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  1. So what is your first recollection of being truly terrified in your life? I'm talking terrified- stuff that scorches a permanent vivid memory and may cause (or may still cause) you literal nightmares. Maybe something from a movie, natural disaster, accident, warzone etc? Remember to post WHITHIN the limits of what's allowed on this forum. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS TOPIC IS RELATIVE- EVERYONE'S LIFE IS MADE OF DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES. Anyway, what brings this up is that I finally found the unreleased full uncut version of a scene from a movie that absolutely terrified me at about 4 or 5 years old. It's the hell scene from the animated movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven." I'm Catholic and this was the first INTENSE visual conceptualization of the idea of Hell that I had ever seen... ***The computer screen lower quality bits were cut scenes lost for the last 28 years.*** This scene was the first thing in my life that truly terrified me. It didn't make me cry or anything, it just overloaded my 4/5 year old brain or something. I had a recurring nightmare where I was in a derivative of this scene (that I can still recall 23 years later)that I would have every once in a while for a few months. Funny thing is that this is my favorite animated movie and I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I think it also has to do why I like darker stuff and darker gangly characters like Chrysalis. LUCKILY I had a pretty good childhood- so a scene from a movie was my first terrifying thing . So what are the oldest horrors tattooed into your brains?
  2. As the title suggests, do you prefer bright colors or dark colors? I am quite curious about what you guys like better, so I decided to make this thread to find out. I am a fan of dark colors. I find it easier on the eyes and it doesn't give me a headache when I look at it. Dark colors also have a bit of mystery to it that draws me in and intrigues me.
  3. (C) 2014 I've always wanted to visit Equestria (what Brony hasn't), but I soon discover that things very rarely happen the way you intend for them to when I suddenly wind up there myself. The ponies all live in a constant state of fear as a dark gloom lingers over the land, many of them suffering from life-threatening afflictions. Not only that, but I find myself with strange new abilities. What has happened here? What's happening to me? I will soon discover that I play a major part in the survival of the pony race, but am I up for the challenge that faces me? Part I in the "Guardian Of Equestria" saga. Cover Art by ThePleonasticPotato Chapter I: The Adventure Begins My life has not been an easy one by any means. I’ve had to overcome many challenges that most people normally face and even a few that’re unique only to me. My Little Pony has served as an escape from life’s demands while at the same time bringing hope to me, giving me the means to face the uncertain future with a positive outlook. I’m relatively new to this whole fandom of Bronies and Pegasisters, but I’ve found much to enjoy within the show itself. The art style, the cheery songs, the well-developed characters, the clever and often funny writing, the engaging, relatable stories and the positive morals they teach. All of these and more have captured my attention ever since I first saw the 2-Part pilot back in February of 2014 on Netflix. It is during these viewings that I have often longed to be part of that world: The world of Equestria with its beautiful scenery, mythical creatures, and welcoming inhabitants. What I never realized is that this dream would become a reality, only nothing at all like I originally imagined. * * * * * * * * My average day typically follows the same routine. I work at a local amusement park during the summer anywhere from 5-6 days out of the week. On my days off, I’ll either lounge around at home, call up distant relatives for a chat, or even hang out with the few friends that have time to hang out with me. This includes my girlfriend of two years, who was actually the one to get me into My Little Pony. We discuss the show a lot in our free time, check out fan videos, listen to Brony artists, the whole nine yards. While I do like all of the Mane Six characters, mostly because I see different parts of me in each one of them, my personal favorite of them has to be Fluttershy. I’ve just always loved her soft-spoken caring nature that people are quick to point out that I share with her. Personality-wise though, my girlfriend says that I take more after Rainbow Dash; the whole Element of Loyalty thing playing very strongly into that. And she’s not the only one to say this. My mom has mentioned on numerous occasions how I have a very extreme sense of loyalty in regards to who and even what I associate myself with. Along with the Loyalty aspect, there are the occasions where I share the often brash nature Rainbow has. Me and my girlfriend had planned to take the weekend off from work and go up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine: our favorite vacation spot. We’ve been to plenty of other beaches before, but there’s something about Old Orchard Beach that always has us coming back again and again. I had just finished a long day at work and was making the final preparations before our trip tomorrow. Everything was packed up, my phone was charging overnight, and I had just gotten off a Skype call with my girl to make sure she was all set for us to leave tomorrow morning. With everything all set, I went to bed, looking forward to the coming trip the next day. What I would not expect is that I would be taking an entirely different trip that very night. * * * * * * * * Now before I had gone to bed, I knew that there was supposed to be a lightning storm that night, but this didn’t typically bother me as I’ve slept through many storms before. However, this storm was nothing like I had experienced at any time in my life. The loud booms of thunder were enough to make me toss and turn in my sleep, all the while just wanting them to stop. Suddenly, the loudest thunderclap I had ever heard startled me awake in a cold sweat. Nervously looking around, I discovered that something was wrong. My room was much too dark, as if there were no windows to let in light. Fumbling around in the dark, I reached for my clothes, my glasses, and my cell phone. After putting on my glasses and clothes, I used the flashlight on my phone to find my way to the door. Opening my bedroom door, I expected to step out into the upstairs hallway of my house. What I saw before me was something entirely different. Before me lay a small town with colorful buildings, cobblestone roads, and, off in the distance outside of town, a shining, crystalline castle, unique and impressive in design. As I was beholding this sight, something about it seemed strangely familiar to me, but what? After looking around I noticed a few places automatically. Town Hall. Sugarcube Corner. It all suddenly hit me: I was now in Ponyville and the castle I saw before me was the Friendship Castle from the Season 4 finale I just saw back in May. Looking around, though, something wasn’t right. The whole place was shrouded in a greyish-blue gloom, almost like something you’d see out of a Tim Burton movie like Sleepy Hollow or Sweeney Todd. It was also far too quiet. Where was everypony? Taking a few steps forward, I heard a creaking noise behind me. Turning, I saw the now camouflaged door I came through closing. Running towards it, I reached out my hand to catch it, but it closed before I could reach it, disappearing from my sight. It was at that moment when I made another discovery. Looking at my hand, I discovered that it wasn’t my normal hand. It was still a human hand, but the color of it was more pastel and the appearance of it was more like a drawing. I held both hands out in front of me and wiggled my fingers. Looking down at the rest of me, I discovered that everything about me was pastel and had the appearance of being drawn in the ever familiar flash animation style used in My Little Pony. “I’m a cartoon,” I thought out loud. Several other thoughts ran through my head in that moment. What is going on here? What the hell am I even doing here? I decided to head straight for the castle in the hopes of finding some answers. Maybe Princess Twilight would know what had happened. All I could do was go there and hope for the best. * * * * * * * * On my way to the castle, I discovered upon further inspection that some of the surrounding buildings had taken damage. Windows were shattered, doors were left hanging from hinges, and even some buildings had a charred smell from where a fire had been. What had happened here? I also heard the sounds of ponies closing their shutters as I walked through the empty streets; the only sign of life in this desolate location. The castle was a good walk away, but I finally reached it after a few minutes. Entering through the gleaming golden doors, I walked down a rather lengthy hallway. The interior was as quiet and ominous as a mausoleum. You could literally hear a pin drop. Suddenly, I heard a noise off to my right. Startled, I looked towards a nearby crystal pillar where I saw a small flash of light rose colored hair. I immediately relaxed when I realized who it was. “Wait,” I finally spoke. “I’m a friend.” There was a brief moment of silence and stillness before a face nervously poked out from behind the pillar. Sure enough, I found myself looking into the soft blue eyes of Fluttershy. In the yellow Pegasus’ eyes, I saw fear and uncertainty. This made sense to me; she hardly had any idea who I was. For all she knew, I was probably just some hairless ape with weird clothes. In order to try to gain her trust, I crouched down to her level to show her that I wasn’t a threat. “It’s O.K.,” I whispered, softly. “You can come on out. I’m not gonna hurt you.” After a few seconds of standing there, Fluttershy slowly but surely came out from behind the pillar towards me. “That’s it, Fluttershy. Nice and easy.” At the mention of her name, she froze in her tracks. Finally she spoke. “Wait. How do you know my name?” she asked, unsurely. “Uh… lucky guess? My name is David. Are you here alone?” “Oh no”-Fluttershy shook her head, softly-“Some of my pony friends are here also.” “Is Princess Twilight here? It’s really important that I-” My sentence died right there for at the mention of the princess, tears formed in Fluttershy’s eyes. “What is it?” I asked, concerned. “Was it somethin’ I said?” “Something… terrible… happened to her,” Fluttershy managed to utter through sobs. As of the past few months, I had learned one very important truth about life from the show: Few things are more heartbreaking than Fluttershy tears. It was in that moment that I leaned in to hug her, offering what little comfort I could. She accepted the hug willingly. As we were embracing, something strange happened. A bright colorful aura emanated from the two of us like the Aurora Borealis before vanishing. What was that? I thought to myself pulling away from Fluttershy. Aaaah!!!!-Fluttershy’s pupils dilated and she jumped backwards nervously-How did you talk just now? At that time, I was really startled to hear Fluttershy’s voice in my head especially seeing as she didn’t even open her mouth when she spoke. Wait a minute, I thought. Can you honestly hear my thoughts? Y-Yes, I heard her answer back mentally as she cautiously approached me again. Unbelievable. It’s almost like we’re linked together psychically. Um… I guess so. You said that something terrible had happened to Princess Twilight. She’s not dead is she? I thought, nervously. No. She’s just… The tears came to her eyes again. I reached out both hands to dry them for her. It’s O.K. You don’t have to tell me what happened to her, but do you think you could show me to her? Fluttershy nodded silently and led me towards a flight of stairs. As we climbed each step, I started to feel uneasy. What terrible fate had befallen Princess Twilight that it brought Fluttershy to tears like this? I would find out soon enough. * * * * * * * * Reaching the top of the stairs, we walked down a shorter hallway before coming to one of the doors. Entering, I saw Rainbow Dash and Spike over by a bed near the balcony windows. Upon our entrance, the two of them looked up in mine and Fluttershy’s direction. “Hey, Fluttershy,” Spike finally spoke before noticing me. “Who’s this with you?” “Um… this is David,” she answered back. “David, these are Spike and Rainbow Dash. Has her condition changed?” Rainbow Dash shook her head sadly. “I haven’t left her side since we first found her here like this in case she came to,” Rainbow Dash stated, “but as of this point she hasn’t even flinched.” Listening to this conversation, I could only assume that they were talking about Princess Twilight. I approached the bed and, sure enough, the Alicorn princess was lying there with her eyes closed and an unhappy look on her face. Seeing her like this was heartbreaking. I reached out to touch her. “What’re you doing?” Rainbow Dash snapped at me. “I’m sorry.”