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Found 15 results

  1. Is it possible to remove your own votes from a poll? Just curious. Thanks.
  2. I post from a tablet, but when I set a mention, spoiler or quote, I can't delete it anymore. Is there a way I can delete this? It is very frustating sometimes!
  3. Since i started this Review Thing, i guess i just finish my Review of the early Dc Comics Video Games. Here is a quick overview of the first Games in order : Superman - Atari 2600 Superman 3 - Atari 800 ( unreleased ) Superman : The Game - Various Home Computer Formats Batman - Various Home Computer Formats Batman : The Caped Crusader - Various Home Computer Formats Superman - Nes Sunman - Nes ( originally planned as a Superman Game, but they couldnt get the license for the Character, so the game was changed, but never released regardless, planned release date was around 1992, so this Game is not in order in this List, but it was never released and its the last Superman game for Nes, so i just played it after the first one, before moving on to the Batman Games for Nes ) ( alright, my Blog is glitched again and i cant change Color anymore...FIX YOUR FORUMS!! Uhhhh...i mean....if you want to... ) Superman - Arcade Superman : The Man Of Steel - Various Home Computer Formats Batman : The Movie - Various Home Computer Formats So, my last Review was about Batman - The Caped Crusader, so lets move on to Superman for the Nes. Okay, i finally got out of the Glitch... So, Superman on the Nes is a Chibi Style Superman Game, in which a lot of the Characters are potrayed in cute Chibi Forms. ( probably because this is a Japanese Game....okay sorry, that was kinda racist... ) Its a cute Game sure, but confusing. At the Start you can go to pretty much all the Levels at once, even though you arent supposed to, since you have to do some Missions in order. So, i was running around, dying, because i couldnt figure out what to do. You can talk to People though, so thats nice. But in the End, i just died a lot, because sometimes you have to talk to certain People, or else some Events dont take Place. So, i was running around aimlessly and died. Also this game has a lot of backtracking. And a lot of Super Powers you can use, by collecting Items to get Energy for the Super Powers. There are even Zombies in the Game and apparently this game is based on the Christopher Reeves Movies, since the Japanese Version, has the Theme Song of the Movies. It was an interesting Game but in the end, i just watched a Playtrough. Also this Game was not released in the Pal Region, so without the Internet, i wouldnt even be able to play it. And i cant play really well with a Keyboard. So, next one, Sunman ! It looks like a fun beat um up, with superior Graphics to the first Nes Game, it seems to have better Controls, better Character Designs and cooler looking Enemys. I wish i could have played it...but it was never released. And as i said earlier, i cant play with Keyboard Controls. Superman for the Arcade is great ! Even better Graphics, another fun beat em up, with a lot of Action ! But again, only released on Arcades and on the Internet....and only Keyboard Controls. I mean, i could buy me a Pc Controller...but i wont. ( yeah, i know, i dont make any sense ) Superman - The Man of Steel...well, first off, its great that this Game has real Cut Scenes which look like Comic Books and also good Graphics. The Levels have a lot of Variety and i liked what i saw. And last, Batman - The Movie. Good Graphics, better Gameplay than the first two Batman Games and i actually know, what i had to do. ( not like in Batman - The Caped Crusader, where the Puzzles are a little cryptic. ) So, thats it. Now comes the Nes Generation of Dc Comics Games. I think we are done, with the Home Computer Ones. YAY ! If i forgot a Game, please tell me. I hope you enjoyed this useless Review. By-bye!
  4. could an admin please delete this? I don't need it anymore.
  5. could an admin please delete this? I don't need it anymore.
  6. Title. Maybe I'm just stupid because I couldn't find a "delete account" button. Oh well. Now I get to look like a fool posting this. Thanks to whichever mod Terminates my Account. <3
  7. Well, I doubt this is supposed to go here. I attempted to view the support ticket system to see if that would suit my queries better, but all I got was an error message. So I had to settle for this. To any mods who happen to be reading this, could you please delete all of my posts in the following threads? If it's not too much of an imposition?:
  8. I have accidently made 3 of the same OCs in the character database. How do I delete them?
  9. I just cleared out my PM system and found this pm. Unclickable, unable to see a name, and just there. What is it?
  10. Just as the topic say's, I want to delete my account on this site. Now I know I can't just delete it, so I need someone on the site to delete it. So if one is reading this, please delete my account. Just to get this out of the way. The reason why I want this account deleted is because, I'm just not that into the show anymore. I got into the show for the wrong reason and I don't want this account up anymore. So again please delete my account.
  11. So I decided that I didn't really like one of my status updates any more and tried to delete it. I hit the "delete" option, Google Chrome asked me "do you wish to continue," I clicked yes or OK or something similar, and the comment completely disappeared from my profile feed. I refreshed and came back a moment later to find that the comment was back, but marked in red and included the options "delete," "approve," and "lock." I assumed this must be part of the normal process so I hit delete and the same thing happened as before. (Deleted, then back again with the three options. The comments were still visible on my profile as well.) I figured it must not be a big deal, so I made another status and tried to delete it. The same thing happened, and now there are two "ghost comments" waiting to be "approved" that I can't get rid of. Is this a bug, or am I just not understanding a general process that is involved?
  12. The Wait period for posting needs to go. I had to wait 7 minutes to post one thing not too long ago, and that's just plain stupid. There shouldn't be a timer for when you could post, anyway, as it is THE PERFECT WAY to lose members. Seriously, guys. Get rid of it.
  13. I have posted a thread and I wanted to rename it so I decided I would erase my old thread... only I don't find any button or anything saying: ''remove/delete thread'' nor can I find a ''rename thread one''. Sorry for asking such a dumb question but I searched on this forum and read the FAQ. and Thanks. EDIT: I have also realised the errors in my title topic :/ They're awful....but I can't do nothing since I can't change the title :/
  14. Not that I'm thinking of never coming back to these forums - no, I love this forum. But, I was wondering why there was never an option to delete your own account.