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Found 13 results

  1. If you guys want me to write something with this I will. I love writing and would love to flesh out backstory but not if its going to be a waste. Anyway the day I got my cutie mark! It uh...wasn't a benevolent occasion to say the least and now I have to deal with this Hellspawn of a demon the rest of my life. Elusive Shadows now in her first real appearance near my being. I may have tried dark shadow magic and the result was a mosh pit of, "Yay!" and "Oh no what have I done?!"
  2. (Before i explain this vid, i want to say that it was proven to be fake. No one died in this vid, even if the description tries to fool you) This was a video that i discovered not even an hour ago, eventhough it has been on Youtube for years now. I must say, that i really must congratulate the man who is responsible for this incredibly scary vid, because this is incredibly well made, especially for the time it came out. It's almost like the room is getting pulled to hell by a demon Gotta warn you guys. This vid is not for the faint of heart:
  3. Since nobody ever reblogs art on tumblr and DA couldn't seem to give less of a toss, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had some feedback on these character's designs? They're gonna be the main characters of a webcomic I'm working on in a world populated by mutants, monsters, and modern magic. Still trying to piece together an overarching plot, so it's just gonna start out revolving around Lagtime (L.T.) and Bruce as characters sharing an apartment. /shrug Need to do more art for Bruce, I've got a lot of unfinished junk.
  4. That's it. You awoke a demon, and now we'll see who the ass is right on this thing. PREMISE IS SIMPLE. WHO'S BETTER? STAR BUTTERFLY? OR PEARL? Come on,is easy to see who's the winner. *cough* Star <3 *cough* THE TIME LIMIT ARE 7 DAYS,AKA ONE WEEK. SHIP FIGHT AWAY!
  5. uhh well I originally started out drawing a dog
  6. I have created a OC pony version of this demonic being, this monster. The real Xanthis was implanted in me long ago. This is when my father and step mother spoke snake spit of my mother who was only guilty of ever being in a relationship with my scumbag of a father. Now at first glance, my father may not be the type to harm anyone, but that's because he wants to hide the horrible fact of what he did to my mother, leaving her and taking away her only flesh and blood son. In truth, as a kid I could care less what my parents said about my mother. I loved living in my own little world, maybe it was to escape the cruel reality I knew too well. Xanthis was implanted for me to hate my biological mother, but it failed and backfired. Xanthis ended up hating my step mother and father, the ones who implanted this demon in me. Xanthis's hate grew and he soon wanted to kill my step mother the most. She has gotten on my nerves so much that Xanthis wanted me to end her. I have ignored it for a long time. This is before I truly discovered my wiccan powers. I ended up making friends with a girl who I will remain secret. She helped me understand darkness and helped me learn not to fear it. This is how I got better handle on Xanthis. It was not until was put into a program to help me be independent called EDC, that Xanthis began to get out of my control. There were certain people there who got under my skin, people who invoked the wrath of Xanthis. Later on after that, once I got a place in a apartment complex where I now still live, I soon discover Xanthis going rogue. He started tormenting people for no reason and he soon wanted to kill me. He came close once, nearly choking me to death with my own hand. Once that happened, I decided enough was enough. I attack Xanthis that night and like the coward he was, he hid in the wall. I defeated him but I didn't kill him like I intended. It was not till the next day that Mat, with his bare hands, stopped Xanthis when he tried to attack him and ripped Xanthis apart. This ended him for good, my torment lifted. The demon implanted in me was ultimately destroyed. My Step-Mother and father failed at corrupting me and turning me to their beliefs. I walked away from all this still sane where others may of lost their mind. My iron will prevented Xanthis from controlling me but moments of weakness when I was angered, he would oppress me. No more. With him gone, I am free of him but I play the theme I deem to represent him as a reminder of the demon who once made my life hell and put me through allot of pain. Now you know, and I pray that you do not ever know my pain and hardship. Never mess with the spiritual world or the demons of the world. P.S. Xanthis's theme is Kane's theme "Veil Of Fire" if you are curious.
  7. -Your in darkness, just darkness. You can't find a way out of the chocking silence of the dark. Your screaming silently. Some ones here. Get out. Some ones here. Suddenly a pair of glowing green eyes appear ahead of you, and a single candle flickers on. Some how, the candle seems to light up the whole room, and you find yourself on a rug, looking up at a black male wolf with neon green paws, tail tip, ear tips, underbelly, muzzle, and undereye markings, who looks down at you with amused eyes.- Nike: Your wondering where you are? How do I put this? Welcome to my lair. My name is Nike Darkmoon, and not after the shoe you *BUY SOME APPLES*. You may call me Master, or Darkmoon. Nike is not my name. Nike-Nike is dead. Raz should die also, the stupid *BUY SOME APPLES*. I do not know Nami, Ryo, Rosetta, Berry, Cherry or Aludra. Aludra thought she had a chance with me, and she ended up like Raz. So don't bring the names up, if you don't want a gory death. I am not saying I don't want you to die, but....I do. I did need to taste some more blood, my supplies are getting stale. So ask me, if you dare. (Also, I hope rainbows bleed from your eyes when you see my neon letters. Aren't they nice? They were made to look pretty, but I think I changed that, don't you?)
