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Found 2 results

  1. Do you think a video game based off of Stephen King's The Dark Tower would be possible?
  2. Hello, everypony. It is I, Renegade, with another blog entry. Tonight (or today, depending where you live), I will be reviewing The Gunslinger by Stephen King. This is the first entry in a small blog series which will cover the entire saga of The Dark Tower. SETTING This book establishes the setting of the series, the mysterious post-apocalyptic land of All-World. All-World has "moved on", but bits and pieces of civilization remain, such as Hey Jude by the Beatles, and a gas pump worshiped as a god named "Amoco". However, All-World is also a completely different world as well, for it holds the nexus of the multiverse itself: the Dark Tower. A mysterious man known as the gunslinger is on a quest to the Tower, his motives unknown. CHARACTERS Roland: The main character of our story is a cowboy named Roland, who is the last of an order known as "gunslingers". He is on an obsessive quest towards the Tower, for motives unknown. He will stop at nothing to reach his goal, and is a true anti-hero. The Man in Black: Roland's adversary throughout the novel, he is an equally mysterious man being chased by Roland, the first step in the gunslinger's eventual goal. He will hinder the hero's quest at any cost, through unknown, yet magical means. Jake Chambers: Jake is a young boy from 1977 New York, who dies by being run over by a car. Immediately after, he meets Roland and accompanies him on his quest. STORY The novel begins in a desert, where the man in black is being chased by Roland. Roland meets a man named Browning, who offers him food and shelter for the night. In return, Roland tells him a story about his adventures in a town called Tull. In Tull, the man in black brainwashes the entire town to kill Roland, and the gunslinger is forced to massacre them. After his tale is told, Roland continues on his way, towards a way station powered by an "atomic slug". There, he meets a young boy named Jake, who, under hypnosis, tells Roland how he got here. Jake, who is from late '70s New York City, was run over by a car driven by the man in black. As the two get to know each other, they make their way to the mountains. There, they meet the man in black, who forces Roland to kill Jake. Afterwards, he tells Roland's fortune, where he reveals the gunslinger's destiny: he will gain three companions, and they will accompany him to the tower. Roland falls asleep, and awakens ten years later. He finds his adversary has died, and continues his quest. SCORE 10/10: Excellent! This is so far Stephen King's greatest work, and a great introduction to the series. The book has a poetic style to it, and it fits perfectly. Stay tuned, Constant Readers. The next review will cover The Dark Tower II: Drawing of the Three.