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Found 18 results

  1. Welcome to my AT (Art Trade) / DT (Design Trade) Shop! I might move to the Comissions area later, but for now I decided to exercise my equine (pony) drawing ‘skills’ through art/design trades! ART TRADES: I’ll trade with practically anyone, BUT depending on the quality of what my art gets traded with, the person/pony I trade with will receive one of the following: Kind of Not Great Art: I give you a sketch (digital or traditional, your choice) Decent but Not Great Art / Decent but Not Original Style: I give you lineart (with a transparent background) Good Art: I give you colored lineart with basic shading Amazing Art: I give you colored lineart with textured shading or blended shading, your choice You may not use a base for any AT with me. Some things I am looking to get are; - A signature banner thing featuring my current ponysona, [Daydream Symphony] - EG designs for my ponies (if they have a shattered heart necklace, it needs to be also present in their EG form), which can apply to casual wear or w/ dresses - Redesigns of some of my old OCs - References of my ponies in the show style - My ponies in story-specific poses or just any pose, really! DESIGN TRADES: Once again, I’ll trade with practically anyone, AS LONG AS the complexity and quality of both sides of the DT are the same*. For example, I expect any design I receive to have a good color palette. You MAY request any specific type of complexity that is equal or below your own. *However, I will not trade for / want to receive ridiculously complex designs because I do not like having to deal with tons of details, BUT if your designs are good enough then you can request one from me. Don’t underestimate yourself, though - just know if you can handle a crowded design. You MAY use a base for DTs, but you must make sure the base is FTU (free to use), and credit the base owner. It’s just the right thing to do FOR BOTH: Some rules (or whatever you call them, idek): 1. I can accept or refuse any trade at any time. 2. I will not post/send my part of the AT/DT until you have posted/sent yours, unless if my activity on this site declines. 3. My signature will be present on any art piece I trade. 4. If you post your end of the AT/DT anywhere on the Internet, please acknowledge that it was an AT/DT with me and if it is my character. 5. I can judge art pieces and designs as I see fit. 6. I have the right to change these ‘rules’ at any time as I see fit, and I will do so justly. This is my art gallery thing, which ultimately just gives you a link to for my art. My reference sheet for all my poonies is here: Similarly to my “art gallery” Google Doc, my pony ref sheet was originally created for my friends, but has been modified as to be friendly to this website. I think that’s it. Yaay.
  2. Ok I'm new to this forum and I not sure if this topic is suitable here, if not please move it. I'm not a new MLP's fan but I'm new with the fandom (fanfic, art work, meme fan's stuffs, etc ). Recently I start to read MLP's fanfic and search for artwork because I'm working on my own AU world. I was a bit surprised to see so many hate for Alicorn OCs, as a reader and writer I understand why but still... I'm have two OCs, I'm proud about them and I made sure they're not mary-sue even though they're OP. In my canon Alicorns are alway OP and I can't stand normal, weak alicorn or alicorn can't fly/ can't use magic (serious, why's she/he be alicorn then? ), non-royal or don't hold responsibility is ok as long as their stories is reasonable. Ok back to the topic, I have search around internet try to find good designs to prove that Alicorn OC can be done right. Well I can't find many so I open this thread for share some good Alicorn designs and hope you guys can help me find some in return. Not good designs but well-write alicorns' re also welcome. +Interesting background and beautiful designs: +Black Alicorn is not new but I like his bangs, really a nice touch: +I sure you don't see many old OC right?: +Lovely colors: +Maybe not a excellent drawing, but I fall in love with her colors: +This one has mainstream colors and a bit overdesign IMO, but he look so freaking awesome: English is not my native language, I'm sorry if I confuse you.
  3. So, is there a certain pony who you just love the design of or who you admire for their beauty? It doesn't have to be your favorite pony, in fact, you don't even have to care at all for the character, but is there anypony who's outer beauty you like the most? Why? It can be a background pony if you want. For example, I love Princess Cadance's design, mostly due to her color choices and eyes. She's so unique looking, but at the same time, she still fits in.
  4. So bronycon is a week(or so) away and I was thinking of possibly getting an MLP tattoo as well, not sure if i'd want it done in Baltimore though but I was thinking of getting one soon this month. I'm not fully sure what I would like it to look like but I was thinking of something either unique of Princess Luna, or something of myself being a brony. Even if this fandom/community falls I will never stop being a brony(unlike a lot of the fakes all over the fandom..and those that say "oh this is stupid") once a brony, always a brony so i'll die with it anyone have any ideas or possibly some customed designs?
  5. I would like to create three new pony OCs, all earth ponies. However, I need help thinking of color schemes, cutie marks, names, and other design aspects for them. If anyone would be willing to provide some ideas, I would really apprciate it! Pony OC #1 I would like this OC to be female and her special talent having something to do with chilli peppers. I was thinking of making her some greens, reds, oranges, or perhaps some brown? Pony OC #2 I would like this OC to be male and his special talent having to do with cheating in poker. As for colors, I have no idea! All I know is that I want him wearin sunglasses and giving off a real cool, yet jerk vibe. Pony OC #3 I would like this OC to be male or female (Either could work). His or her special talent will have to do with oceans; perhaps being an excellent swimmer. I would like him or her to have colors of white, blue, and black. Other than that, i'm lost!
  6. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about these new designs. They look like Family Guy rejects.
