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Found 16 results

  1. It's pretty self explanatory, I just want to see what a demon of the show would be, if there was demons in MLP, and what they would be like?
  2. enjoy my pony script! MLP FIM THE ELEMENTS OF DARKNESS PONY SCRIPT PART 1 TO 4.doc
  3. Does anyone have any urban legends from their own country that they’d like to share? They can be scary, funny, stupidly mundane, etc. As someone who’s training to be a psychologist, I find things like these to be interesting, and it gives me an insight into how the people of the country think (eg. what they find to be frightening/funny compared to other countries). I’ll begin with an urban legend from my own country just to get things started. If the thread takes off, I’ll share more. The urban legend that I’ll talk about is a well-known one that comes from my own country of Northern Ireland (different from Ireland, I assure you). I attend a university called Queen’s University in Belfast, and the university has several buildings. For example, there’s the main Lanyon Building, the Teaching and Learning Centre, etc. The buildings that I’ll be talking about are the David Keir Building (DKB) and the Ashby Building. Across from the DKB, there is a graveyard known as the Friar’s Bush Graveyard. The graveyard is the site of a mass grave filled with bodies from a cholera epidemic, to the point where a mound can be seen in the centre. Those who approach this mound are said to experience the sensation of hands touching them and clawing at their clothes. Now, beneath the DKB, there is a maintenance tunnel. This tunnel stretches from the DKB to the nearby Ashby Building, and it runs adjacent to the graveyard. To this day, there is not a single staff member in that university who will willingly go down into that tunnel alone, and many absolutely refuse to. Those who have been down there attest to the fact that the tunnel, in some areas, becomes unnaturally cold. Voices can be heard, things can be seen, and perhaps most compellingly, the same sensations of the hands that can be experienced in the graveyard can be experienced in the maintenance tunnel. As for what the people saw down there, nobody knows. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, but I have to wonder what they saw, or what they thought they saw, that was so traumatising that they refuse to speak about it.
  4. Chapter One Mckenzie's POV "Phoenix I scared." I said to Phoenix. "Come here." She said sweetly. My bare feet feel every crack on the stone floor of our cell. Phoenix is my guardian angel. She reaches her arms out and picks me up, placing me on her lap. "Don't be afraid my darling." She whispers to me. Her voice calms me as she talks. "Sing for me, Phoenix" I beg her. "Alright." She says as she clears her throat. "Come little Children, I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment..." "Time to go." I hear a deep voice say. I look up and see 2 men standing at our cell door. Phoenix stands up and pushes me behind her. Why where they here. Something inside me told me that it wasn't good. They come closer and grab Phoenix. "Let her go!" I yell, as I hit one of the demons. He grabs the collar of my shirt and slams me into the wall. I fell dizzy, like I need to puke. I look up and see Phoenix kneeling by my side. "It's okay, I will always be with you." She says as she kisses my forehead. Please don't do Phoenix, please don't leave me. She gets up and heads out with the demons. I slowly bring my legs to my chest as I wait for her return. Why did they want us? Why take her? I lift my head as I hear Phoenix scream. I get up and run to the cell door. No please don't hurt her. "Phoenix!!" My body lurches forward as I wake up from my dream/flashback. Sweat runs down my face as I sit in bed. God they get worst every night. I swing my legs over the side of the bed. My bare feet touch the cold wooden floors of my cabin. I push myself out of bed and stretch. My eye caught, my alarm clock which read 5:30 am. I slowly make my way to the kitchen. I rum my fingers over the wall and feel the light switch and flip it on. I make my way to my desk and sit down. I pull out my journal log recorder and get ready to record. Journal Log My name is McKenzie Aurora Jackson. I am a Zander experiment. I escaped 19 years ago from Zander and have lived here on a cabin outside a small town in Nebraska. Even for me to this is weird...ha...well I have wings, like bird wings. Not just any wings, my guardian angel's wings. Anyways enough on the intro. I live in the apocalypse. There are three groups here in the apocalypse. The Militare, Hunters and Treakers. The Militare: Protect mainly civilians who need protection from Croats, and the things that