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Found 31 results

  1. - Hug is for friends! - Kissing is for lovebirds or if you just want to randomly - Kill is for the pony above you that you hate or you are mad - Revive is if you want to revive a fallen person - Dead is what you must post if you have been killed until somepony revives you - Explode is if you want to quit playing for good - Fus Ro Dah is Glomp, Kiss, AND Kill!! Just do one of the 7 actions the title says you can do! Hug, Kiss, Kill, Revive, Dead, Explode or FUS RO DAH!!! Have fun yall!! P.S. I got the idea from Shankveld's Marry, kiss, or banish to the moon.
  2. What would be your last words? What would you say when you can almost literally see the Death himself knocking at your soul? I know there is a lot of possibilities on how we will meet our demise, but for this thread, let's just limit it to four scenario here *** 1. You are dying of old age. All of your families and your beloved stand around your bed, their attention are yours. You have about ten minutes. 2. You are alone with your soul mate in your house. The ambulance won't arrive in time, five minutes before you meet your creator. 3. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere, no one is around you but a single voice recorder. The gunshot wound on your chest leave you with only one minute. 4. You are surrounded by your enemies in a hospital room. You only have enough time to deliver a single sentence.
  3. In the episode Apple family Reunion, I know that the 2 shooting stars at the end of the episode represent AppleJack's parents. However, I've read 2 different explanations for this. 1. Her parents have passed away. 2. Her parents are traveling sales-ponies. I know that Lauren Faust originally wanted AppleJack's to be dead, but Hasbro thought that would be too dark of a subject for children. So.. Are the shooting stars the OFFICIAL hint that her parents are really dead? Or does it symbolize that they are traveling and selling, but still proud of her? Does anyone know the official conclusion? I'm just confused as to which of the 2 explanations is actually true >_< AppleJack is my favorite pony, and if it is confirmed that her parents are dead, I'll be really sad because well... That is really depressing for me :'(
  4. The Schuylkill Mall: 1980 to 2017. The doors can be closed any day now, so if you're near Frackville, PA, I suggest you visit as soon as possible. This mall is symptomatic of the economic decline of the Pennsylvania coal region more than the current trend away from mall shopping. The mall was one of several planned and built by Crown American in largely rural areas near Interstate highway exits. Another one, the Shippensburg Mall, is also along I-81. That mall is very weak and possibly dying as well, but that one isn't in imminent danger of closing. The same can't be said of the Schuylkill Mall. The previous owner of the Schuylkill Mall declared bankruptcy last year due to declining sales. Subsequently, the property was auctioned off and purchased by NorthPoint development, a company which specializes in building logistical facilities. At that point, the writing was on the wall. In May the tenants were given 60-90 days to vacate. We're now beyond the end of that period and the mall's website was taken down. I don't know if any inline stores are left. But it was announced that demolition will start from the Bon-Ton (already closed) to the Pearl Theater side, allowing the movie theater to remain until the end of the year. Anyway, that's the condensed version of what's happening now. So, why is the Schuylkill Mall cool and why should anyone care? Because it's one of the best examples of vintage 1970s and 80s retail architecture. There are now a number of good videos on Youtube featuring this mall which will help preserve the memory of this place and this chapter in the Frackville area's history. The first one is from Dan Bell which includes an old school commercial that I could have sworn I saw first hand back in the day. This was recorded in 2015. The thumbnail highlights a vintage Spencer's storefront and the video goes on to show the distinctive tile and fountains seen throughout. It's a shame almost none of this will be preserved. But I am happy to say that the coal miner statue has found a new home at a nearby mining museum and amusement park. And just for giggles, here's another walk though the mall. This one is from February of this year and you can already see how much deader it is. UPDATE: The Schuylkill Mall closed its doors for the last time on August 31, 2017.
  5. You see that yellow pony next to lyra in the front row? Yes, that awesomely designed one. Did she die? Like I mean we haven't been seeing her in the show ever since season 2. She appeared in the smile song, and then we never ever saw her again. So, did she die when lord Tirek attacked equestria? Or did she die during the changeling attack? It is a possibility. We didn't see her anywhere. Not Manehattan, not Ponyville, not canterlot.
