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Found 22 results

  1. So the OST is starting to drop depending on your region and purchase/streaming platform. I just went through all the film songs twice and so far I have to say that Daniel Ingram nailed it for me. Some quick hits and spoilers We Got This Together feels like a song you would expect from a long big episode on the show, and it highlights several of the traits of the Mane Six. Spike talking with his mouth full made me smile. I'm the Friend You Need has some 90's style Disney elements to go along with Taye Diggs smooth voice. People are going to pick up on that and feel it's familiarity. For me it is reminiscent of Friends on the Other Side at times due to the singer. Time To Be Awesome was hot fun and I suspect will be the fan favorite here. For a song that appears to be a motivational song pushing the Pirates to betray the Storm King ... it was unfortunately a bit on the short side (and I hope the sudden change of heart isn't just tied to this song because brevity is not a good thing with shifting allegiances) but the song is great and Rainbow's best song period. One Small Thing is a duet between Pinkie and Skystar. I'm biased as all hell because Chenoweth is a Broadway goddess to me. This is my second favorite song just for that, though it is probably going to be everyone's least favorite. I don't care ... It's Glinda singing in Pony. Open You Eyes ... Tempest's song ... ok. This was the highlight outside of Sia and Lukas. Emily Blunt sings about her rage, disappointed, and disillusionment from being an outcast among her own kind. Her motivation seems powerful and likely what sells this song. The two huge songs are Rainbow and Off to See The World. Both are rock solid, and my thoughts about Rainbow have already been shared ... the other songs are fine fluff. Rachel Platten does well enough. Anyway, this is a solid Soundtrack and worth the price. It needed some more orchestra pieces though. Most of the songs minus Off to See The World (album purchase exclusive) are available on Hasbro's official YouTube channel.
  2. Here is One Small Thing from My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: More information about them: Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton & Alice [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. So Daniel will leave EQG for new musicians to focus to the show, which is a good news to the main show because we can get more quality songs, he doesnt have any upcoming movie and now he doesnt have anything to do with EQG so he will have 100% focus to the show. However, this is a bad news for EQG franchise, because songs is one of what make EQG successful in the first place (Rainbow Rock). EQG already went downhill after Legend of Everfree (story-wise), take Daniel away hurts this franchise even more. What do you think?
  4. Anyways, wondering how many songs in the movie you think will be composed by Daniele Ingram and be "Normal" FIM songs and how many do you think will be done by guest musicians like Sia? Wondering because, as I just noted, we have Sia as a guest singer for the movie, so I wonder how much of the music is going to be sung by her and guest artists, which I assume would be composed by them personally as well. Curious how much you think will be guest artists and how much will be Ingram composed songs done by the normal FIM cast.
  5. Ermagherd! I did a new pony thing! All of the instruments are mine. Only the vocals are from the original song. Vocal Version Instrumental Version
  6. Earlier today, the Daytime Emmys released nominees for specific categories. The Magic Inside from The Mane Attraction is nominated for Outstanding Original Song in a non-drama series. The Daytime Emmy website is currently down, but they published a PDF of all the nominees. (Thanks, mrx1983 from EQD for finding it.) The Outstanding Original Song (Non-Drama) category is in page 105. The Magic Inside is extremely inspirational. It crosses the boundaries of pony and emotionally captivates the audience through its lyrics and score. It's not one of FIM's best songs for no reason. Ingram deserves to win an Emmy; hopefully, he gets it this time.
  7. I produced this cover of "In Our Town" from the season 5 premiere with Japanese vocalist Ricky Yun. Had a lot of fun making this, so I hope you enjoy!
  8. Alright, alright, alright, good morning everypony, and welcome once again to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Second to last "Batbrony Reviews" of Season 5 right here ya'll, and my oh my was this a memorable episode. "The Mane Attraction," first teased at SDCC this past summer, is an episode that pretty much all of bronydom has been looking forward to since then, and for very good reason. The last episode written by Amy Keating Rogers before she left working on the show, this episode delivered in pretty much every way it could, despite being a very old and familiar story trope. Without further ado, let's dive into "The Mane Attraction"! So first and foremost, Applejack, lovable farm pony and Element of Honesty that she is, really shined in this episode. She's consistently one of the strongest characters in the show, and this episode really highlighted why. Put simply, AJ is very consistent and straightforward in her behavior. She has a very limited set of things she truly values in life above all else, namely the basics and essentials for a happy existence. She doesn't particularly care if somepony else lives differently from her (even if she doesn't always get it), but does care that they're living a fulfilling life that makes them happy. Nopony else in the entire show is as straightforward in what they think is necessary to live a good and meaningful life, and this trait often serves AJ well in helping to ground her other friends and keep them focused on what really matters. It's why she's the ultimate helping hoof in all of Ponyville and probably the closest thing to a #2 that Twilight has, at least among the Mane 6 (not counting how Spike himself assists her in her personal business). These traits were on full display in this episode. The problem was quickly identified and pretty simple and straightforward, but that's not unusual considering it was AJ who identified. She's a pony who gets down to business and like to keep things simple, so this felt suitable for her. What I admired was that she was the only pony who even knew there was a problem since she was the only one who previously knew Countess "Ra Ra" Coloratura, but unsurprisingly, even though her friends thought she was making much ado about nothing, AJ stuck to her guns (as a quick aside, let's keep in mind that she must have befriended Ra Ra fairly soon after her parent's deaths, probably very shortly after getting her cutie mark, yet another highlight of how quickly AJ had to grow up and mature as a filly and how much inner-strength she's developed over the years as a result). This is another strength of AJ's; when she feels strongly enough about something and cares enough about someone, she will very stubbornly and doggedly work towards whatever end she wishes to. Even when Pinkie Pie of all ponies was telling her to just let it drop, she refused to. Sometimes her stubbornness doesn't always work to her advantage ("The Last Roundup" is a very good example of this), but here it served her very, very well. Finally, the last strength of AJ's that was on full display here was the faith that she has in those whom she knows are her friends or good ponies (both in this case). She knew that Ra Ra was a good and decent pony, she never lost faith in her and only once got mad with her when there was a misunderstanding between the two. Through