lurk in the dark. There are experienced military armies fighting the whole god damn thing. Others are scientist... that word makes me cringe...looking for a cure to the Croatoan Virus. Most militare bases are what use to be major cities like Chicago (XD ha...Divergent), L.A, New york city. A few I know of are Zander, Manison, Kinison, Blackwood, Orsan, and Des Moines. Des Moines is my favorite...actual the only one I have been too. Hunters: The people who fight against the Croatoan Virus and the things that lurk in the dark. On the topic does that make me a hunter if I already do that? Well anyways they are well know, and liked by the Militare. The way you tell a hunter out is the anti- possession symbol they have tattooed on them. I have never meet a hunter, but I think hunters have heard of me, do to what I did in Des Moines, which wasn't bad, I saved people. Treakers: Now getting to the interesting people. I have no real problem with treakers, actually have treaker friends named Darren and Ashlynn. So apparently they are hated by everyone, but not by me. They are usually criminals or rebellious people who broke the Militare's laws, and now fend for themselves. To tell out a treaker is that they have tattoo on their right arm, but that doesn't mean anything to me. The tattoo is to help other Militare groups and hunters tell that they are a theart. They have no where else to go and have no protection from the Croatoan Virus and the creatures that lurk in the dark. But there are a few Treaker bases, the only one I know of is Telelecki where I am welcome at. Now to the Militare base Des Moines and Telelecki, I am know as the Angel Of Death. I am welcome with open arms in both places. Des Moines also is the place where a lady named Missouri keeps a place for me in her house. She tends to remind me of Phoenix, then doesn't. After what I did in Des Moines, I wear a tattoo of a hawk with a skull over its head and beak, then holding a scythe on my right side collar bone. That is my symbol, the symbol of the Angel Of Death. Journal Log ended I push the journal log back to where I keep it and walk back to my room. I pull out a dark grey tank top, a pair of faded black jeans. I slip on my jeans, then slide my tank top. I grab my combat boots, and lace the up. I grab my black leather jacket. Aw it smells like pine and oil. As I walk pass the kitchen I turn off the light, I slip on my jacket. As I make it to the front door of the cabin, I take a deep breath and exhale, the smell of pine is amazing. I pick up my bow and quiver of arrows, my pistol, and hunting knife. I close the cabin door as I walk out. I began to run and push off the ground with my feet, spreading my massive wings, taking off into the early morning sky. A/N: Hey guys it's Mysterious Way, this is just the first chapter of The Fallen.
  5. Have you noticed that in the movies, demons are always ugly? You would think, being master manipulators, they would have a more trustworthy look.
  6. Since nobody ever reblogs art on tumblr and DA couldn't seem to give less of a toss, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had some feedback on these character's designs? They're gonna be the main characters of a webcomic I'm working on in a world populated by mutants, monsters, and modern magic. Still trying to piece together an overarching plot, so it's just gonna start out revolving around Lagtime (L.T.) and Bruce as characters sharing an apartment. /shrug Need to do more art for Bruce, I've got a lot of unfinished junk.
  7. The long wait for many of us has ended, specially the ones who didn't attended last year Quakecon, but we'll finally se a peek of what will be the next release of the classic FPS, AND IT LOOKS SWEET :SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: Gameplay trailer 8 minute gameplay
  8. So I noticed this one member's thread about how he would like friends, and I thought I'd make a similar thread. I'm doing this out of boredom. My summer vacation has also just started so I figure I could spend some of the free time getting to know new people. Where to start ... well, I'm nice and I like nice people. I also like awesome people. Um ... if you love nature, we will instantly get along. I love nature. Nature lovers are awesome. So ... that's it. xP
  9. WARNING THERE WILL BE GORE AND BLOOD IN THIS Something evil has killed twilight velvet, in despair Twilight Sparkle is trying to find who did this while being stuck trying to make friends with Sunset Shimmer who seems to know more about this evil then shes letting on. The thing is, the evil there hunting is enjoying every single moment of there despair it's just making they're souls all the more valuable. Needed Proof Reader, my grammer and spelling are terrible...
