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Found 3 results

  1. Thilipsophile (a word created by me) is a short word for those people who likes to be sad purposefully. In other words they find sadness more pleasurable. I sometimes really love to be sad. When there is no reason I tend to read tragic fictions to feel sad. (I know I'm wierd) So I was wondering if there is anypony else on forums has experience something like that in his/her daily life.
  2. Well, I thought I might start up a blog to try and get some of my feelings out. I wish I could say all is going well, but it is hardly the case. My family, because of my father's love of "the bottle" more than us, is about to lose our house. Our father is off on his own, living away from us and ignoring us whenever favorable to him, leaving me to work two jobs to struggle to make ends meet, and I can't do it myself. I'm just an eighteen-year-old kid, I keep saying. As if that made a difference. I went to college at sixteen, and now I have to sacrifice my education just so my family can eat. How is that fair? Ah well... On a side note, I've been trying to grab a commission or... really, ANY artist willing to draw that's decent, yet I remain unsuccessful. Guess I shouldn't be focused on getting art-work for my character when I have no money to pay for commissions.
  3. If I am writing fanfics about the Equestrian Civil War (an amusing topic it seems), I would need your help in describing daily life in an average base affiliated with: * The Solar Empire (under Princess/Queen Celestia) or * The New Lunar Republic (under Princess/Queen Luna/Selena/Nightmare Moon). Here's an example: Example Excerpt from the Solar Empire: "The average base of the Solar Empire is, contrary to popular gossip, not so much of a wretched hive of oppression. All the ponies there are recruited either by their own will, or bullied into joining by glory-crazy kin and friends (seriously, no mind-control involved here, sorry!). Every morning, the average soldier wakes up when the Sun rises. He or she cleans him/herself up, and assembles at the field with his/her comrades. They do physical exercise for around an hour (more for the more advanced ranks, e.g. Royal Guard, Assault Vanguard/Elite Champion), and then they have their breakfast in the Mess Hall, which is a wide selection of foods: grass, broth, tarts, sandwiches, fried eggs, bacon (from pigs), bread, etc. in a simple way (1 meal per soldier). His/her average "work" usually involves military training, and strategists learn their craft. After that is the lunch break, and then work/training for the afternoon/evening/night (depending on your station/work) Lunch and dinner meals get a bit more bigger, with each respective meal before the day ends. For example, a soldier has grass-and-rose-petals for b'fast, pork broth for lunch, and veggies w. eggs for the din. His/her work day ends at 5 pm, depending on his/her station. For those with this timing, they can relax. On the evening meal, some troops can come out as bards, jesters, and troubadours, singing deeds of valour and lore. Others, after their meal, may have their kind of recreation, which involves ball games, swimming, and mock fighting (for example). There is a curfew at Deep Night (11pm), when all the ponies need to wash up, say their prayers (if any), and "hit the hay". As for the bases, they are usually rectangular, walled by palisades, and rowed with differing arrangements of wooden cabins, huts, and tents. Some bases have a swimming pool here and there, some have basketball courts, some even have beauty salons for female recruits, etc. Towers are here and there on the walls, manned by guards. There's usually a square for meetings and warm-ups. Finally, some bases may be round or oval-shaped, or even irregular, if the terrain suits it. That's a Solar Imperial Base for you. Would 'ya like to join?" Now, for SE/NLR members, please do create your own descriptions on average military life and conditions. Equestria needs your help!