and through, she was honest and loyal to the pony she knew was still there inside Ra Ra, and never gave up hope and faith in her friend that she would do the right thing if only she were nudged in the right direction. Her solution, while predictable in many respects, was also smart and allowed Applejack to illustrate the truth of what she'd been telling her friend to her. She knew that if Ra Ra only knew the truth, she'd take it from there and do the right thing. Her faith in friend was rewarded, and in the end, after just being the best pony she could be and one we've come to know and love, honest, loyal, and true through and through, she got her friend back, helped make her life better, and all of Ponyville (and presumably any ponies Ra Ra entertains or comes to know from now on) reaped the reward for AJ's efforts as well. And the best part is helping Ra Ra and getting her back as a friend was reward enough for AJ; she didn't want anything else, and I'd expect nothing less from her. That's just who Applejack is, and I love her for it. You will never be this happy (though that's probably a good thing ) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Our new character, Countess "Ra Ra" Coloratura, was pretty solid as well. Lena Hall, primarily a theater actress and singer, did a decent job in the role. I'm not gonna pretend that it was the most amazing vocal performance ever, at least not so much in the VA department, but she has a very pleasant voice, it's very pleasing to the ears and very nice to listen to, even if she didn't come across as a natural voice actress. Her singing, as expected, was amazing; the only time it was a bit odd was when we heard it coming from her as a filly, it just sounded a bit too adult for a filly that age, but it was always lovely to listen to and she did some truly phenomenal singing here, even when she sang her gaudy and over-the-top Countess Coloratura dress rehearsal song. And that's really what we came to hear anyways, they brought her on clearly for her singing talents, and it was a well-made casting choice as far as I'm concerned. Her character was well-written, and even if we've seen this type of character in many different properties before, she was well-executed here. She was clearly still herself for the most part, she still wanted to be a good pony and use her talents to entertain others, please others, and help others, but she was just being misused and led astray by a greedy and self-centered manager. I'm not entirely sure how she wasn't aware of what he was up to considering he wasn't exactly subtle in his behavior, but to be fair she seemed like she was kept fairly busy, was very devoted to her work, and he also came off as a bit of a "yes man" who I'm sure said all the right things around her. But thankfully, despite an initial spat, as soon as AJ showed her exactly what was up and how her name and image, and what she wanted to do for others, were being sullied by that little turd, she set things straight and is now on the path to leading a career more fulfilling to herself and everypony else. She learned a solid lesson, was enjoyable to watch, and sang some lovely musical numbers; all in all, this was a solid choice for a celebrity guest appearance, and it was all the more enjoyable to watch considering Lena Hall is a fan of the show. Would love to see her return at some point in the future, if only for a cameo appearance or another musical number (but hey, I'd take another episode focused on her as well for all I care). She had a lovely appearance and character design, a lovely voice and performance, and had a very nice debut episode. What more could you ask for? When they're able to make her likable even when she looked like THAT, that's pretty impressive Aside from these elements, there's not a whole lot more to talk about. Pinkie Pie was where most of the humor in this episode came from, and she was very fun to watch in her typical over-the-top behavior (though I did feel a bit bad for her as she was getting run-ragged by that awful manager). Speaking of which, Ra Ra's manager, he sucked. Super petty little turd, that one, and definitely worthy of a swift kick to the balls (though I suppose his getting fired was reward enough, just desserts indeed ). Rarity had a few good scenes with AJ, Twilight did her part to help Applejack make her point at the end, and Flutters and Rainbow were just kinda there and didn't really feature all to much. The animation was lovely, it was nice that they kept the setting fairly contained to just a few locales (really helped make it a solid Slice-of-Life episode in its feel), and it was kinda nice that there wasn't too much in the humor department. It's not like it was the most emotional episode (though the emotion and feels-factor was definitely elevated by the fact that this was Amy Keating Rogers' last episode she wrote on the show), but since it was fairly low-key in the humor, it felt like it was treated as seriously as it should have been. The pacing was solid, Applejack genuinely cared about Ra Ra and you could easily tell and accept this (the flashback was an especially nice touch, filly AJ was cute as she always is, and filly Ra Ra was pretty adorable too), and this made it very easy to connect with this episode and become emotionally invested in what was going on. This was even more impressive in many ways than "Amending Fences" considering the focus was not on Twilight but one of the supporting Mane 6, and the pacing was honestly better as well (remember, Twilight reconnected with four friends in that episode, not just Moondancer, and that additional subplot made the pacing a bit trickier). Fernando is most fabulous bendy straw Overall, this was just about as good as one could ever want an MLP Slice of Life episode to get. We were invested in the problem, all of Applejack's strongest traits were on full display, we genuinely cared about the new character right along with AJ, had some lovely musical numbers thrown in there, and this all in all made for an episode that delivered in every respect and one in which I really have no complaints. Amy couldn't really have asked for a better final episode to work on, this was about as good as a penultimate episode in any season gets (and trust me, we've had bad ones, remember, my least favorite episode to date is "MMMystery on the Friendship Express," and that came in Season 2, which probably remains my favorite season of MLP), and it was just a pleasure through and through to watch. This is definitely an episode I look forward to returning to and rewatching in the future, most likely one of my top 5 favorite episodes on the season, and most certainly Applejack's finest episode this season. What more could you really ask for? We've got two episodes left to go everypony, the two-part season finale next week. I may be a bit late getting my review up since I may be busy with family when the episode debuts, but rest assured I will have my usual review uploaded at some point that weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving next week everypony to all my fellow American forum members, safe travels if you are traveling, and I'll see you all at the finish line. I've no doubt the return of Starlight Glimmer is going to be delicious, so get hype everypony!!! Until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  9. I know it's rather minor thing, but it kept bugging me for a while: why Daniel Ingram is no longer main artist in Friendship Games and upcoming christmas albums? Now they have "Various artists".
  10. Did you know Daniel Ingram also composes music for Nina's World on Sprout? I'd like to see all the characters on the show reimagined as ponies, would you?
