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Found 7 results

  1. So, Equestria Girls has come quite a ways since it's debut in the movie of the same name. Since them we've had four movies, three specials, one longer special, and various shorts. Movies Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Friendship Games Legend of Everfree Specials Dance Magic Movie Magic Mirror Magic Forgotten Friendship Shorts Summertime Shorts Better Together Rainbow Rocks/Friendship Games/etc Music Videos Choose Your Own Ending Minis As you can see, even though not everything has been long, we've got a decent amount of material in regards to animation. So; which is your favorite? Do your prefer one of the movies? Do one of the shorts do better? Or is it one of the specials that appeal to you? For me, it's a close contest between Friendship Games and Forgotten Friendship; with the strongest possibly being the latter. While Friendship Games does a great job acting as the closing chapter in Sunset's redemption arc, Forgotten Friendship really puts her in much more stressful environment, while having likable secondary characters (Trixie!!!) and having stronger ties to the pony world. How about you?
  2. Hi everypony! A few minutes ago, something flew into my head as I remembered the Shadowbolts from Dance Magic. One thing that interests me is Sour Sweet. Yep, we all know her back in Friendship Games and she sure changed in character in Dance Magic. In about a couple of scenes, I saw her in front of the Shadowbolts and talking as if she was the one leading the team. This makes me wonder if Sour Sweet is the leader now after Principal Cadance took over. What do you think? Is Sour Sweet the leader of the Shadowbolts? Have a look at the clips and discuss what you think.
  3. Compared to the previous 4 movies, the three specials we got feel like a complete failure of an iteration of the series. SPECIFICALLY, they failed to move the series forward in any way: the last 4 movies all progressed the series in some way or another, allowing for a build up of some sort to the next installment. These specials though feel like they were spinning their wheels, and do not progress the "narrative" of the equestria girls universe. EQG 1: Introduces the human world and its existence. RR redeems sunset and sets up her being a part of the group, FG does the same with twilight, and then LOE introduces the concept of all of them having magical abilities and being magical girls of some sort. However, these three specials feel very slice of life-ish for the first 2 and fail to establish any real impetuous or push in the third one behind the importance of them possessing magic or there being a present magical threat to their world. Now, I found the Specials to be more enjoyable than I was expecting (about 6-7/10), so don't think I'm saying "THE QUALITY OF THESE WAS S***". Rather, the issue is that they stagnated the series rather than progressed it, and didn't even have the decency to knock it out of the park with a 10/10 slice of life for the first 2. Examine Sunset's doubts at the start of Mirror magic: She SPECIFICALLY notes that what's weighing on her mind is them having magic and wonders if there's a PURPOSE behind them having magic. This SHOULD have built up to their magic being shown to be a neccessary component to their world and that there's a real and pressing threat that them having magic is NEEDED to combat. The climax then should have had a Magical threat that they had to use all of their super powers to defeat in a magical girl manner, affirming the importance of them as a group and them as a group having magic: But the OPPOSITE happened: 1. The magical threat had no Importance or focus put on it. it was just a "Oh, hey, that happened", not a "This is a harbinger of further troubles" or "we've got a job to do in the future". Juniper having a magic mirror was just treated in a "well, that was weird, haha" kind of way rather than forboding of possible trouble to come. This fails to advance the subplot of the magical whisps seen at the end of LOE in a meaningful manner. 2. Their having magic was COMPLETELY Pointless, and if anything MADE THINGS WORSE. the answer that sunset was Posing of "Why do we have these powers and is their a purpose behind it"? Is NEVER ANSWERED. The villain is defeated by Talking, and if anything their magic made the problem WORSE due to them inadvertantly turning Juniper into a giant that threw crap around. This is the absolute OPPOSITE of what the series should have done to answer sunset's Question. The mane seven could have never had magic in the first place and the solution would have turned out the same: just have a non-magical talk from starlight, magic or no magic. If they are going to make them magical girls with magical powers, which the series has dove in on the idea of, they have to actually *ACCOMPLISH* things with their magic. The specials sadly did not tease anything for the future or set up future arcs or questions: This is a big problem, as to make the series continue to feel fresh and grow, each iteration MUST build up something new and lay a groundwork for the future: if you fail to Evolve the series with each iteration, you run the risk of spinning your wheels in stagnation. Unless Starlight and Juniper are joining the group (Which I highly doubt), there was nothing Laid down or set up for the future of the series. I honestly want to see this series succeed, but they need to do better and realize that they got to keep building the series as a whole to turn it into its own property.