-I recoiled at the outburst- “I was… just checkin’ ta see if I could find a pulse or a heartbeat.” “Oh. O.K.,” Rainbow Dash answered a bit gentler. I pressed two fingers against the side of Princess Twilight’s neck just below the head and felt a slight pulse. I also heard a faint heartbeat when I placed my ear against her chest. “Was this where you originally found her? In bed I mean.” “No,” Spike answered. “We found her collapsed on the floor next to her mirror. After finding her there, we moved her to the bed.” “And she didn’t even stir as you were moving her?” “Not once.” What do you think is wrong with her? I heard Fluttershy ask in my mind. “I think she’s in some kind of a coma,” I replied. “What’s a coma?” Rainbow Dash asked, confused. I’ve never had to explain what a coma is to someone so I tried to think of the right words to say, but also make sure that they understood. “Well… a coma is… like sleep… but different.” I struggled to find the right words. “With sleep… the body rests for a brief period… and then wakes up either by itself or by someone waking it up. But a coma… lasts a much longer period of time and… isn’t the sort of thing that one can be woken up from. Only the body itself can decide when someone wakes up from a coma.” “So we have no idea when she’ll wake up or even if she’ll wake up?” Spike questioned, putting emphasis on if. I never meant for it to be taken that way, but since Spike had already brought it up, I found no need to sugarcoat it. “Sadly yes,” my expression dropped. Rainbow Dash stared at the comatose princess with a look of worry on her face. “She was the one who first brought the rest of us together as friends,” she stated, sadly. “To think that she might not…” As Rainbow’s voice slowly trailed off, I walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder as a way of reassuring her. “I understand how hard this must be for you… for all of you, but Princess Twilight needs y’all ta stay strong for her.” Rainbow Dash nodded as, just like with Fluttershy, the Aurora Borealis aura glowed from the two of us for a few seconds. Whoa. Déjà vu, I thought to myself as I removed my hand from Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. Sweet mother of Celestia! Rainbow Dash’s voice echoed in my head as she jumped back. How are you talking without moving your lips? Wait. You can read my thoughts now too? Umm... I guess so, Rainbow replied, a bit unsure of herself. Why are you asking? Because the same thing happened to me and Fluttershy just a few minutes ago. Who are you talking to? I heard Fluttershy think. Rainbow Dash, I answered back. What? Rainbow Dash asked. No I was talking to Fluttershy. She can talk to you this way too? Yes she can. I can what? Fluttershy thought. At that point, I’d had enough of these two’s voices inside my head. “O.K. just stop!” I finally shouted. “Enough with this… psychic talkin’ you guys.” “What psychic talking?” Spike asked, totally confused. “The psychic talkin’ that happens whenever I touch somebo- uh… some… pony. Like this.” I reached over and touched Spike. However, when I touched Spike, nothing happened. I tried touching him again and again, but still nothing, aside from him laughing. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Please stop,” he begged through a fit of cackling. “I’m very ticklish.” “That’s weird,” I remarked, looking down at my hand. “Why wouldn’t it work?” “I don’t know,” Fluttershy answered back. “Maybe it only works on ponies.” “Maybe. Is there another pony here that we can test it on?” “Well our friend Pinkie Pie is out on the balcony,” Rainbow Dash commented. “That could work.” “Fluttershy, you and Spike go with him while I stay with Twilight.” “If you don’t mind, I think I’ll stay here with Twilight also,” Spike replied. “K.” Me and Fluttershy then headed out onto the balcony where we saw Pinkie Pie sitting there all alone. Her mane and tail didn’t have their usual bouncy appearance, but instead were flat and straight. Whatever was going on, she was clearly feeling depressed. “Pinkie Pie?” I spoke. Whether she was suddenly startled by my mentioning her name or if she was just naturally high strung, Pinkie let out a “Yipe”, jumped several feet into the air, did a 180, then landed facing us. Once she saw Fluttershy, she relaxed a little more, but was still slightly tense at the sight of me. “Fluttershy, who is this and how does he know my name?” she asked, slightly suspiciously. “Um… this is David and he knows your name because Rainbow Dash told him,” she answered back. “Oh. O.K. then. Nice to meet you, Davey.” No one has called me “Davey” since about 15 years ago when I was just a kid. Strangely enough though, hearing Pinkie call me by that name was soothingly pleasant, even bringing a smile to my face. “Likewise,” I replied. “So whatcha doin’ out here?” “Keeping lookout for whenever our friends Applejack and Rarity return.” “Where are they now?” “They went into the Everfree Forest looking for their sisters, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, as well as their sisters’ friend, Scootaloo,” Fluttershy explained. “How long ago did they leave?” “It’s been almost four hours now,” Pinkie stated, nervously. “I’m really starting to worry about them. What if something terrible happened to them?” “Don’t worry. I’m sure they’re fine.” “But what if-” Pinkie’s sentence was cut off by her making a gagging noise as if choking. She collapsed to the floor as Fluttershy panicked. “Fluttershy, go get Rainbow Dash and Spike,” I told her, all the while trying to remain calm. “Tell ‘em it’s a matter of life 'n death.” Fluttershy nodded swiftly and headed back inside while I ran over to Pinkie. I panicked as she lost consciousness. Without thinking, I reached my hand out to touch her. Upon touching her, the Aurora Borealis aura appeared and then vanished. Pinkie then regained consciousness, gasping for breath. That was super scary, I heard her think, terrified. Are you O.K.? I asked mentally. I think so. Wait a minute. What’re you doing in my head? I don’t know. This has been happening with every pony I’ve come in contact with so far. First Fluttershy, then Rainbow Dash, and now you. That’s kinda freaky, but also kinda cool. Do you know what had happened to you? No. I was just talking and then I suddenly found it hard to breathe. Almost like when you laugh soo hard you stop breathing except this wasn’t funny at all. At that moment, Fluttershy, Spike, and Rainbow Dash came rushing out. “What happened?” Rainbow Dash questioned, nervously. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing now,” Pinkie answered. “Wait. Weren’t you choking when I went to get them?” Fluttershy asked, slightly confused. “I was, but then Davey here saved me.” “How?” “I’m not sure,” I spoke. “I was panickin’ and I reached out ta touch her when that strange aura appeared. When it vanished, not only could we hear each other’s thoughts, but she was also fully healed.” “Weird,” Spike commented. “Tell me about it,” I stated, frustratedly. “What’s goin’ on? Why is this happenin’ to me?” “I have no idea,” Rainbow Dash answered. “Maybe Princess Celestia will know. Spike, have you been able ta contact her at all since all this has happened?” “I sent her an urgent letter, but she hasn’t responded,” Spike replied. “It’s been almost a day now.” “Something’s happenin’.” “What do you think it is?” Pinkie asked. "I don’t know, but I don’t like it. Rainbow Dash, I need you ta fly ta Canterlot as fast as your wings can carry you. Find out why there hasn’t been any answer from her.” “You got it.” Rainbow Dash offered a salute before taking to the sky. “The three of you, stay here and keep an eye on Princess Twilight ‘til my return.” “Why?” Fluttershy questioned, nervously. “Where are you going?” “Ta the Everfree Forest. Someone needs ta make sure that the others are O.K. Besides, I think I know a pony who just might be able ta explain what’s goin’ on.” --- Author's Note: Chapter originally published September 24th, 2014 on If you enjoy this story and have a FIMFiction account, please consider supporting the original release on "Thumbs up" would help out a lot and, if you're without a FIMFiction account, don't worry. You can still look forward to chapters being released here every Friday. Same Pony Time. Same Pony Channel. Any support at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I decided to do an opinion list off of every Pokemon of my favorite type (I don't think it's a big secret that Dark is my favorite type, considering how I've basically proclaimed that to be the case multiple times). I will count Alolan forms, but not mega-evolutions or Hoopa Unbound for this list (Grouping them with what they are megas of in the case the original form is still Dark type). Alolan Ratata- Don't really care for it. (Neutral) Alolan Raticate- I didn't like the original form, this thing looks really, really ugly in comparison to the original. I think somebody needs a refund on their root canal. (Dislike) Alolan Meowth- Better than the original, but not much. Don't really care for either that much. (Neutral) Alolan Persian- Why does this exist? Regular Persian looks MUCH better than this ugly thing. IT'S HEAD IS SHAPED LIKE A F***ING WATERMELON! (Hate) Umbreon- Best Eeveelution, not only because it's Dark Type, or because it's unique among that type as a pretty solid support Pokemon, but also because the design is amazing. (Love) Murkrow- I like this pokemon to some degree, because of the design and there's even some humor in gen 2 involving it. (Like) Sneasel- Shiny looks weird (if the feathered parts stayed red I'd really love it though), but otherwise, kind of like it. (Like) Houndour- I kind of like the design, though I never really use it that much in playthroughs. (Like) Houndoom- Fantastic design, although the stats leave something to be desired. The Mega is a fantastic special attacker though. (Like) Tyranitar- I may not really like Rock types much at all, but this godzilla of a pokemon is an exception to that, and a big one at that. (Love) Poochyena- I'll just say meh. (Neutral) Mightyena- I don't really like this pokemon. I don't necessarily hate it, but I definitely don't like it. Stats are bad, and the design is really meh. (Neutral) Nuzleaf- I'm just going to say it. It looks funny, and ugly at the same time... (Dislike) Shiftry- I kind of like the design, and it's quite original to say the least. But it just doesn't do it for me. (Neutral) Sableye- I absolutely love this pokemon. Not just because of the design, but also because it had no weaknesses until gen 6, and their PMD2 appearances. Mega's great too. (Love) Carvanha- I get it. It's a piranha... Design is original and so is the name, but I don't really like it to be honest. (Neutral) Sharpedo- Interesting design, that sort of works for me. Also the mega looks bad@$$. (Like) Cacturne-Another pretty meh one for me. (Neutral) Crawdaunt- This pokemon is absolutely amazing. I love the design, and it's a really good physical sweeper, even if it is on the slow side. (Favorite) Absol- I really don't like the original form, outside of a couple of the pokedex entries... But I like the mega, so I don't exactly hate this mon. (Neutral) Honchkrow- Absolute bad@$$. Also, this pimp crow hits like a TRUCK with a crit moveset and Super Luck. Also my favorite Flying Type. (Favorite) Stunky- Absolutely, very ugly. It just stinks pun intended. (Dislike) Skuntank- Absolute @$$hole in PMD2, design is better than the basic version but I still don't really like it. (Neutral) Spiritomb- Cool Pokemon, and probably one of the most original to date. Design is absolutely amazing as well. (Love) Drapion- The design irks me slightly, but looks cool. Not entirely against using it to be honest. (Like) Weavile- A huge improvement on Sneasel's already great design. And the stats are so great, it doesn't even need a mega to be great competitively. (Love) Darkrai- Not my favorite legendary, but I absolutely love the concept and design of it and its power is frankly utterly absurd. (Love) Purrloin- It may be absolutely adorable, but I'd be caught dead using one of these on my team. It's so awful stat wise unfortunately. (Like) Liepard- Now this is how you do a cat version of Mightyena. Stats still are a bit lackluster, but it's OK. (Like) Sandile- Cute Croc? I also name every female mon I get from this line "Bea" or "Beatrice" in reference to the Night in the Woods character. (Love) Krokorok- Cool Croc. Also, when I get a Totodile, I always name it Krokorok simply because this evolutionary line is superior in every way. (Love) Krookodile- My favorite Dark Type and one of my absolute favorite pokemon ever. I absolutely love sweeping with this thing.(Favorite) Scraggy- Design could use improvement, and I wish it evolved sooner. (Neutral) Scrafty- When Scrafty evolves (at level 39...) it's somewhat worth it just to see this design. If only this mon were better competitively. Still really like it. (Love) Zorua- Interesting design, and I think it looks kind of cute at this point. (Like) Zoroark- Yet again, interesting design, but I don't entirely like the appearance of the evolved form. (Neutral) Pawniard- I don't know how they could possibly make a basic with this concept not look just off to me in a way I can't really explain. (Neutral) Bisharp- Defiant is a very powerful ability against defog, and it has a really cool design. (Love) Vullaby- Kind of ugly and really annoying to be honest, to battle in the wild and to evolve both. (Dislike) Mandibuzz- Much better design than its pre-evolution. Pokedex entries are bland AF though. (Neutral) Deino- 10/10 Creative name, Nintendo. Also take all of my meh on this one. (Neutral) Zweilous- Naming based off of German numbers? I don't know whether I should find that interesting or uninspired. (Neutral) Hydreigon- Much better than both of its meh pre-evolutons. It honestly is a little dope. (Like) Greninja- Most overrated starter pokemon known to man and thanks to how popular it is, I moderately dislike it actually. (Dislike) Pangoro- Inferior Fighting and Dark type detected. I honestly find it really uncreative. (Dislike) Inkay- Okay. It is a thing that exists I guess. (Neutral) Malamar- Is it just me or does it look like it probably rapes people with its tentacles? Also take my meh. (Neutral) Yveltal- Cool pokemon, weird name. (Like) Incineroar- I can't lie, I like this cat, especially since Smash Ultimate came out. (Like) Guzzlord- Probably my favorite pokemon from Gen 7. He looks absolutely awesome. (Love) (Favorite)- 3/50 (Love)- 11/50 (Like)- 12/50 (Neutral)- 17/50 (Dislike)- 6/50 (Hate)- 1/50 (Despise)- 0/50 Aside from a few bad representations of this type, I generally at the least like most pokemon of this type, and the only mon I hate here is the absolute worst Alolan variant that was made to exist. There are quite a few I'm neutral on, but I feel like this would really be the case for any type, even my favorite of the 18 types. I might do more of these in the future and get an overall assessment of what my favorite types are, but I don't know. This was pretty time consuming as it is. I can't imagine how long it would take to do Water type anyways... A solid few hours I'd imagine...