  10. It was a quiet Friday afternoon at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Class had just released for the day and the weekend. A girl with shoulder length brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a smile that could brighten anyones day. She wore a orange long sleeved shirt, a blue and purple striped sweater vest, blue jeans, and dark orange sneakers ( walked out a building and was headed towards the dormitory building. "Oh what a beautiful day the lord has given us." As the girl approached the dorms, a group of girls walked by her. "What do you mean by her eyes were black?" "I'm saying her eyeballs were black. And she drew some symbol on the wall with blood then snapped her own neck." The girl stopped dead in her tracks and her happiness turned to fear. " eyes?" She shook her head. "Joyce Brown, get ahold of yourself. They were probably talking about a scary TV show with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as the heroes." Joyce laughed and kept walking towards the dorm building. "I wonder if Dorothy finished that big story she was so focused on all week?" After Joyce went inside, a man with a flat-top brown hair, glasses, a blue long sleeved shirt and jeans appeared outside the dorm building. He stood staring up at the building. He smirked and his eyes turned black. Then he disappeared in to thin air. Later that night. Joyce, and her friend Dorothy ( walked out of Chic-fil-a with a bag in their hands. "So why did Walky not wanna come with us again?" "He said something about buying the DVD Box set for a Japanese show called Kamen Rider: Decade." Both girls laughed and began to head back to the university. "What are two pretty girls like yourselves doing out here?" Both Dorothy and Joyce nearly jumped in to the air. They turned in time for Dorothy to be smacked away. "I know you, you're Mr. O'Malley!" Mr. O'Malley smiled then grabbed Joyce by the throat and held her in the air. "Please let me go, Mr. O'Malley." Joyce watched in horror as his eyes turned black. "Sorry, I have been ordered to take you with me." Her vision began to blur from the lack of air. "God, help me please!" Just then a ball hit Mr. O'Malley in the side of the head. Causing the grip to loosen from Joyce's neck allowing some air in to her body. "Who the....." "ATTACK RIDE: ILLUSION (!" The ball flashed a purple light and let out a purple smoke. "Hey there, ugly. Did you miss me?" Mr. O'Malley turned and saw a man with short black hair (like this, wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, and black boots. "Whaddaya say you put the girl down, and we handle this like men or whatever you are." "If I don't?" Joyce noticed the sky had become cloudy and lightning began to flash almost every 5 seconds. "Then I'll get angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Joyce looked at the man and saw big beautiful white wings coming from his back. "You're no angel!" "Do you really wanna risk that?" Mr. O'Malley dropped Joyce who fell to a coughing heap. "Fooled you!" The man quickly drew a golden desert eagle and shot Mr. O'Malley in the head.
  11. It was a sad, and rainy day in Cerulean City, Misty the youngest of four sisters had died at the young age of 20. Everyone was at her burial, except one Ashley "Ash" Ketchum. He was too far away, and nobody knew if he cared. Misty's ghost stood next to her caskett looking around at everyone who had attended this sad occasion. Her sister's were there, as was Brock crying his eyes out, Lt. Surge was there holding back tears as he saluted Misty, Jesse & James + Meowth were there bawling hard, Sabrina was there as were her 3 ghost pokemon who could see her but were still sad, and even Ash's mom Delia and Professor Oak were there both were supporting each other. Misty didn't understand how or why she had died. "You were still very much a child." Misty looked to her right and saw a middle aged man in a suit holding a pocket watch in his hand and he was looking right at her. "Who are you? How can you see me?" The man put his watch away. "I'm your Reaper, Misty." "Reaper? As in the Grim Reaper?" "I'm not Death, he's a very busy man." The Reaper walked towards Misty. "Your death has Heaven and even Hell both confused. I've been told to give you an offer." "An offer for me?" "Would you like another chance at life?" "Are you serious?" "Yes I am. Death seems to like you. But he will still take your soul when the time comes." "What do I have to do?" "If you say yes. You will be brought back to life on another world. But if you say no. I will take you to Heaven." Misty thought for a moment. "Yes, I accept." The Reaper snapped his fingers. And everything went dark. Misty looked around in the dark. She noticed she could breathe, smell trees, and feel cold air on her body. "Where am I?" Then she heard a car horn honk. Misty turned in time to see a car speeding towards her. "WATCH IT!" Suddenly she was knocked to the side by someone. "Ow, that hurt!" Misty looked up and saw someone standing over her. "You must have a death wish or something." When her eyes adjusted, Misty saw who saved her. It was a boy, her age. With black hair that was shaved at the sides (, he wore a white shirt with big black letters that said "BRONY AND PROUD", a black leather jacket, blue jeans and black shoes. "Um....You realize you're naked, right?" Misty looked down and saw she was naked then quickly covered herself. "DON'T LOOK YOU PERVERT!" The boy pulled off his shirt. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Then she felt the shirt drape over her head. "Here put this on."
