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Found 53 results

  1. So, yeah, ask a question that makes no sense or is just plain dumb. the next person will say an answer just as dumb. This can be anything that is not sensitive. (Although you can ask things like "Can I show my 6-year old niece an r34 pic?" just as long as you don't say what r34 really is.)! You hate MLP, don't you?
  2. FIRST THING I MUST SAY NOW I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANY ONE HERE. This is mainly targeted for people to laugh at themselves or what their parents have done. If you ever find anything very offensive here please let me know, or if need be report the post to a moderator. I'm sorry if i am offending any one. Something strange has been happening. Lately i noticed my Mom has been using more modern terms for things, like slang words, but it wasn't until today that i decided something. Today, when i crossed my eyes, she described it as "derping." THIS BLEW MY MIND RIGHT HERE. My mom is using INTERNET phrases. She even called my Dad a troll the other day. At first i thought she was just being silly now she seems to be serious. She is legitimately saying these things out of humour and interest. Perhaps its finally safe to come out of the brony shadow and reveal my love for MLP. PERHAPS SHE WON'T BE SURPRISED. For all i know she browses memebase or reddit while i'm at school. I DONT EVEN KNOW. It would be pretty awesome if she turned out to be a pegasister. What kind of things have your parents done that made you laugh or simply blew your mind?
  3. Any of you had those moments where something happens without you realizing it and ends up making you feel like a total derp? CONFESS NOW I remember I took my phone into the pool to text, and I got so caught up in this chat I was having that my arm instinctively hung down at my side, leaving my phone underwater for 13 seconds before me noticing. And just now I stuck my hand into my bowl of ice cream, thinking it was popcorn. Oh yeah, and I threw my phone at a frog one time, thinking my phone was a rock, since the frog kinda surprised me.
  4. VOTE FOR DERPY HOOVES!!! (Please note that this is NOT a political statement of any kind!) Credit to DesGaming at DeviantArt for helping to come up with this joke.
  5. where do i post a ban appeal? i realy want to know
  6. jokes are considered a form of art right? Anyone else hate valentines day, i mean, it requires you to be social, and obligatory compliments, i mean what if i don't have a valentine, that doesn't make me weird, im not social, i have social media. I don't like you but imma be nice to you cause it's valentines day and as a kid it was thought this is a day of kindness and sharing, and giving chocalates to each other. not the good kind either, the weird ones flavored with "love", i like my chocalate as just pure chocalate, not a poorly balanced bitterized vanilla or strawberry, it mocks me because i'm a diabetic and i don't like wasting food, on Halloween i get the good candy so that when i eat it i won't be suprised with a bad one and still have to get a shot. my birthday is usually on the same week as it or just a few days away so most of the time my birthday will be overshadowed by it!
  7. This is my first drawing on the pc. It's dedicated to people who can't draw like me Cheers chaps
  8. About 44-45 min into the Friendship Games movie, Pinkie stands by a door as Raindbow Dash talks. In the most creepy fashion, her eyes slowly focus apart from each other. (Like crossing your eyes, but backwards.) Any thoughts about this? To me it seemed too much to be an animation error. But it seemed too random, even for a "Pinkie is so random" joke. I love the randomness of Pinkie, but I just thought this was odd, misplaced, and out of character. I just didn't get it. Any opinions about if this was intentional or an accident? And if intentional, did it seem "normal" or out-of-place to you? If you need help finding the scene:
  9. Out of boredom, I drew this cute and happy Sunset with a derpy expression.
  10. Hi! I just want to know what you think of derpy hooves! Here's my unpopular opinion:
  11. Not to be comfused with status updates. This was inspired by something I see on the bottom of Mr. Enter's deviantart journal pages. No idea if he invented it, but, meh. What you post is this: Mood: Your current feels. Recent Media Consumption: Depends on what you watch/play/listen/read. Put any that you recently have consumed. Eating: Last thing you ate. Drinking: Last thing you drank. Example: Mood: Chim Watching: Lazy Game Reviews Playing: Morrowind Reading: The Forums Eating: Italian cake Drinking: Water
