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Found 41 results

  1. What are your views on fate/destiny? Is it prewritten by God (mean unflexible). Or is it given in our own hands (or maybe hooves) and we choose our path by ourselves. Just an idea came to my mind. My views are that:- Almighty God knows everything before it happens so He knows what a person is going to do with his life, so He writes his fate the day he born. This means actions of a person is his own choices and not bound by any prewritten destiny. Let me know your views on fate or destiny.
  2. I've been through a lot of painful relationships, and each time I always had a positive outlook. Hoping that one day I could settle down. I didn't like the concept of taking it day by day, but I realized it was because I was tired of the uncertain. Now I'm single and feel that there truly isn't someone out there who will accept me completely. I have such high dreams of getting married (and staying married), having kids, and so forth... For some reason though, I'm beginning to feel that... THAT kind of life wasn't meant to be for me. Is there truly such a thing as a soul mate?
  3. Sooo am I the only one who feels like this is what Fluttershy is meant to do? Take up the mask of Mage Meadowbrook and continue where she left off. I mean, she's always nursing animals back to health and she was really pushing herself to save Zecora. (Albeit because she felt guilty for being partly responsible for Zecora's illness in the first place.) Still, Fluttershy's main attribute is her compassion and willingness to ease pain. So wouldn't it make more sense if she felt a kind of kindred spirit in Meadowbrook and decided to become her successor?
  4. So in faust's show bible faust not so subtly hinted at something else as dash's Destiny besides joining the wonderbolts, possibly as a secondary thing, possibly as a replacement instead as her destiny. What do you think she meant by "or perhaps fate has something more in store for her" in regards to her Wonderbolt dream?
  5. Ahh... Destiny how I have a love/hate relationship with you. So my trek with Destiny stated late in during this past summer. I received Destiny as a gift years ago when it released but throughout that time I was rather burnt out on gaming. Busy with school primarily and the like. So this past summer I wanted to get back into gaming and played through and beat all the Halos on my 360 on legendary for old times sake. I beat all of them except for Halo 2, which I still have from the original Xbox, that title is by far the most difficult halo to play on the legendary difficulty. Anyways cutting back to the chase about Destiny ~ Throughout this past summer I played the heck out of the first destiny... Maxed out all of the characters and nearly all of the subclasses. It took me by surprise why I never played destiny when it first launched. I never had the dlc and upon figuring out I had to pay 20$ for all of the dlc on a console that is nearly 13 years old... I decided to just pass up the offer on buying all of that dlc. At that time I never realized just how much all of the dlc cost during their respected launch dates which REALLY blew my mind just greedy these two companies had become! I was rather lucky and made a good friend during my time playing Destiny and he found a sort of loophole in sharing all of the dlc with others... So therefore through a very interesting process I obtained all of the Destiny Dlc for free 😮 in turn I did the same thing for a good friend of mine who bought the game for like 2$ saving him 20$ in the process... Reminder I was playing Destiny on the Xbox 360 and I also learned that they had excluded ALOT of content after so long since the "xbox 360 & ps3" were basically considered outdated. That meant there was no longer a year three for the 360 users and the all of the Rise of Iron Dlc were only available for the Xbox one & PS4 users.... All of this information being dropped on me really let me down as to why Bungie would stoop so low and become to greedy?!! It's a damnation at its finest... Activision... Hearing a lot of advice from fellow friends and gamers. They were oh so right about how cancerous Activision has become. As for Destiny 2 Ive played it and yes Destiny is fun! I love everything about it: the classes, world's, weaponry, mmo experience, and more... Destiny 2 was a let down because while they did add a few new things hardly much of anything has been changed. The new weapon system is the BIGGEST turnoff for me why they decided to make shotguns, fusion rifles and snipers as heavy weapons really made frustrated. In your first playthrough well you will find out you don't get a Sparrow until the END of the game... 😥 And yup they are continuing the same process with all the extra DlC you have to pay for later... Destiny 2 is basically well it shouldn't even be called Destiny 2. They should have called it Destiny 1.5 or something like that. Nothing has changed except a new weapons system that in my opinion ruined the game for me... Why do I have to use a sniper as a heavy weapon making it so I can't use it at often... It's frustrating and they took out horns that you could use on your sparrows I the original Destiny. Oh and for some odd reason your Guardian can no longer talk?!?! If any of you play Halo you know Master Chief did talk not much but he did and when he did it was awesome! With all that in mind I'm done with destiny I love the game and everything about it but the two companies who created it are basically killing their own creation to the ground. So I came across Warframe & the late but great Borderlands the Handsome collection. So long Bungo and Actishit... I want to enjoy Destiny but because of you I cannot anymore. Remember shop smart and play smart!
