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Found 23 results

  1. Note: Human In Equestria, an alternate Princess Celestia is a rapid My Little Human fan and blah blah blah. Would you date Princess Celestia? I would, because one I would feel extremely flattered that a thousand year old Sun Goddess would like a nerd like me, two I think she's damn beautiful. But my mortality may make her grief horribly when I die on her, although I think I would be willing to let her use magic to make myself immortal like her. I wouldn't even mind if she was a rapid My Little Human fan. Hey, it's xenophilia guys to date sapient beings.
  2. Let's say you stumbled across a machine that cloned you but with one difference, your clone is a member of the opposite sex. Would you date your rule 63'd self? I imagine the conversation and interests would get boring since you know, it's you. It would be all similarities with no opposites or excitement. Now if you could alter a few traits so that it's not completely identical, then I might be swayed. Bonus: Has any artists drawn themselves or had a friend draw them as a member of the opposite sex? My friend did for me but I never got to see the final product :/
  3. YES, ONCE AGAIN. HUMANS AND PONIES INTERACT EACH OTHER FOR A LONG TIME. One day, Fluttershy offers you a deal: If you take care of Angel and the animals for one week, she will have a date with you, despite of her shyness, she have THAT look in her eyes. Would you accept?
  4. So, what is your ideal date guys and gals? For me, it is a lunch at a coffee cafe or a hike around a beautiful nature-walk area!
  5. I am aware that many ponies here are currently in a relationship. Some may not; not even I myself. But when you are in a relationship, do you say something sweet to the other person? do you always compliment them everyday? (I.g eyes, looks, personality, etc.) If so, what do you say to them? For example. If I had someone in my life, I'd tell them: "If hugs were leaves, I'd give you a tree. If kisses were water, I'd give you an ocean. If love was life, I'd give you mine." So give me your best shot, everypony! what would YOU say?
  6. I went to see a movie with this one guy and after the movie I was sitting next to him on the staircase outside of the theater and he farted so I ran away from him and he was laughing really hard. Then he peed on the top of the staircase. D': He was also really loud and liked to go to the mall wearing only his confederate flag boxers, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. I probably should've known that he was a douche from the start but he was so cute and I had a thing for rednecks.. :/ Anyone else have any bad experiences to share?
  7. In the spirit of (almost) Valentine's Day here is a post dedicated to all things romance (or lack of it)! :3 I guess I'll ask some questions for people to answer to get the discussion going... <3 <3 <3 - What are your plans for Valentine's Day? - What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? (Or want to do) - What is your dream date? - What is your significant other like? OR What is your dream girl/guy like?
  8. I was surprised to see, on some other forums, that some people would like to know when they are going to die... While for me it's the exact opposite! And one argument that came back often, is that they could do the stuff they wanted, knowing they were going to die. Oh well... So to make your decision simpler, let's say that you are 18, and Discord appears, and he have a proposition... -Either you continue to live normally; -Or he makes you rich, let's say 50 million bucks, but you will die in pain as soon as you hit 25. What would you choose?
  9. This is just meant to be fun to do. Post some things about yourself and see if someone would date you. I'll start: 1. I am somewhat of a nerd. I love Pokemon and MLP FiM. 2. I love animals. I work at an animal hospital and I love riding my horse. 3. I hate flying, I get motion sickness easily, and I love being really really lazy. 4. I have panic disorder and manic depressive disorder. 5. I live in a farming community and I'm not afraid to get dirty
  10. This question popped up in my head recently, after reading some fanfics and just generally after watching some episodes. How exactly does time work in Equestria? Do they measure it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years like we do? Or something different? And what does their calender look like? Are the months the same length as ours, with the same names? Or something different? And the years, they can't really follow the gregorian calendar, based on BC/AD, because of course there was no Jesus Christ (that we know of) in Equestria, so what would their years be called, if they weren't just numbers? I've seen some very interesting ways people have used dates in fanfic, usually with the year something to do with an 'Era', like 'Year 85 of the Celestial Era' or something like that. Would that be close to what they would use? It's probably looking too hard into this particular element of the show, but it's got me stumped.
  11. You can find a good amount of accurate information on yourself if you enter your birthday on the following website: So, what do your birthday say about you? My information:
  12. a whole month! Hey, it's something at least!
  13. No not giving gifts. No one above so I'll gift a pizza!
  14. So, a friend and I are attempting a fanfitcion in the form of a diary shared by Fluttershy and Discord. It would be happening right around a week before "Magical Mystery Cure". How would I date the diary entries? Or could somepony direct me to a website that explains how the Equestrian years work?
  15. Hi Everypony!! If you want to read some stories about the couples of Equestria check out my story First Dates! I hope you enjoy! I plan on writing more in the future just so you know!