  6. Baltimore is an interesting city I started visiting back in the 1990s. It had a relatively new rail transit system with a subway line and a light rail service reaching out from the center of the city. Two of those lines terminated near enclosed malls. Those were Owings Mills and Hunt Valley and today both are defunct. Hunt Valley has long since been replaced with a lifestyle and power center and this article focuses solely on Owings Mills. It opened in 1986 to great success and included upscale stores like Saks and Williams Sonoma. But as the years went on competing malls underwent renovations and began to draw those shoppers away. Several well publicized crimes also scared away shoppers including the murder of a mall employee as she was walking between her job and the Baltimore Metro subway station in 1992. By the 2000s the mall had a higher than average vacancy rate and the Great Recession ended any hope of a comeback. During my 2014 trip to Bronycon, I spent most of my time hanging out with fellow forum members. But for several hours on Sunday, I was nowhere near the convention. Instead, I was taking what would be my last trip to Owings Mills Mall. The end had already been announced for that property. The landlord was going to demolish it and replace it with an open air mixed use development of apartments, office, and retail space. By then the place was almost a total ghost town with just a handful of stores and, I think, one vendor left in the food court which was presumptuously called the Conservatory. About a year later in September of 2015 the doors closed for the last time. Here is one of Dan Bell's first Dead Mall Series entries. It lacks the vaporware music and thoroughly produced introductions that his later videos are known for. But it's still a great overview of the mall in its final months. Dan did a second video of this mall after dark and with the limited light the place looks strikingly different. Now here's a rare peek into Owings Mills after it was formally closed. Fixtures and items were being auctioned off and thus the public was allowed in on one final occasion. Be sure to check out how it looks now. That's it for this month. In September, I will be taking a break from dead malls to talk about another famous edifice that will soon be meeting its fate. See ya then!
  7. I guess I was feeling a little dark, so I decided to make Rainbow Dash depressed leaning over Tank's grave. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I added the shadows, the fog, and a lot else.
  8. For July's entry I've decided to stay in the Keystone state. Century III Mall is in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin. It was built on a former slag pile and opened its doors in 1979 and it was an immediate success. But the good times didn't really carry over into this century. By 2010 the mall was in a downward spiral of declining sales and stores. Other malls like South Hills Village or brand new outdoor shopping centers like the Waterfront were siphoning away shoppers. After several years of diminishing returns, Simon Property Group turned in the keys on this property just like they did with Granite Run. It was ultimately sold to Moonbeam Investments which has bought several distressed retail for rock bottom prices in recent years with intentions of fixing them up. It is believed Moonbeam plans to partially demall this building but no concrete details have been released as far as I can tell. Anyway I had the pleasure of visiting Century III during my trip to Pittsburgh in 2013. I already read a thorough write up on the mall at Labelscar's website seen here and it also has an entry at Dead Malls Century III was indeed a dead mall and delightfully so. The thing I enjoyed the most about the place was the unorthodox angles the various wings of the mall went off in. Also the mall is split level in some locations and it's all connected by a cool series of ramps and stairways. But one thing they didn't have yet was the carousel. Yup, if you've got nothing else to draw people to your mall, put amusement rides in there. Century III has gotten extensive coverage on Youtube and here are two of my favorite videos. The first is another Dan Bell entry: And this is from another Youtuber who is closely following in Dan's footsteps with a number of mall videos of his own: I almost forgot about that enormous but empty parking garage. It almost gave me the creeps as I walked past it. I don't think the food court was that abandoned either. In closing, Century III is one mall I'd love to visit again but chances it will close before I get the opportunity to do so. :/
  9. A question that perists sometimes in bronydom is, "Will this show stand the test of time or will it bite the dust?" Personally I think this show will be highly-regarded as the best girl oriented show ever and I think the brony fanbase will still continue many years from now. With some great characters, great animation, and great storylines, I have no doubt this show will last. We're already starting our sixth season, which is already an impressive feat, so I think this show will sontinue being great. What do you guys think?
  10. dave mirra* (i misspelled it) any of you guys remember him? the man's DEAD! i tried making this thread last night but i keep getting an error saying "This image extension is not allowed on this community or something.
  11. By early days, I'm talking about S1 -S3. Year 2010-early 2013. I just want to know what you think and if you have felt the same thing as I have. I'm very strong and passionate about my obsessions. Like I get really serious about a series or hobby and my obsessions are long term. I've been a proud brony for 3 and a half years and I've been a huge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean ever since the first movie. I'm starting to feel effects of being involved in fandoms for a long time. It seems that these fandoms just kind of die and I feel like the only person who is still standing strong. A lot of people I knew in these fandoms when I first joined moved on to another obsession or fandom. The fandoms I'm in are getting old and I've been watching them be replaced by new ones. I've easily felt it every time I walk into a Hot Topic. Each time I walk in there are less and less pony merchandise and the wall where the MLP section was has been replaced by The Avengers and Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, MLP is still popular and the brony fandom is getting bigger everyday. Idk. I became a brony during season 2 when the fandom was at it's peak. I guess I just miss the fandom the way it used to be when I first joined. How do you feel? Do you miss that peak? When everyone shit themselves over Derpy, AliTwi, and EQG?