  4. Good evening everypony, and welcome back to yet another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Tonight I'll be looking at the three recent EQG "shorts" (only in the sense that rather than feature length films they were simply episode-length affairs) "Dance Magic," "Movie Magic," and "Mirror Magic." These will all be included in one review since, unlike my normal fare, the reviews for all three of these should be considerably shorter. Without further ado, let's dive in, this is "Equestria Girls: 'Dance Magic,' 'Movie Magic,' and 'Mirror Magic'."!!! "Dance Magic" The first one of these was easily my least favorite, despite some WILDLY entertaining bits to it. "Dance Magic" was like if you took the first EQG movie and condensed all of its problems and positives into a 22 minute episode; wildly entertaining and fun in some moments, but mind numbingly stupid in others. The plus side is that Rarity actually got featured here, and as far as her performance goes, she was spot on. Tabitha could do this role in her sleep at this point and any "Rarity moments" were pretty much perfect; Human Rarity crying on a fainting couch in her room, eating ice cream when she was sad and making sad-nomming noises, just getting WONDERFULLY over-the-top whenever she got in a mood, I loved all of that start to finish. Rebecca Shoichet got to sing at one point as Sunset and, even though I couldn't have cared less about the song itself (and neither did Daniel Ingram from the way it sounded, seriously, sounded like he churned that thing out in an afternoon, if that), hearing Rebecca sing in her normal singing voice is ALWAYS a joy, I mean, just wowwwwwwww her voice is gorgeous. It was cool that they were continuing on from "Legend of the Everfree" by having the girls raise money for Camp Everfree to fix it up, I really did like that detail. Besides that and the fact that the voice cast in general is always a joy to listen to, I didn't really dig much else. For starters, for the first half, Rarity was... kind of stupid. Like, take her naivety in "Rarity Takes Manehattan" (a FAR superior showing compared to this, and behavior which is far more forgivable in the context of that episode) and amplify it times ten. I mean, she goes and straight up blurts what she plans on doing for this music video contest to girls who she not only knows WILL be competing against them, but have been... well, for lack of a better way of putting it, kind of bitchy in the past (while I'm on the subject of the Crystal Prep girls, WHERE THE BUCK WAS THE RAINBOW DASH/LIGHTNING DUST CANTERLOT PREP DOPPLEGANGER??? There were supposed to be five of them but there were only four, where the buck did she disappear off to, seriously???). I have no idea why she thought that was a good idea for one moment. To be fair she fesses up that it was her fault later on, so she at least realizes her error, but that doesn't excuse how stupid it was. In the second half, it was the rest of the girls who were kind of idiotic. They kept throwing out ridiculously stupid ideas for the music video, and I get that they were just trying to lighten the mood, EXCEPT this was not just money they were trying to win just for themselves, THIS was money they were trying to raise for bucking Camp Everfree, SO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY GIRLS, especially after you blew all the money you'd already raised on costumes for the music video! Not to mention that the girls decided for some reason that they NEEDED to use their Equestria-horse anthro powers (whatever)... for the music video. I will never like those anthro designs, but I am at a point where I can accept the girls using those powers when they need to, but this???? This hardly seems like a situation that calls for those powers at all. The ending was also ridiculously telegraphed; it's not like MLP isn't oftentimes somewhat predictable in where episodes are going, but usually the execution of it isn't. You can often see where an episode will end up, but not usually how it will. Here, the second I heard stuff like that the prize was TWICE as much as they needed for Camp Everfree, and that the Crystal Prep girls were trying to raise money for their school dance (which, I'm sorry, I don't really care about that "plight," their gym can't be all that bad when Crystal Prep is a super exclusive private school, so I can't imagine it'd be an awful place to have a dance, even if it wasn't a yacht), I knew that the two groups were going to join forces to earn the prize and split it 50/50, and lo and behold whaddya know, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED! So yeah, like I said, this was the first EQG movie condensed into a 22 minute episode in terms of quality. Entertaining in certain spots, but very mehhhhh overall because it didn't really feel like something that the DHX crew cared about making, it felt like something they might have assigned to new hires or even interns just to do or as a first time project. I'm not trying to be overly critical, it's just not particularly good, and if that's what an EQG show would ever look like... yeah, sorry, I'll pass on that. "Movie Magic" "Movie Magic" was better than "Dance Magic," but oddly more forgettable, probably because there was as little to love as there was to hate in it. The best way I can describe it is that it was essentially an MLP episode meets Scooby Doo, no joke, I'm not even kidding. The Humane 7 "gang" basically has to solve a mystery of some sort (not a particularly good one, again, like "Dance Magic" the ending was terribly telegraphed), which mostly Sci-Twi and Rainbow tackle. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of "movie-studio" episodes in kids show, or when cartoons depict movie productions, they just feel a little... too close to the showmakers' actual culture, like, you know they're a part of this culture so they're going to be super tongue in cheek about a lot of stuff. That kind of happened here, with the usual cliches like a drama queen actress being bitchy for a lot of the episode, a jealous assistant/relative of the director, and all types of "whacky" sights on set. Seen it before, never been a big fan of it before, and not really a fan of it here. I will admit that I kind of liked the director since he didn't come off as a jerk, just a nice guy who genuinely was really stressed out and had a lot on his hands to juggle (his tearing apart his niece at the end after she got caught was pretty satisfying too). Same with when it first got brought up in "Dance Magic," I am REALLY not a fan of Daring Do and A.K. Yearling pretty much existing in the exact same way in the human MLP world as they do in Equestria, that just seems... forced. Like, I can accept a lot of the parallels between the two worlds, but that is REALLY starting to stretch it, as is the idea that Rainbow Dash is the super fan of her here as well. Having there be human counterparts is one thing, but making them virtually identical in how they behave AND what has happened to them in critical ways, that's another. Granted, even that didn't bother me as much as the Power Ponies bit. In a bid just to put them in some superhero costumes (a very lazy excuse for doing so if you ask me) the girls stumble onto a superhero movie set and it turns out to be for... Power Ponies. Like, no joke, the director says POWER PONIES!!! WHY??? Why are they called that in this world??? There's absolutely nothing about them that looks or screams ponies in this world! I know that a lot of the pony puns have carried over from Equestria to this world, but the Power Ponies one makes no bucking sense. So ya wanna know why it exists? Because the writers didn't want to come up with a new name because they cared more about just getting the girls into the costumes to begin with to make them look more interesting. The final scene where the girls got to be in the film was pretty entertaining, but overall, while this was technically better than "Dance Magic," it was, like I said, something I'll barely be able to remember going forward. "Mirror Magic" OK... wow. Just... wow. In all the right ways, I am VERY happy to say! The bad news is that "Mirror Magic" is clearly the only one of these three that DHX gave a shit about or that any bronies should give a shit about. The good news is that DHX gave a shit about it in ALL the right ways! If "Dance Magic" is the episode equivalent of the first EQG film, then "Mirror Magic" is the episode equivalent of "Rainbow Rocks." It's the only one REALLY worthy your time and has anything any of us have ever actually loved about the EQG movies. Let's list them, shall we? 1. Sunset Shimmer is the focus of "Mirror Magic," not any of the other Humane 7. The Humane 7 (including Sci-Twi) may be human versions of our beloved Equestrian characters, but they are NOT the same characters as them and never have been. The worst consequence of this is that we've never had the same connection to them as we do the pony versions, so they've never really served well as THE main characters of any EQG property. Every time they're in the spotlight in a major way they feel like cardboard cutouts of their Equestrian counterparts, caricatures of them. The less focus on that, the better. Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, has always been the most interesting character in any EQG property, bar none, and I am always happy to see anything EQG focused on her first and foremost. It's a big reason that "Rainbow Rocks" is the best EQG movie to date, and as big of a reason that "Mirror Magic" is far and away the best of these episodes. As a result of Sunset Shimmer being the focus, the rest of the Humane 7 fill the roles they're best suited for in EQG; supplemental supporting roles, and they're GREAT when they're like that! They're not distracting, they still have some fun lines (Pinkie Pie was particularly good here), and they do just enough to help out overall without it feeling forced. This is EQG in its wheelhouse and I have no idea why this is still hard for them to do. I know they probably don't want to ALWAYS be focused on Sunset, but I'm sorry, she still remains the only actually interesting original character to this property with the only really interesting ideas to explore, ESPECIALLY because of her Equestrian origins. Without the Equestrian ties (which none of the other girls have), all you're left with is a bunch of human knockoffs of our ponies, and that's no fun! If this were an actual "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" reference, that'd be pretty bucking awesome Me