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Found 2 results

  1. My story idea is as simple as this. I have always thought about turning my mlp daydreams about me going to equestria into a story. One problem, however, is that I have had many, many, MANY, alternate scenes for all kinds of different things. So, if I write this, I would have my audience vote on the one key aspect that would have the most effect on the story. Also, since daydreams never end, then this would be a never ending book series. So, I ask you this: Should I, or should I not write this? P.S: here is my account: EDIT: I started the story, finished the first chapter, I think, and got an outline for the second chapter: If you want to help proof read it, follow me, and I will send you the code needed.
  2. Often I fantasize about things, from ruling the world to relationships with people. Daydreaming often gets my mind off things even though I know It'll probably never happen. Anyone want to share theirs? (If you have them) I'll start it off with one that's a bit embarrassing. So a handful of you bronies know I've had a tough life (Like everyone else), but it's especially hard when you don't have anyone that you love or loves you. I lost the only people I ever loved due to me moving after my family being on the verge of being bankrupt, which caused us to move in a one story house in a rich neighborhood. (I'm considered poor here, believe it or not.) Then I was harassed by this guy plus my stepdad, and was really depressed and almost died because of it. I'm outcasted at school now, and still harassed at home, that's all I have to deal with atm. So I often fantasize of one of my past friends moving here. Her name was Allison and I loved her. I imagine us walking through hallways together side by side hugging and snuggling and etc. Even us laying down looking up at the stars. (I'm a stargazer btw, one random thing that for some reason I love) I feel my life would be much better if she was in it, but in reality even if she did move here I'd honestly doubt she'd even remember me or even like me like that. Also I want hugs. Lots of them. I have this weird feeling inside that makes me feel cold unless someone is being affectionate towards me. I also fantasize sometimes about having magic powers, like being able to manipulate matter or having wings or being able to slow down or speed up time or... you get the point. Most of my fantasies usually go something like this: Anyways those are two of my fantasies. Now I wanna see some of yours, even if it's ridiculous and physically impossible like going to Equestria. (I will probably post a few more fantasies later, I dream a lot.)