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Found 61 results

  1. Gallus the Griffon sabotaged the Hearth's Warming tree with a purpose, so that he didn't have to go back to Griffonstone and face the loss of his family. Now, with the help of Twilight and his fellow classmates, he must go to Griffonstone and face the tragic circumstances surrounding that dark day in his life.
  2. Is it me or does RB seems less cocky now? im saying this after the way she took care of scoots where they went camping. feel free to support or prove wrong
  3. My little pony should have a new main character: Rainbow Dash, the most awesome pony ever! Twilight Sparkle could still be a main character too, as the primary love interest of our beloved hero! The other ponies would be important friends and sidekicks, as she went on her adventures flying across equestria, and beyond. It could be a more 'cool', adventurous type show! Fast air chases, getting stranded, fighting off bad guys, ect! Vinyl scratch could be involved too. Secretly, she is desperately in love in rainbow dash, and tries to get noticed by playing cool music! Derring do could be like the de facto leader, guiding them to interesting places where help was needed What do you guys think? Isn't it a great idea?
  4. I'm trying to get back into Geometry Dash after having not playing it regularly for so long, and becoming a demon slayer, passing all the demons online no matter how hard they are. Who plays the game here? What levels would we like to share? What demon did we beat after thousands of attempts? Let's all gather 'round and talk about this masterpiece of a game.
  5. So, this episode for me could've been executed better than it was...I mean, the fact that they had demeaning nicknames as motivation, seems contradicting if you ask me. Like, who would want that, it's like people are constantly teasing and bullying you about it, that it makes you want to be the best. Also, the lesson about fitting in instead of standing out is actually a major character development point for Rainbow. In all previous episodes, we've seen Rainbow Dash take the reins and execute. However, it was the complete opposite. It taught Rainbow Dash that working in a team and fitting in to accomplish a goal is sometimes better than taking the lead and causing things to fail. It's just like a band or a cast of characters. I still think this episode was rather...meh...and Dashie having to be put on probation...ugh...that hurts. At least she's still happy about being a Wonderbolt... Thoughts?
  6. It is official guys, we knew that Rainbow Dash had father, but we were unsure if he was alive or not! But on this Hearths Warming Day he visited his daughter! So he is alive! YAAY! Twilight's parents did not come tho, and as we can see no trail from Apple Jack and Fluttershy's parents... Pinkie Pie's parents did not come too I guess? I did not see anyways! Rainbow Blaze is here tho! I hope you can see it! Thanks for the view!
  7. my favorite is wonderbolt academy. military kid what can i say
  8. So I did this Vector of Rainbow Dash, it's just meh.
  9. I just finished this piece the other day and I know the clouds are sort of at a strange angle but my hand is sore so I'll fix it later. But what do you guys think about the picture in general? I'll take the cruelest criticism you can muster, as long as it's constructive and makes sense! I tried to make the sky a little more realistic, and I was trying out a new shading style on the ponies. It was originally slightly blurred, but I changed it to be plain cel shading because apparently it looked weird the other way? It's my dream to be a vendor at a convention in the future, and I'd like to know if this would make a good print. Thoughts?
  10. Continued from my previous blog entry: More pieces of mine (and sometimes ours) that were inspired by and written for Rainbow Angelbabe. <3 Wingbeat by Siegfried Danzinger Waltz in Blue Love is Blue Giving Drift Away My Spring - Babe directly helped me work out some of the lines in this one Still Falling Music You are My Melody (song) Where We Meet Never Enough Answered Will Make Reply No Distance Like a Breeze by Siegfried Danzinger and Rainbow Angelbaby Don't You Ever (song) In the Sky A Lady Made of Color (song) Among So Many Other Things There are more. There will always be more. But that's enough for now.
