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Found 8 results

  1. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, or this has indeed been asked already somewhere, but... How many Daring Do books are there officially, as if written by "A. K. Yearling," in the MLP:FiM universe? It seems to me in "Read It And Weep," at approximately 19:25 in the episode, there are 16 books on Twilight's shelf when she talks about her collection of the Daring Do books, two titles of which being "Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone" and "Daring Do and the Griffon's Goblet." The recent "Daring Don't" episode displays another title, "Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny." According to a wiki page (however reliable that may be), there was a "Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell" comic book or something that mentions of another title called "Daring Do and the Trek to the Terrifying Tower."
  2. In "The Cutie Re-Mark (Part 2)" the final alternate future of the desolate wasteland, could Celestia have become Daybreaker causing it, or could Ahuizotl have finshed the ring ceremony from Daring Don't to "unleash 800 years of unrelenting sweltering heat"?
  3. Welcome back to... Three Reviews. One Day. Where I attempt to catch up from my two weeks of absence. In the previous installment we covered "Castle Mane-ia." This week, we tackle, rape, and murder "Daring Don't". Voyage onward, trusty steed! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Rainbow Dash geeking out about Daring Do's new book coming out in four months. Aha, more continuity. We should call this the Continuity Season. You know a series is broken when you have to say that. However, after the title sequence makes me bleed apple juice from your dick, we learn that the date of publication for the book had been pushed back due to AK Yearling's inability to finish the book in time. As if I needed more of a reminder that I couldn't follow through with getting these reviews out on time. Thanks, MLP. So Rainbow Dash decides it's a good idea to go find this AK Yearling bitch and put her ass in gear. However, once the gang track down AK Yearling's residence, they find her house trashed to holy fuck. I especially like the piss stains near the cabinet and toward the left. Nice touch. Upon investigation, AK Yearling herself happens to come in from wherever she was to think that our main characters made this mess. Then quickly dismisses it to make sure that some...glowing golden ring is safe? Err......ookay? Then, it's revealed that her house was rampaged by three mob henchmen, who proceed to corner the humble fiction writer. Errrrrr..........ooookaaay? Finally, in a quick flash, AK Yearling strips off all of her clothes! Oh God, this is like a horrible fan fiction come to life. But it doesn't stop there, because the camera pans up to reveal that AK Yearling is nake- ... W...w-.......................................... t..To reveal that AK Yearling is........................Daring Do? ....................................................................... ...............................KfkKFkJFkJEJmk<ldAoldkjgmflc,vlc,v.,rloiroi3w0i95ifokkwrfwasfunigsgers8390409seeeeeeeeeeeees WHAT?! DARING DO IS A FUCKING CANON CHARACTER? And she writes all of her OWN BOOKS as AUTOBIOGRAPHIES? ... So EVERYTHING in those books actually HAPPENED in a REMOTE part of Equestria? K...kfF.f....fkf.ffkfe...>F>>F>UCFUCKKKKKKKKK. NO. FUCK YOU. WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCKERTON FUCKSALOT IS THIS SHIT. WHO THE FUCK SMOKED GAK AND THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD EPISODE PLOTLINE? First of all, this completely obliterates the concept of "Read It and Weep". Daring Do was a fictional character in-universe that Rainbow Dash could relate to, and making her a real person turns Daring Do into another Wonderbolt. Just another character for Rainbow Dash to idolize. Secondly, it's completely contrived that the main characters all instantly and willingly accept that Daring Do is a real person and not a character like has been implied, and I'm pretty sure spoken, before. Thirdly, all these Daring Do saves the world stories actually happened without ANYONE in the WHOLE UNIVERSE knowing? I CALL BULLSHIT. And then of course, since all of this is oh so real, instead of helping "Daring Do", the other six just sit around and watch as if they've never saved Equestria before. Fucking bullshit, this whole episode. I hate it already. But fuck me, I have to keep watching. "Daring Do" says she doesn't need help and flies off on her own to find the doctor guy who stole the golden ring from the thingy. I know what you're thinking. "Well, PrymeStriker, she said she doesn't need help, so that's why they just sat and watched." Bullshit. She said that after the ring was stolen and after the other six did nothing. Before that, the Elements of Harmony could've kicked serious ass there, but they fucking don't. Anyways, Rainbow Dash storms off to help "Daring Do", but she tells her to fuck off again. I'm too upset to make a witty caption. I also like how "Daring Do" is less of an Indiana Jones character in this "genius" episode and more like Batman. Because that's what we're parodying here. Fucking retard writers. So "Daring Do" attempts to bribe the doctor fuckers for the ring, but