every time Sunset Shimmer is the focus of EQG 2. Sunset Shimmer meets Starlight Glimmer. I REPEAT, SUNSET SHIMMER MEETS STARLIGHT GLIMMER AND IT IS PURE JOY AND OH MY GOSH HOW HAS THE WORLD NOT IMPLODED FROM THIS MUCH AWESOME?!?!?! Every brony when this happened Wow, let me tell you, everything with these two was bucking perfection. Sunset going back to Equestria was the true highlight of all of this, and I had not realized just how much I missed seeing her in pony form (especially since this is the first time we ever got to see her as a pony as a good character and not a villain). Dear Lord did they take advantage of giving her "cross-dimensional" jet lag after being in the human world for so long. Her standing on two pony legs (adorably), not remembering how to pick things up with her hooves and forgetting to use her magic until she remembered she had a horn, THAT was funny and kind of tragic on some levels. She is increasingly getting out of touch with her Equestrian roots, and it made me even fear where her story is going. I'm calling it right now, I think that the ultimate way they're going to ensure that magic doesn't keep leaking from Equestria into the human world is to cut off all ties to it (you just have to believe that Twilight's 24/7 portal is causing all kinds of magical imbalance shit leading to that), which will mean that at that point, Sunset has to decide between staying in the human world or going back to Equestria, and I have to believe she'd stay in the human world. It'd be a tragic but fulfilling way for her to discover and fulfill her destiny, and I'd love it as much as I'd hate it on a sad level (mostly because we wouldn't get more pony Sunset, but also because she'd never get to come back to her home, unless of course they went with the whole "this is her true home now" angle, though she still seems to often miss Equestria and want at times to go back, so who knows what'll happen). Anyways, besides that, her and Starlight hitting it off was adorable, Starlight coming back with her (behind Twilight's back no less) was even more adorable and hilarious, and the two essentially becoming "reformed-villains" besties was THE GREATEST!!! I could keep going on and on, but seriously, just watch it for yourself, if you need any more convincing that this was amazing then you probably haven't seen enough of either of these characters to begin with. 3. ACTUAL MAGIC SHIT GOING ON THAT I GAVE A SHIT ABOUT! OK, this magic mirror wasn't that interesting (although the idea of them being stuck in the mirror in that mirror limbo or disappearing into nothingness once it was destroyed was pretty creepy) but it was at LEAST some Equestrian stuff! I didn't give two shits about their "problems" in the first two episodes because they were ALL human-world problems, no Equestrian stuff whatsoever. This was at least an interesting issue at hoof with actual Equestrian roots. Sure the villain wasn't that good (although I will say that Juniper Montage was AT LEAST a better villain than bucking Principal Cinch from "Friendship Games," and her reform was handled pretty well), but the mirror itself was pretty creepy overall. I can take the villain only so seriously when shit like THIS happens! 4. A solid conclusion overall, with Starlight Glimmer doing a pretty bang up job convincing Juniper to give friendship and forgiveness a chance (with an especially fun and amusing joke from Pinkie Pie about just how many of their friends are reformed villains who've been forgiven). Pfffftttt, and this is why I bite my ice cream It's pretty easy to see that this was the only one of these three episodes TRULY worth anyone's time, though the other two are worth seeing if only to get some context for this one as well as to see how much better "Mirror Magic" is than the other two. I came away from this for the first time since "Rainbow Rocks" genuinely happy to actually accept EQG stuff as canon in the greater MLP universe. Playing around with how you could connect the two worlds, giving as much of the spotlight to Sunset Shimmer and her story as you can, getting characters like Starlight involved, THIS is everything I want to see and more in EQG! I wish they wouldn't run from stuff like this in other EQG stuff, but as long as there is even a promise of more spotlight being put on Sunset Shimmer, bring on more EQG, I say!!! Other than that, not too much else to say. That's all I've got for you, everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off! I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  5. As the author Equestrian City, it’s no secret I’m partial to Equestria Girls. In my humble opinion, it’s got far more potential for storylines that are relatable to modern issues, not that the MLP show isn’t good at it, but it feels more real. That and it has Sunset Shimmer. Sunset is by far the most 3 dimensional character they’ve ever made, even more so due to the fact she was, by best I can tell, supposed to be a throwaway character for the one off movie “Equestria Girls”. She turned into something must more, my adoration for her is no real secret either. Each year, it became like a superbowl like wait for that years “Equestria Girls” movie, the best being, again in my own opinion, Rainbow Rocks. So when I heard we were doing three