  11. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed that for the first time ever, every episode this season has had a song. Ok, The Cutie Map has only one, but two parters are kind of like one long episode. Bloom and Gloom has a shorter song with a reprise, but even though the wiki doesn't acknowledge it, I'm still counting it. I think this is a topic that warrants a thread. What are your thoughts on the matter? As for me, I think the quality of the songs has been good so far despite their frequency, but I'm concerned that quality might not last if we do end up getting a song every episode. I'm aware that these songs are composed and recorded well ahead of time, but I guess we'll find out soon enough whether all of Ingram's work this season holds up. I do love the music in the show and get excited when an episode features a song, but up until now songs were something we got only on certain occasions to accompany episodes that call for them, and I think that made the songs that much more enjoyable since they weren't something we got with every episode. Of course, G1-3 was known for having songs frequently, if not for every story arc. On the other hand, the vast majority of those songs are terrible IMHO. I'm all for FiM going down the path of having songs every episode, but only if the quality remains consistent. So far it has been, so maybe there isn't any cause for concern and Ingram has proven his skill as a composer. I think I've pretty much summarized my thoughts, so I now turn the discussion over to you.
  12. BABSCon brings you the unstoppable dynamically daring duo who bring you all the magical melodies you know and love from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, including such hits as "Smile," "Winter Wrap-Up," and "This Day Aria." Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews join the ever-growing BABSCon guest list as our experts in symphonic scores and cunning composition. Daniel Ingram boasts an impressive breadth of musical experience and talent. With over 200 songs composed, Ingram has been featured in Littlest Pet Shop, Combat School, The Stagers, About A Girl, and numerous other works. Daniel Ingram has composed every ballad, aria, rocker, and wub-fest you’ve enjoyed in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. Additionally, Daniel directs the vocals for every song on the show, coaxing the singing sweetness from the voice actors we all know and love. Steffan Andrews creates the orchestral component of the enchanting music from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Andrews has also been featured in Littlest Pet Shop, The League of Super Evil, and Martha Speaks among others. Andrews’ orchestrations add scope and depth that helps make the music of My Little Pony better than all the rest! Between them, Steffan Andrews and Daniel Ingram share two Leo Awards and one nomination for Best Musical Score in an Animation Program or Series. They’ll be joining Tara Strong, Cathy Weseluck, Claire & Ian Corlett, Brian & Brynna Drummond, Heather Breckel, and Tony Fleecs among our Guests of Honor at BABSCon 2015. Register today for the chance to meet these amazing artists! And as a reminder, BABSCon is will have its first ever Art Show for the talented artists in our fandom. Artists from across the country are coming to feature their artwork for auction, and not only can you bid, but submit your our piece to be displayed and sold! For artists whose canvas is their wardrobe, we have a bigger and better Cosplay Contest for 2015! With many categories to compete in, there are just as many prizes to be won! Check out our Cosplay page for all the rules. The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information! • •
  13. Hi! So, we all have our favorite song in each season. Which one is yours in Season 4? I'm sure some are concerned that Season 4 is not over until Saturday. (How exciting! ) And the fact that we don't know (but highly speculate) if there will be a song in the finale or not. I have the option left open if you decide to go ahead and vote now and decide to come back and change your vote to the/a song from the Season 4 finale. That's fine if you want to! So I went and searched for every song in Season 4, even the short ones. And to help you out, if needed, I provided the names of the song with links to them if you would like to listen before making your vote. Have fun, everypony! ---------------------------------------------------------- Hearts as Strong as Horses Bats Generosity Apples to the Core Glass of Water Pinkie the Party Planner (with Reprise) The Super Duper Party Pony Pinkie's Lament The Goof Off Cheese Confesses Make a Wish Music in the Treetops (With Reprise) Find the Music in You Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic The rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts Know That Your Time is Coming Soon Let the Rainbow Remind You EDIT: Added the 2 new songs from the finale! ^^
  14. I've been waiting on an official release for a while, and now we have it! Hasbro has released some of the songs from the first two seasons of MLP on an official soundtrack. You can get it here on iTunes! Here's the list of songs: 1. At the Gala Song 2. Becoming Popular 3. The Smile Song 4. Art of the Dress 5. May the Best Pet Win 6. The Flim Flam Cider Song 7. The Laughter Song 8. Winter Wrap Up 9. B.B.B.F.F. 10. This Day Aria 11. Love Is in Bloom I already purchased the soundtrack and am listening through it right now. So far, all the songs sound great and the quality is excellent definitely recommend getting it if you love the show's songs.
  15. It's been a while since I posted anything other than an episode review, isn't it? On hearing that Daniel Ingram's fantastic work from Season 1 and 2 had finally been released on an album, I went directly to iTunes and snapped it up. Here's the track list: However, I confess that I am a little disappointed in it. It's great that we finally have an official and high quality release of the songs, but I would also have liked to have some of the background music. How cool would it be to have the song that played at Fluttershy's modeling gig in full? Or the music that played during AJ and RD's Iron Pony Competition? However, this is the worst oversight of all: my favorite song "Art of the Dress", only includes the first verse, and not the later reprise, despite the Digital Booklet including the lyrics for the whole thing! That's just adding insult to injury! There are no words... Speaking of the Digital Booklet, it's pretty cool. It includes the lyrics for all the songs, and even a full-colour map of Equestria. Even here there are a few niggles, though. The art features both the on-model and off-model pictures of the various ponies, even on the same page. That could have been done a little better, if you ask me. That's pretty jarring, isn't it? Now despite all I've said in term of the negative, I don't actually regret purchasing it, and I would urge fans to do the same, regardless of the flaws. This is because I feel that the more fans purchase this album, the more incentive there will be for Daniel Ingram to release the other stuff he's holding back. Basically, I consider it an investment. I'd be interested in hearing from others who have bought this album, and what they think of it. Keep on listening to Daniel Ingram's sultry sounds, and stay sunny side up!