  12. When working on this piece, I wanted people to get a fairly strong sense of unreality. In order to do this, I decided to go with a style similar to that of anime, leaning towards cartoon. I gave them four fingers, rather than five and I made sure the proportions of the "demon" didn't match the proportions of the girl. I also wanted to frame her fairly well, so it's a good thing I can draw circles. I plan on putting this image up for sale as a print after editing the image (so that I know for sure that the small problems won't show up). I hope you all like it. ^^" (Because I think it sucks terribly, and I have no possible chance at succeeding at an artist.) Poor girl, she's having a nightmare. I'd have to apologize for the image quality though, because the scanner seems to have picked up things that aren't actually visible in real life and this was the first time I've ever used my promarkers, so I was a bit unaware of how it would lay on the paper.... It also did some weird things to the line-work, which is actually incredibly smooth in reality. PS: The fire isn't meant to look realistic. PSS: I've also finished my NM print (this time the right way, because I got the last shipments of markers, and I actually know how to use them now) and I will post it up soon. Consider this a color test XD Not quite sure what to call this so uhm....fantasy? Or would that be abstract? I'm getting better, right? There's also a hidden meaning behind this picture, but you wouldn't notice it unless you knew me well. PLEASE COMMENT!!!! I NEED TO KNOW IF PEOPLE WILL/WOULD BE WILLING TO BUY THIS PIECE, SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!! - Description posted off of DeviantART. This picture sucks so bad >.< Here's the link to the page: The stuff I've been working on lately is much better.
  13. This is a concept based on an idea I had years ago that I just found a rough draft of in a stack of papers. Read below if you are interested, but the spoilers are real spoilers, so you've been warned. How far I get with the actual story will be determined by the interest that people here show, although I will have way too much time on my hands this summer, so I may continue it regardless. Be warned that the spoilers are very much spoilers, so don't read them if you don't want to know. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Demons occupy another dimension. Demons exist in a sort of larval form in which they shapeshift in order to frighten people and draw positive energy out of their bodies. These larval demons inhabit a school or academy until they find their masters. The frightening/drawing out energy serves a dual purpose: in addition to providing a demon with sustenance, it enables him or her to find a master: upon coming into physical contact with their future master, their body will react and transform into their true form (which looks near-human). Upon discovering their true master, demons return to the academy or school with their masters. Humans almost always have no knowledge of demons and magic and thus new masters must be taught from scratch. The protagonist is a girl who has been secluded from regular human life for the entirety of her existence because Despite being home to mostly demons, the humans of the demon world are much more powerful in general than the demons and have regulated demons to the position of animals. This unfair treatment is a huge surprise to the protagonist, who resists this treatment for her own partner with every action. The story is a social commentary on the evils of racism, sexism, and prejudice of all kinds. ---------------------------------------------------------------- So let me know what you think and I will get to writing the actual story soon enough.
  14. I drew this with 9.0 lead pencil, and then inked it with an ordinary Bic pen, and colored it with Crayola water colors. It took me about an hour to do all this. AND . It goes to show that you don't need expensive art supplies to make good art. The mind and talent will show through no matter what. <3 PS: Take a look at my dA page if you like this picture!
  15. This is my favorite poem of all I don't remember who wrote this but I shall give credit to him / her for writing this awesome poem..So let me here what you think of this poem which I deeply love.. Moonlit nightmares scar my soul devoured with demonic sighs chained insanity calls unto me acidic teardrops dwell in my eyes. Blood in my veins run backwards As the life inside flows out, My turmoil at its precipice As is my silent shouts. Pulsating echos scream violently from my catacomb heart beat, leather collar suffocates slowly, I am the beast needing to retreat. The cracks in my reality Open as gaping wounds As the walls of insanity grow larger Into an abhorrent and vulgar room. Scribbling distress signals upon a maggot filled tomb rotten tears consume my breath, held captive within a hell hounds womb. Dry stench of carcass occupy the void Dank toxic vapour fills my lungs a frantic scramble to exsist To the drone of the reapers