  5. Another story of mine just went live. Yesterday's episode of the show kind of ruined the whole plot, so I had to change the tags to alternate universe at the last moment. Kind of annoying as I've had this in the works for a month or so. I tried including significant symoblism into my story for the first time, which I'm mildly proud of. Hopefully it's not too hard to catch. Anyway, here's the basic synopsis. It's the same long description that I have up on FiMFic, so no need to read it twice. TW: mild language, domestic abuse, depression, talk of / reference to self-harm. Find the story HERE.
  6. Author's note: The final season of MLP:FIM is announced. Spike has worries, like many fans here, and Twilight reassures him. She tries herself in literature as well. The question is: whose writing is... stronger?! This story is a one-shot response to the [not so]recent news about Season 9 being the "swan song" of the show and specifically the hype it caused in the community. After watching tons of posts: from adequate and reassuring ones (saying that FiM is now more the community than the official show) to panicking or even trollish (in scare-mongering style). Obviously, I couldn't let it slide past me and decided to provide mine own insight. The story [ab]uses the "noosphere concept" introduced in The Guardian book, adding some new perspective to it. But it can freely be read as a separate thing. I admit, I had a fair dose of spiteful fun All similarities with the real persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental. --- The Final Season “Twilight! Twilight!” Spike was to repeat his call a couple of times, as usual, to finally get the princess’ attention, which was entirely devoted afore to the book she read. “Yes, Spike,” the girl turned to face her faithful aide, hesitantly staggering in the doorway of her study. The worried expression on the face of the little dragon made her smile fade; seeing his serious concern, Twilight prepared to treat the question with all possible care. “You look… puzzled, mildly neighing. What’s bothering you, mate?” She remembered Spike looking pensive ever since their visit to Canterlot Castle, they were invited for the weekend. He was deep into his thoughts during their ride back to Ponyville Sunday night, answering absently and monosyllabically. Back then Twilight thought Spike got simply tired and tried to avoid bothering him much; she carried him to his room, when he dozed off into his restless sleep, muttering something quietly. Now it was about noon, Monday, and Spike’s face expressed the same degree of unrest, if not worse. “Come in and tell, the books can wait, when my friend is in trouble.” “Sorry, Twi…” Now a fair portion of embarrassment mixed added to his mien, even after all those years Spike didn’t like to bother reading or studying Twilight; he nested at the very edge of the free chair. “That’s about our visit to the princesses… You surely remember the Sunday evening. You played chess with princess Luna, I must admit lately your progress is significant, she was troubled a few times… or maybe it’s because she just woke,” a sly smile slid across Spike’s face, but the concern regained positions quickly. “Princess Celestia doesn’t like chess as much as you two. She offered me to have a peek through her magic mirror, while you both were thinking deep for a long while.” “And?” Twilight watched Spike with growing interest, guessing what could unbalance her usually calm and unflappable companion. “You know that among other functions it can show the other worlds, right? Specifically so-called Earth,” Spike squinted, as if the recent memory was far from soothing. “The princess thought that a few scenes of human life could be interesting…” “Quite so,” Twilight sported a smile. “As long as you don’t focus on the news, or politics, or stock reports.” “Well, they were to the certain moment…” Spike blinked, the joke passed, but didn’t provide the desired effect, making Twilight worry a bit. “That refers to that “noosphere concept” or how it is called… As we know, humans have some knowledge about Equus and even making an animated show… miraculously precisely describing some aspects. Even strikingly precisely, I say.” Twilight nodded, turning her whole body to face the dragon, now she was overly interested in what he could spot in Celestia’s magic mirror. “Among the rest, I saw the news that the show authors plan to end it… going to air the final season. Whichever they plans are they won’t be telling about our current life anymore, even if still keeping the general Equus theme!” Spike hurried to voice his concerns, fiddling nervously on his seat. “To my mind, we can safely admit the interconnection and influence between our world and Earth…” He took a breath, Twilight kept polite silence, not catching yet the route of his conclusions. “…I thought,” continued Spike quietly. “What if the door opens in both directions? What could we probably expect if…” he fell silent, stifling a nervous sigh. “Oh!” Twilight suppressed the unwelcome in that situation smile and glanced at her little aide with all the possible seriousness, despite catching up to his concerns amused her inwardly. “I think I know where you are extrapolating, mate.” Spike nodded doomedly. “I’m sure it’s not that simple, Spike,” Twilight put her fore hoof over the mouth pensively, at the same time sending him the most reassuring glance. “And not nearly as menacing as you dread!” She allowed herself a little smile, noticing that Spike’s strained posture relaxed a tiny bit. “We know about that show – yes, and we know where it started from, right?” Spike nodded again, raising his eyes at Twilight hopefully. “What about Starswirl then, about the princesses’ life before Luna’s banishment, their parents, the great wars of the past?” Twilight stared at him inquiringly. “About all the Equestrian history at the end of the day? Those events existed even without the show mentioning every moment of them!” She raised one eyebrow meaningfully, making the collocutor think her expression looked quite like Luna’s at that moment. “Well…” Spike inhaled, Twilight arguments provoked thoughts. Moreover, they promised reasonable safety of the mind. However, something still bothered him. “I… didn’t witness those events either…” added he barely audible. “Spike, Spike!” with a smile Twilight brought her fore hooves together. “Okay! Let’s take something… more recent, if you say so. I kept some track of that show, which worried you so much. Do you remember, what happened after your hatching and till our first day in Ponyville?” “I do, mostly…” Spike looked at her still not getting the drift. Twilight nodded and continued. “How you grew and how I took care of you? How I studied at Celestia’s School for gifted unicorns… and you helped me as you only could? How you cracked your baby tooth on the gem? How I spent whole days between the heaps of books and fell asleep there, and you learned to cook to keep my oblivious self nourished?” Twilight listed and with each question the smile returned to Spike’s face, which regained usual expression little by little. “How we found out you can… burp mail? Even how you called me “mom” once, shortly after hatching…” the girl giggled and Spike flushed like ruby for a moment. “So… You think it’s not that serious or… fraught with consequences,” overcoming the confusion Spike glanced at her with hope. “Of course, Spike! Just look outside,” Twilight’s aura enveloped the handle, opening the window and letting the fresh April breeze in. “It’s spring, pal! Cheer up! The world is not going to end because somepony somewhere stops writing something! We can return to that topic later, if you want. When you see that life is actually brighter,” added she with a kind smile. * The elements went wild, skies darkened in a matter of minutes and the strong wind drove low heavy clouds fast, promising the approaching storm. The lightning flashes went off one by one, making the windows tremble and rattle with thunder strikes each new stronger than the last one. Truth be told the flashes were the only bright thing outside as the dust raised in the air in addition to the falling darkness, making it impossible to see something clearly, except leaves and small twigs the wind dragged past the glass. Rainbow Dash slipped inside the last moment before the storm became especially violent. She took her breath and hugged Twilight warmly. “Thank Celestia, it’s not my shift tonight!” dropped she, sneezing a couple of times because of the dust. “We issued a weather warning yesterday, yet I failed to get home in time. Mind if I stay for the night, Twi?” “Of course, it goes without neighing,” Twilight welcomed her ruffled friend to have a sit closer to the fireplace. “I really hope everypony stays at home tonight; can only pity those who have a misfortune to work or fall late outside,” she shuddered lightly. However, the fire crackled in the hearth, providing warmth and homely feel, and the tea with cookies smelled of vanilla tranquillity, as if quietly telling all the present, they were safe. “Yeah…” Rainbow flopped into the armchair, folding her wings. “We checked outside a couple of hours before the storm, it seemed nopony was that hay-head to ignore the warning,” she threw a quick glance at Spike, who occupied the next armchair and looked not the brightest. His concerned face competed with his spikes in colour, despite nopony could imagine that possible, and the little dragon listened alarmingly to the cacophony of chaos outside. A new thunder strike ripped so loudly, it seemed the skies were going to crash and bury the castle with all the inhabitants. Spike twitched and swallowed convulsively. “It sounds like the whole Tartarus broke loose!” squeezed he, meeting Twilight’s glance; the girl noticed the familiar fear and concern in his eyes. Spike squinted, holding onto his stomach. “Miss Sparkle, I don’t feel so good…” Suddenly Twilight recalled the almost half a year old talk, Spike’s expression and anxiety became explicable at once and the young princess smiled delicately. “That’s because you shouldn’t have eaten so much ice-cream, Spike,” sighed she, shaking her head slowly. “You know, you always suffer from the excess of it, yet each time it’s the same. Save your stomach for the Nightmare Night treats, mate, it’s only two days to the celebration.” “It’s the whole two days…” muttered Spike meaningfully, but Twilight heard him well. “Spike, it’s just a storm, don’t be a scaredy-dragon! Better go to sleep, tomorrow there will be another day.” Still frowning Spike headed to his room indeed, muttering something under his nose. Rainbow Dash followed his receding back, then turned to Twilight in surprise. “Which fly bit him today?” chuckled she, shaking her colourful short mane. “It’s just a storm, sorta… We issued it specifically tonight, to guarantee the hundred percent good weather for the Nightmare Night. I will so go bonkers with pranking this year!” she stretched dreamily. Twilight looked at her friend fixedly, raising one eyebrow. ‘Don’t even ask!’ told her glance. * He was awakened by the sunlight hitting his eyes all of the sudden. Spike shook his head and barely open one eye to see Twilight cheerfully opening the curtains. There was no sign of yesterdays cataclysm outside, the Sun was shining brightly on the clear sky and the weather looked perfect for the late October. “Oh, come on!” groaned Spike squinting and trying to hide from the rays, impudently sneaking into his eyes each time. “Can I once have a bit more sleep. Especially after the yesterday’s troubles…” the gurgling of his stomach signaled about less than perfect condition. He fiddled for a short while, then gave up and sat in his bed, rubbing his eyes. “What are you working on?” wondered he, finally shaking off the remnants of sleep; Twilight levitated a few sheets of paper and a quill. “Errmmm… Remember I was writing a story about a human,” Twilight’s nose got pinkish. “A common human… well, not overly common, I made him a movie director, bringing into the story business troubles, marketing shenanigans, typical corporate everyday stuff, studios competition and…” seeing Spike’s eyes dilating involuntarily, she stopped, then continued closer to the point. “I thought it could be interesting for the egg-heads like me only, but it was so dissimilar to the ponies’ everyday life that… surprisingly got accepted quite well. I even managed to win the certain audience, not that broad like A.K. Yearling,” Twilight let out a giggle. “Still I wrote and published a few amateur… errmmm… seasons for my readers.” Spike made an effort to suppress his initial awe, he knew about his friend’s literary exercise, but could hardly imagine it gains such momentum throughout a few years. He blinked a few times and cleared his throat, forgetting he was going to leave the bed. “So what’s the problem Twi?” Spike realized that she was expecting some reaction from him, guessing which exactly. “You see,” the alicorn writer hesitated a little. “Despite the benefits and interest, I think that the idea wore out itself and it should be the end of the story. I am in certain trouble henceforth.” “What do you think, Spike? How could I “get rid” of the main character finally, not giving the readers any hopes for any continuation of that plot?” elaborated she finally, flushing again. Spike scratched the back of his head puzzledly, huffed, then smirked slyly. “Well, Twi, you need something trivial, pretty common in “human style”, yet unequivocal for the readers. As you put it, he isn’t a young colt… maybe a sudden heart attack or something along these lines. So, you can mention his heritage briefly and… round the plot.” “Don’t you think… it’s a bit… much?” Twilight stared at him surprisingly; she didn’t forget to make quick notes though. “Hmpf, it’s not the death in the claws of Manticore at least!” huffed Spike. “You asked for something simple and at the same time leaving no ambiguity, right?” he jumped off the bed. “Know what? You’re right, Twi, it’s another day and the weather looks awesome. Let’s go for a walk: you’ll get your idea fleshed out and I… I prepare myself for the upcoming Nightmare Night,” Spike winked, rubbing his stomach. * The hum of voices and car horns mixed in the air, warm totally non-autumn-like, as usually in the big cities. The silhouettes of people and vehicles trembled in the heated air tainted by gasoline and other typical urban scents, looking dark against the lower October sun. It was the business centre of the city: office buildings, shops, restaurants, the omnipresent mass of people, cars slowly making their way through filled streets. A crowd started forming in front of the large shop façade, skirting around the parked automobiles and growing fast. The distant siren announced the ambulance arrival, which tried to pierce the quickly gathering traffic jam, the root of which was a large car clumsily blocking the road diagonally. A cyclist passing by stopped and watched the incident with growing interest. Not going to deepen into the crowd he addressed the man coming his way from the scene. “Excuse me, sir, do you know what happened? What’s all the fuss about?” “Some chap felt bad out of the blue,” the passerby stopped and shrugged, telling the story briefly. “He exited the shop, got into his car and suddenly his own “engine” got jammed,” he sighed sympathetically. “Thankfully the poor guy managed to hit the brakes. He blocked the street still,” the man pointed at the car. The ambulance slipped through the jam, using some “magic” only the experienced ambulance drivers possess; medics slid the stretcher inside at the moment and the face of the sufferer was clearly visible. “Hmm… He looks strangely familiar to me,” muttered the cyclist, fixing his helmet. “No wonder. The guy is some TV show director or something like that,” dropped the man.
