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Found 11 results

  1. I have been learning 5 different styles which added make 8 styles total I know. Anypony here also practice or like watching martial arts? If so, which kinds? or why do you like/do it? I do it for health and strength training along with self defense.
  2. This questions has been brought up quite a bit in the world of the internet. Are teenagers and adults too old to be watching cartoons? My response, there should be no age limit to stop watching them. Throughout my exploits on the internet, I have seen cartoon reviewers I follow get attacked by people who call them stuff like, "manchild" or "autstic" just for for the doing the so evil thing of enjoying a good cartoon every now and then. They will constantly keep following them, talking shit about them on other websites, and even making videos straight up mocking them (see Clay Claymore for all of the above). And really, why bother at all? These mentalities seem arrogant and partially elitist too. So, you think you're all high and mighty for bashing people for what they like and calling them all this stuff, when you people aren't any better for bashing them? Also, why should you guys control what these people watch? It's not like they're trying to take over the world or something or overthrow the government. They just want some good ole light hearted comedy during the hardships that is adulthood. There is also the mentality that cartoon enthusiasts have "no life." They claim that these people have no jobs and sit around watching cartoons all day. Just because you watch cartoons doesn't mean you have no jobs. That's practically a logical fallacy. That be like me saying, "All bronies are pedophiles." Oh wait, people say that too. Also, watching cartoons means you have no life yet belittling people for doing it makes you better? That's not how it works. If anything, it makes you worse and look like a jerk who I would not like to see on the streets. Should I bring up the fact that all cartoons are made by adults who also love cartoons and is their JOB to make the cartoons? And the fact that cartoons used to be shown in theaters where adults would visit? Or how about how shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Animaniacs, Dexter's Lab, The Power Puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, early Spongebob, Avatar, Disney movies, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Friendship is Magic have humor and story telling that can be enjoyed by adults? Oh, and what about shows like The Simpsons, South Park, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and Futurama are more aimed at adults with adult humor. So much that when I was a kid, my mom would not allow me to watch some of these shows? Yeah, I don't think I need to say more. So basically, if you don't like cartoons, that's fine, However, bashing someone who likes them is going way too far with it. For all cartoon lovers, keep watching.
  3. The " Rarity or Gem " stance (pictured) is a unique style. This is set up for those with a bit more in the way of combinations of short and long attacks, Throwing is not used as often as this style uses more pushes, trips and low strikes, also it is a style that uses 1.) deceptions like fake outs, changes in directions and ducking. 2.) A long and drawn out dance like movement, almost like a waltz or ballroom dancing movements. Utilizing random bowing and swirling motions in order to move around your opponent so you can get in a short but strong combo of strikes.
  4. Hello, everypony. I'm Dancingwithtwilight, and I have one question to ask you: Why the hate? This will be a discussion thread for hated episodes, where I will defend them. Feel free to defend them if you'd like to, too. ---- But before I can defend an episode, I need to ask why bronies hate them. Let us begin. ---- The reason I thought of this thread was because I saw a lot of hatred towards Magical Mystery Cure. I'd like to know, in much detail, why do you hate it if you do?
  5. i've seen people complaining about how Babs and Rarity weren't punished in One Bad Apple and Sweet and Elite respectively. The problem with this is that the purpose of a punishment is to teach someone a lesson, when they already have, it becomes very redundant.
  6. To many people on Skype, and some from the forums, I am known for talking to members who had been banned in the past, mainly because I think everyone deserves to get their voice out. Sometimes I think they deserve the ban, but sometimes there is a piece of information that no one but the moderators knows about, if even them. I'm not trying to get anyone unbanned, but I've heard from quite a few banned members that they are bothered by the fact that people are talking about them on the forums. This is almost never in a positive way. A good example of this is here. I'm very much against restraint of free speech, but that might be better than allowing people to publicly humiliate others without a means of defense. Another possible solution would be allowing a banned member to comment on something that relates to them, but I find that extremely unlikely to happen. Again, whether or not a banned member deserved it is unimportant; The fact that they can't give all the details simply bothers me. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see your input on the subject. Thanks
  7. Imagine you've got to convince a hostile audience to think that the brony fandom is not a bad thing. What arguments would you use in defense of bronies? What do you think the haters' best argument against the fandom would be? How would you kill their argument? Hope you give your opinion and thanks for reading/replying to this post! (Yeah, I've got to make a persuasive speech on why the brony fandom is a good thing so I wanted to know what your opinions are. I'd appreciate your help!)