  6. People need to not look so much at Spike's negative sides, and start looking more at his more positive sides! Spike's the BEST friend anypony could ever ask for! He's basically every Element of Harmony put together! His snarkiness makes him funny, he was generous when he gave Rarity that gem, he's honest to Twilight and Starlight and all his other friends when they have their flaws, he's very kind to them during their rough times, and he's loyal above all else! Yes, Spike does make mistakes sometimes, and there are times when the writers have to make OOC for comedic purposes, but if you look more into him, he's actually the best character in the entire show! His friends do look after him, but in all honesty, he looks after his friends a whole lot more! They need him just as much as he needs them! Not just his friends in the Mane Six, but all his other friends too outside of it! Hopefully the writers could get more into an in-depth story within his character. We're not all that sure how he feels about his position in life all in all, as he's not very open to his friends all the time and mostly keeps to himself. After all, he never met his parents, he doesn't know how he came in Celestia's possession, and he doesn't even know what his destiny is; so right now all he does is help his friends out, learn what he needs to learn, and he rarely complains about it! He puts up with the Mane Six's BS all the time, cause he sees their positives more than their negatives, and vice-versa! This is what makes Spike the most interesting character in the show, and the best friend ANYONE (not just anypony) could ask for! Also those of you that think Spike is getting the short end of the stick because he's a dog in EG or a pufferfish in the movie. Relax, dogs are better than humans by a long shot, and puffer fish are extremely venomous and fast! So in all things considered, whatever species Spike becomes, he's superior to the Mane Six! Do the writers see this though? Some do (Ex: Lady Writers, Meghan McCarthy), and some don't (Ex: Merriwhether Williams, Neal Dusedau). Hopefully either at the end of season 7, or any future season ahead, we can learn the truth about him! His real purpose! Not this Power Ponies or Dragon Quest-level nonsense, and especially not Princess Spike! We want the Gauntlet of Fire and Times Are Changeling-levels of nonsense, and Triple Threat as well if it turns out to be as awesome!
  7. Before ya say anything, when I say "cutie mark", it's just a metaphor. This is like a Gabby thing. Spike can't get a cutie mark, but that doesn't mean he can't have a destiny, right? So that's what this post is about! What do we think Spike's destiny is going to be? I know he's happy being Twilight's assistant, and I know he's never going to leave her! However, there is much to his talents that leaves much to be desired! He has proven to be very smart, and tends to be the voice of reason when it comes to Twilight and Starlight; even though he's not always listened to. Not to mention he started the pathway to an alliance between Equestria and the dragons, and Equestria and the changelings! Are we detecting some sort of pattern here? Do we detect ourselves a future ambassador for Equestria? If Spike befriends yet another misunderstood species next season, it might as well come to that! Maybe even if Spike befriends Scorpan it could start an alliance between Equestria and his people! Who knows? Who... *flicks nose* ...knows? But I could be wrong, and Spike's destiny could be something else! I know the writers in Hasbro are thinking of something for him! It's just by the looks of things so far, he could be an ambassador for creatures that don't trust ponies, or if ponies don't trust them! But what do you think?
