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Found 2 results

  1. I think everyone, even the nicest of people, has a dark side - those personality traits that aren't very nice, positive, or sensible, yet they still are a part of you, embedded deep inside. Some of you maybe have those tricky personality flaws that you have to suppress or control... or maybe some of you choose not to suppress them. Some of us are better at containing our dark side than others, at the end of the day, everybody's dark side is still there somewhere. We're told not to think or talk about our negative sides, but I think it's actually healthier to acknowledge the bad stuff within ourselves. We're not perfect. We all have icky, ugly, embarrassing, vile things inside our minds and hearts. We have issues... maybe really awful issues. But it doesn't make us bad people, and we shouldn't be shamed out of discussing it. So, let's discuss! Describe your dark side. What are your character flaws? The parts of yourself that you aren't proud of? Your persisting negative thoughts of habits? I'll go, but I'll wait for some other people to start. :3
  2. You may ask why I make a lot of Fluttershy topics? Well, I feel she's not only the most interesting character of the mane 6, but she's also the one with the most story potential. She has the least amount of backstory of the mane 6, she says almost nothing about her personal life, and we have zero appearance from her family. The random outbursts of rage and snark, along with holding out info for long leads me to believe that the writers are planning some huge story with her. So, should Fluttershy's dark side be explored more in Season 5?