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Found 18 results

  1. So, do you prefer being in a light environment over a dark one or vice-versa, and why? Why do you think some people like spending time in the dark, or in the light? I personally enjoy being in a dark room. I find it very relaxing, and I'm the type of guy who just loves to think. I feel at ease in that environment, and I don't feel distracted by both mental and physical obtrusions.
  2. I mean think of it, we have yet to get an answer as to where this darkeness came from. Well here I give my theory on how it came to be and who may be responible for it. Comments are Welcomed #MLPFIM #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #GROGAR #HASBRO #DHXMEDIA #MLPTHEORY #THEORY #THEORIES
  3. I watched Shadow Play a few days ago, and it's awesome. But Stygian. Man. Love the guy! But let's talk about his...inner feelings. Oh man. Disclosure: Before going into this episode, I knew there was a guy named Stygian, had to do with the Pony of Shadows, and might not be a bad guy. But I didn't know what happened or why, and I've spent weeks speculating. Now that I've seen the episode, I know what happened and why. And reflecting on it, I've... come to realize that the emotions he felt are eerily real to me. I've been jealous before. I've felt wronged and spiteful before. And in the worst case scenarios, when that happens, all these awful, spiteful grudging thoughts take place. It's almost like saying that misery loves company. It's a draw I've been in before. Feelings of rejection seem to breed utter contempt. Case in point: Weeks before Thanksgiving, I bought the Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC, which had a code in recepit form. I purposely put it with my game systems so it woudln't seem like some random recepit laying on the floor to be accidentally thrown away... but it was. My mother did that as we were getting our rooms clean, and I started to get frustrated, because that was $20! I was told that it was my fault for putting the recepit there, and that I would only get $10 back, but I was pretty livid. If someone took a $20 bill from you and burned it, yeah you'd be pissed! I started to make a bigger deal out of it, and the $10 was rescinded, and I made a bigger deal out of it. How could it be my fault when I put it in a certain place? On Thanksgiving I drove to the same Gamestop trying to see if I could get a reprint, but they couldn't do that, and I made an even bigger deal, this time really pissed off and yelling at the phone. This just about ruined Thanksgiving. I was off somewhere, when I came home I was ostracized, and I felt spurned and wronged. I just wanted to be away from everyone. It's not far fetched to have spiteful thoughts at this, just steeped in darkness. (things were fixed later, but this is a situation that had these sort of contemptuous thoughts that are easy to get into. There's a good line I found from a deviantart drawing of Styg: Feelings of jealousy and betrayal can lead one to become consumed by the darkness growing within them. And as Stygian discovered, in a world as highly magical as Equestria, that last part can potentially become literal. I'm only just realizing this contemptuous mindset extends to my attitude toward many poitical things too, which I ruminate about way too much now thanks to OCD. Things that may or may not have anything to do with me but are thought about too much anyway.. Things that are happening that flood me with disgust. I've hypothesized what one would do to stop something like that, what (very much not good) ways one would take things into one's own hands. Things I would never want to do, but the spiteful feelings are seriously real. Sometimes I've had to shake those thoughts off, but it's concerningly soothing to think about them. The thoughts Stygian must have been feeling are very real. Not in a literal shadow sort of way, but even so. Some posts I've seen dismiss him, one using the word "crybaby", which I don't really agree with. Dismiss the idea of it just being "emo" and you see some serious feelings going on here. And though poor communication skills between him and the Pillars is very obvious, the sentiment expressed is eerily resonating. I know I'm not a dark person, but it's easy to fall into this trap. What about you?
