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Found 4 results

  1. This could happen honestly especially with the political turmoil in america these days,So what would you do what side would you support? Personally I would fight for my home state of illionis and go with the side that made my family safe The sides would most likely be Loyalists Seperatists Communists and Facists all having there own ideals unwilling to let the other side win I'll be more specific say the Democratic Goverment Falls on to very hard times poverty and such and the states talk about Revolting I do know this is highly u likely and I don't want it to happen its not a whether or not Should question its A What If
  2. Villains make Equestria a very dangerous place. Just think about it. Luna gets jealous and turns into Nightmare Moon, whom could have potentially wiped out all life on the planet by blocking out the sun. Discord chaos loving, random evil villains like King Sombra popping out from nowhere. Then there's Tirek, whom also could have potentially wiped out all life on the planet by turning the planet inside out. If I ended up in Equestria, still human or not. I be afraid to lift even a rock, which could potentially unleash some ancient unspeakable evil. So, you think Equestria is a dangerous place?
  3. Have any of you ponies visited a city where you felt "This is a dump. I wanna leave" or "There's nothing here, I'm bored". If so, list them and your reasons. In my opinion, Downtown Oakland because it looks like a dump and it gets unsafe at night, plus from what I've seen, lots of people riot there a lot. Also Hayward because it looks like a dump and mini version of Downtown Oakland and Daly City because it gets so foggy, it's depressing and there isn't much to do over there.
  4. I just want some opinions from you guys since I already have my share of things to say on this subject: What concepts/themes/directions that normally wouldn't be done on MLP do you believe they should risk going towards with the optimistic possibility of the writers pulling it off and doing good by it? (Note: I'm not asking what would be bad for the series, just things you think they should have a go at that could possibly be done right.)