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Found 17 results

  1. Thankfully I haven't, but I sure have gotten close. I know of someone who has though, and my dad's also gotten extremely close to hitting them before.
  2. EDIT 11/2/18: With the MLP holiday special "Best Gift Ever" presenting reindeer as canon species this fan club has now been expanded to include them. As it stands both the deer as presented in the IDW comic arc "Root of the Problem" and the magic reindeer from "Best Gift Ever" fit here; not to mention Velvet from "Them's Fightin' Herds." :p All right, thanks to issues #27 and #28 we now have deer a part of the lore in "Friendship is Magic." Granted we probably won't be seeing them in the show, but their in the lore now. <3 So yeah, we have King Aspen, his son Bramble, and Blackthorn, and the deer live in Thicket. I just LOVE their design!
  3. He is still a work in progress, but finally coming along. He is not really a deer, but a deer canine hybrid. More will be revealed as he is worked on.
  4. this is the first video i have made, I bought 2 cameras, a gopro hero and a cheap dbpower sj4000 this the the dbpower 1080p/30 set on 4x zoom "because it is kinda hard to get close to deer LOL" the video quality is not that bad but it is not that great when you go full screen, i think the gopro is going to have better video but i am going to have to test it
  5. was doodling around and found myself making a new OC ;3; meet Heaven Scent, a deer x pony hybrid! her talent/occupation is designing candles and soaps
  6. Made one more card with the lovely Derpy in all her sweetness and happy feelings she brings. Added in some background like candy cane and a few little cute stickers to act as a frame. This is free to use to spread in joy and greetings!
  7. A random deer pony oc I drew.
  8. Adash

    Deer OCs?

    Does anyone else do deer OCs, or is it just me. If you do, please post it below. I did this horribly colored one a few days ago.
  9. EDIT: I'm going to turn this into my own art thread - I think that'd be better than me clogging the forums with a new thread every other day. I figured, since this is my first post in the art section, I might as well make an art dump showing my favorite drawings from December & this year. Also some old stuff at the bottom for giggles. Heads up -- I have an addiction to adopting/purchasing pony designs from deviantart so most of these characters weren't designed by me, though all art is of course my own. I would credit the designers but...I feel like that would be breaking the rules somehow? Dunno. Also most of the names were suggested by my friends or chosen by the person who designed the pony, because I'm terrible at coming up with names. Same drawing as my icon, just without all the light effects. Her name's Crasher. She enjoys surfing, getting involved with protecting marine life, sea turtles, and lazing around with her boyfriend Bright Eyes. Silver Slay, but just goes by Slay. I don't know much about him as a character yet but I imagine he's some sort of villain, or antihero at the least. Permanently scowling and probably doesn't get much sleep. Ivory Wave. Shark-tail bat pony? thing. He's a pretty quiet and unfriendly guy but he's not too bad. He's in a relationship with another one of my shark tail ponies but I'm having trouble deciding which one...the sweet blonde who could bring out the best in him, or the one who's just as strong-willed as he is and would love him to death but still wouldn't put up with his crap. Lovenotes. Unlike the others, she was designed and named by me. She usually wears her hair in a low ponytail and her bangs kind of resemble Ariel's. She doesn't normally wear a giant bow on her back. This was just a fun little doodle. xD Halima. Designed by a friend by named by me. At this point I'd pretty much given up giving ponies names that fit the show and started veering into the human name category. xD Halima means gentle. Copy & pasted from my deviantart description: "She's very self-conscious about her tail and her chest fluff since they make her different from most of the other ponies, but if she's being honest with herself, she likes her fluffy chest. When she's embarrassed she wishes she could just disappear into it, become a giant ball of fluff and stay like that until whoever's bothering her gets bored and goes away." Evaine, named by me but she was designed by the same girl who designed Ivory. I've had this girl for about 2-3 year but this was the first time I've drawn her. Her hair has always reminded me of blue fire. This one was done just the other day c: Her name is Moon Wishes, designed and named by me. I love colored lighting so I really wanted to try that out for a change. I'm really happy with how it came out. I've been doing a lot of headshots/portrait drawings this year, so I've gotten a little incredibly rusty when it comes to drawing bodies, so this was practice; I used a screenshot as reference. And this was another quick practice from reference done last night (technically this morning - 5 am - I sleep weird hours though so it feels more like last night than this morning). More fun with light. No name or anything for this character, I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep her, but her hair was fun to draw. Alright, that's pretty much it for my best recent stuff, but since I make designs pretty much more than I draw even my own characters, I should probably show some of those, too. Here are some designs I sold a while back: [linked out for size, I assume that's allowed] And just for giggles, take a look at my first two attempts at drawing ponies digitally, both done in January of 2012: For some reason I put my signature where her cutie mark is...? Okay then. I hope it's okay, posting this many pictures...I read the global rules but I couldn't find any rules for this particular section of the forum. Hm.
  10. Here is my OC Chimera pony! I was thinking her name could be kind of mystical sounding but still MLP like. She is very curious, she's sweet but can be threatening if she is provoked. She is mostly part pony--part cat, but she also has some fawn aspects, such as her ears and spots. I did the spots black and orange like a calico cat. Please don't use her for anything without permission. Here is the non-colored in version if anypony wants to see it!
  11. This is my new character.. I haven't really thought of a background or personality for her, so if you guys could help, that would be really great This drawing took about.. 30 minutes??
  12. Hola, ponies! It's Pudú here, answering your questions! c: Go ahead, ask me anything. I promise I won't bite.
  13. I live in a place where there is a lot of deer I just saw this one an hour or two ago Its not that big, but biggest I saw in a long time It was also stalking a female... wonder how that turned out
  14. Hehe, Doctor Whooves, the deer! I don't kow if you saw, but I posted a topic of Derpy the deer, so, I made Doctor Whooves the deer! Ok, let the critiquing begin!
  15. This is my deersona (not my official fursona) I attempted to do this because a lot of artists on tumblr were starting this "deer drawing" trend X3. I know its not the best fursona and it was actually my first >///< please share your opinion please! Thank you
  16. This drawing is based on an episode idea that Lauren Faust was unable to utilize during her tenure on FiM. The basic gist is that Rainbow Dash and Applejack are racing in White Tail Woods when they get lost. Fortunately, they are found and led through the forest by a stallion...who thinks he's a deer after being raised in the wild. Rainbow Dash wants to tell him the truth, but AJ, in contrast to her Elelment, wants to keep his being a pony secret as to not shatter his reality and break his heart. Not 100% on how this turned out. I like how the stallion turned out, but as I drew the rest of the image, things just got worst and worst, until RD turned out pretty meh. I honestly believe half of it is my crappy pencils, but I'm still not really good at consistency. Whatever. What do you guys think? What Citrus was listening to while he was drawing this abomination: This song actually fits this experience well.
  17. I've been fixing to do something kind of realistic dealing with deer lately and this is what I came up with. I had to use a reference for the back legs because... they suck XD But yes. You can also find this on my DA page here