  7. Trains Damaged by German Bombing A GWR pannier tank engine awaits his inevitable scrapping after being nearly missied by a bomb dropped on the yard where he was shunting. You can view on DA here: for a more detailed description of the events in this picture
  8. Trixie knew deep down that this was a terrible idea. The old house had stood abandoned for many years and nobody remembered the ponies that once lived there, only that they apparently just vanished without anyone noticing. The house itself was falling apart and the ceiling was close to caving in, it was kind of a miracle that the house was still standing at all. There had been plenty of times where the prospect of demolishing the building due to the risk of cave-ins had been brought up but so far nothing had actually been done about it. Nobody was willing to buy it and restore it either. The cause of that being that plenty of ponies believed that the building was haunted. Echoing clapper of hooves in empty corridors, terrifying howls in the middle of the night, items and furniture moving on its own and ghostly faces; this house had it all. The first and only time someone seriously tried to bring the house down it ended with disastrous consequences and even more haunted hijinx that could have easily killed several of the workers. Tools went missing, heavy objects were placed on precarious ledges where they could easily fall on an unsuspecting pony, the electricity in the wiring was suddenly going haywire without any explaination and one pony almost being pushed down the stairs by invisible hooves all occurred within the first week of the workers setting hoof on the porch. The project was canceled due to nobody wanting to work on it and the house was left alone ever since. Until now. As she stood there looking up at the large building in front of her that sure must have looked stunning at one point on time, Trixie shuddered as all sorts of horrible scenarios began to play out in her head. Nightmarish images of her broken body lying at the basement of the marble staircase or drowned in the fishpond outside were sending shivers down her spine but she mentally silenced the voice telling her to flee. She had an image to keep after all. She had been dared by Rainbow Dash to go into the haunted house and bring something back that proved that she had been inside. Her first response had been to refuse but Rainbow kept poking at her pride until she gave in. So here she was, standing in front of the most infamous house in all of Ponyville. She took a deep breath and opened the broken door, carefully stepping into the Main Hall. The smell inside was unlike anything she had ever felt before, heavy and nausiating with decay. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and a thick layer of dust covered everything within sight. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. So far so good. Trixie jumped slightly as the floorboards creaked beneath her weight, frantically looking around for something to bring back so that she could leave this wretched place. She stepped into the foalie and to her delight spotted a small statue on top of an old piano. It was still intact and more importantly small enough to easily carry. As she took a few more steps across the threshold, a cold breeze made her shiver and she could swear that she heard a sinister voice whisper in her ear. Not wanting to remain in the old wreck any longer, she reahed out for her magic and grabbed the statue. She had not been prepared for what came next. The piano suddenly came alive in a horrifying fashion. The lid flew up in a grotesque parody of a jaw and an unnarutal sound was coming from its hollow casket, like a funeral-choir played on broken keys. Its wooden legs bent and twisted in ways that should not be possible and a pale blue flame inside its gullet emitted a sinister glow. Paralyzed with fear, Trixie's mind was going blank and she couldn't look away from the monstrosity that was rapidly stumbling towards her. She tried to run away but suddenly screamed out in pain as the living instrument had unhooked the wires from within its chassi and had latched on to one of her legs. The steel was digging into her flesh as the piano pulled harder and harder to try and get her to let go off the lightfixture that she was clinging on to for dear life, having no desire to know what was awaiting her within the monster's belly. Suddenly the light in the room swayed and Trixie looked up to see a massive chandeleer hanging from the ceiling, right above her adversary. She spotted the chain and fired off a magical bolt, praying with all her heart that it would be enough. Thankfully, Trixie was in luck that everything in the house was a decrepid as it was. The rusted chain snapped, sending the heavy chandeleer smashing into the floor and smashing the piano into hundreds of pieces. The second the pressure on her leg vanished, Trixie limped out the front-door as fast as her legs could carry her without looking back even once. If she had, she might have seen the pale fire rise from the remains. As the frightened unicorn limped home with shaky nerves, she never noticed the second quartet of hoofprints that followed her home. Nor did she hear the sound of faint laughter above the howling of the autumn winds.
  9. I was wondering if we can post our grim dark fanfics on here? You know the kind with the blood, gore, and violence etc. Etc.
  10. (Repost due changing blogs) Just for starters, I'd like you to know that, this is m First ever story of any kind in English. It's kinda a backstory to my OC, She. Or at least some history about Her. Warning: Slightly dark, includes death. But not in detail. Characters: Daisychain: White pegasus mare with beautiful blonde mane and tail. Magic Potion: Dark blue stallion with short brown mane and tail. Unicorn. Potion junior (Called Junior): Male unicorn baby. The nameless mare (also known as She): 300-400 years ago from present day... Potion was heading home, he had been collecting some plants around close by forest for his potion research. He had focused to collecting so much that he had forgotten to check time, and now it was getting late. As he approached the house, he could tell that something wasn't right. From window next to the front door, light was shining through like usual, but the window seemed to be frosty from inside. Potion opened the front door carefully, ”Daisychain?” cold air hit his face and when he entered the hallway, he froze. The hallway, no, the whole house was filled with fog. From the living room Daisychain's scared voice was heard. ”Potion?” ”Daisychain!?” Potion rushed to the living room and was met with strange light blue mare looking at a picture of his family, and Daisychain in the corner of the room standing over Junior, staring at the mare. Potion lit his horn, ”Who are you? And what are you doing in our house?”. The mare turned towards Potion ”I'm not surprised you don't recognize me Potion” ”My appearance has changed quite bit since we last met.” Potion took step forward ”Answer to my question!”. The mare looked towards Daisychain with her empty eyes, ”You have beautiful family Potion, something I always wanted.” ”Potion...?” Potion shook his head slowly, ”I have no idea what you are talking about.” ”Two years ago....I was so happy Potion” The mare looked sad as she turned back at Potion ”We were made for each other.”. Daisychain looked at Potion confused ”Potion, what is she talking about?” Potion shot magic at the mare. ”Cut the nonsense! Daisychain, get Junior safe.” The mare moved to block the door with unnaturally quick dash, ”oh no, I don't think so Potion, she'll have to hear the truth.”, ”truth?” Potion stared at the mare, he was angry, ”There is no 'truth', mare she are talking about is long dead.””Dead? You haven't told....” ”Of course he haven't, he killed me!” Daisychain was shocked, ”What! I-is that true Potion” ”Of course n...!” ”Lies!” The mare dashed towards Daisychain sending her flying to another side of the room and was now standing over Junior who was so terrified that he didn't even cry. ”Tell me Potion, are your secrets more important than your family...” She raised her hoof, like she was preparing to attack Junior ”Stop!” Potion shouted ”If you are who you say you are, how?” ”The Mask” ”That mask...” Daisychain got herself back to her hoofs and in mix of panic and anger looked at Potion. ”Who is she Potion? Why is she here?” ”I...” ”I explain” The mare carried Junior to Daisychain before turning towards Potion, ”Two years ago Potion and I were like you two are now.” ”Then he poisoned me.” ”You can't imagine what it feels like, to wake up and feel nothing but cold, to find out you're dead.” ”I didn't know what happened to me first, but when I got to know, I could't believe it first” she was rather hostile towards Potion now ”I thought he loved me, I gave him everything!” Potion tried to explain ”I did...But that mask corrupted you, it was best for everyone.” The mare launched at him throwing him over, ”Who are you to choose what is best for me! You stole my life!” Potion slowly lifted himself back up, the attack had hurt. He spoke quietly, ”And every night and day I have been filled with regret bigger than you can imagine.” The mare then got closer and whispered to Potion's ear, ”It's too late for apologizes, goodbye my love.” She then kicked him, killing him. ”Potion!” Daisychain ran next to Potion, ”No!”. The mare looked at Potion's body, ”He paid the price from his actions.” She then turned towards Magic Potion Junior, ”From this point on, shall Potion's name be cursed with my presence.” Then she and the fog disappeared leaving only baby and his mother with Potion's lifeless body. THE END It's far from perfect, I know that, but it's what it it, and will be.
  11. Do you ever visit or been to the dark web or no people that have been there ? Me no but I been kind of curious lately
  12. Hi everyone ^^ Today, as a result of a stream I did this afternoon, I did a Princess Luna fanart It has a quite dark atmosphere . I hope you'll like it
  13. Note from the author: This story is based on a roleplay I was (and still am) involved in, which in turn is based on this cartoon series: Only the first three need to be read to gain an idea of the universe this story exists in. The story revolves around two characters from that roleplay, Cirrus Wisp (female pegasus, light brown in color, slightly darker mane and tail) and Flapper (griffon female, light gray with white accents, brown tail tuft), along with Longhaul, my main character. This will be a 3-part story, with the first part going up soon. The second and third parts will be up as soon as they are finished. This story will contain some coarse language (nothing excessive, and most likely nothing you haven't already heard), and some descriptions of the aftermath of violent acts. If any of this bothers you, stop reading now and go read another fanfic, this one isn't for you. Posted with the encouragement of (and a swift kick in the posterior from) @Alexshy.