that blue guy with the big nose shows up and challenges "Daring Do" with his infamous army of jungle cats. All the while, Rainbow Dash is fangirling her ass off to the point where she becomes a distraction during battle, leading to "Daring Do" getting captured and once again telling her to fuck off. This time, she does, and Rainbow Dash goes back to the others to sulk. However, the others tell her to grow a pair and they all go to save "Daring Do" from the deadly fortress that NO ONE IN EQUESTRIA EVER KNEW ABOUT IN THE HISTORY OF ANYTHING EVER. Meanwhile, "Daring Do" is about to drown while being eaten by piranhas. But guess who comes to the rescue? That's right, Captain Hindsight! If this episode wanted to go all the way with the poorly-written fan-fiction approach, these two would start licking each others wing folds. While that happens, and "Daring Do" thanks Rainbow Dash in so many words for not being a cuck, the other five fuck up the big blue guy's plans in a ring-toss game which brings back more Equestria Girls PTSD with it's toss-the-crown game. As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate this episode. While that happens, Rainbow Dash and "Daring Do" remove the rings from around the dick statue, which is supposed to make the fortress collapse. But since they're really heavy, "Daring Do" realizes she needs help after all. How fucking charming. Notice the way I describe the events in this episode as some really bizarre acid trip? That's because this episode's plotline and pacing is messy enough outside of the canonization of Daring Do. In the end, Rainbow Dash writes in that Friendship Journal (which had not been properly introduced at all yet, it just exists all of a sudden) about how she "just had the coolest adventure" with Daring Do and that she's glad she was able to teach her that she needed a little help from her friends. Her writings are interrupted by Rainbow Dash receiving an advance copy of the book "a week before anyone else". .....What? The release date was pushed back two months, and there was already three months of waiting time on that anyway, and Rainbow Dash just said that she JUST had the coolest adventure with Daring Do. How in the FUCK is an advance copy of the next book ready for Rainbow Dash the next day, and how in the FUCK has the release date been reduced NOT ONLY from the two months of backlog that was added to the wait time, but also the other three months that was scheduled ANYWAY. This episode can't even follow its OWN rules. OOOOOOOOOOH, FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU. And so concludes "Daring Don't". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yep, that title's pretty accurate. To channel my inner mommy blogger, this episode is a "daring don't." We were doing so good this season, and this episode had to come along and ruin everything. "Daring Don't" is fucking awful. Aside from the wonky pacing and batshit cluttered storytelling, this episode is horridly contrived and completely disrespectful of a perfectly good episode: "Read It and Weep". As I've already explained above: Daring Do was a special character because it was someone fictional that Rainbow Dash could relate to instead of admire like the Wonderbolts. We're expected to believe that all the epic shit that happens in Daring Do's books that were mentioned since season two actually happened in real life and that none of it was made aware by anyone in the world. As everyone's reactions have it, they were shocked to learn that AK Yearling was Daring Do herself. But to top it all off, this shock is momentary, because 2 seconds later everyone starts pissing themselves in glee as if the biggest conspiracy in literature wasn't just unraveled before their fucking eyes. The ONLY good thing about this episode was Rainbow Dash's character development, or what little she received. She was able to teach someone else that they needed help from other people, but this concept is so dry and repetitive, especially in this series (we'll see more of this shit in season five) that even this pro is eclipsed by all the cons. I'm giving "Daring Don't" the glorified 2/10 rating. This episode can go sodomize a rattlesnake. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, well that was fucking awful. Two down, one to go. The next episode is "Flight to the Finish", which would've been today's review anyway. Will it be as shitty as this train-wreck, or will it rise from the ashes of its predecessor's meltdown? Tune back in a few hours for the continuation of... Three Days. One Review.
  4. During the fan to fan debate between Twilight and Rainbow, Pinkie is seen nodding to what is being said. She then remarks "Y'know Rainbow Dash makes a pretty good point!" Many people probably thought something along the lines of: "Oh Pinkie, you don't actually know what they mean," but what if in actuality she did? Pinkie and Rainbow have been shown to share similar interests as of 'Griffon the Brush Off', Pinkie has been implied to have a photographic memory in 'A Friend In Deed' and 'Sonic Rainboom', and finally she is said to read often like the other Mane 6 in 'Read It and Weep'. I think that with this knowledge it is likely that Pinkie DOES in fact know what the two adorkable mares are talking about, and thinks RD really does have a good point. Just food for thought.
