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Found 9 results

  1. The game has been worked on for a while now, but we need some help. It can be summarized as mass effect with ponies in an eerie space station. We primarily need programmers who can work with unity, but any help would be appreciated. contact you want to help.
  2. Im sure at least some of ya are familiar with the survival horror game series Dead Space. Seeing as how it's very challenging & a good complex story-line i say it should be more known. The series has had 5 Games, 2 movies, 2 books & 2 comic series. Games - Dead Space Dead Space: Ignition (Arcade) Dead Space 2 + Severed DLC Dead Space: Extraction (Wii) Dead Space Mobile Movies - Dead Space: Aftermath - Live action Dead Space: Downfall - Animated Books - Dead Space: Martyr Dead Space: Salvage Comics - Dead Space Dead Space: Extraction I have yet to read the Books or Comics or even see the Movies but im looking forward to them.
  3. Let me sell you my comic, friend, if you have the time... I'll tell you right now, it does not involve the Mane 6. This is written in a way that could make you say "holy crap, this could've happened in the canon and we might never know..." So, after Dead Space 3 came out, I ate it up big time (I'm a big fan of the series, even though I'm a big puss and I', very squeamish). After the first day of playing it, I dreamt. I swear, it was like some movie I was seeing through a TV. I dreamt of a big sory full of sadness, of lost love, of horror...of ponies. I dreamt of a red and pink haired unicorn getting pinned down by a necromorph pony and her yelling for help. I woke up that morning and tired my best to remember what that last bit looked like: For the sake of eating up time, I made up a backstory with my brother and put names and descriptions to characters,scenarios to events, faces to deaths...and I started becoming interested in making this. I'm not that good of a writer and I can't animate, but I know the elements of a good movie and I sure as hell can draw, so I decided to make it official and make it a comic. This is the cover page. My skills have improved since last year, don't worry. x) The story is, basically, that during the timeframe set up in episode 1 and 2 of Season 2 (Return of Harmony), it's revealed that before Discord got loose, the Solar Empire was preparing to launch a spaceship into orbit. The purpose of this experiment was to see if all of ponykind was ready for the stresses space travel and exploration. That ship was called the "SESEV (Solar Empire Space Exploration Vessel) Equestria". Launch was successful, but when Discord was released from his stony prison, he inadvertently created a rift in dimensions and (through a series of events), presented the crew of the SESEV Equestria with an evil alien artifact: a red Marker. If any of you have played Dead Space, you'll know what comes next: madness, zombies, and things that usually come with those two. The story follows a timid engineer named Righty Tighty aboard the SESEV Equestria in her journey to escape the madness that consumes the SESEV, as well as Princess Celestia (on the ground) as she has to deal with both the events of Return of Harmony and an unknown alien menace. Now, I only did this for myself, as I could never forgive myself if I just let it rot in my head, but much to my surprise, I received a nice steady fanbase who makes fanart of my comic and anxiously awaits the next wave of pages. I'm pretty happy with it, so far. This story, unfortunately, is not a happy one. Of course there's a lot of good laughs in it *(if I know one thing, it's comedy), but (like Dead Space) has a tone of despair and hopelessness around it. It's also ripe with gore, for lack of a better word. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Gore?!" I know...I'm not a big fan of gore, myself. I HATE gore, it makes me squeamish and sad, ESPECIALLY when there's ponies invovled... But this is a Dead Space crossover (Necromorphs aren't known for playing nice...), and if you manage to look past that, you'll see why people have praised it for it's likable characters and believable dialogue and for it's tense sequences of action and horror, among other things. I've even managed to drawn in nonbronies and people who don't even LIKE Dead Space. So, if you'd like, please give it a chance? You might be surprised. Here are a few random pages to get you interested... If I managed to pique your interest, here's my dA and here's the gallery that contains all 136 pages so far. I encourage you to read a few pages before claiming it's just another dumb meaningless crossover. Thank you for your time. keelah Si'lai. ---------- No one, eh? Okay, here's some more promotional art, some by me, some not. This one's by me. If anyone's read the Walking Dead compendiums, they'd know the reference. The first necromorph pony the main character encounters, a cook named Butterscotch. An awesome poster made by a fan. Looks like a movie poster. And here's a page another fan digitilized.
  4. Sheer boredom and 5 minutes of drawing, and this was the outcome. I didn't finish, shade, or color it, that much blood would be alittle to much for me to post here. I'm also more then likely not going to finish this or do anything more with it, i'm lazy and will probably completely forget about this sketch like i have so many others sketches that i've done. Q: "So Evil Nightmares, why even post it?" A: Because i can damnit, get off my back! Q: "What is it?" A: Read the title. Q: "Stop drawing pictures." A: Not a question, but the answer is I will soon. Now shove off and go watch My Little Pony.
  5. 16-bit versions of the horror comic so popular, hardly anyone knows about it
  6. so i finally got around publishing my fanfic. i've been planning it for a while now so i'm glad it's finally uploaded XD i am planning to upload 1 new chapter every 2 weeks. a normal chapter will be around 10 pages long. you can find the prologue and chapter one here: please leave as much (constructive)critisism as you can! and thanks for reading!
  7. Passing the Torch (Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle) Cosmic Stare My OC as king of the Crystal Ponies "Our window is coming up. We go now or not at all... um, if that's okay with you."
  8. Finally got this to work properly, not sure why the black frame is there but I'll get rid of it in the next one. On another note let me say how much I really dislike Origin.
  9. Dead Space 3 is coming! My most anticipated game of the year is looking better and better. They are totally taking the Ellen Ripley route with this one! Release date is Feb. 5 in North America, and Feb. 8 in Europe. Dead Space 3 launch trailer, Aww yiss...