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Found 11 results

  1. How's it going everyone, my name is Matraxial Artemis. Some of you may have heard of me or know me from the past in this wonderful Forum. I started this topic to keep the track of days, showing my art (every art tells a story) either be a joyous moment or a sad moment. It's like that I'm telling a story.
  2. How's it going everyone, my name is Matraxial Artemis. Some of you may have heard of me or know me from the past in this wonderful Forum. I started this topic to keep the track of days, showing my art (every art tells a story) either be a joyous moment or a sad moment. It's like that I'm telling a story.
  3. Title. Remember, worst to best. Give reasons if you want, mix it up a bit. I'll begin. 7. Tuesday 6. Sunday 5. Saturday 4. Wednesday 3. Friday 2. Thursday 1. Monday- Most underrated day ever. I hate weekends. Heh.
  4. The longest amount of days I've worked without taking a day off was 13 days straight.
  5. So anyone besides me looking forward to this? It starts tonight at midnight on the science channel! Im so escited!
  6. So, how's everyone likes handling their first days? Doesn't matter where - school, workplace etc. - you get there, you don't know anyone. Do you shy away from people or make friends? Do you like welcomes? Do you take it easy or start working your butt off? In my case, i'd say it depends. I only like to associate people who my gut feeling tells me they're fine. As for doing things, i like to make a steady gradual progress so i start early, including day one.
  7. Ok, this is kinda stupid, (that's why I put it in the lounge) but for as long as I can remember, I've associated each day of the week with a color for some inexplicable reason. Monday - pink Tuesday - presidential blue Wednesday - brown Thursday - orange Friday - yellow Saturday - magenta Sunday - powder blue What color, if any, are your days?
  8. Hello everypony! I made a video that attempts to estimate the number of days we've seen elapse in the first season My Little Pony. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  9. This is a little weird, but hear me out. I was always under the impression that a year was 12 months long and that we had fluctuating numbers of days per month for mathematical reasons. There are 365.625 days in a year. I never questioned the division of months. I just always assumed that that was the system that was required in order to keep proper track of a year and the passage of time. I was contemplating lunar months for a comment I was making. I had momentarily confused a standard month for a lunar one. I was talking about MLP mythos anyway (and our lack of knowledge of it) so my mistake was understandable. Anyway, irrelevant. I was curious as to how many days would be left over if we actually did go by lunar months rather than calendar months. I multiplied 28 by 12 and got 336. Do you know how many days less that is from a year? 29. So I got to thinking why we needed to have 12 months in a year. Obviously my "keeping the months even with the seasons" and "accurately calculating the passage of time" ideas were debunked. However, I can see no good reason we should have 12 months instead of 13. Having 13 months makes more sense. Every month would be 28 days except the last month of the year, which would be 29 to make up for the extra day. Leap day would still be necessary in this case, in which case it could just go at the end, making the last month 30 days, or it could go at the month before the last one, making them both 29 days. It just seems like 28 days makes a whole lot more sense. You even notice how in March, the days of the week all line up with the dates they did in February? That's another point that makes a lot more sense. For a whole year, our days of the week and dates would be the same as each other, meaning, for example, that every 1st of every month of that year would be a Monday, every 2nd would be a Tuesday and so on. I feel that this would be an easier way to keep track of time. There are 7 days in a week, four weeks in a month. 4*7=28, so in this regard as well, it makes more sense to have a 28-day month and 13 months in a year. Does anyone know why we have this wacky 12-month system where we have to memorize that stupid poem of which months have 30 days? (Which I never get right - I just use my knuckles.) And what are your opinions on having a 13-month year as opposed to a 12-month year? I'm not saying that this will ever happen, and I think it would cause more confusion than clarity. But I think that had this been established a long time ago, it would have made a lot more sense than the system we have now. Anyway, thoughts?
  10. I was sitting around wondering who preteen girls could look up to these days. Please help me figure out. Maybe Britanny Spe-oh. Maybe Hannah Mont-Damnit Maybe Amanda Byn-you've got to be kidding me. I give up. Please help me out here.
  11. What was the strangest day on the Forums for you? And during the day, what sort of stuff was posted on the various sub forums that made you think so? April Fool's Day doesn't count, BTW.