  16. Daniel Ingram posted this on his Twitter earlier today: "If there were a MLP soundtrack being released for Seasons 1 & 2, you might not have long to wait." It's about time this materialized - though I'm unsure whether to be excited or not until more details surface. Really hoping it's something the fans will actually want, rather than a hastily-slapped together compilation of just the TV versions of the songs for a quick cash-in for Hasbro. I also hope it contains a good chunk / highlights of the score by William Anderson and Kristopher Gee. Excerpt from a post I made here roughly 16 months ago: Daniel says he does not know anything about Hasbro releasing a soundtrack album for MLP:FiM - or any other TV show / movie he's written songs / music for. He said two different mixes of all of his songs take place in post production - one mix in 5.1 surround that is heard in the final product of the episode, and another mix in stereo that sounds radically different and is meant to be used and heard only in case a soundtrack CD ever materializes. He writes a lot of material that ends up being cut out for the final versions heard in the episodes*, and the mixes made for a possible forthcoming soundtrack album apparently sound far better than their TV counterparts. If a soundtrack CD ever does come out professionally (one that does not slap all of the TV mixes of the songs together as a means of a quick cash-in), not only will a number of songs be heard in full as they were written and intended to be heard by Daniel, but their overall sound will be greatly improved and heard like never before. *An example of this was the "Piggy Dance" song in season 2, episode 13, "Baby Cakes". It was originally written for the season 1 finale episode but it was cut out due to time constraints.
  17. MLP Music Analysis I: Life in Equestria Welcome to MLP Music Analysis, where I over-analyze the songs in MLP and show you all the cool and weird stuff that goes on in them. For my first song, I'm doing Life in Equestria, the rather strange fanfare/finale song from Magical Mystery Cure. Here is the vocal part in sheet music form: (The harmonies are not necessarily exactly what the vocalists sang, but they get the point across.) The song starts out normal enough, although the F and the C in measure 4 are kind of weird. I'll get into those more if I do Morning in Ponyville. However, the weirdness really starts in measure 8, which is the extended, fanfare-like ending. Now I want you all to listen to the song, and see if any part sticks out to you as particularly weird or unusual sounding, especially in the second half. I remember when I heard this song and the second half with all of the crazy chord changes kicked in, I was like, “What. What is going on. Where are we going with this. What is going – oh...OK...what just happened?” What kicks off the unusual-ness of the second half of the song is the jump from A major to F major at measure 7. This is a pretty uncommon chord change that you won't hear in music very often. For the next few measures, all of the chords are, in fact, related to each other, but the chord progression is definitely not something I'm used to. By starting from an F major chord in measure 7 and getting back to it in measure 11, Daniel Ingram makes the song feel like it has finally transitioned into a home key of F. This helps create the impression that the song has diverged a lot from where it started and will never get back to the original key. Fortunately for us, he then goes up to a G major, which is a fifth away from the original key, and then finally gets back to D major for the ending note. This isn't where the weirdness stops, however. When you listened to the song like I told you to, you may have noticed that the chord at 0:29 resolves the previous chord progression, but not quite. It kind of half-resolves, but the chord sounds a little odd and not completely nice and normal. Let me show you what I mean. Here's what a normal person might have done to end the song (this is just my guess): To get from the odd G major chord back to the home key of D, I made the note before “fine” a C sharp and put an A major chord on it. That way it flows really nicely and sounds normal. Here's what Daniel Ingram did: He just stayed on the G and then jumped to a dissonant chord on “fine.” So what is that weird and dissonant chord at the end? It's this. LOOK AT IT. That C is sharp. It's a D Major chord with a major seventh and a ninth, which is really dissonant and weird. And that is what the singers are singing on that finale chord. A couple measures later, they finally sing a nice normal D major chord, but the weird chord has already made its impact. This basically finishes my analysis, but before I end, let me clarify something. Throughout this whole thing I have been talking about all the weird and dissonant things about this song. I might be giving off the impression that these things are bad. The opposite is true. I'm all for unusual things in music, and this song is cool because of the weirdness. Anyway, that's all I have to say. It's a short song, but I feel like I've extracted a lot of cool things out of it. If you have any deeper technical information to add about the song, or if you can correct any mistakes in this post, by all means do so. I want this analysis to be as complete and awesome as possible. Stay tuned for next time, when I'll analyze the weirdness in either Winter Wrap Up or At the Gala (I haven't decided which)!
  18. I'm not sure how many bronies here have heard about this, since some bronies seem to have preconceived notions about other Hub shows, therefore, ignore them and don't bother to do research on them, but in season 2 of Pound Puppies, there was a great song called "Barlow" from the episode of the same name. The music was composed by Daniel Ingram, and the song lyrics were by the episode's writer, Alan Hanson. The character of Barlow was voiced by John DiMaggio; Daniel Ingram also composed the music for a sea shanty ("Blow the Dog Down") from the Pound Puppies episode "Salty." (With lyrics by Merriwether Williams) I also assume that most bronies here know that Daniel Ingram and Steffen Andrews compose the background music for Pound Puppies. It's also worth nothing that according to a facebook post, Ingram will compose songs for Pound Puppies season 3;
  19. Hello there! Well, this is not really FAN music, but I didn't know where else to post it. This here is a compilatory album I made for myself of all the Season 3 musical numbers in high quality, but I'm sure many other would like to have it, so I uploaded it to MediaFire. The tracks are listed by appearance order, recorded directly from the episodes, and both in MP3 and FLAC formats, separatedly downloadable. I also removed the voice from all the tracks and saved them separately as "instrumental" versions, all included in the pack. [*edit* I got better versions of the instrumentals, but only in MP3 format. They're in a different zip to avoid complications- download both!] Anyway, that's pretty much it! I thought sharing this would be a nice idea, and I hope you enjoy it. ^^ The MediaFire folder link: Cheers and hugs!