  11. Hey guys! How about an amazing picture? Here it is: I suggest using for wallpaper. Fits on 1366x768 monitors. Observation: I want some constructive critics. I am starting in the shading field of art, so tips would be great. And if you just made a drawing and want one parody, contact me! Pony Parodier, version 2.0
  12. Even more excerpts from my Rainbow Dash-themed bible. Posting them at dA, and then posting them here. Pegasus, 2:14 Rainbow knocked aside the purple one's hoof, "I will not be defeated this day! Cloudsdale needeth our aid, and this be the charge of all able-bodied pegasi." Her determination was great; rivaled only by her Awesome. Pity that many had succumbed to the Flu of the Feather. Scrunch, 4:2 "Up!" She demanded of the yellow mare. "We have donned our armor and lifted our lance, and we shall inspire the Crystal ones to revelry." Her words moved the timid pony, and Rainbow promised to curb her might. Which... She probably did not do. Like at all. Scrunch, 6:15 Tenderly, with outstretched wing, she pulled the filly close. "I shall be your mentor and sister, and I will keep you safe from those who tirelessly seek the Rusty Horseshoe." This comforted the little orange one. And snuggles did follow. Wonderbolts I, 7:2 Down and down her companions fell, but with great haste and immediacy did Rainbow act. She sculpted a cloud in the sky and made it their salvation; delivering them to the safety of hooves above. Just was her rebuke of the reckless one's actions. The same mare that had bendeth her wing and won favor through misdeed.
  13. More excerpts from my Rainbow Dash-themed bible. I'm posting them to dA as well as to my MLPF blog, and the former will ultimately include a compilation. The RainBible: Excerpts, Part II Radicalness, 4:7 Brave Rainbow descended into the deep and the dark; answering the filly's cries with the utterance of her own name and the promise of salvation. And when a gathering formed around her, she did blush. Radicalness, 4:16 Though her grip was sure and her teeth strong, the jar would not yield to her. In the end, it was her hoof that released the peanut butter. Despite the greatness of Rainbow's feat, they praised her not. Plots II, 3:3 Rainbow beheld the bubble mare and besought her, "Do not, with thine hindquarters, smite this house!" But the bubble mare struck her rear against the ground and dragged Rainbow below. Possibly for cuddles. This is known only to the Dash and the bubble mare. Plots II, 6:11 And she drove the orange mare to the ground; standing over her with lustful eyes. But Rainbow had misread the situation. Awkward.
  14. I'm writing a Rainbow Dash-themed bible. Or rather, I'm writing choice excerpts from an RD bible. xD I'm submitting them in parts at dA and here, and the former will ultimately include a compilation of all the excerpts covering events in seasons one through four. The RainBible: Excerpts, Part I Dashians, 1:12 Across the skies, which were her domain, there spread a Rainboom. And it inspired many. To look up, and to find themselves by way of its vibrant Coolness. Dashians, 2:6 And Rainbow spake, thusly: "Let there be Awesome!" And there was Awesome. And she saw that it was good. So she took a nap. Dashians, 5:13 Lo! The horned one's wings failed her; for they were of a false nature. Though as she plummeted, her cries were heard by the benevolent Rainbow - and not ignored. Radicalness, 3:8 But then the mare with rainbow mane lifted up the tortoise. And she pressed her face against his; signifying her approval. Ever after, the tortoise was hers, and he would grow wings of his own.
  15. (There we go, Derpy rectified!) This is my newest track about Rainbow Dash. I had fun mixing it as usual XD but that transition in the middle is new for me so I hope it doesn't sound to bad. I have a really hard time with those. I gave the beat a bit of arrogant flair to match Rainbow Dash's personality (we all know underneath she has a heart of gold ^^) If you like it, you can download it and do whatever you want with it. Just give me credit and link to the song for other ponies to enjoy. Also, you can critique it harshly if you feel so inclined. I don't mind lol
  16. Okay so i searched the forum and i found no thread with My little dashie in it. And i really think this awesome fanfic deservs its own thread. Fanfic can be read here: Preview: So basicly this fanfic is about a closet brony who dosent really cares about life anymore. He talks about how he once wanted to change the world into a beautifull place but he gave up once his parent died. And one day he finds a carton box. And this box is just about to change his life. _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you have read this fanfic what do you think of it? How did you react on it? This is a fanfic for those who loves beautiful storys and are ready to cry me a river. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Basicly this story made me cry like never before. I still find it hard to belive that a simple text can make a 17 yearold cry like a 5 yearold. You might think that i over do it but i dont really care since this it was i think and belive :3 And also, dont hate me for making this. If there are a simulary thread i whould gladly remove this one.
