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Found 75 results

  1. As the title describes, if you had a Dance Move (or a signature dance move) what would yours perhaps be?
  2. As some of you might know, I'm a dancer. I started dancing around seven months ago actually. It doesn't seem long at all, but in that time dance has become my life. In June I stared my first hip hop class, by November I was also starting Contemporary and Lyrical Hip Hop. I soon decided to drop the lyrical hip hop to save money because hip hop mixed with contemporary is essentially lyrical hip hop. During my last hip hop class before our performance, the owner of the studio came into our class looking for people who would be ready to move up to the next level. About ten or eleven people raised their hand, only four or five were actually ready. It surprised me when my name was called. I also thought it would scare me to move to a different class, yet I'm not. My studio is full of really great people and I honestly think that dancing has expanded my comfort zone by a lot. Some of my friends from my first class are also moving up so I won't be alone! On my first day of class ever, I was that girl in the back corner not talking to anyone. The second class I was dragged to the front row by this kid Kiernan. During the third class, I went to the front row on my own. Kiernan became my go to person, my best friend. Then this girl Abigail started talking to us. SO we became this trio that always took the front row. We had tons of fun. Around two months in, Kiernan had to quit the class. Abigail had been gone on his last day, though. When she came back and he was gone she was like WHAT NOOOO. After that, she kind of drifted away as a friend. As odd as it seems, that was fine with me. I don't think I realized, but I had made friends with the whole class. I'm a bit sad that I'm moving up and leaving some of my friends behind, but a lot of them go to my school. Anyways, the point of this blog was to say how much dance has changed my life and also how much I love it and need it. We've been on break for two weeks and I'm actually getting anxious. It feels weird going so long without it. Obviously I dance at home, but I'm all alone or with my mom. It's not the same as in the studio. Before dance, I had no exercise. I sat around the house reading for hours and hours each day. In elementary I had done soccer. That stopped in middle school because I was too old for our local rec center's league and I wasn't good enough for club. My mom always wanted me to join the track team because I can run really fast. Never did. Basically every person I hated did track. When I told my mom that I wanted to join dance, she was extremely shocked. I had done ballet in kindergarten and hated it. (probably because we had to wear these really gross and "pretty" weird dress tutu things). So I quite. Honestly, I think I would't have quite if we didn't wear those horrible tutus. So my mom had searched for ballet studios. I told her I didn't want to do ballet I wanted to do hip hop... She seemed less surprised now... In the beginning, my other friend was going to join with me, but she decided to do martial arts instead. I was really nervous that first day because I didn't have her with me. It all turned out great. Okay this got long so I'll just cut it off right here. Thanks for reading!
  3. In here, you can post videos of you playing ddr, or just talk about the greatest dance game of all time!!
  4. Yes, the title reference was intentional. Yes, I kinda like a lot Littlest Pet Shop. I was thinking about making a reference about David Bowie's Let's dance song, but I think this one's a little more related Maybe tomorrow I'll make a Bowie reference with the Crusaders. Or not. I just love seeing ponies dance. ♫ Twitter! deviantArt!
  5. Aaaaalrrrrighty then! Here's how the game will go, my little ponies! Like any game of the lot, I'll think of anything, quite possibly anything ever, and its up to you to figure out what it is! Now, despite the name, I won't limit the amount of questions any of you can ask, but your only allowed one question per post & it has to be in the form of a yes or no question! Now, I don't know too many humans, so I'll likely steer clear of that subject but it might still be a good idea to ask in case I happen to be feeling whimsical that day! Oh, and if any of you manage to guess right, I'll just pick another one and start the game all over again! And, oh, I suppose to be fair. If more then two people ask for it, I'll drop a hint. If I must! Now have at it Boopalas! Just try to match me for randomness!
  6. Hey guys! This is the second single off my album "New Foundations". It's called "Fabrication"! I hope you all enjoy! - otty --- --- --- download : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : Otarine on Tumblr : --- cover art by jamie quade : --- art of Autumn the mermaid seal by Blue Moon :
  7. Hey guys! My new album, "New Foundations" is finally ready, and I'm so excited to show it to you all! It features a story written by yours truly, and it is the most personal album I've ever created! So proud of the result, and I tried to stay as true to myself and my music as possible. I hope you enjoy! -Otty --- --- --- "Under the circumstances of an oppressed society, it was inevitable that the Merseal (mermaid seal) people, and the rest of the world, would rise up against the tyranny of the Loneliness, and their vicious security force, the Lone Sharks." --- Download : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : Otarine on Tumblr : --- art by uniow : --- cover art by jamie quade :
  8. Well, here we are. After many years of listening to SoGreatandPowerful's music, I now have the honour of remixing his most recent song that has been publicly shared, "Galaxygroove"! I am very grateful to Galaxygroove for allowing me to remix her song!!! --- --- --- download (bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : Otarine on Tumblr : --- SoGreatandPowerful's social media sites are all blank, but I suppose it's only right to share them. --- art by my great friend uniow --- Thank you to galaxygroove ( for allowing me to remix this great song!