  5. DHX must have gotten Champion RD92's dream journal mixed in with the script pile again. This is happening too often...OR MAYBE NOT ENOUGH. "Daring Don't" By Dave Polsky Oh man, I'm really late on this one. The next episode comes on in a few hours as of this writing. I really should have been done this write-up by now. Some would even argue that my opinion may have been "tainted" by the flood of wildly differing assessments that have cropped up since. Thankfully, I never look at any opinion that is not my own ever, because screw perspective. Joke's on you, I fell asleep during the last 20 minutes of Ratatouille! I'm guessing there really isn't anything I could add to the conversation that hasn't already been said, though. Overall, it's...okay. It's flawed. Very flawed. Time has decided to be unkind and is slowly revealing more flaws with each ounce of hindsight. Is it as bad as I've heard some people say? Definitely not; I can think of several episodes that are much worse and actively betrayed the show's overall quality. It doesn't even make me angry like "Just for Sidekicks" or that stupid cider ordeal did. There's just really isn't anything to write home about besides its entertainment and production values, but that's true of most of the episodes as this point. This is a little disappointing, seeing as how it comes from one of my favorite writers on the series. It may not be the more thematically-charged, sort-of-subversive story he's known for, but Dave Polsky can churn out a decent adventure yarn too. But whereas his other episodes of this nature are a pretty decent exercise in plot progression and weaving ideas and morals throughout all the scenes of monster attacks and epic pie wars, "Daring Don't" is really clumsy. Surprisingly clumsy, actually, given the writer. The initial charcater conflict that sets off this story is sort of lost in the ensuing chaos, the fact that the Daring Do mythology is real and totally happening without anyone knowing is weird and isn't dwelt upon nearly as much as it should be, half the Mane Six don't really affect the plot at all and could have easily been written out, and there's a lot of moments that feel odd. And they're not even nit-picky moments, you're actually thinking of this stuff as it happens. Like, the Mane Six don't even attempt to stop the burglars as they walk right past them on two separate occasions, and there's the question as to why Daring even kept the ring around in the first place if she was gonna destroy it anyway. The oddest moment of all is the tiresome third act sequence when Dash is sitting around feeling sorry for herself, because apparently the one thing everyone took from Toy Story is that we need a mopey scene where the main characters contemplate their regretful actions. I'm looking at you, Mulan. Yeah, I get it, Dash feels bad about Daring getting captured and stuff, and it ties into the who lesson about... ...actually, yeah, that's another problem: the moral is way too generic and murky all at once. Say what you will about Polsky's handling of morals in his pair of S1 episodes, but at least you could tell what he was going for, and they were both mature subjects to talk about, at least within the context of that fluffier first season. Dash's character arc isn't exactly clear here and the final codas here are daft as heck. Something about trust and believing in your own awesomeness or whatever. I think something was said about not putting your heroes on pedestals. Hey, that last one is sort of interesting. Yeah, I can see Polsky doing this thing where a Mane Six-er meets their idol, but they're jerks or something. It's be like that episode of Hey Arnold where Eugene goes all dark because his favorite action star is an asshat, so he puts on a leather jacket and everything. I miss my childhood. At least now I can check Hey Arnold and Vampire Diaries off my list of references to make. But I digress. Overall, the episode's plotting is what brings it down, what with its leaps in logic and suspension of disbelief and the whole "we really wanted to do these specific scenes but didn't know how to elegantly transition to them" vibe sort of hanging throughout the proceedings. Like I said, though, it isn't horrible. It's okay. The script, as clumsy as it is, does get a few nice moments from some of the characters, the fangirling is cute, it moves at a nice pace, the jungle setting and climatic Temple of Doom look pretty (S4 is really pushing environments that create dynamic lighting), many of the Indiana Jones references put a smile on my face, and Polsky's episodes always come handy with a cool action sequence or two, and coming from someone who actively dislikes Twicane and memes of the sort... ...this face is love. This face is life. So yeah, I don't have an exact opinion on this either way, though I'm leaning towards saying this episode wasn't a bust. If you already don't like Rainbow Dash, this episode isn't gonna work for you at all, and further pondering on this will probably not do the episode any favors, but I enjoyed myself while watching it. Not that great, but not too bad either. 6/10, maybe 5/10 if it doesn't hold up on future viewings Random Thoughts - Favorite part was the pony version of Belloq, french accent and all. Was anyone else hoping one of the henchmen would reach into the fire to get the artifact and burn their hand? "OW!!! This is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me on this mission!" - To be fair to Toy Story, the mopey scene in Sid's room totally works and actually means something. - Actually, y'know what, Ahuizotl was awesome. That part where he just charges out of the woods and he's all pissed off was pretty sweet. - You'd think Celestia would be on top of anything that villain could use to control the sun, or that Daring would know enough to know that having the Elements of Harmony on your side is an obvious advantage over an army of kittens.