  14. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. Sunset slowly got out of her car and walked toward her partially destroyed school. Half of the auditorium had been reduced to nothing but burning green ashes. Atop the ashes were the geodes belonging to Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Sky Scraper was trying to comfort Fluttershy, while Twilight was being consoled by her boyfriend, Sherbert Music-Guard. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were hugging each other and crying loudly. Several other students also appeared to be traumatized by what had just happened. Sunset kneeled before what used to be the auditorium and let the tears flow down her cheeks. She felt nothing but extreme guilt, sadness and rage. The next morning, Principal Celestia stood at a podium in front of the mass of green ashes. Portraits of the students who had perished in the explosion were hanging on the walls. Principal Celestia began her speech. “Fifteen students were killed at the Fall Formal last night when the auditorium was blown up by an unknown attacker. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Flash Sentry, Scootaloo, Sweetie Drops, Roseluck, Octavia Melody, Bulk Biceps, Sandalwood, Snips, Snails, Norman, Pixel Pizzaz and Indigo Wreath will be remembered fondly by all of us. They were amazing students and people, and were truly a credit to our school. Let us have a minute’s silence in their honor.” For the next minute, Sunset, Twilight, Fluttershy, Sky Scraper, Sherbert Music-Guard, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Maud Pie, Lyra Heartstrings, Vinyl Scratch, Photo Finish, Violet Blurr and the rest of the CHS students, along with many grieving families, remained solemnly silent. Then Vice Principal Luna stepped up to the podium. “It has been brought to our attention by Sunset Shimmer that this heartless attack was most likely carried out by Adagio Dazzle, a former student here at Canterlot High.” said Luna. “As a result, school will be canceled today. We think it would be best for you all to stay home, given the circumstances.” Fluttershy put a hand on Sunset’s shoulder. “Sunset, you did your best. There was nothing more that could have been asked of you.” Sunset sighed. “I know, but I can’t help but feel somewhat guilty for this. I just can’t believe Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are gone.” “I know. I feel just as horrible as you do.” said Twilight. “I have a sinking feeling things can only get worse from now on.” Canterlot, a normally happy town, suddenly seemed gray and dull. Lyra missed her best friend and girlfriend very badly, and remembered all the fun times they’d had together. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle promised themselves that they would never forget Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle also pined for her big sister. Photo Finish and Violet Blurr felt empty without Pixel Pizzaz alongside them. Vinyl grieved for her best friend Octavia. Even Maud Pie was overcome by her emotions when remembering Pinkie. Sonata was horrified and immensely saddened by the atrocity her sister had committed. But no one was more miserable than Sunset. First she had vowed to avenge Applejack. Now she was determined to avenge Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and the others who’d lost their lives. “Well, Adagio, I hope you’re happy.” snapped Aria. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Adagio snickered. “I got my revenge. Canterlot High School has crumbled, and those Rainbooms are gone for good.” Aria finally lost it. “First of all, you only got half of them!” she shouted. “The remaining three are looking for you right now. And second, you killed twelve innocents! I thought you wanted to get rid of the Rainbooms, not murder innocent people just for the fun of it! You know what, I’m done following you around. I’m calling the police, and they’re going to destroy that fucking stupid stone and put an end to you once and for all!” Adagio grinned. She pulled the Incineration Stone out of her pocket, and pointed it straight at Aria. Sunset slowly walked through the downtown area, guilt still hanging over her head. In the distance, she could see Fluttershy and Twilight standing together, looking shocked. Sunset immediately ran up. “What is it?!” she asked, worried for her friends. “O — over there!” Fluttershy pointed to her right. Sunset looked and saw Sky and Sherbert kneeling before a small pile of green ash. Sky walked back to the girls. “It’s that purple siren girl, Aria Blaze. She got incinerated.” “Probably by Adagio to cover her tracks!” said Sunset. “Does anyone know where she went after killing Aria?” “A think she went that wey.” said Sherbert, pointing north. “That’d be taeward Heichwey Nineteh-five.” “Okay, then.” Sunset turned to Fluttershy and Twilight. “Are you girls up for going after her?” “If it means avenging our friends, then yes!” said Twilight firmly. Fluttershy nodded in agreement. Fluttershy’s and Twilight’s boyfriends hugged and kissed them goodbye and wished them luck. Then the three girls hurried back to Sunset’s house, got into her car, and raced off toward the highway. The girls listened to music as they sped towards the highway. But as they merged onto Highway 95, the music stopped. Moments later came the voice of a news reporter. “This just in.” the reporter announced. “There has just been a bombing at Camp Everfree. The camp’s counselors, Timber Spruce and Gloriosa Daisy, were both killed, and the perpetrator of this attack, a teenage girl named Adagio Dazzle, is believed to now be approaching Manebridge. We will elaborate on this story when we have more details.” “Holy shit, Manebridge is almost at the northern border!” cried Twilight. “We won't get there before dusk!” “We can if we take Highway 3.” Sunset replied with a smile. “You’re right!” said Twilight. “Why didn’t I think of that?” At the exit to Highway 3, Sunset swerved onto the northbound ramp. “Speaking of which, why would Adagio go after Camp Everfree of all places?” Fluttershy asked. “I saw her in the forest that night.” said Sunset. “Maybe Timber or Gloriosa saw her and she wants to destroy any places that could connect her to the explosion at the school. In any event, we’re onto her and if we keep going to exit 47, we’ll be in Manebridge before dusk!” As Sunset, Twilight and Fluttershy approached exit 47, the first exit for Manebridge, a loud explosion sounded out. “Shit!” Fluttershy exclaimed. “Did you girls feel that?” “Yes.” said Sunset. “Adagio is close by.” As Sunset was exiting the highway, Adagio finally stopped her car at a local diner. She went in, ordered a sandwich, and sat down in the back of the building. As she ate her dinner, she thought to herself, This is ridiculous. How could my plan have backfired so badly? Adagio finished the sandwich and walked out of the diner. But just as she pulled the Incineration Stone out of her pocket and aimed it at the diner, Sunset, Twilight and Fluttershy arrived on the scene. Sunset ran into the diner. “Everyone get out! This place is about to be blown up!” Like magic, everyone poured out of the diner. Adagio turned to face the three girls, pointing the stone at them. “Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye to you three. Thank you very much for ruining my plans.” Sunset ran forward. “Oh no, it isn’t! Just for you — and me!!!” Sunset tackled Adagio and slammed her through the door. The Incineration Stone went flying through the air. “What?!? NO!!!” Adagio cried. The stone fired off one last time, and the entire diner was destroyed by a massive green explosion. “SUNSET, NO!!!” Twilight and Fluttershy cried out. They both sagged to the ground and burst into tears, just as Sonata, Lyra and Wallflower Blush arrived. Sonata was visibly very upset. “I’m so sorry.” she said. “I — I was too late.” “Sunset’s a hero.” said Wallflower through tears. “Yep.” Lyra agreed. “She killed the murderer herself.” “I — I can’t believe it!” Twilight whimpered. “Now Fluttershy and I are the… only ones left.” “I wouldn’t say that.” said Wallflower thoughtfully. “You’ve still got us. You Rainbooms have taught me so much about friendship, and helped me to open up.” “Sunset believed me when no one else would.” said Sonata. “I tried warning others about Adagio, but they all ignored me because they assumed I was still on her side.” “You avenged your best friends, and mine.” said Lyra. “We’ll help you through this. It’s the least we can do.” Years later, a large portrait would stand in the main hallway of Canterlot High. It depicts Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Applejack during their band’s, and the town’s, heyday. Below it, the plaque reads, “The Rainbooms — Six Brave, Strong and Kind Girls Who Discovered Friendship Few Ever Know”. Right next to it stands another portrait. It is of Sunset Shimmer, and its plaque reads, “Sunset Shimmer, the Heroine of Canterlot”.