  8. Well, she has a pretty good track record. To date, Princess Celestia... ...has gotten the royal family involved in Twilight Sparkle's life early on. ...was conveniently available when Twilight Sparkle's powers went haywire at the Canterlot Unicorn school. ...knew Nightmare Moon would escape and try to take over Equestria. ...sent Twilight Sparkle to Ponyville because she knew she'd find her Element of Harmony matching ponies there. ...knew Twilight and her new friends would successfully use the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon. ...predicted the reappearance of the Crystal Kingdom. ...knew that her niece Cadance was destined to rule the Crystal Kingdom. ...told Twilight with absolute certainty that she would succeed in her quest to recover the crystal heart. ...already knows Twilight's true destiny. About the only thing that seems to have gone unforeseen by Celestia was Chrysalis disguising herself as Cadance and nearly conquering Canterlot. Most of her successful prognostications have involved Twilight Sparkle. But Celestia also knew the Crystal Empire would be reappearing around this time. I wonder...did Celestia time warp the entire Crystal Empire into the future because that's when Cadance would be alive and ready to rule? If Princess Celestia can't see the future, she must have some means of knowing all this stuff. Other ideas and theories are welcome.
  9. Okay, I'm a bit confused about how names work. We have normal names like Maud, Lyra, and Cadence, mixed in with not regular names like Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy. The ponies' names seem to be related to their destinies sometimes like with Celestia and Luna. (Celestia raises the sun and Luna raises the moon). Sometimes the "family name" comes first like Applejack and Apple Bloom and sometimes last like Pinkie and Maud Pie. And sometimes, like with Rarity, there is no family name. And also there are inconsistencies like Fluttershy's parents have "shy" as their family name, but her brother has "Breeze". Also, there's the please-call-me-Twilight thing, which is the name I gave to the thing where Rainbow Dash, for instance, is either Rainbow Dash or Dashie, whereas Princess Twilight Sparkle is nearly always just "Twilight". How does all this work?
  10. MLP:FiM has shown us that ponies get a cutie mark that is based on what they love, which eventually leds to their destiny, like what happened with Twilight Sparkle. But what if somepony was tired of that destiny and decided to change it? Would it also change their cutie mark? People in real life change their jobs/interests all the time, so it would be neat to see a pony who isn't part of the mane six go through this.
  11. Well, this was a long time coming and it only seems fitting to discuss it now, considering the current news from the court room involving Bungie. As we all know, Destiny wasn't exactly the game we expected it to be; the sweeping, epic narrative was little more than a dried raisin with a few cutscenes thrown in. The multiplayer was unbalanced and lacked sustenance. The side missions and strikes were horribly grindy and repetitive. And then there's all the DLC and NOW MICROTRANSACTIONS AS WELL... Where is this masterpiece of a game we were once promised? How could such a prized and loved studio like Bungie possibly fail to deliver? For the simple fact, that the Bungie currently creating Destiny is not the same as the one we used to know. ----------- Starting right from the beginning, we know that Destiny was already a thing way back during Halo 3 ODST, with all the little Destiny easter eggs that only were discovered when the game was revealed. Halo 3 ODST was released all the way back in 2009...meaning Destiny was in development for the good amount of 6 YEARS, knowing that 343i and a much smaller percentage of Bungie employees worked on Halo Reach. 6 YEARS and we got...well, a failure of a game. Almost akin to the more recent Duke Nukem installment. All the way up to E3 2013 it's clear that Bungie was still Bungie; that first Destiny reveal left the world in awe, promises of a game that you could sink hundreds of hours into and still have barely scratched the surface...but even in that first trailer, there was a problem. Martin O'Donnell, the genius behind the Halo soundtracks and the man who made the entire Destiny soundtrack as well, had his own work cut from that preliminary trailer and replaced by some of Activision's own music. This...was the beginning of Bungie's downfall. ----------- It's clear that after that trailer, things got progressively worse at Bungie. It's possible Activision continued to play with creative control over the game whenever they saw fit to and our first truly public clue to this was when Joseph Staten, the head writer and one of Bungie's founders, left the studio. Why? Well it's clear that the sci-fi epic that was Destiny's story was gone, cut to