  20. Yeah. See all the tags I attached there? This new show premieres right after the beginning of MLP:FiM season 3, on November 10th at 11AM Eastern (8AM Pacific); it's got a ton of MLP:FiM's cast and crew working on it too. Here's who's involved so far: DHX Media produces the show Property of Hasbro Studios Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews are composing BOTH the show's songs and the underscore: https://www.facebook...397590640312389 https://www.facebook...434218823306937 - Voice actors on board: Ashleigh Ball (Applejack / Rainbow Dash) Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity / Luna / Granny Smith) Nicole Oliver (Celestia / Cheerilee) Peter New (Big Mac) Sam Vincent (Flim) Kathleen Barr (Trixie, Queen Chrysalis) Shannon Chan-Kent (Pinkie Pie (Singing)) Article contains MLP:FiM season 3 spoilers / images: http://family-room.e...son-3-premiere/ - Writers: Mitch Andrew Larson - Cindy Morrow All in all, looks to be very promising! Have some videos: Episode 1: Episode 2: Opening Title + "Littlest Pet Shop Pets" (Daniel Ingram):
  21. A bunch of stuff happened. That was all I wanted to write out, but because of the 100 character limit and the fact that science has not yet found a method for people to telepathically read the minds of others over the internet, I guess I'm going to have to elaborate on my thoughts a bit. Just a little bit. :3 I live in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Every July for the past ten years my dad and I have gone on vacation to the northwestern US and western Canada, primarily for shopping and seeing family and friends who live in Vancouver BC. Shopping in Canada is kind of meh as the selection for the things I'm interested in (right now, film/TV soundtrack CDs and pony merch) is practically nonexistent compared to the US. Until Target starts to open up in Canada in 2013, I imagine it's going to stay that way, pretty much. This year is no different. Driving out of Saskatoon, through Calgary, the BC mountains, Kelowna, to Vancouver, I spent a mere $25 in shopping. I go to the Seattle/Tacoma area for four days - bam - I've spent nearly 400 quid on all sorts of crap I probably shouldn't have but I feel the desire to own anyway. Soundtrack CDs, animated movie/TV DVDs... and pony merch mostly for my sister because she really wants all of the pony figures. I've got the brushables of the mane six, and I'm interested in picking up Trixie/Lyra/Zecora/other standalone figurines that don't come in playsets, but aside from that I don't really care for most other MLP merchandise. I'd love to get the ponies with the molded hair set (Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Spike, Celestia), but I'd rather hold off on that until a second set is released for the rest of the characters - however, Hasbro has officially stated that that particular set hasn't sold very well, so it's not likely to happen. Boo. Anyway. I've taken lots of pictures of new pony merch I've encountered at Target and Toys R Us in the US and the like... as well as pictures of the celebrities I've met recently, but my uncle's crappy computer in Vancouver doesn't want to load my camera SD card for some reason, so I'll post a "condensed" (if you can call it that) version of my vacation summary for now. Pics or it didn't happen. Yes, those will come later. Here we go! Saturday, July 21st / Sunday, July 22nd - I left Saskatchewan. Nothing really interesting happened that day and the following day (unless spending all day driving on the road is exciting), except that I bought a green Yoshi figurine for Feld0 at a Walmart in Calgary. If you're in Canada and you want to shop, Alberta is the best place to do it. No PST... it's 5% on everything in Alberta. Sask is 10% and BC has HST (ugh) so it's 12% on everything. Monday, July 23rd - More driving. Stopped in Kelowna for an hour and a half so I could see my best friend, the one who introduced me to Friendship is Magic - we actually became best friends because of the show. Applejack's Favorite Entrance to the Mall My Applejack and her Rainbow Dash~ Tuesday, July 24th - My sister and her fiance were taking their own vacation to Vancouver and they had already been there for three days before my dad and I arrived. I walked around downtown with them for the afternoon to do some shopping (I bought some anime soundtrack CD for $4, nothing else... AND BOOK-OFF SHUT DOWN BACK IN JUNE. DAMN IT). I was wearing my Applejack shirt and a couple of kids brohoofed me as I went past, on Davie and Thurlow. About 30 minutes later on Granville and Smithe, my sister alerts me to the guy next to me at the walk light and he's wearing a Gummy shirt. I went "excuse me, brohoof?", and he went OH MY GOD at my Applejack shirt. Then he brohoofed me. He was with a couple others and I overheard one of them say "I wonder how many bronies we're going to see today?" My meetup with Feld0 happened that evening at a Red Robin. Lots of insider secrets were traded that no one else knows about because I'm in cahoots with him. Just kidding. We talked about forum stuff and MLP and other things, and apparently I'm the first person from MLPForums that Feld0 has ever met up with, so suck it everypony! Also, Feld0 is best alicorn~ Wednesday, July 25th - Left Canada for Tacoma. My dad and I stopped at Old Country Buffet in Bellingham to eat and I went into Hot Topic afterward. Ended up buying a couple of T-shirts that came from WeLoveFine - "Derpy is Best Pony" and Vinyl Scratch. My wallet was already hurting with $50 wasted. Went into the Target in Everett and they had six copies of the 2-episode "Celebration at Canterlot" DVD on clearance for $5 apiece in the toys section. I bought four of them. (also on clearance for $5 was a whole ton of Twilight Sparkle skirts/dresses sized for little girls) Also, chicken quesadilla at IHOP is SO GOOD. Central Canada really needs an IHOP. >:C Thursday, July 26th - Hit jackpot at the Target in Federal Way. This location had the most amount of pony merch out of all of the other targets in Tacoma, Seattle, and everywhere north of that. Target-exclusive Canterlot merch as well as brand new Crystal Ponies sets. Season 3 spoiler: the back of the Princess Cadance and Shining Armor crystal pony set says that they lead the crystal empire together. Went into the bedding aisle and found this Twilight Sparkle "pillow" as well as a Twilight blanket. I also went into the FYE in Tukwila, WA and looked in the kid's section for MLP DVDs just for the hell of it. Lo and behold... there was a copy of the Royal Pony Wedding DVD for $15. Only one, but it was legit. This was July 26th and it wasn't supposed to be released until August 7th. I nabbed it. I went into this CD store. It's pretty sweet. Pictures of MLP merch that I took throughout the day: Trading Cards at Target Blind Bags at Toys R Us (Tacoma, WA) Talking Pinkie Pie Birthday Card (Video) Talking Pinkie Pie Birthday Card (Pic 1) Talking Pinkie Pie Birthday Card (Pic 2) Talking Pinkie Pie Birthday Card (Pic 3) A Different Birthday Card (Pic 1) A Different Birthday Card (Pic 2) A Different Birthday Card (Pic 3) A Different Birthday Card (Pic 4) Twilight Sparkle Dress (Pic 1) Twilight Sparkle Dress (Pic 2) Twilight Sparkle Dress (Pic 3) Twilight Sparkle Dress (Pic 4) Ponies at Target (Pic 1) Ponies at Target (Pic 2) Ponies at Target (Pic 3) Ponies at Target (Pic 4) Ponies at Target (Pic 5) Ponies at Target (Pic 6) Ponies at Target (Pic 7) Coloring Book (Pic 1) Coloring Book (Pic 2) Twilight Pillow (Pic 1) Twilight Pillow (Pic 2) Friday, July 27th - Cupcakes? PINKIE PIE RUNS THIS HALF PRICE BOOKS. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Found Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash plushies at the Target in Bellevue. They looked kind of ugly though - like a cross of the worst of G3 and the best of G4 mashed together, to create a "meh" product. It's a step up from some of the other merch Hasbro puts out (So Soft Baby Newborns? Celestia no), but not good enough for me to buy them just yet. Also found this Twilight Sparkle purse set at the Northgate Mall Target in Seattle, on clearance at 70% off. Plushies (Pic 1) Plushies (Pic 2) Plushies (Pic 3) Plushies (Pic 4) More Target Pony Stuff (Pic 1) More Target Pony Stuff (Pic 2) More Target Pony Stuff (Pic 3) Seattle Space Needle (taken from Half Price Books) Evidently the Twilight dresses weren't selling... Saturday, July 28th - The Marysville Target had a few MLP "MP3 Musical Microphones". The package says it has 2 songs, but I kept playing it over and over and it's only the MLP main theme on there. You'd likely get more out of the talking Princess Cadance toy that plays Love is in Bloom. Pic 1 Pic 2 Nearly every Target I stopped at has the new MLP Enterplay trading cards. They're $2 a pack and they're in the trading cards section near the cashiers. I couldn't find these cards at Walmart or Toys R Us in Seattle. I only bought eight packs in total - six for my best friend in Kelowna and two for me (the Target in Tukwila had only two packs left so I cleaned them out). I held off on buying cards otherwise until I got back into Vancouver. I went to the Enterplay online store and ordered $120 (2 full boxes of 30 packs at $60 each) + $20 shipping + another $20 in Canada/US customs fees, which almost NEVER happens when I'm buying things from the US. -____( Placed the order July 28th, shipped August 8th, arrived August 17th. Enterplay is completely sold out of trading cards now and they're ordering re-prints, but they won't have them in stock again until the end of September... Got back in Vancouver at 3:30 and watched the Vietnamese fireworks show that played at 10 that night from the penthouse of my uncle's apartment complex. Downtown gets real nutsy when the show is over. Crowds and police... crowds and police everywhere. Sunday, July 29th - Went to Langley and found an MLP pencil pouch in the back to school seasonal section at Walmart. This was near the main doors. $4. I bought it, but I'm not using it to store into, mainly because I haven't met up with him. Monday, July 30th - Walked over to the DHX building in downtown Vancouver to meet up with Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews. It's a brand new studio; Steffan was moved in 2 or 3 months ago whereas Daniel had just moved in several days prior, so some renovation work was still being done - but overall the new digs are VERY nice. Steffan and Daniel have their own offices/music rooms right next to each other on the 3rd floor. Dick and Roger's Sound Studio is also next to their offices - this is where the MLP:FiM sound effects production + post audio production and 5.1 surround sound mixing is made, after William Anderson (who resides in Los Angeles) finishes his scoring on episodes. DHX Media is on the 6th floor but I wasn't allowed up there. Film music composer Michael Richard Plowman apparently used to have a room on the 3rd floor but I was told that he moved to England. To my surprise, MandoPony was also there; I had expressed interest in meeting up with him but I didn't think it was going to be happening. Had a nice 10-15 minute chat with all three of the guys. I gave two of the four Celebration at Canterlot DVDs I had bought earlier to Daniel and Steffan as gifts. I also gave them copies of the Pound Puppies "Homeward Pound" DVD, another DHX/Hasbro animated TV series that they compose music for. They were very thankful and told me that they normally don't get merchandise or DVDs of their own shows. When I visited Daniel last year, he had given me copies of the sheet music for Giggle at the Ghostly and the CMC Theme Song. I neglected to get them autographed by him last year, so I finally got them signed by him now. (the sheet music is Hasbro's copyright and I can't scan or upload them, sorry) From left to right: Steffan Andrews, me, Daniel Ingram, Andrew Stein aka MandoPony Pic 1 Pic 2 I also asked them questions and here is some of the information I gathered: - The music for "Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song" (season 1, episode 3, "The Ticket Master") was written by both Daniel and Steffan; Steffan also built the orchestral layer of the song. This is the only song Steffan was involved in where he co-composed the music with Daniel; for every other song he's been involved with on the series, he takes Daniel's instructions on the orchestral portions and builds them to overlay into the final track. - The "Junior Speedsters Chant" (season 1, episode 5, "Griffon the Brush Off") was an improvised ditty that Ashleigh Ball and Maryke Hendrikse did on the spot in the recording studio. William Anderson did the music for this piece. (I asked about this because apparently I miscredited Daniel as having done this one on my BGM rip of this song on YouTube) - "You Got to Share, You Got to Care" (season 1, episode 21, "Over a Barrel") was an odd situation where both Daniel and Will had no involvement; Steffan Andrews performed the piano. - "At the Gala" (season 1, episode 26, "The Best Night Ever") was the only song Daniel and Steffan did for the season 1 finale episode. The other two songs - "I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala" and "Pony Pokey" - were done by William Anderson. - Daniel says he does not know anything about Hasbro releasing a soundtrack album for MLP:FiM - or any other TV show / movie he's written songs / music for. He said two different mixes of all of his songs take place in post production - one mix in 5.1 surround that is heard in the final product of the episode, and another mix in stereo that sounds radically different and is meant to be used and heard only in case a soundtrack CD ever materializes. He writes a lot of material that ends up being cut out for the final versions heard in the episodes*, and the mixes made for a possible forthcoming soundtrack album apparently sound far better than their TV counterparts. If