  15. NOTE: This story is not intended to be canon to the Equestria Girls series in any way. Please read with discretion. “First and foremost, I’m so sorry about Applejack.” said Princess Twilight as she and Sunset, who was now in her pony form, entered the Canterlot library. “It’s all right, Twilight.” Sunset replied. “I just need to find out what killed her. I know her death wasn’t natural, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” “You’re correct in saying it wasn’t natural.” said Princess Twilight gravely. “That green fireball was definitely Equestrian magic. And I’m pretty sure I know where it came from.” Princess Twilight led Sunset to a shelf near the back of the library. The purple alicorn scanned the shelves until she found the thick black book that she was looking for. The cover read, “The Equestrian Encyclopedia of Weapons and Tools of Destruction”. “Okay, that title doesn’t sound good.” Sunset remarked. Twilight flipped through the encyclopedia until she reached the letter I. On that page was an illustration of a round stone with a giant X scratched into it. “The Incineration Stone.” Twilight explained. “Long ago, an evil and mentally disturbed unicorn used this stone to terrorize various communities in Western Equestria. The green fireballs that this stone emitted decimated entire towns and killed close to five hundred ponies. This unicorn was so powerful that it took five great sorcerers, led by Starswirl the Bearded, to defeat him in battle. The evil unicorn was ultimately killed, and Starswirl took the stone and hid it somewhere far away. But Starswirl never said where, and its fate remains unknown.” Sunset gasped. “That stone must have ended up in my world!” “Most likely, yes. That’s the only logical explanation.” Twilight replied. “And someone found it and used it to kill Applejack!” Sunset exclaimed. “But who? I’d better get back to my world. This is big, really big!” When Sunset returned to the human world, it was getting dark. The clock in front of the town hall declared that it was nearly ten o’ clock. Sunset figured she had better get some sleep, so she hurried home, changed into her pajamas, and crashed on her bed. She stayed awake for some time, pondering what Princess Twilight had told her, but eventually she drifted off and fell asleep. Adagio Dazzle crouched in the bushes near Sweet Apple Acres, making sure she wasn’t seen. Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk crouched right beside her. “Well, girls, we’re finally back in this piece of shit town.” she said to her sisters. “Now to get our revenge and assert our superiority once and for all!” “But how?” Sonata asked, confused. “Our pendants were destroyed, like, a long time ago.” Aria sighed. “Just shut the fuck up for once in your life, Sonata.” From her pocket, Adagio pulled out a stone with a giant X scratched into it. “This.” she said. “This stone shoots out green fire that can destroy anyone and anything. With it, I’ll devastate this town, and we three will take over.” Just then, Applejack came into view, driving home in her jalopy. Adagio sneered. “Well, well, well. It looks like we have our first victim. Goodbye, Applejack.” She held the stone, took aim, and fired. “Oh God, not them!!!” Sunset jolted awake, very disturbed and angered by the dream she’d just had. She would get no more sleep that night, and the next day she told her friends about the Incineration Stone, and the dream. “Oh, goodness!” Fluttershy remarked. “You don’t think the Dazzlings are back, do you?” “It could just be a nightmare.” said Sunset thoughtfully. “On the other hand, my empathy power could be starting to manifest itself in my dreams as well.” “Then what are we waiting for?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Let’s find the Dazzlings or whoever has this thing and bring them to justice!” “That’s easier said than done.” Sunset replied. “Literally anyone could be a suspect, not just those three.” “Well then, I suppose we’ll just have to question everyone.” said Rarity. And that’s just what they did. For the last week of summer until school started, the six girls questioned various people in the town. But everyone’s response was the same — they were sorry about what happened to Applejack, but had no clues to this mystery. The girls also kept an eye out for the Dazzlings, but never saw them. All this caused Sunset to lose sleep, and once the school year started, that impacted her grades as well. She stayed up later and later trying to catch up on missed assignments. Her friends helped her, but that didn’t reduce the amount of stress that was piling on Sunset. One Thursday night, Sunset was still lying awake in bed at two in the morning. She was feeling restless, so she decided to go for a walk around town. She didn’t bother to change out of her pajamas, merely throwing on a jacket. The night air did manage to clear her head somewhat, and she made it all the way to the outskirts of Canterlot. She reached the edge of the forest and was just about to head home when she heard an all-too-familiar voice behind her. She turned to see three girls standing in the forest. Just from the shape of their hair, she knew who they were: Adagio, Aria and Sonata. “It’s been nearly a month since Applejack’s, hmm… unfortunate death.” Adagio whispered slowly. “What are you, gonna launch another attack already?” Aria growled. “Not yet.” Adagio replied. “I haven’t decided when or how I’m going to take out the rest of those girls. I say we leave this town now, and return when the time is right.” “Fine.” Aria sighed. She and Adagio turned and headed further into the forest. Sonata, who had remained silent the whole time, waited a moment before following her sisters. Sunset was horrified at what she’d just heard. Her nightmare had to have been true! She hurried back home and crashed down on her bed. Once again, she didn’t fall asleep, but she was too terrified of what could happen to her and her friends to be tired. When she and her friends met up at school the following morning, she hurriedly told them what she had seen. Fluttershy promptly went into full panic mode and had to be calmed down by Rainbow Dash, and the other three were extremely shocked as well. “Oh, shit!” Twilight cried. “What are we gonna do?” “I don’t know.” said Sunset. “But we need to keep an eye out for them. If you see one of them, let me know and we’ll figure something out.” Sunset’s five friends solemnly agreed. Over the next couple of weeks, things gradually returned to normal in Canterlot, and before long, it was time for the Fall Formal. That night, the girls were getting ready at Rarity’s house. Rarity had made five gorgeous dresses for herself, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, and they were all very excited for the dance. Fluttershy was especially excited about going with her boyfriend, Sky Scraper. Sunset, however, had decided not to attend this year, as she was still feeling a bit put out. “Darling, are you sure you don’t want to go?” asked Rarity. “I made a fabulous dress for you too.” “That’s okay.” Sunset replied. “I just don’t feel like it.” “Well then, I… guess we’ll be off.” said Twilight. “Bye, Sunset.” She and the other girls piled into a limousine parked outside, and they set off for the school. Shortly after her friends left, Sunset was getting ready to go home when the doorbell suddenly started ringing furiously. Sunset opened it and saw Sonata Dusk looking terrified. “What the hell are YOU doing here!?!” Sunset cried out. “I bet you're trying to kill me!?!” “No, no, no!!!” Sonata shouted. “I’m trying to stop Adagio!” “Wait, what?” Sonata sighed. “Adagio ditched me and Aria. I don’t know where Aria’s gone off to, but Adagio’s about to blow up your school with this magic fire stone that she found! She’s on her way over there right now! I tried to talk her out of it, but she threatened to kill me if I got in her way again!” “Holy shit, we have to get there before she does!” Sunset exclaimed. “Get into my car, we’ll stop her!” Sunset and Sonata climbed into Sunset’s car, and they sped off as fast as they possibly could. Meanwhile, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie entered the school, followed by Fluttershy and Sky Scraper holding hands. Multiple other students were heading into the auditorium as well. Adagio was approaching the school, the Incineration Stone in her right hand. “Just another minute or so, and my revenge will be completed!” she cackled to herself. Sunset’s car screeched like a bat out of hell toward the school. She was going about 80 miles an hour, and Sonata was terrified that they would crash, but Sunset continued to accelerate. As the last of the students filed into the auditorium, Adagio reached the school. She pointed the stone at the auditorium, and a green glow emerged from it. Twilight, Fluttershy and Sky Scraper were a safe distance away. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie weren’t so lucky. Sunset could see the school in the distance when an entire part of it was turned into a massive green explosion that shook the entire town. Her face went pale and she lifted her foot off the gas. She slumped in the driver’s seat and burst into tears. “NO!!! GOD, NO!!!”
  16. After almost a year of procrastination, I am finally ready to release the first chapter to my fanfic, Solitary Twilight. A new day had just begun in the village of Ponyville. As the sun emerged over the horizon, rays of light turned the black night into orange morning. The air was moist and warm, with a gentle breeze to accompany it. The quite village began to awaken from last night’s slumber as residents slowly emerged from their houses. Among those returning to the realm of the awakening, was a purple unicorn mare who lived inside a tree library in the middle of Ponyville named Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was giving an unpleasant sting that immediately jolted her awake. Her head ached and her neck was stiff due to being keep in an awkward position last night. Twilight groaned. She wanted to go back to sleep but the morning light kept bombarding her eyelids with a never ending stream of light despite having slept like a foal last night, Twilight felt like she just napped for little more than an hour. Her head throbbed, like she had been clubbed repeatedly. As her senses returned to her, Twilight gave in to the illuminated sting and opened her eyes to find herself in her bedroom. Her sheets were mangled in a twisted fashion and were dampened with sweat. She was greeted by a dusty wood-like smell that she had grown accustomed to since she first arrived in ponyville. Her bedroom was coated the rising sun’s pink and orange hue that warmed Twilight, almost as if it were comforting her from last night’s ordeal. Still, her headache plagued her like a splinter in her mind that just refused to stop poking her, and the sun refused to let her sleep in any further. Twilight dragged herself out of bed and fumbled downstairs as she tried to regain her balance. The pain in her stiff neck began to get much worse. As she made her way down to the kitchen, her body aches began to depart from her with every step. When Twilight made her way down to the kitchen, she immediately noticed that Spike, her assistant baby dragon was nowhere to be seen. “Spike?” Twilight called out, but there was no reply “Where is he?” Twilight said irritably. “If he’s sleeping in, I swear to Celestia I don’t know what I’ll do!” Twilight said with a growling tone. She went over to his bed, only to find it empty. Twilight became confused and impatient with hunger. As her stomach became racked with hunger, Twilight clumsily stepped back into the kitchen when she noticed a hastily written note under her coffee pot. Twilight, We were out of breakfast items. So I’m going to the market to grab a few things. I’ll be back in a bit. Spike. Reading those words gave Twilight warm feelings of affection and washed away her irritation. “Well at least the coffee is ready.” Twilight thought. “Maybe a little caffeine will help me wake up and get rid of this darn headache!” She said as she poured some coffee into a mug. The sweet roasted aroma and warm steam lifted her senses and revived her from the weighted sleepiness that was dragging her down. As she began to take her first sip, she noticed a newspaper article on the counter a few inches from the coffee pot. She looked at it and saw the bold headline; MAGIC DOLL CAUSES RAMPAGE AND DESTRUCTION! It was about the events that had occurred last night, when Twilight had needed to get a friendship letter to Princess Celestia. But since there was no friendship problem for her to solve, she decided to make one by making almost everyone in Ponyville mindlessly in love with her smartypants doll with a “Want-It-Need-It” spell, which backfired and caused many ponies to be injured and property to be destroyed. Despite her reckless actions, Princess Celestia had forgiven Twilight and had lightened the conditions of when to send her a friendship letter. Feelings of shame returned to her as she recalled yesterday’s events, but she soon shrugged it off. “Well it could have been worse.” Twilight said with relief as she proceeded to throw the newspaper in the trash can. As she continued to drink her coffee, she looked up at her clock, which stated 8:46 AM. She had plenty of time to enjoy her coffee before it was time to write down and plan today’s schedule. She had forgotten to do it last night because she was stressed out and tired from yesterday’s events. As Twilight thought about what she needed to do and accomplish today, she began to pace back and forth like she normally did. As she finished her coffee, the incessant headache began to disappear and she was able to think a lot more clearly. As Twilight began to completely free herself from sleep inertia, she felt that despite yesterday’s events, things were going to be alright. Twilight began to feel buoyant with optimism with thoughts of joy. She felt like bouncing around like Pinkie Pie. Twilight sat down at her desk, levitated a quill and parchment towards her and began to write down what she was going to do today. She planned to help Applejack on the farm, have lunch at Sugercube Corner with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, and help Rarity out at her boutique with a few of her designs. Her thoughts were only interrupted by the loud growls of her stomach. By now, Twilight’s hunger was starting to get really out of control. She wondered when Spike would be back with those groceries he said he was getting. Twilight began to get impatient. “Where is that dragon?” She thought. “ He should have been back by now.” She then started to worry. “What if he’s having a hard time deciding what to buy?” She thought. “I should probably go out and find him.” She said. “Besides, he may not have brought enough bits to pay for the break-“ Twilight was interrupted and spooked by the sound of a teleportation spell. “Hello!” She called out. “W-who’s there?” She stuttered Twilight glanced all over her library to see who had teleported into her humble abode. She saw a tall mass concealed by shadow in a corner. “Reveal yourself!” she shouted. The mass then came forward to reveal a tall white alicorn with huge wings and dressed in regalia. It was none other than her mentor, Princess Celestia. Twilight, who had gotten out of bed not to long ago was shocked. She had not been expecting Celestia “Princess!?!” Twilight said in a surprised tone. “What are you doing here?” She asked. Celestia said nothing, but instead turned her head as her facial expression went from blank, to one of regret and sorrow. Her pupils dilated as a tear began to trickle down her eyes. “Princess, whats wrong? Did something happen?” Twilight said out of curiosity. “Forgive me Twilight, my star pupil.” Celestia said in a saddened tone. Twilight immediately felt a force tackle her to the ground and pinned her to the ground. She let out a shriek as she saw a pair of shackles were placed on her hooves. Twilight tried to fight back, she was powerless as she felt her horn being wrapped in a cold, heavy like material that was followed by a ring like object that made a loud click and secured the horn cover. “PRINCESS, PLEASE HELP ME!!!” Twilight screamed. But her mentor just stood there and watched her student squirm as hoofcuffs were levitated and latched onto Twilight’s front hooves. The force that had tackled her to the ground and pinned, lifted from her, as a dark coated stallion, clad in dark grey armor that covered its face stepped in to view and stood by Celestia. “What’s happening!?!” Twilight cried. “What are you doing princess!?!” There was a short pause before Celestia replied in a stark tone of voice. “I’m sorry Twilight, but I have to put you under arrest.” Twilight was dumbfounded. She began to panic. “W-what? Why!?!” She replied hotly. “ I am arresting you for the crimes that you have committed yesterday.” Celestia replied. “B-but you forgave me for that yesterday Princess!” Twilight replied with confusion. “You said yesterday that you would forget my punishment if I se-“ “Somepony suffered a fatal injury and died in the hospital last night Twilight.” Celestia interrupted in a voice of intimidation. Twilight immediately froze. “S-some…p-pony d-died?” Twilight stuttered. The feelings of happiness that she had moments ago were extinguished like a candle light. Her heart began to race, as thoughts of guilt and fear began to take hold of her mind. “Yes Twilight.” Celestia said in an increasingly adamant tone.” Somepony suffered a puncture to the heart and died of internal bleeding.” She continued, “And that is considered involuntary pony slaughter, which is something that I simply cannot let go unpunished.” Tears began form in Twilight’s eyes. “Does this mean you’re putting me in jail?” She asked in high pitched sobbingly manner. Celestia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t like this anymore than you do Twilight, but this is a crime that is too serious for me to just ignore, so yes, I’m going to have to take you to jail.” She said in a cold, emotionless manner. Celestia’s words sent a cold shiver down Twilight’s spine. Her world as she knew it felt as if it was suddenly falling apart. She had unwittingly killed somepony yesterday because of her reckless actions, and now she would be held accountable. “N-no...” Twilight sobbed in a hushed manner as tears began to flow across her face at a much faster rate, like a cold river overflowing across her face. “Please princess, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!” She cried. “I know my faithful student.” Celestia said. ”But a princess I am obligated to protect my subjects and to carry out justice and punish wrongdoers!” Twilight attempted to plea to the Princess not to arrest her, but she was soon interrupted. “I’m taking you to the Canterlot Detention Center, where you will be held until your court date. I will see if I can get you a lighter sentence, but I can’t make any promises.” Celestia said in a very serious tone. Twilight’s blood went from cold, to frozen to the point where not even the sun could keep her warm. Celestia’s horn began to illuminate as she teleported out of the Golden Oak Library, taking Twilight, and the armored guard with her, leaving Twilight’s humble abode empty and silent, as if she never existed. On Twilight’s desk was her coffee mug that was half full and her incomplete schedule that she never finished.