  4. Equestria is a very powerful land/world (disclaimer: When I see Equestria I mean the planet, not the country) It has a strong force of friendship/harmony that can ward off even the most powerful other worldy foes like Discord. Harmony and the magic of friendship are one in the same and it is the most powerful magic in the MLP universe, but it is possible that Equestria is the last world with harmony, that the universe is drowned in Darkness and our lovely equines, fierce dragons, strong Yaks, and happy changelings the only thing left with light inside of them? I think it is certainly possible if you look at a few factors. One of them being Discord himself, he is not native to Equestria, is is the spirit and manifestation of chaos itself and hails from his own dimension, seeing as how he brings up the universe in casual conversation, and has access to every reality and non reality, that means he can go to any world in the universe. Yet he chose Equestria, because that is where the Elements of Harmony were, that was where any harmony was left, that was where he could actually fulfill his purpose of bringing disharmony, because it is the only place left with true harmony. The Pony of Shadows says "Once I extinguish the light, and hope of this miserable world" You could assume that means he is only after Equestria and screw the universe. Or, you could look at in a different way. Perhaps the shadow had already destroyed the light of all other worlds, and was somehow defeated before landing on Equestria, where it waited for a pony to come to it, so the shadow could take over, and destroy the last world of light. In Legends of Magic #1, Luna opens a portal to another world, and it is ridden with darkness and evil beings who want to use the evil inside of Luna for themselves, they also seem to know what is going to happen with Nightmare Moon, the same way it is implied the Tree of Harmony and the magic of Harmony itself knew that there was a greater purpose for Twilight. Starswirl says many worlds are evil. I think that during that time, most worlds were being devoured by creatures feasting off of the "light" of every world. "Many of those worlds contain evils worse than you can dream. Evils that have devoured the light of their own world, and hunger for a taste of a new world." -Starswirl I think this could imply that these "dark beings" (potentially controlled by "The Darkness" were going from planet to planet and destroying the light within them. Now very few worlds not shrouded in Darkness remain. And the only one with the power to stand against the darkness, is the world where the light shines the brightest in every pony, Equestria. I think that the light the pillars have and used to create the tree isn't so much their light magic, but the light magic of the universe being used to create a conduit for the lights power, so that it could one day gift a pony of destiny, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends. With the power to destroy (and sometimes reform) darkness for good.
  5. I wish My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic dealt with very dark and mature themes like death and other problems that go on in people's lives. There's a lot of kid shows that dealt with very dark and mature themes like "Courage the Cowardly dog" for an example; the show dealt with domestic violence in the episode "The Mask". So if Courage the Cowardly Dog and other kid shows can deal with very dark and mature themes like that, then why can't My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic deal with very dark and mature themes like that? I also wish My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic had way more darker villains that did much more more darker evil things (like murder) than the ones that the series had. I do like most of the villains in the series, but I wish there was a villain in the series that actually murder someone or do something very evil that can't be undone. Most of the evil stuff that the villains did in the series did were undone by the heroes. And I also wish My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic had very complicated storylines in the series that are as complicated as the storylines from the "Kingdom Hearts" video games series. The storylines in the Kingdom Hearts series are very complicated, and that video game series is for kids; so why can't My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic have a very complicated storyline in it?
  6. This is just my opinion: Nightmare Rarity Arc (Revenge of the Sith Vibes) Just saying it cause I kinda get a little vibe of it reading the arc but that's just my opinion
  7. this is an orange pony it has an evil cloud mane or something and there is a light idk i thought it would look cool
  8. Seriously guys, don't ask why. Sometimes when i am bored out of my mind and have weird thoughts in my mind, i play retro video games. This is the end result. It's been awhile since i played this game, BTW. WIN_20150706_005555.wmv
  9. Can anyone think of the illustration the art is representing?
  10. So, if you don't know what this is, don't worry, it's not that dark anti type of religion, so don't worry. Cult classics are movies, T.V. shows, video games, and anything in general that wasn't considered good or funny, but rather boring or not entertaining. However, as time passes, if something from back then is popular as of now, then it's considered a cult classic. And I gotta ask, are you a fan of it? And if so, what cult classics have you seen or heard of? I always tend to go for the underrated and cult classics. To get an idea, here are two cult classics. For movies, we got napoleon dynamite, a cult classic movie that got low box office scores at the theaters and was considered boring at the time, but as time went on, it was a big hit and a sleeper hit with it's comedy. For Cartoons, we got invader zim. This is of course funny and weird in a good way if your into that stuff, but back then, it was forgotten and frowned upon because of it's dark humor and characters. Now, it's a big hit as well, and considered one of the funniest cartoons in my opinion.
  11. Kinda made a dramatic and epic scene of something... Yes, again "movie" style, 'cause it's now my favourite :3 And look, it's a Daring Do! Link to wallpaper -K97
  12. This Soliloquy is just my inner thoughts, no explanation needed. My deviantart page if anyone is interested: -------------- I was born with the gift of life. As the tick of time began within me my mission began as well. My journey to discover who I am. The passage of time has aged me to 21 years and I’ve yet to discover who I am. I search high and low everyday. I ponder the depths of my mind and emit my thoughts outward to god so he may hear my progress. I feel lost. Each day a new mask is created and discarded, a new personality developed then disposed of to the wind, a new hope developed then recycled. Will I ever discover who I am? Will I ever touch the face of my focus? I feel doubt but even so I will never lose myself to sorrow and loss. No matter how many masks I try on no matter how many roles I play or costumes I acquire one thing is for sure. I will always be the same inside. My Soul will shine bright within the darkness emitting hope and love for others and myself. I will not die lost. I will not die confused and defeated. Watch over me God, save me from myself.