  8. I say, we need a pony games subforum! Anyway, hello there, guys! I'm Night Breeze from Silly Mare Games, creator of a few previous games like Stroll, My Little Rhythm and Harmony PCG, and I'm glad to share with y'all a new project I've been working in for some time now: SMG's Nightfall. Nightfall is a 2D platforming game, but it's not the usual idea of a platformer. You can think about it as a mix of Terraria or Minecraft and a tower defense game, if you may, but it's still not quite like that either. I'll give you a quick description (and I excuse myself beforehand, as english isn't my main language). In this game, the main objective so far is to survive. You play as any of the mane six in a huge randomly generated world, and along the day you may explore, collect items and build yourself a fortress with many different type of blocks, being dirt, stone, different kinds of turrets, trees, and the like. After 5 real-life minutes, the night comes, and the peaceful ambience of the game goes away. A swarm of enemies will try to get you, destroying everything along the way. You'll have to survive until the sun rises again, by killing the enemies, strategically building your fortress and using the different blocks, collecting money to upgrade your stats, and more. Each night that comes, the enemies will be harder and more frequent, featuring even bosses along the way, and you'll have to strategically develop your character and building stats along it to survive. Anyway, that's mainly it! The game is still under development, everything is subject to change, and I'd love to know what you think. Here are a couple teaser videos I've uploaded about the project for you to check out (they look really little in here for some reason!): And an updated post I wrote a few minutes ago if you'd like to read further: Thanks a lot for your time, and I hope you have a great day!
  9. So, I heard you didn't like The Mysterious Mare Do Well. And you heard that I liked it. And you said that it was a bad episode. More specifically, an episode that was bad for Rainbow Dash. Now, if I were the high-flying pegasus myself, I'd say this in response: However, I'll be a wee bit more diplomatic about it. I find a lot of validity in the claims criticizing the actions of the rest of the Mane 6 here, so you aren't going to see me defending that. My main focus is to argue that not only was Rainbow Dash characterized well in this episode (hehe), but it was one of the best characterizations of her. Let's get down to our first order of business. I haven't seen any complaints for the cold open, so I'll just echo everyone else and say that it was sweet, funny, and maintaining continuity. It also introduced RD as a celebrity, which is obviously further developed later into the episode. dsdasdaasdadddsda\ asdasdasdsdaasdadadllddddddOkay, seriously, who could hate this? After the theme song, we find Dash lazing around in the clouds. Yet another example of character continuity (RD's laziness), check. Not so OOC now, huh? But when she hears a little filly in trouble, she doesn't even hesitate to dash and save her. I love this scene, and the animators deserve pats on the back for their work here. Her expressions say everything. She is surprised and even a little uncomfortable confronting such a large crowd of spectators, but they press on that she is totally awesome, despite her humble dismissals. And with a blush and a smile, Rainbow Dash begins her fall. In the moment where she flies away, she realizes that she likes this attention. When she deliberately seeks it next time, she's richly rewarded. And again, and again. It's an addiction of sorts. By the time the titular Mare Do Well show up, it's completely consumed her. Rainbow Dash, the hero, is gone. Enter Rainbow Dash, the tragic villain. Tragic, you ask? Why tragic? Because, as she gets worse and worse, I still felt sympathetic for her. It was really more of the unwitting crowd's fault that Rainbow Dash became such an arrogant jerk. Whenever she acted attention seeking, they loved it. They showered praise on her and they seemed to love her even more. Is there any wonder why she became so egotistical and so desperate to get noticed? The love of Ponyville made her feel like the best pegasus in the world. dsdasdaasdadddsda asdasdasd dddlllPictured Above: Beloved episode, beloved episode, not beloved episode. And if there's any pony who would desire that ego boost, it'd be RD. Sonic Rainboom, sometimes considered to be the definitive Dash episode, displays Rainbow Dash's hidden insecurity. So does Read It And Weep. People loved her in both of those episodes. Why not this one? Everything about her behavior in The Mysterious Mare Do Well betrays a clear lack of any true self confidence and a need to have it be validated. This is part of the reason why her friends' choice to create a persona who exists to make Rainbow Dash feel inferior was kind of