  7. This is just something I noticed in the show. I can only think of three characters in the show that have orange as a primary color. Scootaloo, Apple Jack, and Cheeses Sandwich. What do you think, is orange a under used color in MLP character designs?
  8. I'm just going to start keeping one thread for OC's I've created that haven't officially evolved into full blown OC's. 1) Sprout Talent: Greenhouse work Backstory: Raised in Cloudsdale, she moved to Canterlot after hearing some excitement about the garden. ? Pony Code: 345G000010FEFCB0FEBD9E022014AFEE1UT1837000120000419E3434911D0D04107F3FCC004CB2 2) Morning Glory Pony Code: 3758000500F7F7F7FFC49D006018D94A8UP1837000020000Z1D6D6D6BABABA0G107F3FCC004CB2 Character LINK: -----Morning Glory has become a full OC----- 3) Michaelis MD brash, off-putting, secretly kind hearted and caring potential cutie mark:
  9. Here are some cool mlp designs I created in nfsc. Honestly, there was not much to work with the vinyls, but I did the best I could so here they are Spitfire This one was pretty easy. All it took was a nice golden yellow orange for the main body and then some flaming vinyls. Lastly, I wrapped this in a stripe vinyl to make it look as if the car was in a Wonderbolt costume. Notice how the front stripe makes a "W". Twilight Sparkle I kept it simple and added some wispy stripe vinyls to represent magic. Fluttershy I went all-out on this one. Because there were no smaller butterflies for the cutie mark, I had to use the ones that came in the logo vinyl pack. So, I put hearts on the backside to represent kindness. Applejack I kept this one as simple and plain as it gets, for there were no apple vinyls. Pinkie Pie For this one, there was a sweet splatter vinyl I used to represent Pinkie Pie's crazyness and love of partying. Notice the yellow rims. Rarity This one was pretty easy. Again, wispy stripe vinyls for elegance. What took long was the three-diamond cutie mark and placement. Rainbow Dash This was actually my first mlp car design. I kept it simple, but could've made it 20% cooler. Spike The sleekness and speed of the viper, plus the layout made this one of my best designs. It consists of a main purple body and spread green flames. Hope you like them!
  10. Please can you make custom design so we can make custom colors to forum,custom fonts and custom cursors this will make the Forum live once more time.
  11. I just made this Lexus with Canterlot High Wondercolts vinyls earlier and I wanted to know if you like it. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me!
  12. I design MLP aprons that I think Identify With Each Ponies Personality. I just finished the Mane 6 and wanted your opinion of what you guys think of my designs as well as who you guys think i should design Next! I will also be making a mens pattern even though my current designs are feminine and currently working on perfecting my plush pattern I want to be able to make MLP Merch that the fans can love and afford! Please give me your feed back ! TwilighSparkle- Pinkie Pie- FlutterShy- Rainbow Dash- Rarity- AppleJack-
  13. This is my first dress design and I think I plan on doing more of these as well. This took forever to make but I think it looks nice for an amateur hobby artist such as myself. I hope you like it as much as I do~
  14. So I'm thinking of getting a OC commisioned soon. I'm trying to base my pony off my real life talents, I am a gamer currently but have a massive interest in programming and computing (I'm that kid at school who fixes everyones PCs). What are some good Cutie Marks in these areas I can consider before I get my OC commissioned? I've already got an idea for a computer mouse cuite mark, but that seems a bit over used... Anypony help me? Also, I apologise if this is the wrong forum to post in, I am very new here.
  15. Theyve been working on this since, like 2011 right? Why did the images released show the weird pony-eared, winged designs? The trailer shows human ears, show style and wingless dash and Fluttershy. (Yeah, like in the human world there happen to be two winged ponies!)
  16. Hallo, RayFriedh here, back with some more genreponies for @Feld0's website,, which recently went online! Today's post features the Electro and Rock pony. Many thanks to @Modphase and for their suggestions, which helped greatly in these designs! Thank you, Dawn Rider, for the suggestion! If it isn't clear, the school uniform is a reference to AC/DC's Angus Young. Thanks to ModPhase for the suggestion! -------------- Okay, this is the end of the post. If ya want to send any suggestions to me, you can contact me over Skype, DA, or on a PM here! Any and all feedback is appreciated! Anyway, thanks for reading. There's punch and cookies by the door.
  17. Hello all i know im not the only Forza designer here that's for sure still doesn't mean i can't post my work right? Anyway down to bushiness Here is my first design that i did when the game came out i had this idea in my head a month before the game came out so here is Flutter Truck im considering working more on it maybe later The others are (in order Shy Motors Nascolt car, Chrysalis Racing And Solar Empire INC V8 super car racing) any questions feel free to ask and i hope you enjoy some of my work i will post more when i can
  18. I'm pretty big on designing cars on Forza Motorsport 4, usually Rainbow Dash themed cars but I took a break from that and designed this 1983 GMC Vandura 1500 with a "Foxxy Five" theme from the television show that aired on Comedy Central between 2004-2006 called "Drawn Together. If you ever seen the show Foxxy Love has a van that used to belong to her band mates and she inherited it somehow. I decided I might as well put some use to the GMC Vandura in the game and since the A-Team theme had been done to death I went for something that hadn't been done before. Scroll down to check out all the pictures, I recommend the show "Drawn Together", I found it very entertaining, but it is very vulgar, racist and sexually oriented at times but it is pretty funny.