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Found 11 results

  1. When making any sort of decision, which do you follow: your brain, your heart, or your instincts? There are pros and cons to each. Choices made with your brain are the most well thought out and logical but can leave you unsatisfied. With your heart you will likely feel good about what you're doing, but it won't always work out. And with your instincts you can sometimes feel extremely confident in what you're doing, but your instincts aren't always right. Personally I almost always use my head, but I trust my instincts above all else. If they give me a strong feeling about something, I never ignore it.
  2. Joe ►Steven Kyle Liam Pokemon, Zelda, and well...pretty much the majority of games today have you pick a name for your character and / or save file. So what do you guys do? Do you use your real name, an OC name, the cannon name (Like using "link" in Zelda) or a pre-set name? For me it's usually between 3, my real name (which I'm not gonna give away) my pony OC's name, or "Axe" which has become their own kind of OC after how much I ended up using it, only in pokemon games though. What about you guys?
  3. After talking about internet restrictions for a particular age demographic here, I think it's fair to say that I'll make a separate discussion on parenting. Given that the majority of users here have parents (Everyone should, honestly), but very few are actually parents themselves, I want you to think long and hard on what it means to be a good parent. I made a small list on what good things parents do: Be a Role Model (Teach kids charity and setup chores) Give Up Vice (No drinking or smoking) Establish order (Show them you keep them safe, set bedtimes, set chores). Explain your rules to them in a neutral manner. Be strict at a younger age, more lenient after 13 (Enforcing healthy habits like eating grapes is better than rewarding with candy which can lead to obesity). If you're too lenient early and then try to enforce rules you'll end up with a rebellious child, which is a disaster. After 13, foster child's independence. You should have taught them about self-control by now, and it's time to teach about online transactions, relationships, make them do their own homework. Be reasonable on discipline. Losing privileges for a week is manageable. Hitting children isn't. Hang out with your kid, do something on days off (like theme parks rides, museums, etc) If your kid has good interests (See MLP), don't stifle it! Keep in mind that your kid can't have the EXACT same interests as you. You can never be too loving to your kid. Basically good parenting fosters empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness. Benefits include intellectual curiosity, motivation, and the desire to achieve. I had a hard life and was neglected before I was adopted at 6 years old by parents who knew what they were doing. This stuff really did help me avoid the anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anti-social behavior, and drug abuse that comes with bad parenting. Yeah I nagged a lot like the typical child back in the day because of the strict parenting, but I really thank my parents for making me so upbeat nowadays. It'll be interesting to hear from you, assuming that you aren't a parent yet. What do you think makes a good parent? Should a parent be strict at first, and more lenient once a child is a teenager? Is it bad to have too strict parents, or is it equally bad to have too lenient parents? Think about it in an objective way, especially if you're a teenager (Teens tend to dislike their parents the most). And I like to hear from parents too. State that you are one if you're in the discussion.
  4. If you play games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Walking Dead or so on, I have an idea for you. Instead of making choices, let a coin decide the fate of characters, what you say in dialogues and so on. I found it to be a fun way to play games, the problem is games with 3 choices like The Walking Dead, there you can use a number generator from 1 to 3 and the number that pops up is the choice you pick. Just an idea though, hopefully you like it
  5. Lets set up a quick scenario.You're home, in your room lying on the bed. Its a New Year, as the clock strikes Midnight. Suddenly, a small box and a note appear next to you. You open the note and read it. It says that opening this box will transport you to any location of your choice in Equestria, and you will turn into either an Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Griffon, or Zebra, whichever you choose. You will also have a wealthy sum of Bits when you get to Equestria to start a new life. The box can be opened at any time, by any person who willingly opens it. HOWEVER, it must be opened before tomorrow, or the box will break, rendering it useless. And it can only be opened once.What do you do? Would you go? How long would you like to stay? And if you went, what would you want to do there? I would like to visit Rarity's dress shop,and watch her at work. I know that her dresses won't fit me at all,I'm not a pony.Next,I want to visit the library,and read books with Twilight Sparkle.I want to visit Sugarcube Corner,and pig out on treats with Pinkie Pie.Then I'll visit AppleJack,and help her pick apples.After that,I'll pay a visit to Fluttershy,and interact with her pets.Last but not least,I will visit Zecora,and watch her mix up potions.