  12. In any fictional anything. I don't care what it is, movie, TV, books, comics, video games. But we've all had characters that we didn't want to die. But they did anyway. So I ask you this: Who's your favoritte character in fiction that has died? How did they die? How did YOU feel when they died? Here's mine: Video Games: Resident Evil: Piers Nivans. He sacrificed himself to save Chris (even though he could've just gotten the cure from Jake but whatevs.) I literally said, "Dammit Piers!" when he died. Brothers In Arms: Allen & Garnett. They were killed under Pvt. Legget's lead due to arguing. I just felt so sad, because A&G were my favorites due to their humorous personalities. Mortal Kombat: Too many to count. ;-; Anime: Naruto: Also a lot, but mainly Deidara. He was so cool and unique. Nobody else in that series uses explosive jutsus (at least to MY knowledge). He would always keep calm under pressure, until he fought Sasuke and committed suicide. I almost cried, because Deidara died doing what he did best: Explosions. Movies: X-Men: Cyclops. He was f8cking killed by Jean. That was one of (if not the most) f8cked up deaths I've ever seen. Especially considering Jean loved Cyclops.
  13. I've recently heard a rumor about NASA ans the sun. It has a big solar filament, the biggest recorded solar filament and the second biggest thing in the solar system, only the sun itself being bigger. Solar filaments cause solar flares, just like sunspots, but the solar filament will cause a huge one, and maybe it'll point to Earth and wipe us all out. Farewell, at least a possible farewell. Be prepared to die a very painful death, and prepare for blindness too, it's extremely bright and hot.
  14. This game really knows how to tug at your heartstrings. I cries at certain parts,like when Kenny came back and Clementine had to kill us. U screamed when Lily shot Carley. If I end up having kids,my girls name will be Clementine without a doubt.
  15. Have you ever listened to a band you really liked, and then you realize, "wait that singer isn't around anymore." What singer would you have brought back from the dead? For me probably Freddie Mercury. (no surprise there)....
  16. I felt like redrawing my OC Rigz Morti cuz I shamefully neglect her I hope she understands I don't do it on purpose its just her design ask for a lot of time to be put into it. ENJOY!! Also it may appear as if I'm taking somepony else's artwork but my original account(G1DerpyFTW) got lost so I'm forced to make a new one... great :okiedokielokie:
  17. PurplePony


    I apologize that my last posts are so sad and disheartened. I am usually not like that. It's just this is a really tough time for me. In all honesty I find it so hard to write these blogs, especially now. These will always be raw unedited emotion. Because since when are we always pretty? I promise to post pretty but if you wanna know me you gotta feel me at my worst. You gotta feel me as I walk back and forth pacing through the kitchen staring at the knives, the bleach, anything my imagination grabs at.. (the rest get sick, those are kind of normal. I wouldn't want to completely gross out my readers lol) I have very scary suicidal thoughts. I haven't self harmed for just about 3 years. But it is so hard to stay loyal to this. So I think that the cause of this anxiety is.. Well there is no nice way of putting this so like everything it will be blunt. *Stop reading this if you are not good with death* So tonight between 7 and 9 I am going to go see my dad. He is in a funeral home all cleaned up by now. I am going to go and say my final good bye's. I am the eldest daughter (no boys except.. dad) I am 19. It was too soon and I am sad. I know what I want to say to him it is about my piggy and such I am going to write him a letter and tuck it in his suit pocket. I just don't know how to take this! I am at peace but there is this ache I feel that is just wanting to come out. It cries and it yells and I don't know what it will do. I don't know what to do or how to feel. Death really freaks the ever living shit out of me. When do you die? After your heart goes? Or your brain? What happens if you are laying there aware of all voices unable to scream and tell them you are alive? (I guess death is inevitable at that point but it would be so lonely and terrifying.) I would like to thank Steven King for scaring me xD well done that doesn't happen often But that is some scary stuff... I am just a wreck after tomorrow will be easier. After the funeral will be easier. I just can't accept he's gone. I moved away and I didn't see what happened.. I still think he's out fixing Grandma's computer. Boy am I in for a shock tonight.. On this sad note I leave you guys. I have to go write something for my dad. Please remember to tell the people you care about because you never know what day will be your last. As always guys and gals (especially my RP boys), I love you all <3 ~PP
  18. I know what you're think but just hear me out. We saw Sombra get blown to bits right? But if you remember, his horn got chipped off earlier in The Crystal Empire but he was able to grow it back no problem. So what if after he was blown up he was able to regenerate via Cell from DBZ? Do you think this is possible that he could return?