pieces. Even now, it's unclear as to how much of the story we have today was Staten's work. Perhaps none of it is and it's been entirely redone. But it's clearly nowhere near the quality we all expected from Destiny upon release. Various other employees also left, most in smaller roles, but all played some crucial part in the games development; cinematographers, writers, animators...all leaving Bungie mysteriously throughout 2014, some even crawling over to 343i to continue working on the Halo franchise. Even now, we know that Joseph Staten is back with Microsoft and is soon to release a new Halo novel. The once great game that Destiny was, slowly descended into the shadows of corruption and mystery, not that anyone knew at the time. Even just before launch, people were blind to all of Bungie's shady moves in the past year or so. Of course, it's easy to point out Activision as the evil guy in all of this but, despite what the Bungie fanboys may tell you, there's one piece of evidence that proves Bungie is just as bad as they are: The Martin O'Donnell court case. ---------------- After Destiny was released, many fans were disappointed to not see the soundtrack released to the general public on things like iTunes like the Halo soundtracks were. It was odd knowing Marty's past for it NOT to be released, but this was just the beginning. Almost every time any Destiny trailers were released, Marty would put up tweets specifically telling fans "that's not my music in the trailer". Obviously, no-one seemed to blink an eye as to why these tweets were made but clearly, Bungie did. Only now do we realise that Marty was trying to break free from the machine. Bungie and Activision were taking his creative freedom and crushing it with an iron boot. He tried to reach out to the fans, tell them that his work was not on display like it should have been, and he was punished for it. He was sacked, quite abruptly, and not to mention, Bungie illegally stole money from him through this. Unpaid wages...profit cuts...etc. Despite Bungie's sugar-coating of the matter, Marty had not left on 'good terms'...he was kicked out of a studio that was slowly turning into a developer you love to hate. Not only that, but Marty has said that the ordeal has destroyed his passion for making music. Although, it didn't turn out too bad for Marty in the end. The court was able to give Marty all the money he's rightfully owed, and Marty will still be receiving a cut of Destiny's profits until his contract was meant to expire sometime near the end of the Destiny franchise. And what do we take from this? Bungie is different. Activision may be the boogey man, but Bungie are their lapdogs. The CEO is all about the money and very little concern is given to the community. Bungie Day has practically disappeared, their brave ideals of 'a new world' and 'world domination' are gone. Now, they're just another copy and paste company brainlessly puking out products for the big snobs in their ivory towers (yeah, looking at you Activision) ------------ Don't know why I felt the need to do a rant at 2AM, but hope you enjoyed anyhow. Just trying to spread some truth
  12. So, I love almost all the new things about Destiny. Potential spoilers await, if you want to discover the bits and pieces on your own. I've had a blast running around the game, discovering the new stuff. Srs, so, if you want to discover stuff on your own, stop reading. Fine, keep reading. I love the Inventory boards have been installed to house blueprints, so exotic weapons and armor, as well as all emblems, shaders, ships, and sparrows no longer eat up all my inventory space. I love that specials, grenades, and melee cooldowns now have an actual time shown in your stats, and that the stat cap is shown so you can minimize any waste. I LOVE that there are quest chains now, and that each subclass gets one. (NOTE: To unlock your second classes quest line, equip that class, log out, and it should pop the next time you log in on that character.) I even love that you don't need special bonds/capes/towel-things to get rep points for a faction, but instead can align yourself to a faction once per week at a cost. (It just makes more sense!) Now, I did say ALMOST. There is one thing that I loathe. In Star Wars, I always hated C3P0. He has always been, and will probably always be, my least favorite character. (Yes, I even prefer JJB, between the two.) I don't want to demand they give us back the DinkBot voice. I just wish they'd give us the option to disable the ghost from speaking. I loathe the new, C3P0 sounding voice. I was playing last night, having a blast, and at the peak of my good mood, it suddenly fell flat when the ghost started commenting. Continued playing, got back to that same level of "AWWW YE!", and BOOM! New ghost voice shot my mood in the face for the second time. Let me disable ghost speech, for the sake of my sanity, Bungie, please.
