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Found 11 results

  1. If you were to get any super power you could ever imagine that you want to have, what would it be? Me personally, elasticity, hands down! (Famous examples: Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Mrs. Incredible, etc.) Post here whichever super power you could ever want.
  2. I know I'm in the minority here but I didn't like it. Without trying to give too much away for a movie called "Joker" there was barely any Joker proper in it. It felt like a remake of "King of Comedy" with DC characters shoehorned in just to get more people to see it Spoilers Below:
  3. Ok so I was thinking earlier,”Why don’t I like DC anymore?”,here’s the reasons Lets start out with Everyone’s favorite boyscout Superman Dont get me wrong,I respect Supes because he was the first superhero,but he’s changed dramatically over the years. He used to be some farm boy with superpowers but now,DC made him Godlike and unkillable. Which made Superman,boring. I think DC should make Supes more vulnerable,because ‘38 Supes was vulnerable,plus he had some crummy jokes Batman Oh how the Batman has fallen! Yet he’s a great character,but he’s TOO serious. I’m sure seeing your parents gunned down in front of you would make you a serious guy,but hey,Bats needs to let go a bit. Plus he’s a psychopath,just like Joker,Harley and many others. I know Batman killed before he switched to guns but seriously,GUNS. Batman doesn’t need guns! And that stupid Dark Knight Metal series is pretty overrated if you ask me. Wonder Woman Honestly,Diana is one of my favorite DC characters,she’s awesome and I can’t really complain. Teen Titans/Young Justice TT has fallen towards the point of no return and YJ was just terrible! I thinks it’s because I hate Teenage Superheroes (not counting Spider-Man and Co.) Green Lantern *facepalm* The Flash I mean he’s alright,he’s just not the best. Especially Justice Leagues flash,why not get the guy who played in the TV series? DCs villains I like most of DCs villains,but DC gives the villains too much spotlight! Last but certainly the least... HARLEY QUINN I absolutely hate this character,I like the classic comic version but after Arkham Asylum,And Suicide Squad,I was upset how they portrayed her every time. but other than DCs terrible mistakes,they also had good ones,such as the original DC cartoons,and maybe some of the modern animation. but that’s my opinion! I’d like to hear yours!
  4. In other words, whenever Friendship Is Magic ends, should Hasbro and DHX Media/Toon Boom Harmony take a page out of Warner Bros Animation Pictures and DC (DC Comics) Universe Animated Original Movies, and create MLP FIM based movies (direct to video) that have stories that are mostly PG Rated, but on occasion, if the opportunity presents itself, can also be PG-13 Rated. Well here I give my thoughts on this topic, and how it could it actually work. Comments are Welcomed
  5. This is something I did in dedication to the 100th Birthday of the late King of Comics: Jack Kirby. Using both the original Darkseid drawings from Mr Kirby, plus his variation from Superman: The Animated Series and King Sombra of My Little Pony, I created this sketch of the famous DC Comics villain One thing that's gonna be a real pain is translating this into Digital Ink, primarily because of the Kirby Krackle effect. But then again, it was worth drawing for the late king.
  6. So as you all are aware, there will be a new Justice League Animated series. In fact, here's the video below. Here's what I can tell you about it. For those of you who are fans of Batman: the Animated Series, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back as Batman and the Joker(With Hamill also providing the voice of Swamp Thing) Superman and Wonder Woman will have new Actors. Superman will be voiced by Jason J. Lewis while Wonder Woman will be voiced by Rachel Kimsey Teen Titan fans will be pleased to learn that Khary Payton will voice Cyborg(He's also voicing Cyborg on Teen Titans Go. But I can confirm this: He is back in his old Teen Titans attitude) Josh Keaton is back as Hal Jordon/Green Lanter And if you missed Gilbert Gottfried as Mr Mxyzptlk, well he's back as well. James Woods(Hades on Hercules) is the voice of Lex Luthor Tara Strong is confirmed to be in this series, though it may be ether Batgirl, Raven or someone else(Sadly, it ain't Harley Quinn. That goes to Grey Griffin) Patton Oswalt(Quibble Pants on My Little Pony and Remy from Rattatouille) will voice Space Cabbie John De Lancie(Q on Star Trek, Discord on My Little Pony) is said to voice Brainiac Diedrich Bader(Batman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold) will voice Booster Gold John DiMaggio will voice Lobo Michael Dorn(Worf on Star Trek as well as his Grandfather Colonel Worf) will voice Atrocitus. He previously voiced Kalibak on Superman the Animated Series. Brent Spiner(Data on Star Trek) will play the Riddler/Edward Nygma So who here is looking forward to the new Justice League animated series? Also for those who were at Comic-Con, your thoughts on the episode that played there?
  7. There Favorite Marvel Superhero, so is there any pony who fan of DC Comic and/or have favorite DC Superhero? Mine are Superman, Batman & The Flash
  8. Hello there, I'm a big nerd and stuff, so here we are... To be honest, I was a little embarassed to make this since I didn't know how much of you actually like this stuff, so I made a thread... for funs and giggles. To @LatinoChurro for suggesting this topic awhile back. :3 I wasn't super specific with the title for a reason, so post anything about DC and Marvel following the site rules. Okie dokie Loki?
  9. So I decided to draw a picture of the Joker... Here is the picture of the Joker:
  10. I've got a question for everyone, now there's no need to argue. This is just something I thought of. Anyway, here's the question. Who is your favorite live action BATMAN? Adam West Micheal Keaton Val Kilmer George Clooney Christian Bale For me, it's Micheal Keaton. He rocks as BATMAN
  11. What was your favourite scene from the Dark Knight Rises? Mine's definitely had to be when Bruce/Batman managed to climb out of the pit dubbed "Hell on Earth". The support he got from the prisoners, how loud they chanted, and how they reacted afterwards when Bruce managed to grab the ledge was really touching and gave me goosebumps, even. I've never felt so good after watching a scene such as that in a long time!