  6. I find it odd that I'm the optimistic one for once. Every other person seems to have a gripe with Season 4 so far, but I'm enjoying the ride which is even stranger considering after the sloppy, rushed, Season 3 and irritatingly persistent musical numbers of 'Magical Mystery Cure' rather than plot and exposition the long wait has finally ended. We've got a full 26 episode roster, again! Which means there's still 22 left to air! And so far... We've got a Season-long story arc with a new mystery-so why do so many fans seem disgruntled? I mean-I'm not saying that they're wrong or about their opinions, but I'm curious as to why they feel this way about certain aspects this Season has offered so far.
  7. Foreword: This is a rewrite of my old review. To see the old review, click to this blog (locked from commentating). After a three-episode stretch that focused on the continuity to the letter, Episode 4 took a break in the form of "Daring Don't." Written by Dave Polsky, Dash anticipates the new Daring Do book to be released, only to be delayed. This leads Dash and her friends on a cluttered, unrealistic, and contrived journey. Strengths and various likes: The nerdy moment Twilight and Dash had as they explained various moments and scenes of the Daring Do canon cracked me up (and Pinkie following it clearly was a clever touch). As an out nerd, I've been on both ends of the spectrum (in in graphic design and FL9 diesels, out in bus specifications). Funny, yet extremely relatable. Best moment in the episode and so in character of them both. Dash gushing over Daring Do was something I could really see her do. Since Read It and Weep, you could tell how close Dash was paying attention to the series as well as all of the details surrounding the DD canon. The little winks of her knowledge and fanaticism from Spike at Your Service were quite nice and reflected the continuity of the series. Twilight actually uses her teleportation spell. Must be a holiday. Another nice wink of the Indiana Jones series in the form of the Western map. It paraphrases a connection fandom and creator has from here to others. Fandom is passionate, crazy, and wild. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. We've seen that so much in so many fandoms, namely sports fanbases like college football, baseball, ice hockey, and soccer. Likewise, the same applies to the people who authorize the canon. Creators and writers (both official and fan) do owe their fans. Without fans, there's no fandom, no popularity, no fame, and (for the pros) no money. Rowling wouldn't have been a billionaire if Scholastic didn't entice the public and help create the gigantic Harry Potter fandom. Besides the gigantic TV revenue that's scheduled to begin in 2014 (about $1.5 billion from ESPN, TBS, and FOX altogether per year), one of the biggest reasons baseball players get millions of dollars is because fans pay a bunch of dough to sit and watch their favorite teams and players play (and if you're a market like LA; St. Louis; New York; and Boston, win). "My mind is officially blown!" Obviously, Twilight. Great animation, and the fighting sequences had nice action, humor, and tension. The fights were fast, yet paced well, and there was plenty of foreshadowing to the climax. Conceptually, it was a breath of fresh air as far as Dash-centered episodes are concerned. While previous ones focused on her ego and sensitivity, this one focused Dash about how much she wants to put it aside and aid her idol. It was a change of pace for Dash and felt both in character and real for her. Daring teasing Ahuizotl Owee-whoever-name-is and Dash's reaction were hilarious. --- Weaknesses: Some parts of the episode when there was no fighting felt rather quick. Not so much to disturb the plot (and seriously, the pace here is objectively better than Keep Calm and Flutter On), but enough to miss the plot points and confuse the viewers. Dash played the fangirl too long. While she was shown a powerful lesson by inadvertently getting in Daring Do's way, she made up for it. And to be fair, she did think about what Twilight said to her as she followed her, talking back and forth about joining her idol and then doing the best she can to knock herself out cold after realizing she was behaving stupidly. Up till the end, pretty much every pony minus Pinkie was in on the action. Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack were background ponies for the first sixteen minutes of Daring Don't. It would've been better if Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie were the lone characters of the Mane Six in this episode. Daring Do was based on Indiana Jones, who welcomed help if needed (according to my research). While it backs up the book Dash read in RIaW (as well as her secret identity and remote location), DD, however, behaved similar to Batman and was out of character as far as the source material is concerned. *rolls eyes at hearing the Wilhelm Scream* The idea of Daring Do and her adventures being real and happening in a remote area in Equestria is contrived. It's just given to us, and the characters immediately believed it (despite the showing of how the books appeared to be written as "fiction"). Moreover, why didn't Yearling/Do try to smash the ring before Ahuizotl's henchmen showed up? And why were those rings so heavy, when Do was capable of carrying one big ring prior? There were plenty of inconsistencies as far as the plotting was concerned. Overall, below-average to poor quality work. Definitely my most favorite Polsky episode, but Too Many Pinkie Pies is still his best in quality, and this is tied with (or worse than) Princess Twilight Sparkle (both halves) for the weakest episode this season. P.S.: By the way… ——— Source: S04:E04 - Daring Don't