  6. Hello everyone of the inter-web! I bring you another question about the US government. Today's topic is " Should the United States Suspend Foreign Aid until they get their own debt under control?" Please let minnow your thoughts in the comments If you're interested in these kind of topics, I post them very frequently and already have one out about the NSA, so feel free to check up on those along with my page and Have a Wondertastic day
  7. I was at the station last weekend and we had some downtime. I'm not exactly sure how we got to this topic but my partner asked if you had the opportunity to back in time and try your hand at life again, would you do it? You would go back to the first day of high school but retain the memory you have at this moment. Would you go back and see if things turn out different? Or are you happy how things turned out, or at least accepted your fate and have moved on. At first I said yes. Like everyone else, I've made some mistakes that I wish I could go back and correct. I would get help for my ADHD instead of trying to go it alone. I would be able to stay focused long enough to do well in school. I scored 29 on the ACT the first time around, maybe I could score higher and go to some fancy college. I was contacted by West Point in high school, maybe I would look into that more instead of dismissing it. And I would definitely treat some people differently, both better and worse. However as the night wore on, I began to think about it more. Would I really do anything different? I had a great group of friends, most of which I still talk to. My best friend from high school is still my best friend today. I didn't particularly like going to school anyway. I hated my classes, but most of them were required to graduate so that couldn't be changed. I might have said something to girls I didn't the first time, and stayed away from some I did. But that could drastically change things too. I was single when I graduated, so I went to a college far from my home. If I was dating someone, would I have even gone? Going to that college, and subsequently dropping out, made me realize I was heading down the wrong career path. And the college near home I transferred to after that, and again dropped out of, made me realize that maybe traditional college isn't right for me either. Maybe I would have gone to some fancy school and probably dropped out of it, costing me way more than the $4,000 I owe now. Maybe I wouldn't drop out and I would graduate, but would I be happy with that career choice as I am now? The only thing I can honestly say I would definitely change would be that I would have opened my mind to MLP sooner. But I graduated before FiM started, so it wouldn't have done me any good then. After thinking long and hard about it, I would say no. I would not go back and try again. Sure I've made a lot of mistakes, but those mistakes have shaped my life into a one I can honestly say I enjoy. I have good friends and I'm happy with my career choice. What more can you ask from life? (Wow, this went on waaay longer than I planned. Sorry bout that.) tl;dr: No, I would not. So, the question still stands... If you had the chance to go back and do things differently, would you do it? EDIT: You can go back as far as you want. From the day you were born to this morning, and any time in between. High school was just the time we chose.
  8. Here's an interesting social paradox that I found: A person can make decisions based not on what they actually want to do, but on what they think that other people want to do, with the result that everybody decides to do something that nobody really wants to do, but only what they thought that everybody else wanted to do. So basically you end up agreeing on taking a course of action you wouldn't really take, but because someone else(a close friend or anyone important to you for example) want's to take it, you agree in hopes that would make him/her happy. So here are some simple questions I like to ask you folks. 1. Do you agree or disagree with the paradox? Why or why not? 2. Also, name a moment or experience in your life where this has happened to you. I just thought this was super interesting and I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on this!
  9. Hoping this works... I've never posted a poll before so I'm not sure if I did it right (Sorry if it turns out weird or if the poll doesn't show up! If it doesn't, comments would work too!) Anyway, the question is: Halo 4, Assassin's Creed III, or Call of Duty Black Ops 2? (For Xbox/PC) I feel like buying one of these games, but I really don't know which to get! I like Halo for it's multiplayer capability. Just so much fun. End of story. Assassin's Creed is great with the story line, and the graphics are stunning! Plus I love the Revolutionary war, and if I'm not mistaken, that's when the story is based. So bonus points. Finally, Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2. Besides an un-original name, I've enjoyed the COD series, and played Black Ops with a friend of mine for about 10 hours straight. (Impressive record for me). I enjoyed it, and I thought the clear-able zombie campaign would be fun. One draw back is that I heard the PC's are having trouble with multiplayer, and that would be a big part of my gaming fun, and I don't want to risk it yet...
  10. Hello Everypony! My friend and I are thinking about doing a Let's Play, and we would like nothing more than this community to be a part of it! Our only problem is, we have ideas, but can't make up our mind. So I am here to ask you to choose one of our ideas (or if you have a better idea, please tell us!) 1: Minecraft We were going to play on a Seed that we have found, with villages, ravines, etc. Our plan would be to speed run through minecraft with about 4 total people. We would film the entire thing (voice commentary and screen play) and we would cut it so boring things wouldn't be in it. 2: Fallout New Vegas A possible idea, we were thinking playing as certain characters. Here, you can give us an idea for a character. Do you want a person who uses unarmed only? A character who never fights? We WILL finish the game! So feel free to give us ideas. 3: Left 4 Dead 2 All the campaigns. On Hard. Realism mode. Simple as that. There would be 4 players, and we might bump the difficulty up if it seems too boring (after all, it is only interesting if it's difficult right?) So please feel free to help us decide! If you have other games, or requests, I would LOVE to hear it!
  11. I have decide to dye my coat a new colour, but I'm not certain what colour I want to dye it. Since I am not capable of deciding myself , I thought it would be better to let the public decide. (mane can also be dyed) So guys, what do you think would suit/look good on me? (sorry if this is in the wrong place)