  17. (I guess this is technically "Visual Art...") I've been seeing all the art, music, doodles, fan fictions, and PMV's... And I felt like I needed to contribute something. So I opened up flash and got to work. (Although, I suck at just about everything--including flash,-- so don't be too angry when it isn't even half as cool as the rest of the stuff in this forum) From there, I did tons of Google image searching to find the Highest Quality Vectors of various scenes from the show. Then (with the amazing help from Twilight Sparkle/Feld0) I got the background from this forum. Basically, it shows this background, and the day passing to night (time-lapse style); with random 'Memories' appearing in the sky. I imported the vectors, and created over 40 randomly generated 'memories' any brony (or fan of the show) would remember...and maybe even go "awww, I remember this" at some of them. (P.S: One of them is a hint towards the MLP Forums) It's still a pretty big file, with well over 100 library items. Sadly the compression destroyed some of the quality I aimed to keep...But I didn't want to explode your computers with too much happiness (AKA Virtual Memory FAIL). But the screensaver (even after the brutal compression) still looks amazing on my Monitor. (but then again... I'm not much of a quality snob... So it's really your call ) Oh, and don't freak out about the .zip filesize. That's the size of the screensaver itself, plus the installer that installs the screensaver! (And the .txt document...but that really doesn't count for much) Here's the .zip file containing the installer; and the .scr file itself (for those smarty-pants ponies out there ). I also included a readme with installation and uninstallation instructions. Huge thanks to Twilight Sparkle for letting me use the background and being OK with the whole process; Feld0 is best pony. I'm not to good with flash, and this is my first submission to the community... so please don't be too harsh with your criticism! (there might be updates) Edit: I forgot to mention. The screensaver generates these memories based on "math.random()" and as any starting programmer would know, math.random isn't very random. So you will probably see certain "memories" multiple times before you see them all. You'll even the same "memory" multiple times in a row. But it should be alright. Some memories are worth revisiting.
  18. You are my best friends. You know that right? Because if there's one thing you must know.....I HATE THIS FAN FICTION, IT IS A HUGE STINKING PILE OF PONY PLOP! *ahem* sorry I will try to keep my emotions in check for this review. So for those of you who are not aware Never Stop Smiling is a sad fic that has a simple concept, Rainbow Dash writing a letter, that will try every trick in the book to make you cry. Im not sure how popular this fic is but Ive braised myself for the hate mail. So our delightful romp into the realm of sappiness begins with Rainbow Dash, like I stated before, writing a letter. This part goes on for some time and I wonder when the writers stop stating the obvious that Pinkie is nice and wants to make others happy. We then discover that at some point in time Dash was rejected from joining the Wonderbolts, and then emerges one of the major gripes I have with this story. Considering this fic was written before season 2 aired I will only take the first one into account. So tell me writers of this story tell me why would she be rejected if she can preform the Sonic Rainboom and the tiny, insignificant fact that SHE SAVED YOUR LIVES! Why yes, in the episode Sonic Rainboom if it wasn't for Rainbow Dash all of the Wonderbolts would be nothing but splatters on the grass under Cloudsdale, Im not sure how recruiting works for that organization but Im sure that would play a large part in Dash's recruitment. Now that we have disregarded logic we may continue. Pinkie Pie through her insane powers finds out of her friends troubles and tries to comfort her friend. She continues to help Dash cope with her crushed dreams and finally tells Dash to never stop smiling (Insert Peter Griffin saying "haha, he said it" here). That phrase seems the be the