a jerk move. Fast fowarding to her monologue on the cloud now. This was a real moment for me. Ashleigh Ball gives a great performance, and through almost the entire sequence, you can hear that RD is on the verge of crying. I felt really bad for her. Did she bring it upon herself? Yes, technically, but how would you feel if everyone was your biggest fan, everyone loved you, and then suddenly some new person comes in and your adoring fans treat you like a waste of space? And furthermore, Rainbow Dash has no idea how this happened. All of her attention seeking before made everyone love her! What changed? Rainbow Dash is not exactly someone who has a high level of self awareness. When she tries to figure out why, she lists off only the surface aspects. There's something sad about how shallow she thinks the appreciation of her is. This scene only became better upon rewatch, now that Rainbow Dash has become a much more mature character. There's the answer right in front of her, but she can't quite reach it yet on her own. If this were Season 3, she'd have a moment of realization right there. It took the whole Mare Do Well thing for her to do it here. I just like being reminded of how the characters have grown and changed. dsdasdaasdadddsda So, I think that while The Mysterious Mare Do Well has its flaws (namely, that it makes you root for the wrong side), it's an episode that really shines a light on some of Rainbow Dash's flaws and her fears. An episode doesn't have to be good all around to have something to offer, and Mare Do Well proves it. Since I was being all serious-y and stuff for most of this blog post, I neglected to mention a few other things I liked about this episode: It's still a visually and audiorially impressive episode even in light of the amazing art quality of Season 3. There are a few odd faces, as the animators were experimenting with some new types of expressions at this point, but you have amazing vistas and some excellent camera angles and framing. The music is also top notch, with little trills and touches to enhance each scene. It's hilarious, one of the funniest episodes in the series. "Another great feat of heroism! I have just saved this grass!" gets me every time. Everyone in the cast was really hamming it up. So, yeah, that's why I liked The Mysterious Mare Do Well. And if I were Rainbow Dash, well, now I'd say this on behalf of the episode, with Amethyst Star/Sparkler featured as most of the rest of the brony fandom's reaction to it and perhaps this whole analogy:
  10. I thought of an interesting idea to make an NFL team based on the Forums - offense, defense, and special teams included with the head coaches and offensive and defensive coordinators. For defense, you can have either a 3-4 (3 defensive linemen, 4 linebackers), or a 4-3 (4 linemen, 3 linebackers). For offense, you can have an empty backfield 5 wide receiver set (no tight ends or running backs), or do a traditional single-back, two Tight-End, Two-WR set. Note how each side has 11 players. Without further ado, here's mine: Head coach: Feld0 Offensive coordinator: Swoop Defensive coordinator: Zoop Defense (3-4): Nose Tackle: Tich Right Defensive End: Crispy Left Defensive End: Apple Bloom Right Outside Linebacker: Aureity Left Outside Linebacker: Scootacool Inside Linebacker 1: Nico Inside Linebacker 2: NewCalamity Cornerback: Ezynell Cornerback: Vexx3 Free Safety: Me, herp derp. Strong Safety: Thereisnospoon303 (here's what it looks like if it was a 4-3 instead of a 3-4 - the defensive back formations stay the same, only change is the defensive line and the linebackers): Defensive Tackle 1: Tich Defensive Tackle 2: Apple Bloom Left Defensive End: Aureity Right Defensive End: Crispy Left Outside Linebacker: NewCalamity Middle Linebacker: Nico Right Outside Linebacker: Scootacool Offense (Singleback, two-tight end, two-wide receiver): Quarterback: ~Chaotic Discord~ Halfback: Arylett Dawnsborough Left Offensive Tackle: Doctor XFizzle Left Guard: Klopp Pwny. Center: Neikos Right Guard: Jonke Right Offensive Tackle: Tom The Diamond (AKA Trixie the Trixie) Tight End 1: Crona (aka Finest) Tight End 2: Shankveld Wide Receiver 1: Lady Rarity Pony Wide Receiver 2: Skullet Pony (AKA NeverNeverland) Special teams: Kicker: Kyronea Punter: Mr. Pillow (AKA Jokuc) Kick/Punt returner: Little Miss Fluttershy Got your own team? Fill out the sheets accordingly! @@Doctor XFizzle, @@My little pwny, @@Crispy
  11. I am thinking about getting into martial arts. I need some focus and discipline in my life and I was thinking this would help. Anypony into this kind of stuff, or is actually training in this? I am really interested in Tai Chi btw, if that helps narrow it down. I want something that can give me some balance with my mind, body, and soul. (soul being somewhat of a metaphor here) Halp!! And if there is a thread like this, could a mod kindly redirect me there? I was too lazy to look.