  9. made this track to celebrate my first ever radio show (and show in general) on WXCU, Capital University's student radio station. Gonna be doing an interview and DJ set alongside Mitomoro from 9 to 11 PM EST on May 1 (may or may not have put a couple pony songs in my mix shhhhhhhh). Music and cover art by JesusKidz (MCRideVEVO)
  10. After the panels wind down, and the whole bay area is lit up with majestic colors of the setting sun, our stage lights up for the one and only NEIGHhem. BABSCon wouldn’t be complete without Saturday night’s concert trying to bring the house down with 11 top acts from some of the fandom’s best musicians. Featuring the talents of... Eurobeat Brony, Taps, Cyril the Wolf Jeff Burgess, Tarby, StrachAttack Garnika, Chang31ing, Additive Subtractive Darselex, Psycosis This year’s NEIGHhem is sure to be our best yet so you won’t wanna miss it. NEIGHhem starts Saturday at 8pm and jams long into the night. But before that madness shakes the dust from the ceiling, it’s time to dress up and get refined in our Friday night cosplay dance, The BABSquerade. No need for fancy moves, the music is here for you to just sway to if you want. Dress up as your favorite pony, griffon, changeling or other character at this masquerade party. But if cosplay isn’t your strong suite, then suit up or lace up that ball gown and don a mask and get your groove on. The BABSquerade starts at 8pm on Friday and lasts until someone turns into Pumpkin Cake. Be sure to catch Lauren Faust, Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver, Kelly Sheridan, Terry Klassen, Josh Haber (writer of the Season 6 premier and story editor), G. M. Berrow, Director Denny Lu, Kora Kosika, Steph Mahoney, Andy Price, Jeremy Whitley, Jenn Blake, and our community guests! Now with more hotel space! Stay tuned to our social media as our full schedule is coming soon!
  11. cruising down the street in my Mercedes/tipping my fedora to all m'ladies New non-pony related track. Dedicated to the kid at my school nonchalantly wearing 2 fedoras simultaneously; the future of our generation lies in your hands.
  12. --- --- Hey guys, this is my remix of Synthis' "Alone". I hope you enjoy! --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : --- Sam Synthis on Youtube : Sam Synthis on Twitter : ---
  13. Check it out You won't regret it!
  14. I have been learning 5 different styles which added make 8 styles total I know. Anypony here also practice or like watching martial arts? If so, which kinds? or why do you like/do it? I do it for health and strength training along with self defense.
  15. Hello! This is my remix of '12115' by PrinceWhateverer~! I hope you enjoy! ^^ I'm glad to have had the chance to make a remix for such a good friend of mine. --- Soundcloud Stream : Bandcamp (Download) : --- Original mix, master, composition by PrinceWhateverer Art by Dreamchan PrinceWhateverer on Youtube : PrinceWhateverer on Facebook : PrinceWhateverer on Google+ : Pronc on Soundcloud : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  16. Hey guys! This is my remix of "Frailty" by PrinceWhateverer! I hope you enjoy~! ^~^ --- --- --- Bandcamp (Download) : --- Original mix, master, composition by PrinceWhateverer Additional vocals by Dreamchan Art by Dreamchan PrinceWhateverer on Youtube : PrinceWhateverer on Facebook : PrinceWhateverer on Google+ : Pronc on Soundcloud : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ---
  17. Hey, guys! Welcome to my blog, and today I'll be discussing my top ten favourite Electronic albums, from the year 2000, to the present year 2015. Keep in mind, these are all great albums that have influenced my own music, and I believe that they have a place on the podium of unforgettable Electronic hits! Be sure to check them all out, and tell me what you think in the comments! owo 10 Calamari Tuesday (Feed Me) A first for Feed Me, Gooch's album continues to remind us why we all love Feed Me! A great album showcasing Gooch's musical talent, this album definitely hasn't disappointed any fans of the little green monster. With huge basslines and catchy melodies, this album can get anyone dancing! 9 Smash (Martin Solveig) Martin Solveig displays his dance genius with this Pop-friendly album! With many of its singles moving on to become huge radio hits, Solveig once again shows us his talent as a producer and vocalist. The French never disappoint! 8 Random Album Title (Deadmau5) More memorable than his Twitter beefs, this breakthrough album from the mau5 reminds us all why he has become an icon in the Dance music world. This is the album that has defined the Progressive House talent. 