  8. As one of the last Humans left a demon offers you a deal to give you a chance to defeat TCB Celestia and save Humanity. The Demon speaks in a deep cold evil voice as it's dark shadowy form flies in circles around you. Would you make a deal with a such magical being? (Since the Pony universe is a magical place, you may come in contact with such beings.) As in a being like the Devil, Discord or some other Demon? You will given great powers like that of the Lord of Murder (Bhaal from Dungeons & Dragons) to avenge Humanity (and bring back Humanity) after it was destroyed by Xenolestia. Among other powers you will also be able to summon angry ghosts of fallen Human soldiers that were turned into zombie Newfoals and or killed, whom would help you kill Ponies and have a fighting chance to defeat Xenolestia. As a side effect you will become a little bit of a psychopathic with an insane bloodlust and might just become just as evil as Xenolestia Poll: Make the deal with the demon. Refuse to make such a deal with a Demon, if Humanity is to die here then just fight to end without any help. Then just wish other help would come or in another universe Humanity would defeat the TCB Ponies.
  9. You are in Equestria, and the ponies know and love you. One day though, you decide to take a stroll through the Everfree Forest for no reason at all. You get lost and come across an alter to a demon god, and being the curious goof that you are, you accidentally summon the god. He goes on about how he is finally free to reign death and destruction across the land, but you try to persuade him to go back to his realm. Somehow, this works, but on one condition. He makes a deal with you. You bring him one of the ponies, and he will leave quietly. So, you agree. TL;DR Version: You summon a demon god. To make him go back to his realm, you have to bring him one of the ponies. You agree to. Which pony would you bring to the demon god? Keep in mind that the pony you bring will never be seen again.
  10. Hello, my first post so I decided to start off strong. How do you think the ranking of power goes in terms of raw destructive ability? My personal opinion is: Elements of Harmony: The Rainbow Cannon takes down everything Demon Sunset Shimmer: Was able to take the Elements for longer than any other villain and what she corrupted required separate shots to heal Discord: Owned Celestia and Luna with little trouble Crystal Heart: Power of an entire city is stronger than the love of two ponies Shining Armor's Shield: Wrecked Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis(love powered): One shotting Celestia Nightmare Moon: Stronger than Celestia but not owning her Sombra(body): Required both Princesses to put down but when they combined, was one-shotted Celestia: I got the implication that being older, she is stronger than Luna Luna: Like I said, I go by the fact that if she's younger, she's weaker Sombra(smoke): Being held at bay by his weakness but not being seriously hurt by it. Twilight(magic burst): When enraged Twilight can shoot anti-tank round level bolts and lift entire trees Chrysalis: The Changelings seemed pretty weak without their love draining Trixie(with Alicorn Amulet): Stronger than Twilight but not by a huge amount and if Twilight had a magic burst, Trixie would lose Twilight: Able to free Cadence when she could not Sunset Shimmer: Implied to be rivals with Twilight Cadence: Unable to break through the same wall Twilight coul with ease Shining Armor: Defensive spells galore
  11. Spoilered due to violence (Opening to the game Splatterhouse) are dying. Your loved one has been taken and a mysterious demonic voice asks you to put on a mask while at the same time suggesting that it may own your soul in the process... Could you do it?
  12. I suddenly wondered if I had put any of my manga drawings here after I submitted my two first dragons here and it seems I haven't so I'll some up now. Chibi girl (2008) Chibi girl's profile Evil scientist (2008) Space cadet (2008) A fairy (2009) Dreaming chibi girl (2009) A monster at the beach (2009) Black Mage catgirl (2010) Demon emerging A princess ... Yeah... before anyone actually notices it, pretty much all of these pictures were drawn according to a model in various Christopher Hart's manga instructions books.
  13. Hi, I am Whiteshade, and I hate intros. Let's get to the topic already... Paolo Gabriele just got arrested In the likely scenario where you ignore forget to click the link, here is a rundown: Guy got arrested because he was spai. And about a million other things. Now click the link and read it, you lazy pony! Anyways, I think this is: The classic power struggle. In a sense, its ridiculously complex, and in another sense, its very simple. As for the Vatican itself, you can guess my position on that. Also I made a poll, for all you vote whores democratic idealists. The votes are private, so no one will care if you vote the wrong way against the majority. If there is loaded wording within the poll itself, just rage point it out and I will check it. By the way, mods will be swarming this thread, due to some stuff, and then something, then something else. Get those tongues civil or get them cut. So, you are free to share your inevitably perfect and absolutely correct, to like, an absolute degree, because its absolute, opinions, by posting and taking the poll, or just take the poll if you don't like the crowd.