a soundtrack CD ever does come out professionally (one that does not slap all of the TV mixes of the songs together as a means of a quick cash-in), not only will a number of songs be heard in full as they were written and intended to be heard by Daniel, but their overall sound will be greatly improved and heard like never before. *An example of this was the "Piggy Dance" song in season 2, episode 13, "Baby Cakes". It was originally written for the season 1 finale episode but it was cut out due to time constraints. - I knew this fact before I mentioned it to Daniel, but he and Kristopher Gee took the same music course at Simon Fraser University together. Kristopher Gee works with William Anderson in co-composing MLP:FiM's background score. - Daniel and Clinton Shorter are great friends. Clinton is a film music composer who worked on Contraband and District 9. Daniel and MandoPony had things to do, but Steffan showed me around and we had a long, one-on-one 30-minute chat in his office about MLP, his other music composition work, what I do, and film music in general. Very laid back and very welcoming - I actually felt as though I was taking up too much of his time, but his workload for that day was very small from what I gathered. Daniel and Steffan will be doing some work for Michelle Creber's forthcoming CD album that MandoPony is involved with as well. (EDIT August 31st: This CD is now available: Building Directory Tuesday, July 31st - Stayed up late at night to write nearly everything in this post up to this point, then went to bed. I met up with Blue at 4PM for lunch at Cafe Luxy; we then took a walk down Davie through Stanley Park. I got this picture of him by the public swimming pool. Later on, Blue attempted to stuff me with Derpy muffins, but I only had one. Muffins normally aren't my thing, but it had been years since I last had one, so, why not? We ended up walking back downtown and stopped in at Delaney's Coffee House on Denman Street, where I got a hot chocolate with whipped cream (it was SO GOOD). I was offered a muffin, but I let Applejack have it instead. We went on our separate ways at this point. More about our meetup (and the pictures he took) can be seen a few posts below mine in Blue's writeup. I only had one other thing written in my notes about this day, which is that I ate again at Luxy for dinner. Their pasta is unbelievably amazing. Wednesday, August 1st - A rather uneventful day. Ate lunch at Stepho's on Davie - prices are inexpensive and their Greek food is some of the best you could ever get. I always have roast lamb with Greek salad, lemon roast potatoes, rice, and vege briami, and mix it all around in a massive pile of awesome. It's a *massive* plate. The Brazilian fireworks show was on that night, and I had dinner at Mary's Diner. Their Winnipeg style perogies + spinach salad with bacon vinaigrette dressing = best. Thursday, August 2nd - Had lunch at Mary's, I believe it was the same thing as last night. I hung out with my cousin afterward for a walk downtown to have dessert at True Confections on Denman and Haro. Stopped at Delaney's again. We went to the Scotiabank theater on Burrard to see The Dark Knight Rises. My dad and I tried a different place that night for dinner that we've never eaten at before, called Donair Dude, on Davie. Really good. I took these pics later that night; the aforementioned gifts for my best friend in Kelowna. MLP Trading Card Packs (Pic 1) MLP Trading Card Packs (Pic 2) Friday, August 3rd - My dad and I went shopping around at a few Value Village stores, and dropped by at another cousin's residence in Surrey for dinner and a visit (we ordered takeout from Swiss Chalet). There was a gay pride event downtown on Davie Street that night, with two DJs playing a block apart from each other (one by Thurlow and another by Burrard). Free condoms were being given out that night and I found five brand new ones on the ground (I took them, of course). It was all absolutely nuts. Saturday, August 4th - I guess I took this picture when I woke up. All those rainbow flags set up in preparation for the previous night. I took the SkyTrain for the first time. I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing at first, but I was to go to the Waterfront station and transfer to the Metro line (if I'm remembering that right). I was heading off to the MetroTown to meet up with the local Vancouver Bronies group... once I managed to get to the mall I had no trouble taking the train anywhere I wanted to go from that point forward. I don't get lost easily and I have an excellent sense of direction. My meetup with the bronies was at 1PM in the massive food court. It was only me and two others when I arrived, but then it started building up to a good 20-25 people over the next hour. I had two meals at Manchu Wok because god damn that shit is delicious. I didn't talk much... just kind of observed (I usually keep to myself when I'm in large crowds and let everyone else converse). I had my pencil pouch with me - the one that I had bought on the 29th - and everyone kept asking me about it, where I got it from. So someone else in the group eventually found it a little while later and posted it on Equestria Daily. Meetup Pics (1 of 4) Meetup Pics (2 of 4) Meetup Pics (3 of 4) Meetup Pics (4 of 4) I left somewhere between 3 and 3:30 so that I could shop around in the mall - Toys R Us, HMV, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and maybe one or two other places that I'm forgetting. I also got a Cookie Cookie Dough Dough Cold Stone Blast from Cold Stone Creamery. $4.25 of absolutely fucking amazing. <3 (the only Cold Stone Creamery in my city is downtown and I never get to go there D:<) I bought this fudge from Rocky Mountain Chocolate. Yes, that is Oreo Cookies 'n Cream fudge. BEST DESSERT EVER. GO HERE NAO: The Italian fireworks show was that night. Last one. Sunday, August 5th - My dad and I hung out downtown for most of the day to watch the gay pride parade. It started on Robson at the east end, going down Denman and ending at Beach Avenue / Pacific Street. Parade (1 of 13) Parade (2 of 13) Parade (3 of 13) Parade (4 of 13) Parade (5 of 13) Parade (6 of 13) Parade (7 of 13) Parade (8 of 13) Parade (9 of 13) Parade (10 of 13) Parade (11 of 13) Parade (12 of 13) Parade (13 of 13) We trudged through the massive crowd west on Pacific, north on Denman, and had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Denman and Robson. Such amazing food. The parade had ended by the time we finished eating (it had ran for a solid two hours); we walked down Robson and checked out the massive, six-story Sears outlet on Robson and Granville that was on the verge of closing down. I really miss the HMV Megastore on Burrard. ;_; Back at the apartment, I gathered together all of the pony merch that I had bought for my sister: Pony Merch (1 of 2) Pony Merch (2 of 2) Monday, August 6th - A mostly uneventful day, started by lunch at