  12. Odd, to think that Tuesday's setting wouldn't creep up to today. Seemed like it did. Dang it. So, it got boring while waiting for my next class. There is a huge break after my 11:45 AM - 1:00PM class, which is from what ever time I left the class (which was super early, 12 something early) till 4PM. Jez, I couldn't do anything as entertaining or a great time killer. I just did the same typical thing: Warframe, Youtube, then click and click and click over websites. How typical, you ask? I've re-watched JonTrons reaction videos. Yah, even though they are funny as heck, but really, same thing! Ugh, sucks when friends have classes or work during my breaks. Pretty lonely... So most of my last hour before heading to my last class, I ended up playing Battlefield 4. Been several months since I ever played it. I stopped due to sucking at it with controller on a PC. I tried playing with keyboard and mouse, but dang it, I just hate to edit the sensitivity. But at least today I was able to pull off 5 headshots with a sniper rifle. Snipers for the win, by the way. You know what, I miss playing BF4 with my cousin. Sadly with something that happen about a month or two ago, I can't visit him nor see my grandma or grandpa. All I'm going to say is, people, please buzz off other people business. Its really stupid when you or whoever takes things seriously and end up making it a huge deal when in the family, it really isn't an issue. Stupid county. Being in the forums is intimidating. So many threads to post, many topics. I don't know, pretty overwhelming. I'm more worried about necro-ing a thread by accident, that would be bad. I only posted a little bit, but I don't know, kind of odd and unsatisfying feeling. And then the status updates, not even a minute my little status goes away. Pretty sad in my opinion, but hey, 1000+ lovely huggable ponies, what can you do? I guess what I need is a couple of ponies to hang out and chat about what ever. Not on skype, that thing has gotten old and I don't want to go back there. Why not in-game? I do have the mood to play BF4, Supreme Commander 2, Warframe, Killing Floor, or something with anypony. Sort of a half-reason why I wanted to be active here. I only got 2 and a half weeks left of good weekday internet and it would be awesome to spent a couple of hours during my break to kick butt or something with some ponies. After that, back to useless and terrible satellite internet at home and part-time work (hopefully) for the entire summer. Sucks being isolated, especially when I'm the one isolating myself. (and living in the ranch far from society is making it worse.) Anyway, ending this entry and heading off to bed. Night my amazing ponies~
  13. This is a game I just thought of, and I thought it would be fun. What you do is post something similar to this: Poster 1: A buff guy with a leather jacket walks up to you. What do you do? And then the next guy would say, Poster 2: Shit my pants and run. Then he would also post a new 'what do you do' question. So, come up with a certain scenario, and ask what do you do/what would you do. Then the next guy answers, and comes up with another scenario. Repeat. Okay, I'll start off. A lazer gun is randomly spawned in your pocket. What do you do?
  14. Oh hi! My name is Double Espresso. Recently there has been this so called 'blob' fad going around Ponyville, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start my own blob. Feel free to interrogate me ask me any questions you want. EDIT : Oh! It's called a blog Now with crappy pen sketches!
  15. So, I have a new icon, just gonna ask if you guys like it. I spent 15 min on it, I just needed an icon, and I've made no pony drawings so I thought "eh, why not" so I drew derped out Twily! What are your guys thoughts? Also, its not perfect, I only used one layer. Let the critique begin! Also I'm on a phone, I can't use the URL, so go by my icon for now.
  16. I'm up for a chat would anyone like to have a conversation with me? ~Flash Brush~
  17. Just wanted to share a real quick thing I did right before I left for BronyCon. I honestly did it to experiment and fool around, but I ended up uploading it after the Con (I haven't done anything vocal wise since Febuary anyways) and it happened to get featured on EQU Daily and what not... Forgive me Celestia, for I have Derped.
  18. 1. Turn their heads around when standing. 2. Stamp their feet while standing. 3. Derping.
  19. My best work. What are your thoughts?
  20. What are your biggest derp moments? Here are some of mine: Throwing a box with metal on it in a microwave to cook food. (Don't look at me like that.) When I forget something really obvious. The spelling mistakes I produce when I type too fast.
  21. Feel free to ask me anything! I like talking to the community, so ask away!
  22. Have a doughnut :3 YAY :muffins: :muffins: Derpy is awesome <3
  23. My random art here for you to enjoy (I KNOW I KNOW i misspelled it.) Tell me what you guys think -Edit- [1/7/14] Oh Look MORE ART! -Edit- [1/24/14] This one I made for my Forum but I don't know if I can put my Forum link without getting a warning so if you want a link PM me.
  24. Imagine

    AsK dErPy

    HeLlO eVeRyPoNy!1! i'm DeRpY aS yOu KnOw FrOm My LiTtLe PoNy: fRiEnDsHiP iS mAgIc. AsK mE aNyThInG!1!1!1 Note: My first Ask Pony blog. So.......yeah...... DeRp!1