  13. tonight there will be shipping X i ship it too <3 our love so strong and romantic to the point where we fused our own favourite pokémon together pretty ain't he? even master shipper lightwing approves of this we even talked about how when we fuse together a la steven universe gems, our weapons would fuse to create a banhammer that can also paint things. ain't it romantic? let us discuss mlpforum's new and adorable ship. SHIP AWAY Y'ALL <333
  14. I you havn't played Destiny in a while. Xur, the weekly vender is selling...Gjallarhorn!!! So pick yourself one to today (not tomorrow because he's leaves in like 20 hours).
  15. HEEEEElloooo everyone, Its my, Bure, Your go to all around gamer. Im (technically) New on this forum, but old on many, many others. But that is beside the point. I am here to talk Destiny people, destiny. the console game that many just cannot stop playing, me included. I am mainly starting this thread to well, to see if I am the only one on this forum who is really into the game. I love it, almost as much as I love MC, MLP, and fire. So, if any of you like destiny and think you could handle me in the crucible. Or if you are a new player looking for someone to help you through the tougher parts of the game, and are on ps3. Or if you are looking for a clan, or someone to talk the game with please, do says so. I am lonely here, and want fellow Guardians to chat it up with. this is omega243, Guardian extraordinaire ending this post. And keep on playing.
  16. Does anypony play Destiny? I play it quite a lot. I was wondering if anyone else on here also played it. I was thinking about starting a clan. Is anyone interested? My GT is houseofdrock. I play on Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  17. When I first started MLP, I thought the idea of a Cutie Mark was rather stupid. Just some random mark that means nothing. But then we got Call of the Cutie. While it wasn't my favorite episode as a story itself, it did give some valuable information. Suddenly, Cutie Marks made sense. Suddenly, they were interesting. And since I really like understanding how things work, I've been coming up with theories about how they work. So, I'm looking to put my thoughts here, and see what people think on the subject. This is a detailed analysis thread about how Cutie Marks work, since I enjoy figuring things out. Keep in mind also, this isn't about whether you like the idea of Cutie Marks or not, but rather, how they work. (Also, just to get this out of the way, Filthy Rich's Cutie Mark didn't change. His dad, Stinkin' Rich, had the cent, not him.) We've seen that Cutie Marks represent special talent, mixed in a sense with personality as well as destiny. We've also seen that "a Cutie Mark won't change you, no matter what you get." Getting your Cutie Mark involves personal discovery. You won't get something that you hate just because you're good at it, and you won't get something you're bad at just because you like it. So getting a Cutie Mark doesn't change who you are, but losing it does. We've seen that ponies that lose their Cutie Marks also lose their special talents. In addition, even though your cutie mark won't change you, we saw something very different in The Cutie Pox, where the Cutie Marks not only gave Apple Bloom abilities, but forced her to use them. The forcing and the multiple marks were results of the pox, but I do think this makes it rather clear that cutie marks carry talents with them. But if you need the talent in order to discover your cutie mark, which carries the talent with it, what then? My theory is that when somepony discovers his or her special talent, destiny, "certain something that makes her special," etc., the Cutie Mark appears and fuzes with the talent, amplifying it. This means that if your Cutie Mark is taken from you, you lose the talent, since the talent has melded with the ability. Keep in mind that the abilities are rather broad. Remember that Twilight said most unicorns only have magic that relates to their special talent, like Rarity having her gem-finding spell. Fluttershy's Cutie Mark represents her ability, but also her personality and what she's like. Rather than being good at one specific thing, I think the Cutie Marks mark a style. For example, I enjoy reading, writing, logic, classical music, English country dancing, theater, competetive forensics, and so on. I have a variety of things that I enjoy and things that I'm good at. But my Cutie Mark would sum up my essense. Like in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, when Twilight tells Rarity that she has a descerning eye, and has her work accordingly. The gems represent her discerning eyes, even though it isn't direct. The gems don't show a simple ability, but an essense. Of course, my theory does have an issue, with a few possible solutions. In Magical Mystery Cure, we see the Cutie Marks mixed up. It doesn't seem to grant new abilities, and when they go back to their old jobs, they still have their original talents. Possibility one is that their Cutie Marks didn't actually change. Maybe the picture is just something that represents the Cutie Mark, and their pictures changed, but not the marks themselves. Or rather... I'm not sure how to explain this bit, since the mark is obviously the picture itself. Maybe there's the essense of the mark that fuzed with the talent and the image of the mark that changed. The image would be a physical representation of the mark, that is to say. Kind of like body, soul, and spirit, which are all tied together, but are still different. Ponies would have their talents (soul, or essense), and when they got their Cutie Marks (body, or physical representation) it would fuse and amplify the talent (making spirit, or the will to continue in that area and do better). So it's possible that when their Cutie Marks swapped, the only thing that swapped was the physical representation, or the "body" of the Cutie Mark. Another possibility is that the Cutie Marks are removable, but not transferable. Meaning that if the Cutie Mark is removed, it takes the talent with it, but if it's given to somepony else, the talent returns to the original owner without the amplification. What do you think? Does my theory make sense, or is it missing something? Or have I missed a key fact that would tear it to shreds? Do you have any thoughts on how Cutie Marks work?