shorts, immediately my hopes of a unlimited series for Equestria Girls soared, as most are aware. The Polish dubbed versions came out to give us a sneak peak, and of course then the English dubs came out, followed by the actual reveal recently on Discovery Family. The first of which, I’ll give my two cents on now, since, well everyone and their brother, sister and mother have already posted theirs, why not me? Dance Magic The title and theme song are, lack luster, but I imagine it will be that way, since it’s really just prototypes. My initial thoughts were “Oh great, they are just doing this one to burn off a song they didn’t use in Friendship Games” and thankfully, it was more amusing than just that. The feeling of familiarity came back immediately as I watched the opening, listening to all the voices I’ve come to love. I was thrilled that we were going to see Rarity do something rather than be window dressing. I’ve always thought she needed more work, thankfully, they seem to be listening recently in the main show But, I was further overjoyed by the fact that one of the biggest letdowns of the Friendship Games (one of many) was the lack of use of any of the Anti-Mane 6 they worked on hyping up and then barely got any interaction with. This time we get to see Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, Sugarcoat and Sunny Flare, the analogues to various Mane 6 members. Sunny Flare was nice to see, as she got one line in the movie, and oddly, by the midway point, they felt twice as fleshed out as they did in the 3rd movie. I’m still a bit in the middle about how quickly these girls reform (it seems we’re all about reforming people, if we keep this up we’ll have no villains ;/ ) But, by the time we get to the solution of the problem in a tidy package of 22 minutes, it doesn't even feel like the dance number (which includes a set of repeated animation, but I can forgive that for this time, it’s all proof of concept it seems for a series “Can we do it” sorta thing) As the episodes winds down after Pinkie’s rather epic rapping, we come to the conclusion that these four of Crystal Prep are in fact now friends, despite all the hopes some had that they’d return like the Dazzlings might, later. Overall, it’s a lovely episode, feels a bit typical. Here’s something I’ve somewhat noticed having watched them all several times in various languages. Each episode seems to be a audition in a way. This one is a typical MLP-ish episode. Problem presented. Solution Given Speedbump. Readjust Solution. Epilogue. Sprinkle in a song somewhere and you’re done. The 2nd one is more an homage to Scooby Doo, although the mystery is really easy to guess, and the third one is trying to compress a movie battle AND a cross over into 22 minutes, which, well I’ll go into that later Anyway, thanks for the read, and by all means, please discuss in a civil way, I LOVE to interact and bounce ideas off.
  6. Up until now, Equestria Girls has only told stories equivalent to the main show's two-part episodes. Even Legend of Everfree, which tried to incorporate several slice-of-life elements, eventually came back to having a magical villain threaten the camp, and the three films before that established high stakes from the beginning. As fun as some of these movies are, much of this series' appeal is in seeing familiar faces in this new, mundane, relatively familiar setting, and I've always hoped it would focus more on the individual lives of the main characters than on whatever event or villain caught their attention this week. "Dance Magic" isn't really that, but it is the first Equestria Girls installment to not feature a magical villain, and it's also by far the most low-stakes entry in the whole series. Considering that, it's a shame that the special is such a simplistic bore, expanding on easily the least interesting part of Legend of Everfree the least interesting way possible, and completely failing to build up to My Little Pony's most basic moral in quite some time. It has more energy than Everfree, but that's not saying much, especially when its story is even emptier. While I enjoy that "Dance Magic" has lower stakes than previous entries, those stakes are so impersonal that the entire story is impossible to care about. After inadvertently wrecking Camp Everfree, the Rainbooms begin searching for ways to raise money for repairs. Once car washing only gives them half of the necessary funds, Rarity decides to enter in a music video competition but makes the mistake of revealing their plans to Crystal Prep students (the same from Friendship Games) who will be competing against them, who promptly steal the idea. Distraught, Rarity and the Rainbooms need to find a new concept for a music video. Considering that My Little Pony has often done a good job of giving its storylines at least a slight amount of depth, it's always disappointing when it comes up with something this simple. Unsurprisingly, "Dance Magic" is written by G.M. Berrow, whose "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" and "Fluttershy Leans In" were similarly impersonal and shallow, but "Dance Magic" actually has slightly more introspection than her usual fare. That's not to say it has much, as two-thirds of the episode are still built around Rarity reacting to outside forces, but