  19. Oh mah gerd! I can't breathe i'm so excited! The game overall looks great, and open-world? I'M SOLD! Too bad its an Xbox One exclusive. But hell with it, this is my game! Here's the trailer if y'all haven't already seen it. Are you hyped about it? Or are you devastated that its a console exclusive? Also, here's a gameplay preview if you want to watch this instead of the trailer.
  20. At one point.... it was a chicken. And then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. No feet. No head. No intestines NO SERVICE This piece is actually very symbolic....
  21. I came up with this piece when i saw this piece named, "Never Stop Smiling" The piece inspired me to write this poem as a dialog for Rainbow Dash I cried a little while writing this, but my tears couldn't smudge the sharp edge of this poem, cutting into my heart... --------------------------------------- Special thanks to Sharktino and everyone else on DeviantArt who had a hand in making this amazing piece The image, along with the credits to all who where involved in it's creation, can be found HERE. ___________________________________________________________________________ Through the good, and the bad you were always happy, never sad Through each day, you would smile and laugh brightening the life, of all in your path But when you died, and the world grew cold I heard you whisper, from Death's dark hold "Just keep smiling, if only for me" "If nothing else, cause then you'll see" "The world around you, is always in need" "but give it a smile, and it will be freed" "Freed from the chains, that bind it down" "Freed from the hate, that makes us all frown" "Freed from the sorrow, that darkens your day" "so that our friendship, can wash it away" "Even if, you feel down" "and the world, makes you frown" "I'll be here, right with you" "to make your smile, shine like new" That's what I heard, and it rang in my head as i raced to your house, to find you dead As I sat there, crying in pain Some of my tears, fell on your mane And as they touched, what did I see I saw you get up, and smile at me You told me to smile, if only for you And the reason why, I already knew The world around me, was in need But i gave it a smile, and it was freed Freed from the chains, that bound it down and all the things, that made us frown Freed from the sorrow, that darkened my day So now our friendship, can wash it away Even now, as you fade away I still know, that you'll stay I may not hear you, touch you or see But i know, your right next to me And from today, till the day I die You'll always be here, my Pinky Pie... _____________________________________________________________________________ Note to all; I have the rights to post this image on here. If you wish to use it you MUST get permission from ~Sharktino Otherwise you could get into trouble for Copyright infringement
  22. So i saw the new evil dead movie a few days ago and i thought it was really good. While it wasn't the same as the old one it was nice to see that it tried to make a name for itself by not trying to be the same as the original Evil Dead. While i hate the fact that in many Horror films the characters do some of the stupidest things in my opinion this film had a little less of that and tried to give actual reason to why nobody believed MIa when she said strange things were happening. The gore in the movie was so much, maybe a little too much but i still think for the most part the special effects were done so well and the movie had a way of making you a little sick to your stomach. This was one of the few movies i may go and see a second time. All in all Evil Dead gets 4/5 stars from me . So what did you think about the remake, what did you love about it and what do you think could have been done better. What do you think the next one should have in it, Who was your favorite character and feel free to give your review on the movie as well, as well as use this thread to discuss the movie with others.
  23. Sorry to bother anyone right now, but I got Dead Rising 2: Off The Record recently for PS3. I was thinking of doing single player like a lone wolf but no fun attained, so I'm looking for anyone that wants to play Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. If you still have it. So, yeah.
  24. Well, I think I am getting better at drawing. Maybe not coloring but drawing I am starting to get down. Now here is a corny piece of work I did, so feel free to look at it, and then point and judge harshly
  25. So there was a new Walking Dead game that was based off the show called "Survival Instinct". It's an fps, and while it plays out really well, people have been complaining that the game is bad; mainly because of the sub-par graphics and stuff like that. I don't see what's wrong with it. I thought it was a good game...