  17. enjoy my pony script! MLP FIM THE ELEMENTS OF DARKNESS PONY SCRIPT PART 1 TO 4.doc
  18. Manehattan Noir Episode 1:Sin City Manehattan,New Yorkie,1924 Manehattan is a City,a City full of crime,too numerous to count.The police can handle the petty crimes.But for certain cases,the police won’t do.Thats where Rarity comes into play... *Smooth 1920s jazz plays* Rarity’s thoughts: It was a slow night tonight,there hasn’t been any major crimes with weeks.So all I’ve been doing recently is nothing sadly,and my partner Spike,helps with the petty crimes and oth- *Slams open door* Twilight: DETECTIVE RARITY!!! Rarity: Yes Mrs.T? Twilight: That’s Commissioner Twilight to ya! We have a lead on a Sugarcube Smuggling ring! I need ya to investigate now! *Throws File onto desk* [Sugarcubes is the ponified “coke”] Rarity:*lifts hat from eyes* A sugarcube ring? Twilight: Yes,are ya deaf or somethin’? Rarity: Hmm...*Examines files* Twilight: We only got one lead,apparently the leader goes by the name of “Nightshade”. Rarity: Huh...*drops files* seems like her last location was at the hotel owned by Mr and Mrs Carver. Twilight: Rarity I suggest that you go figure out why they were buying that crap and quickly! Rarity: *putting trench coat on* Yes ma’am you got it. *Loads M1911A1,and Thompson* Twilight: Ya finished yet sweetheart? *Rarity ignores twilight then exits the door* Twilight: I’ll take that as a yes. Rarity’s thoughts: I wonder why the Carver family would allow drugs into the hotel. It can’t be them,I’ve known them my whole life here in Manehattan.No it can’t be them! I have to prove it! *Rarity gets into a Taxi* Driver: Where too miss? Rarity:207 Sleet Lane,make it quick. Driver:’Aight *Later* Driver: ‘Aight Miss,207 Sleet Lane. *Rarity pays the driver and walks inside* Mrs.Carver: Oh hello Detective! How may we serve you tonight? Rarity: I’ve come in search of something. Mrs.Carver: Oh? What is it that you’re looking for?*Leans onto the bar* Rarity:*pulls picture from coat pocket* At around 10:43pm,yesterday some mysterious ponies walked in carrying sugercubes,I have come here to investigate. Mrs.Carver:Oh dear! Rarity: First I’d like to see your,”guests” who are staying in this hotel. Mrs.Carver: Right away! *Mrs.Carver gets the 5 guests together including herself and her husband* Rarity: Carvers,I’d like for you to tell me what were you doing at 10:43pm Yesterday? Mr.Carver: I was out in the shed welding together my car because the fender got torn off by some drunken punk! Rarity:Hmm...Mrs.Carver how about you? Mrs.Carver: I was upstairs cleaning one of our guests rooms! Rarity:And these ponies are your guests? Both Carvers:Yes. Rarity:Mr...? Oddingale: Oddingale,Mr Oddingale! *in a smooth talk* Rarity:Ok Oddingale,what were you doing yesterday at 10:43pm? Oddingale:Well to be honest,was getting some paper to write my wife back at Arkansaw. Rarity:How touching...and you miss? Coronelle:Coronelle,And this is my son,Nash. Nash:H-h-i.... Rarity: what were you two doing at 10:43pm? Coronelle: I was out getting some groceries for dinner. Rarity:How about you Nash? Nash:I uhm was...outside... Rarity:Go on... Nash:And I saw the truck...I saw the ponies...and they were carrying crates... *Rarity paying closer attention* Nash:I looked in of the ponies pointed a was a nickel plated revolver...with a redwood grip...she said to me,”You speak of this,I’ll hunt your family,and I’ll blow each of your heads off”. Coronelle: *sob* oh dear. Nash:So I never spoke of it till now. Rarity:What did the pony look like? Nash:She was tall,dark,had turquoise eyes,and had an old english accent. Rarity:What did the truck look like? Nash:it was your common truck.the words where a bit faded,but it said “Moon” on it. Rarity:But where did the drugs go? *4 thugs entered the hotel and and fired their guns* Rarity: GET BEHIND THE COUNTER!!! *everyone is behind the counter* Rarity: Everypony,leave out the back now!!! *pulls out and cocks Tommy Gun.Rarity shoots one of the thugs* Thug 1:Get behind somethin’!!! Thug 2:The dolls armed! Rarity: Get out! You’re under arrest! *Thug 3 jumps out,missing Rarity,But Rarity retaliates by shooting him.* Thug 2:Dang it! Jimmies been rubbed off! Thug 1: Up the stairs! Thug 2:Wait Frank ya idiot! *The thug attempts to run up the stairs but ends up getting shot* Thug 2: Screw it,I’m outta here!!! *the thug exits,but as soon as he opens the door,Police Sgt.Applejack points a Thompson at him* Applejack: You are under arrest. *moments later* Applejack: We found the stash of sugarcubes in the basement.What do you think they were putting it here for? Rarity: For storage it appears. Applejack: Storage? Now why would they do that? Rarity: That’s what I’m going to find out,I’m off to Mrs.Moons Bar and Theatre.If anything she’s probably the suspect. Applejack: Y’know,it’s not good to jump to conclusions... Rarity: The description fits,I know what I’m doing. *Rarity calls for a cab and drives off* *Moments later at The Moon Bar and Theatre,Rarity exits the cab* Bouncer: Sorry Miss ya have ta wa- *Rarity shows badge and walks in* *As she walks in,she admires how beautiful the place looks* Rarity’s Thought: Oh my! This place is beautiful,I expected a run down bar full of drunks! And that ladies voice,she soun-wait a minute... *Rarity pulls out a note describing the characters features* Rarity’s thoughts: Dark,alicorn,turquoise eyes,and an old English accent! That’s her! But how am I going to make her talk? *Rarity sits at the bar,thinking about her next move* Bartender: What’ll it be ma’am? Rarity: Before I order,how do you sell drinks during the Prohibition? (18th Amendment of the 20s) Bartender: I don’t know exactly,but if you wanna know you could ask the owner. Rarity: Is she the one singing? Bartender: Yeah,she’s the boss. I’ll tell her that you wanna talk to here in a minute. But in the meantime,*rubbing glass* what’ll it be? Rarity: A strong hard cider. Bartender:Ya got it *smirk* *pours cider* Bartender: Why is a fed like you in a place like this? *puts glass down and rubs another* Rarity: I’m looking for answers. Bartender: Right... *The song ends and the owner,Mrs.Moon or Luna Moon,takes a bow along with the choir,and a huge round of applause starts* Moon: *Bowing* Why thank you! You were a lovely crowd! Audience: *loud claps and whistles,followed by a few howls* Bartender: *leans* Hey Jeff! Jeff the bodyguard: Yeah? Bartender: Go get the boss,this lady want ta have a “talk” see! Jeff the bodyguard: *winks at bartender* yeah, I’ll get ‘er. Bartender: ‘Aight,she’ll be here soon. Rarity: *puts down empty glass* Thank you sir. Moon: Hello Miss..? Rarity: It’s Rarity,Detective Rarity. Moon: Let’s go to my office so we can talk more privately. *Mrs.Moon And Rarity walk into the office* Bartender: Jeff,get some of ya boys and guard that door Incase the fed decides to take it too serious. Jeff the bodyguard: ya got it. *jeff walks toward a couple of men who are playing poker,and walks them towards the office and cocks their Thompsons* Moon: Please,let me take your coat. Rarity:No thank you,this will be quick. *sits down* Moon: If you say so...*sits down* Rarity: Well first off,I would like to know how this place is running even though selling alcohol is illegal now. Moon: You could say that we have our ways with the police.*wink* Rarity: Right. anyways I want to ask you what were you and your guards were doing yesterday at 10:43pm? Moon: Why do you want to know? *slowly grabs revolver from under the desk* Rarity: *slowly grabbing handgun from under coat* Rarity: Because it’s my duty to protect everypony from harmful drugs like these. Moon: Well Miss...*aims gun at Rarity’s head* you’ve caught me. *Rarity grabs the revolver and flips Moon overhead and lands with a thud* Moon:UGH!!! Rarity: I’ve had that one done to me more times than you can imagi- *bodygaurds kick down the door and unleashes lead rain while rarity dives behind a steel locker* Rarity: Dammit! I can’t let her get away! *Rarity jumps out from behind the locker whilst holding her Thompson,she unloads the clip into the guards and runs out the door. The citizens are leaving and Rarity notices Moon with her bodyguards leaving out the back door.Rarity rushes out to the back while the truck just left the driveway.Rarity steals a Rolls Royace* Rich Man: Hey that’s my car! Rarity: *hops in* I’m a detective and I need this vehicle! *Rarity speeds off,onto Moons tail* Guard: ‘Ey boss! The fed is back! Moon: *taking a sharp turn* Light her up for Celestias sake!!! *Shortly the thugs along with Rarity leave the city and are now on the countryside.The guards open little slots in the trucks cargo area,and start shooting rarity.Rarity doesn’t get hit but the car is (obviously) taking damage.Rarity shoots a guard in one of the peep holes and shoots the tires.* Moon:Dam-*the truck crashes into a tree* *3 bodyguards exit the truck as well as Moon and start unloading lead at Rarity manages to kill one.Then a thug shoots the gas tank,causing it to explode.Rarity jumps behind a different tree before the explosion.With a greater angle,she kills the other guard,as well as the other one.Moon jumps in the back,and grabs a MK.2 military grenade.Moon throws it,but as she throws it Rarity tackles Moon and starts a fist fight.Moon kicks rarity in the gut,forcing her to get off her,while Moon lunges toward her,Rarity side steps and puts Moon in a chokehold* Rarity:Moon! Stop struggling! Surrender and come quietly! Moon: NO!!! I’m not giving up my fortune!!! *moon grabs a dagger that was attached to her leg,and attempts to stab Rarity,but she misses.Rarity throws her to the ground and puts her in cuffs.* Rarity:Your drug smuggling days are done. Moon:DAMN!!! Kid: Wow Miss,you’re amazing at fighting people! *the police then arrive* Twilight: Satisfactory job Detective. Rarity: Oh please commissioner...*lights cigar* Twilight: You’re right,you did pretty good.You stopped a drug smuggling crew! *Rarity stares at the city* Rarity: Before I leave Commissioner I must ask... Twilight:Yes? Rarity: How come her bar was selling alcohol? Whereas the 18th Amendment says “no distribution of alcoholic substances”? Twilight: uhm...I don’t know...? Rarity: Right...*smokes cigar again,and hops into a patrol car* Rarity’s thoughts: Today I stopped a drug of my biggest cases since,two years ago.I wonder what’s next in line for me.But until then,when this city needs me I’ll be there! Up next Episode 2: A Ripper in town... Feel free to comment on how I should improve on my next Episode! Until next time,Nightmare Terror
  19. Hey everyone. Since I'm new to the forums, I figured I should share the two currently completed stories I have up on FiMFiction. Both are related, and both revolve around one of my characters, Dusk Rider/Lazuli Cutter. The Dulling of a Blade A street-mare turned assassin finds herself trapped in a cycle of crime and loneliness that she desperately wants to escape from, as much as she hates to admit it. Is it even possible for her to come back from a life of crime, or is she doomed to become a forgotten criminal whose only legacy is death and destruction? And a direct sequel to that story, Coagulation. I won't provide a summary for that one, because it slightly spoils the ending of Dulling of a Blade. I'm well aware that my writing is...sub-par at best, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at lesat share what I've got.