Stepho's. I took the SkyTrain out to Burnaby to visit the Lougheed Town Centre (I had aimed to visit the Brentwood Mall as well but I got there when it was closing). Found Pound Puppies merch for the first time at Walmart (my post on that here: Dinner was at Mary's. Tuesday, August 7th - I went back to the same Walmart I was at the previous day to take a picture and a video. Pound Puppies Merch (Picture) Pound Puppies Merch (Video) About an hour before that I was at the Brentwood Mall to venture into Toys R Us Express as well as Zellers. TRU had nada for Puppies (though they had a 30% off sale on MLP toys priced $20 and higher), but Zellers had a ton of the same Puppies merch as well as some smaller mini-figurines: Pound Puppies Merch (1 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (2 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (3 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (4 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (5 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (6 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (7 of 8) Pound Puppies Merch (8 of 8) I then stopped at London Drugs to pick up a DVD release of Adventures of Chuck and Friends, as a gift for Daniel Ingram. $9 ain't too bad, even with the ridiculous HST which brought the total up to $10.07. The ride on the SkyTrain throughout the afternoon was fun. Went to Metrotown after to get myself a Cold Stone Blast, then headed back downtown at the Waterfront station. I went back to the DHX building for another quick meet-up with Daniel. Steffan wasn't present this time (they're both often running in and out of the studio for errands), but I gave Daniel the Chuck and Friends DVD I had just bought for him. Doing so resulted in this happening: While I was there, I snapped a picture of the entrance to Dick & Roger's: I had asked Daniel a couple more questions: Who wrote the melody for Pony Pokey (season 1, episode 26) and You Got to Share, You Got to Care (season 1, episode 21)? Daniel had explained that Pony Pokey was based on the traditional Hokey Pokey and therefore did not know who wrote the original melody. He was present at Shannon's vocal recording sessions - these vocals were then sent to Will Anderson and he arranged the traditional melody/music to make it fit in context of the episode. As I was somewhat confused on how to report back on this, I asked for clarification and credits should go as: Daniel did the vocal arrangement while Will did the musical arrangement. As far as You Got to Share, You Got to Care, Daniel did not know who wrote the melody - only that it came from a relative/cousin of one of MLP:FiM's producers - and that Will would be a better person to ask about this, considering he might have that information on his cue sheets. Did Cathy Weseluck perform on Ballad of the Crystal Ponies? No. While Cathy (Spike) performed for The Failure Song, she was not present at the recording session for Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. I clarified and the performers were Rebecca, Kazumi, Shannon, Andrea, and Ashleigh. Spike's mouth is animated to make it appear as though he sings, though his voice is not present. I had also asked if Daniel knew about MLPForums and he said he didn't. I told him about this thread and how Feld0 was a huge fan of both the songs and score. (apparently most of the links he checks out are ones sent to him via Twitter; he doesn't necessarily have time for internet surfing otherwise) I went back to that Ukrainian place on Denman and Robson for dinner that night. Way too much of it, and I was effing stuffed, but it was amazing. Had dessert at True Confections afterward. So good. <3 Wednesday, August 8th - I have an aunt who lives in Abbotsford and frequently does cross-border shopping in Bellingham. We left Vancouver for Abbotsford and spent the day in Bellingham to eat at Old Country Buffet one last time (FUCKING AMAZING) and to shop. I returned those two pony shirts I had bought earlier from Hot Topic as I felt they were too expensive (See Wednesday July 25th). I believe the Royal Pony Wedding DVD had just been commercially released at the time (the day prior, in fact), so I took this picture at Target. When we crossed the border back into Canada that night, there was this sign. Apparently this border crossing is only open four hours a day. (It's supposed to read 12AM, not 12PM) Thursday, August 9th - Dad and I left Abbotsford and got into Kelowna at around 12:30. Applejack loves the view on Highway 97C. I had lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory with my best friend. Our ponies got to see each other again too: Ponies Pwnies Ponies + Lemon = SHIPPING LOLOLOLOL On the way back to her house, she showed me her socks. I got to check out her computer setup: But we had to be off and we drove to Golden for the night. If you're ever there, you NEED to check out Apostoles, a Greek restaurant. One of the best Greek restaurants I've ever been to. Friday, August 10th / Saturday, August 11th - You definitely have to check out Legendz Diner in Golden as well. I have the tuna melt sandwich there every time adfasghaskdjfhgaf it's so good. ;-; We were off to Calgary to do shopping for the day. Nothing too exciting, although I did buy a couple bottles of liquor (something I've never done before) from Superstore. Boone's Snow Creek Berry and Strawberry Hill, to be exact: Lunch was at Swiss Chalet the next day. Why they closed down their only two locations in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina), I have no idea, but it sucks that they did. I miss the greek salad, rotisserie chicken and their flatbreads already. Rest of the day was spent driving back home to Saskatoon, a good six-hour drive nonstop. AND THAT'S MY VACATION. WERE YOU EXPECTING ME TO WRITE MORE ABOUT IT OR SOMETHING?!?!?!?!?! (I have no idea why I wasted two months writing this long-ass post. I secretly wanted to get the longest post ever written on MLPForums. It totals 18,264 characters, including these sentences. I HOPE I DID A GOOD JOB. BEAT THAT ARYLETT AND GOOD DAY TODAY :D )
  22. I realize this news is a week old, but I'm posting this to show my support for FiM's cast and crew. If you don't know who Michelle Creber is (and you really should by now), she's Apple Bloom's voice actor and she performs Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's singing voices. Her new CD - "Timeless: Songs of a Century" - has been released and it can be ordered from Daniel Ingram arranged track 7, "Here Comes the Sun". MandoPony, Steffan Andrews, and The Living Tombstone were also involved. Relevant links: https://www.facebook...475724422447400 https://www.facebook...413353942045907 https://www.facebook...518986884794501 https://www.facebook...71332182&type=1 https://www.facebook...431739760210040 As far as I'm aware, the CD might be out of stock as of this writing, but they're working to get more copies manufactured and in stock.