she does eventually overhear the Shadowbolts complaining that they don't have a song, and she realizes that the two groups could team up and split the prize money. While this isn't a bad moral per se, it's also an exceedingly simple one which is likely to be entirely useless to all but the youngest members of the target audience, and it's one which the majority of the episode doesn't so much as hint at. It's not like Rarity rejected this idea previously, as the special never even suggests that it was an option beforehand, and as a result it feels tacked on to a story which until then was lacking in any depth or nuance. The most Rarity ever questions herself is when she needs to come up with an idea to get more money, and otherwise she's either reacting to issues on the video shoot, the Crystal Prep students stealing her idea, or her friends' silly alternate video ideas. It's all rather dull and difficult to be invested in. Furthermore, neither camp has particularly compelling motivations. While it's nice that the Rainbooms are fundraising for Camp Everfree, we never really see why they decided to do this, and it's not an especially personal goal for any of them, so it's difficult to care. Worse, the Crystal Prep students want the money because they promised to hold the school dance on a yacht, which they really shouldn't have if they couldn't pay for it, and which is an awfully vapid goal anyway. The special does little to expand on the personalities we saw in Friendship Games, and while these characters were always one-note, their gags have diminishing returns here. Unfortunately, the Rainbooms suffer from the same problem. They're all in-character, and they all have something to contribute, but the special doesn't derive a whole lot of humour from their distinctive personalities, and in many cases it repeats character beats from the show proper. At one point, Rarity is self-pityingly eating ice cream, and while this does serve a narrative purpose, it also feels a bit like a rehash of the same gag from the show's "Inspiration Manifestation," and the other six are mostly background ornaments who drive the plot forward but don't do too much else. Every once in a while, the special gives one of the characters a funny line, and their music video ideas are mildly amusing, but for the most part, the special isn't particularly funny, and that makes the dull plot all the more bothersome. At the very least, Twilight is better here than she was in Legend of Everfree. There's a dropped thread where she retracts a criticism of Rarity's plan, seemingly due to peer pressure, and the special emphasizes her analytical side enough that she arguably has more in common with her pony counterpart here than she did in the previous two movies. Unfortunately, while her timidity fits her background, it still doesn't feel a whole lot like the Twilight from the show, and while there is merit in that, I still feel it misses the point of the whole Equestria Girls series. Sunset Shimmer, on the other hand, doesn't do much in this at all, and what lines she does get do little to establish the personality she's increasingly in need of. This isn't her story, so that's fine, but what lines she does get are a little bland. And then there's the song itself, which is profoundly generic and probably ranks up there as one of My Little Pony's least memorable to date. It's just a generic dancepop song with vapid lyrics, and the hook isn't even that catchy. It's a fairly well-executed genre pastiche, but it's not a very distinctive one, and even the accompanying visuals don't feature much other than generic dance choreography. There is a fun rap verse from Pinkie, and that portion features a welcome change of background as well as the fun sight of Rainbow Dash breakdancing, but if this entire short was building up to this musical number, you'd hope for something more creative at the very least. If nothing else, the animation is better than ever, and while the models haven't seen major improvements, the animations are even more detailed and fluid than they were in Legend of Everfree. But what's the point if there's nothing interesting to animate? "Dance Magic" feels like an afterthought, and that's weird, because it's been more than half a year since the last Equestria Girls release. It would be more understandable if this were simply one episode of even a 13-episode season, but we're only getting three of these, and it's quite obnoxious that an entire third of this year's Equestria Girls content is this shallow and rote. It adds nothing to the series, it's not very imaginative, its plot is simple to the point of tedium, and it doesn't even have a solid moral. It's not offensive or anything, but for the life of me, I don't know why anyone would want to watch it. Man, I miss "Friendship Games." Score: Entertainment: 4/10 Characters: 6/10 Themes: 5/10 Story: 3/10 Overall: 45/100 You can find more like this at my offsite blog.
  7. "Legend of Everfree" was released in Brazil, and "Dance Magic" was released in Poland, earlier than in America and other countries. I wonder why did Hasbro choose to release them earlier? Was it due to a partnership with other companies in those countries, or that Hasbro wants to seize a chance to sell their products in those countries?