7 Cross (Justice) With this debut album as their Genesis, the duo has taken the world by storm. With the most distorted synths and hypnotizing basslines, this is one massive album that combines nostalgic sounds with the most sophisticated sound design. This is one album you can't miss! 6 Eric Prydz Presents Pryda(Eric Prydz) A veteran of the Electronic Dance scene, the genius behind Cirez D and Pryda releases a compilation of brand new Dance material, as well as classics that define the Pryda alias. No stranger to the club life, Prydz proves this with Pryda. This album comes jam-packed with songs that prove the top-notch quality of Prydz's production. 5 Syro (Aphex Twin) After a massive hiatus, Richard David James, better known as Aphex Twin, returns to the Electronic music scene with Syro. Aphex Twin fails to disappoint, releasing more music that proves that he is one of a kind. This new album is the perfect way for new fans of Aphex Twin to get a taste of what he's all about. 4 Clarity (Zedd) After listening to this album, it is clear that Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, is a force to be reckoned with. Adopting a more Pop-friendly style and infusing it with his old Electro House production, Zedd creates a powerhouse album that anyone can enjoy. From Pop hits such as Clarity, to heavy Electronic beats with Stache, Zedd reminds us why he is an outstanding name in the future generation of Electronic music. 3 Worlds (Porter Robinson) A massive name in the Electro House scene, Porter surprises us with his debut album. Far from his Electro roots, Porter expresses himself in a brand new way. Porter shows us his world with this album. Although nowhere near his old Electro style, he has still proven his talent with such a shift. The Worlds tour is also a performance you cannot miss! 2 Adventure (Madeon) After a long hiatus, Hugo Leclercq (Madeon) returns with a monster of an album. With such high expectations brought upon him with hit singles such as Icarus, and his remix of Raise Your Weapon, Madeon succeeds on bringing us on an Adventure with this album. Madeon continues to release incredible music, his new album showing a more refined style. Madeon's debut does not disappoint. 1 Discovery (Daft Punk) Daft Punk's first album of the 2000's fails to disappoint! Often considered two of the leading pioneers of House music, they defend this title with one of the most influential Electronic albums in history. Breeding hits such as One More Time, Daft Punk first reached the mainstream with this album. Danceable and full of emotion, this album is a great Discovery for any music fan! ~~~ So, yeah. The albums found above are ten Electronic albums that have landed on my top ten list. What albums have impressed you? Comment below with your suggestions. owo
  18. Hey guys! I just released a new remix of "Fall Apart" by FritzyBeat & Exiark! I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a sound that I truly enjoyed for this remix, and I hope you enjoy it too! owo ~~~ ~~~ --- Download (Bandcamp) : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : --- Music by Exiark: Vocals and Lyrics by FritzyBeat Buy the Album: (Exiark's Bandcamp!) Buy the song: (Exiark's Bandcamp) Art by GSphere:
  19. Hey guys! This is my new remix of Die In A Fire by TheLivingTombstone and EileMonty! I really hope you enjoy! ^^ ~~~ --- Download : --- Follow The Living Tombstone: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Follow EileMonty: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Website: --- Otarine on SoundCloud : Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : Otarine on Twitter : Otarine on Facebook : ~~~
  20. My first official remix under the project Kode, which I present to all who view with absolute satisfaction, but I would still love your feedback! With your help, the journey I am taking can be an amazing one!
  21. Hey guys! So, I guess this is my next step in my journey. Although not fully certain I'm feeling 100% about it, it was still a lot of fun to produce, and that's all that matters! This track was my entry in a particular contest involving's Breaking EDM room, which means I don't plan on advertising this as much considering its placement. Please support this track if you enjoyed! I very much want my journey to lead me somewhere amazing, and it can with your help!
  22. Literally, after a year of breakdowns and depression, plus all of the kind words that SO many people have given me, I have broken through my shell and produced what I think to be a great start to my future as a music producer! -EDIT- Apologies for improper post-placement.
  23. At parties I love to do the shuffle! Its so freaking fun to do and my friends love it! I am curious on what you guys do to dance or if you created your own dance!
  24. i have seen other threads like this, do i made one, any music you can dance to is welcome here http-~~-//