  20. A mysterious sickness is in the town of ponyville and some belive thieres a culprit in the everfree woods who could have answers yet many a pony have tired and faild finding the said pony. Could one pony Ajax find the answers? this is his story.....
  21. Well well well, Pudding wants to roleplay! Its been a long time since I've last done it. Good thing I've been practicing my writing skills for years! Sense I'm a horror junkie, I want to start off RPing again with a spooky story. Anyone can join as long as we all get along and have some roleplay experience. Sound good to you? Alrighty, lets begin: Story (Its almost Autumn in Ponyville! The trees are changing colors, the pumpkins are being carved, and the rain... the rain will come in full force. Things are starting to seem unfamiliar this year, especially with the appearance of a new mare in town. You see her staring up at the greying sky. No one seems to notice her except a few other ponies who walk by. Who is she? Why are dark clouds gathering? Maybe you're just feeling under the weather. Still, you cant help but be curious...)
  22. Magic as we all know is found in every living creature in Equestria. This may not seem true, but it is all true. The problem is, creatures like ordinary birds, squirrels and bunnies don't have the capabilities of extracting and using that magic. In fact, magic flows everywhere around Equestria as tiny little particles. These particles are grey, unless influenced by a user. A user can change the color of these particles by attracting them with their own power from inside them. There are only two colors these particles can change into: black and white. White particles are the result of magic that has a positive influence. Black particles are the result of magic that has a negative influence. Think of a Venn Diagram... Imagine one side being black, the other side white and the middle being grey. Now, imagine every single particle of magic, flowing through the middle of the diagram. To put the particle theorem to the test, let's examine the conversion of Luna to Nightmare moon. Princess Luna is known for her giggly and happy personality... However, she can also be quite unpredictable, especially when there is chaos...we see her trying to resolve things the old fashion way... However, on that one night, we see Luna's particles change from white back to the middle and enter a light shade of black as the jealousy toward her sister starts to build. Once the last string is pulled, all particles have become black as Luna transforms into her alternate ego: Nightmare Moon. Because magic can always shift, the black particles can return to grey or even white. Purification items and reversing spells accomplish this task. The Elements of Harmony are an example of purification items. Once the purification process is complete, all particles have returned to white. In the case of Nightmare Moon, this caused her to revert to Luna. In the case of Tirek, since he had absorbed magic and became stronger, this reverted him back to his weakest form. Because the Mane 6 are the elements of harmony, they can dig deep within to completely restore all black particles to white. Sadly, some beings were entirely made from darkness and overexposure to purification items causes their bodies to go on overload and...either explode from the energy (like Sombra) or return to a neutral/frozen state (like Discord). Now unicorns do have free access to dark magic. They can recite some via spell book or dig deep within (if and only if the unicorn has mastery over control). As noted in The Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle had to use dark magic to reveal a hidden stair case. I know what you're thinking..."Wait! Didn't you say only black particles come about due to negative influence?" Well this is true. There is however a very small percent of dark magic that is used for positive purposes such as revealing hidden paths and uncovering deadly traps in a dark maze. While in the realm of the Crystal empire, Crystal ponies are an excellent demonstration of this theory. When crystallized, a crystal pony's particles are all white. However, when in fear and/or sad, they dull out as their particles become a lighter shade of black. Remember, a lighter shade of black just means that there is either a lock, sap or a host feeding off of magic. Love magic is considered the purest form of magic in my theory, as the particles are the brightest of white. Princess Cadence is the greatest example of this. When Queen Chrysalis pulls her trickery, she encases Shining Armor in an aura of dark magic. His white particles have turned to grayish black as Chrysalis is feeding off of his magic. Because Chrysalis doesn't have complete control over Shining Armor, his particles never go fully black. When Cadence uses her love spell on him, his particles return to white as he is freed from the dark sapping magic. When Shining Armor and Cadence combine to create the ultimate love spell, the particles are the whitest of whites. This is a 100% pure and perfect spell. Queen Chrysalis on the other hand has always had black particles. Because she never had a previous form, the white particles collided with her and pushed her away, rather than freezing her or reverting her to a weaker and good form. Speaking of changelings...Thorax plays a major key in our discussion of my theory. Because he had separated from the bunch and decided to become good, his particles became grayish black as well, and slowly moved towards the gray and neutral zone. Nonetheless, due to his need to feed off of love, some darker particles still lurked. At the end of "The Times, They Are A Changeling" and in the middle of "To Where and Back Again" there is a noticeable difference in Thorax's appearance. His wings have changed into crystal. According to the show, this means he does not even need to feed off of love anymore. In the final battle against Chrysalis, Thorax believes all the love is being taken away from him. However, when Starlight tells him to share all of his love, there is a massive change as Thorax's particles completely purify and become a bright white. Again, when the changelings perform this feat, Chrysalis is pushed away due to the absence of weaker forms. To tie this in with my previous blog about the neutrality of magic, let's add the particle theory to it. Twilight's Crown and other items of the like carry grey neutral particles. When Twilight wears her crown, all particles change to white. Nonetheless, there is no magical effect due to the purity of Twilight Sparkle. However, as stated in my previous blog, items such as crowns, gems and necklaces when worn by a pony with malicious intent will have a negative effect on said pony. The most popular effect is a dark transformation. The item feeds of the negative energy from the black particles within said being, thus triggering the transformation. SciTwi's magic-sapping necklace is a very unique element. You see, when the Mane 6 transformed into their half-pony states, they were using an "awakening spell" meaning one that requires a user to be their true self to awaken the power within. SciTwi's magic-sapping necklace could sap any magic and neutralize it, rendering all particles grey. When Principal Cinch finds out about this, she and her classmates beckon her to use the magic with a song. Now this presents a dilemma in the theory. However, it can be proved. SciTwi is very insecure and hesitant to do things. During the song "Unleash the Magic" the black particles from the auras of Principal Cinch and Twilight's fellow classmates were already influencing the magic. Therefore, when Twilight unleashed it all, she transformed into the evil Midnight Sparkle. So...after all of this, the magic we all see and know is all around Equestria. Ponies of all species have the ability to tap in and utilize this magic. However, it is unicorns, alicorns and any other being who can directly interact with the magic all around them that have the greatest influence on magic. Finally, it's not just about how a pony or being used magic, it is what their heart desires that ultimately defines the magic they use, whether light, dark or neutral. Thoughts?
  23. Hey guys just thought I'd come here and show you guys the first chapter of the new fanfic I've been working on. A trip into the Yaket Mountains north of the Crystal Empire takes a dark, lovecraftian like twist. Let me know what you think:
  24. This is part of a collaborative project I did with another youtuber. It is my first dabble into rock music and I had a lot of fun DL link and complete song are found on the youtube page
  25. Equestria: Duality Hello everyone. This is my first hosted roleplay on this site so forgive me if this isn't like others you've been in. I've been in few pony roleplays but I had an idea I thought would be fun to do with a group of people. I hope you enjoy! You are a pony who has been invited to a resort in the Crystal Empire by the owner of said vacation haven himself. Your summons is simple, your name was randomly drawn and you've been offered an expense free vacation to the lovely beachside location, starting with a special feast with your host. Upon arrival you are treated like favored guests and after dinner are excused to rest and await the fun of the next day. Not long into the night your group decides to go on a walk to explore the location of your generous vacation. You and your party of fellow guests however encounter a twist and suddenly everything about the Equestria you know and love isn't as it should be... Your pony has become drastically different than it was before and now it's an upgrade of the original! Your character may have swapped genders. They may have even changed species! Or they may have simply discovered that they have magical abilities or gained physical prowess where they had none before. You're goal? To find out what's going on and get home? The catch? You don't know how and you need help to do it. Submitting: Upon your character's acceptance they will receive their letter of invitation to be pampered and you will begin your turn by responding to that letter and meeting at the resort. When submitting please remember that your character will have changes and incorporate those upgrades. You can be as creative as you like with these changes and I would like you to keep in mind that they will be normal ponies when this roleplay begins. They will have normal, otherwise canonically believable lives with jobs and families. Roles to apply for: Medic/Healer- You'll be invaluable to your comrades with your ability to heal and better them. Though you may be able to protect yourself, saving others is your prime objective. Mage- You will primarily fight with magical attacks and abilities, but this does not mean you have to be a unicorn. Something has changed you after all. Your role will be defense mostly but your comrades may need your magical talents for enchanting and more practical situations. Warrior- You will fight with weapons and will wield ones where others cannot. Your abilities lie in your physical prowess. Scout- You're the master of stealth. If it's spying, silent attacks, or quick escapes your pony is who others look to. You'll probably be in charge of providing the vital information to the one in charge that determines the actions of the team as a whole. Tactition- Not overly battle inclined but still important. You find out who is on your side and what places are safe. Where can you get supplies? Where is the enemy's bases of operations and what can you do to foil them? You're the one who puts everything together and offers up the important details to the others. You get in touch with allies and make the preparations for missions. Constructor- When given the materials you make what you need and repair broken weapons. Give the mages something to enchant, fix your medic's tools, craft armor for your warrior. Rules: Submission format- 1.) Please don't god mod your character. If you can defeat an alicorn alone then your character is boring and unnecessary as a team contributor. If you can't die you aren't being a fair roleplayer. Please keep abilities in check so we can all have fun. 2.) No Mary/Gary Sues. It should go without saying that that you shouldn't submit or become an alicorn in this roleplay. No not spirits or gods of elements and objects either. Your character shouldn't be perfect, no one is. 3.) Please specify the changes undergone by your character when they upgrade. This includes gender changes, race changes, abilities gained, and simple changes in appearances. Be creative, but not over the top okay? 4.) Try not to fall out of touch. Post at least twice a week and alert the others to periods of absence. (For example I'm mostly active in evenings and at night.) Keep chatting even when it's not your turn and get to know your fellow roleplayers. Remember to be respectful though. 5.) As for length, I understand that in some cases ( conversations mostly ) there isn't much to be added but 200 character minimums are the goal. If you fall short once or twice that's okay so long as your posts are decent in length the rest of the time. Quality is preferred over quantity though so try to be detailed and proofread before posting. Legibility is key and we all want to see what you paint for our minds. Warrior- Mage- @P-Jay Medic- @Blood Moon@PonyOfDespair Scout- Tactician- Constructor- @driz *Sidenote: Don't be discouraged if someone has the role you want, I'm allowing a max of two in a single role.