magical mystery cure and Rainbow instantly begins to feel better, oh but it only gets better from here right?........No, it doesn't. So what else can we throw into the mix here, wait I know an incredibly forced romance between Dash and Pinkie, I am not kidding. Perhaps I would enjoy this story more if this crap wasn't thrown into the mix, I mean it this comes out of nowhere, in the story it says, "You kissed me." and now we enter somebodies shipping fantasy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now with barley any prompting Dash now says she loves Pinkie and the two end up sleeping together............EEEEEWWWWW! However not all is well as Dash discovers as Pinkie died in her sleep of a disease she probably could have cured with some form of magic. Next we get hit with a touching do they screw it up? MORE SHIPPING, BECAUSE THATS WHAT THE STORY NEEDED ISNT IT?!?!?! *whew* don't worry, you can do this....... while Twilight goes back to Canterlot to make the magics Rarity and Fluttershy apparently got together and will be married soon, what is the point of that you may ask well I can tell you right now that this bit of info is completely useless. Who hasnt been thrown into the shipping ring yet hmm......a background pony perhaps........I got it, Lyra! Actually its Applejack on the chopping block next and Rainbow recounts finding her crying under a tree after Pinkies death and the two form a romantic relationship and get married.....*sigh* and for the icing on top of this pile of crap how about further derailing Rainbows character by making her want kids and be a stay at home mom, she ends the letter with saying she'll love Pinkie forever and blah blah blah, the end...............WHAT!?!?!? RAINBOW DASH WANTING KIDS, BEING A STAY AT HOME MOM, MARRYING APPLEJACK!!!!! This fic could have been good it honestly could have but it it is an emotional ploy around shipping ideas that should not have been there in the first place. Not only is its plot riddled with holes, not only is Rainbow out of character, but its just AAAAAHHHH. Ok if you like this story good for you but its just not my cup of tea, now if you excuse me Ive got to go and prepare myself for the hate mail that may start coming at me BOMBS AWAY! Final scores Plot 2/5 Writing 4/5 Characterization 3/5 Enjoyment 1/5 Final Score 10/20 Thanks for ChikoritaBrony for the request to review this story Wanna check it out? Heres the link- Want to request something for me to review? Leave it in the comments below
  19. Hey Guys heres my first ever fanfic please go easy! Chapter 3 will be up today ok everypony have fun reading!
  20. Ok I just wanna here some thoughts on the upcoming documentary film "A Brony Tale" coming out this July starring Ashliegh Ball. I'm really interested in what the movies gonna be like and I'd like to hear every ponies thoughts on this.
  21. So, it's me blazingdashie. I decided that I would do a ask me becuz I'm super bored... So ask me anything and I will answer. EXCEPT personal questions.. Or I will report u. have fun! EDIT 1: Fine, you can ask me whatever. I think I was ruining your fun by saying that... But if it's weird, like super weird I'll just do dafuq? So.... Yeah. EVERYONE THIS IS SAD. NOBODY LIKES ME OR WHAT?!? u make me wanna cry
  22. Heyo everypony its me Lightning Dash -draws something- Oh hey im Lightning Sketch Ask us anything!!!
  23. Here is a manga I did of RD. The reason it says colored in the title I because on DeviantArt, I have the original sketch version uploaded. Enjoy!
  24. i didnt know what to put here so neigh fellow bronies and if there are any pegasister then hi as well. i love rainbow dash shes my favourite and is a lot like me mischievous prankster fast cool awesome and a show off i wanted to put artwork here how do i somepony anypony help please i wanted to put a picture here but i dont know how somepony anypony help me please. darn it i dont have enough characters so wait now i do never mind but still please help
  25. This is a quick little sketch I did after coming home from Central Canada Comic Con! What do you guys think? This is probably a first in forever that I used an ink pen!