  13. Meet the new princess of Dark Equestria - Pinkamena Diane Pie! And here is a link to it - And damn, wish I ever had an interview with someone :I
  14. This is a random poem that came to me today while I was taking a shower. I can't really choose when and how poems come to me, they just happen. With my limited vocabulary I'd say this poem came out somewhat well. Forgive my spelling if you spot any mistakes. I may be good with words but my spelling is horrible. If anyone cares to know, I'll be putting this up on my DeviantART account too. ------- As darkness fills my very soul you turn to me and ask where I’ll go. You plead and plead for me to stay but I cannot, not this day. You grab my arm with persistence and force; I knock you down with no remorse. --- You stand back up and grab me again, you beg me not to go for I am your friend. Once more I break your grip and push you away, I’ve told you already, I cannot stay. I make my way to the front door; I turn to see you’re still on the floor. --- You’ve wondered why I acted this way, you’ve wondered why till this day. I’ve been gone for so many years, but not once did you shed any tears. Every other night without a peep, I enter your room and watch you sleep. I miss the days we had together but they are gone, gone forever.
  15. So I have this idea for song about a foal pegasus who can perform magic, even though she's doesn't have a unicorn horn. Not only that but, her magic is very powerful and she has the power to communicate with other animals as well those that have passed away. Then the people of cloudsdale find out her magical powers and asume she has a curse. So they take her away from her mother and burn her at stake in front of everyone. I don't know but, it seems like many bronies wouldn't aprove of my idea. I have a friend who's also a brony and he would prabably end up calling me a "sadistic psyco fucker" or something similar. I know from previous experiances when I showed him a picture of Rainbow Dash saluting a Soviet flag. But, then again you do have all these grimdark fanfics and tumblrs. Would you aprove of my idea for a song? Do you think it's messed up in any way?
  16. Hello everypony, as you may have guessed, I am BioHazard. I was Nightmare Moon's apprentice before she was banished. I guess I'll have a while to talk before she gets back ( I am speaking to you through a mirror that allows me to speak across time. Where I am, Nightmare Moon, or Luna as you know her, was banished 2 years ago. ) I will answer your inquiries as best I can, though I may be unable to use pictures ( they're really hard to send through fragile time links. ) Go ahead, ask me anything and I'll try to avoid destroying you.....
  17. Hello Everyone! Last night I decided to start writing a grimdark poem since I haven't written anything that involved grimdark content for a long time. I made it a mission to start writing a few (about 2 or 3) grimdark poems before I start working on my grimdark fanfictions again. This poem was a bit short but I've always believed good things always come in small packages. Most of my writing is effected by the music I listen to as I work so this poem below was effected by some dark ambient music I had playing in the background. At the moment I'm working on another grimdark poem that I hope will end up being a little longer. This 2nd poem will be about the decline of Pinkie Pie's sanity. So yes it will be connected to MLP. The poem will probably end up being a bit graphic so I probably won't post it on the MLP Forums. I'm concerned that the mods will view it as NSFW. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem below. Leave your opinions if you can. I know I'm not a pro when it comes to writing poems so I won't be offended if you don't like my work. [side note: When I post grimdark poems on the MLP Forums the text will be in red since it suits grimdark writing better.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheathed in darkness my heart shall be, never again will it be free. --- Hiding away from my own sin, afraid of the light i’ve always been. --- The empty black sky above my head, intrigued I am and filled with dread. --- My tainted heart beats strong and true, inducing fear only for you. --- The bleeding moon comes in sight, fueled by darkness it fills me with fright. --- As a grin spreads across its rocky face, disturbed I become and quicken my pace. --- As its pearcing glare stares down upon my head, my heart grows weak as I go to bed. --- My heart my heart it has grown weak, a new one I need and yours is what I seek. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit: As I was looking over this poem I ended up adding 3 more lines. To make it easier for you readers to pick out which lines I just added I've colored them in green.]
  18. This is my favorite poem of all I don't remember who wrote this but I shall give credit to him / her for writing this awesome poem..So let me here what you think of this poem which I deeply love.. Moonlit nightmares scar my soul devoured with demonic sighs chained insanity calls unto me acidic teardrops dwell in my eyes. Blood in my veins run backwards As the life inside flows out, My turmoil at its precipice As is my silent shouts. Pulsating echos scream violently from my catacomb heart beat, leather collar suffocates slowly, I am the beast needing to retreat. The cracks in my reality Open as gaping wounds As the walls of insanity grow larger Into an abhorrent and vulgar room. Scribbling distress signals upon a maggot filled tomb rotten tears consume my breath, held captive within a hell hounds womb. Dry stench of carcass occupy the void Dank toxic vapour fills my lungs a frantic scramble to exsist To the drone of the reapers