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Found 2 results

  1. A very close family member, soul partner, or child of yours is dying. There is nothing that can be done to prevent it and the doctors say that they only a few days left to live. You feel broken and beyond depressed. While on your way home, you are stopped by a tall man wearing a coat and hat. You can't see his face because of how dark it is. He knows about your problem and offers a solution. He tells you that all you have to do is take the life from someone who is equal to the person you want to save, and he will heal them. He also says that you have until they die to do it, so time is of the essence. He even offers to give the name and location of the perfect person to kill. The strange man then pulls out a contract, beckoning you to sign it. Do you sign it and kill someone to prevent someone very close to you from dying, or do you refuse and try to accept the loss of this person you cherish dearly? Do you make a deal with the devil, or do you see right through his lies? Edit: Here is my answer. Despite the negatives that could come out of this, I'd do it. Yes, that means I'd kill someone to save the person I love. I don't care about other humans anyway, so their lives are of no importance to me. Losing someone I care deeply for would tear me apart, especially if it were one of my younger brothers. Of course, another family would have to suffer, but unfortunately for them, I couldn't care less. It may seem very selfish, but I refuse to lose the people who bring me the only sense of happiness in my life. The devil can have my soul for all I care, as long as they live.
  2. So every morning my school has a little 5-10 minute broadcast on the TVs in each classroom. The program is run by the students; teachers are very little involved in the broadcast. There's two students who talk about upcoming activities/sports/anything else going on. After they finish that, they move on to the birthdays. This is where the fun started.. While they're saying the birthdays, the TV just has "Happy Birthday!" on it. There is music played in the background, and a kid announces who's birthday it is. Now, at this moment, I was half asleep (this happened today). I heard the first few notes of the song, then my eyes widened, and I was like, "Hey, this sounds like Tomb's remix of Discord. Neat.". Then, THE VOCALS CAME IN. I SHOT straight up, and my face must have been like !@!#!@#$!@$! ! It WAS Tomb's remix of Discord! I was flipping out, and then the song faded away, and the announcements continued. So, that moment was just amazing. I was thinking, "Is there a brony on the announcement team?!", and I'm actually trying to contact the director of the broadcast to see if she knows who picked that song to be played. I only know of two other bronies at my school, and they are both freshmen, like me. If this guy/girl is a brony, then that would be so awesome, because I don't know any senior bronies. If I find out who chose Discord to be played, I am going to ask him to play Party With Pinkie (because it's more obvious that it's related to MLP). I just thought that I should share this with you all, and forgive me if this post sounds confusing in any way; I am STILL excited xD! UPDATE: This school is in a town near Fillydelphia, but not in Filly itself. And I found out who chose the song! He's actually a sophomore, and he IS a brony! We had a small conversation on Facebook, and we're friends now. Another one of his friends is a brony as well, and well, now we're friends too! So today, I gained 2 new brony friends! I say this day went well!