  16. I would date rainbow dash because shes funny ,sweet ,competitive, beautiful,and ia A LOT like me and I kind of have a crush on her
  17. Ok, in this forum game, you must provide two characters; fictional or non-fictional. They can be anyone and anything except for users of this forum. They can be from MLP if you choose so or anything else. Basically choose anyone you want, just no members of this forum. Once you have the two characters post their names and pictures if needed (If the character isn't a famous character that almost everyone knows, it would probably be best to add a picture.) For this forum game, I will start out with two characters. The person below me will then post which one they would rather date and then post two more characters. Then so on and so on. Ok, I'll start. Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash? (Using MLP characters to start out with.)
  18. Today I was kinda bored and I was thinking about this: Princesses Celestia and Luna control the Sun and the Moon, thus the day and the night. If they can control the lenght of a day, they could also decide on the lenght of a week, a month, a year, etc., all in all, ponies have control on "time", unlike humans. So I guess an Equestrian year wouldn't be 365.25 days long, that would be too much trouble for nothing; why not 360 days? Or even 300 or 400 days? That would only be logical for a species that possess such power on its environment. What would the Equestrian calendar look like? How many days a year? How many months (and what would be their names? Julius Ceasar didn't exist and couldn't give his name to July)? How many days a week? How many hours a day? Etc. ENLIGHTEN ME, BRONIES
  19. Because we all know there are some people who think they can just put themselves with Rainbow Dash for no reason at all. But, do you think that, if the Mane 6 were looking for somepony who is a lot like them, you could date them and they would accept it? If you don't like pairing yourself with them, you don't have to do it, this is just for fun. As for me, there are some possibilities: As for Fluttershy, I am very caring and gentle, nor would I want her to talk if she didn't want to. I also sometimes value animals (Specifically insects) more than some of my family members. And, like many bronies, I would defend her honor like it was my life, and I would hunt down anyone who dared to make her cry or become depressed. As for Twilight Sparkle, I believe that I have shown evidence of a high IQ, and we both share some kind of interest in the science of the stars, and basically just science in general. Also, I could write some interesting stories for her to read in her free time. As for Rarity, I am not the most clean person I know, but I definitely don't show it when I think it would jeopardize something important to me. Apart from that, I am not one who openly likes to get dirty, and aside from the fact that I don't wash myself constantly, I don't really like getting dirty at all. I also wouldn't force her to do anything she wouldn't want to do, and I would always have some way to complement her. Just for the heck of it, these are the reasons why I cannot feel like I can date the other three: As for Pinkie Pie, I do love her randomness and quirkiness a lot, but I value silence and sanity a lot as well. She would make for a good friend for me, but not a girlfriend. As for Applejack, like mentioned before, I am not one who likes to get dirty. I am also not exactly what you would call a "hard worker" either. She would also probably dominate me in just about anything that takes a lot of stamina. As for Rainbow Dash, who I think would be the least likely date for me, I am very down-to-Earth. Both literally and figuratively. Since she would probably want to fly everywhere, and ground-bound person like me wouldn't really be what she would want. Also, I am not really athletic, and kind of lazy as well. The best choice for me would probably be Fluttershy. Although, I doubt I will ever pair myself with her in a story, unless I think of some great idea for it. I have thought of another character of mine who would pair well with her, but that story might not ever be written.
  20. No, I do not have a date with someone. (In my dreams!) Yes, the premiere date of season 4 has been revealed for November 23rd (of this year! No way! Not in my dreams!). Am I excited? Yes, very much. Am I jumping with joy? Well, I SHOULD be. Thanks to my usual depression and whatnot, I just cannot feel that burning excitement just puts a never ending smile on my face. Now, when the date draws near, I know my excitement will overtake me then. Late Fall/Winter are my favorite times of the year and this just makes it so much better. The feeling of the calming, cold air settling in, the peace that it brings, and now we have ponies. Lots of ponies. Okay, when I put it that way, it makes me even more happy. Plus, there are a lot of things happening around this time. Apparently the Doctor Who 50th anniversary is on that same day (Not interested but fantastic for those who are), the next gen consoles are coming out (which is always exciting to me, even if I cannot afford either of them), and of course Thanksgiving and the overall holiday season will be starting. I really believe that when the time draws near, it may be some of the best moments I have had in a long time. Will the wait be grueling? You know, not really. We have survived this long and we have already been through tons of turmoil, drama, negativity and so on. I think a little less than 4 months with overall PEACE and positivity will not be hard at all. Plus, time is just flying by for me at this point. So have a happy wait I suppose. Hopefully it will be happy. Looking forward to things is always nice and this is the ultimate thing for me.
  21. Hey everypony! So I was just wondering.. When exactly does the new episodes air, i.e., when do people first get a legit look of the new episodes? I know they're pretty much available for download every saturday, but does anypony know the exact date and time?