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Found 20 results

  1. Could we humans even dance with the ponies? Or would it look very awkward over the size difference? Dancing as in rumba or ballet, or something else. But, Princess Celestia or Princess Luna, they are one of the bigger ponies. Would it be easier to dance with them? Could Pinkie Pie dance with a very tall human?
  2. So I've been at university for 2 terms now and i have been clubbing about 5 times in this period. The first 4 times i really enjoyed it but the 5th time i didn't really like it at all, especially looking back at the night now. So i was wonder, do you guys like to go clubbing? If so then why? is it the people, the music or the place that makes in fun? If not then why not? and what do you do instead?
  3. Dancing, Smiling, Laughing, Moving My feet to the beat of my heart. Unaware of the pain in my chest Called Reality Was hitting me hard until I was Turning, Spinning, Flipping, Circling As the outdoors I was in Became smaller and smaller My beautiful dress turned to ash And they'd store it away in a dusty old closet Heaven knows what I'd just lost I was a stranger to myself my life, It was forgotten and all my thoughts were contaminated by the cruel world that is to exist i kept holding my breath to keep the toxins from coming in i was a stranger to myself my rhythm, it was forgotten i wanted to go back back to my naive self but it's better to leap forward than to tumble back and fall after all, it was when I learned to breathe again That the key to my life was uncovered I liked it better when I was dancing Until I learned to sing
  4. I drew this picture of vinyl scratch. What do you think she's listening to?
  5. Gimp is a wonderful software for animation. JK I'm planing on making a tutorial for making GIF's in GIMP on here and on YouTub. If you want it, let me know.
  6. What a smart little bird! I live far away from the ocean but seagulls seem so cute.
  7. The " Flutter Style " stance (pictured) mimics the slow wing movements, it is modeled after two different styles of kung-fu and akido, it uses heavy stylized movements as a way to mis-direct and distract your opponent. The " Flutter " is also a perfect defense for those who aren't as physically strong, using agility, theatrics and throws too incapacitate and ware down the opponent as the person using this style doesn't need too use much energy, making use of 1.) your opponents aggression and 2.) physics in order to use their own aggression against them.
  8. I love raves, and its my dream to go to EDC, or Electric Run or things like that, but I don't know a lot of EDM. Anyone have any DJ's/Songs/artists they want to recommend to me? (for those who don't know EDM=electronic dance music, EDC=electric daisy carnival)
  9. Yeah, I know I'm Malaysian, but today (and tomorrow) will be about one of my favorite festivals: "Jani" (Yah-nyee) is a Latvian festival occuring around June 23-24, where the Latvians go to the countryside to dance around bonfires, eat lots of meat and cheese, and drink loads of beer. There's also lots of singing during this festival. Latvians love singing. Oh, and don't that men with the name "John" will have a wear a huge wreath on their heads! So, for all of you non-Latvians (including Americans), how do you celebrate Midsummer/Summer Sun Festival?
  10. So I made a fluffle puff version of the rock version of PFUDOR
  11. Do not let the name fool you,this song is heavy in bass and the drop will and i repeat will catch you off guard,wear you're bass helmets everybody because you are about to get blowed the shit away,i hope you will enjoy this song,this is great progress to me and as left a good mark inside me a scar of pride, enjoy this bass music my good audiophiles Original Animated
  12. Don't be too rough on me I've never attempted to create my own pony before haha. Let me know what you think and be on the lookout for my shining armor, nightmare moon, and rarity =^.^=
  13. Ok so this is my first dance video involving a Brony made song. I hope to add more later. I actually made this one a while ago but I wasn't sure if I liked it enough to upload it. Soooo... Any thoughts?
  14. I had fun drawing this one! I did this because I was bored and had been thinking about Discord. So I drew this! It was very interesting because of the style it has to be done in. The while thing is very blocky and cartoony (obviously) and fun to draw! I hope you guys like it! Sorry about it being sideways. My phone is ridiculous. :3
  15. here is my sumbition with my OC Colorful Crescendo, ill cross my fingers, i may do more submitions for this ship with mimie on tumblr, dear lord this took a while to finish, all day actually, what do you guys think? comment and tell me? -first time drawing anthers -.- be gentle-
  16. I need help understanding something with Scootaloo. Every time I read something about her cutie mark, everyone says that her mark well be dancing. So this is my question, why is it dancing? Scootaloo shows zero signs that she is a dancer. In one episode she did a dance, but it did not turn out well for her and after that episode she has done zero dancing things. Now Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have shown signs that they are good at what they do. Apple Bloom has built 2 things in the show and Sweetie has sung many times. I think Scootaloo is going to be some kind of stunt pony and not a dancer. Maybe I just don't get it because Scootaloo is my least favorite charter of the show, but I just want to understand.
  17. Post a dancing .gif! Let's get this party started!
  18. I feel like in a dancing mood. To make it better, this is what im dealing with. and also this