it. WORD! 8.6/10 Solidpoints. Thanks to @@ReGen for the review request. I'll definitely listen to Alan Braxe more often and if you have any other review request, feel free to ask for it!
  6. Well, I was a little bored and decided to make a video, I present to you, my first PMV: Like it?