  18. Good afternoon! I wanted to share my newest orchestral piece (3-4 months in the making). It has been featured on the new Ponies at Dawn "Celestial Planes" album which you should certainly check out as well! Thanks for listening!
  19. Those of us who play Destiny (I play on PS4) know that there's no matchmaking for raids. Destiny raid parties consist of up to six players, and you're actually expected to go out and FIND five other people with: 1. The same console. 2. A copy of Destiny for that console. 3. A high level, more or less raid-ready character. 4. Some time to kill. SoooOooo... I thought I'd at least make a topic devoted specifically to getting together Destiny raid parties here on MLPF. Pony fans unite!!1! Aid thy brethren who want to enjoy the high level game content of Destiny without chatting up strangers on seedy gaming websites.
  20. I know there was a beta code giveaway thread, but since Destiny's about to launch on the 9th, I figured I'd ask who's getting it and for what platform? Also, if anyone's interested in joining up for PvP or co-op fireteams, feel free to discuss that here as well. Edit: Added class selection poll. Thanks @Thunder-Wing! Edit 2: Added species selection to poll.
  21. (Jezz I really need to learn to make decent titles ;p.) Ahem, so, I did this a couple weeks ago now I believe(i forget exactly how long, but it was the same day I did the "Bats" cover if I remember.) and I finally decided to upload it here, since I had it lying around. Since this was done on the same day as the "Bats" cover I didn't spend as much time with it as I probably could have, and thus I honestly think it isn't that impressive, and I could have done better, but it wasn't necessarily terrible, so I figured I'd upload it, because afterall, this is a blog just for my cover attempts, both good and bad really. If you've known me long enough here, you'll actually know that I've done a cover of "Celestia's Ballad" before, and it's on my other Blog somewheres, and on my Soundcloud I believe, but I decided to do another cover, because it's been over a year since that cover, and I'd like to think I'm a much better vocalist then I was then. Plus my mic quality issues are less abundant, and overall things are much cleaner for multiple reasons. Like I said, not the best I probably could've done, I got a bit lazy on some of the ennuciations, and I still think the last note is kinda dirty, and there are other things scattered around, but it was atleast in my opinion an improvement over the last time I covered this, which is good enough atleast. Who knows, maybe i'll re-re-cover this sometime, and do it better, I could realistically re-do any of the covers i've done multiple times considering that this is a blog for cover attempts realistically ;p. Anyways, I'll let you guys listen and analyze and critique, and finish with my rambling. The recording was done the same as always, in Audacity, using my Blue Snowball mic(which I still think is a bit disappointing as a mic.) and I only edited it by removing the noise. (Well as much as I could without messing things up to much.) So hopefully you all enjoy! Oh, and after you listen to that, or before if you dare, you can listen to the first time I did this over a year ago, the instrumental isn't in this, and there's a bunch of noise because I didn't know how to audacity back then, but if you'd like to listen for comparative or referential purposes, or just to make fun of me or something, feel free! Have a great day you guys!
  22. Hey everyone, we've all(most) heard all about destiny hitting the shelves yesterday (Poor shelves) anyway I think its a brilliant game and one if the most successful MMOs to ever land on console gaming but enough about my opinion I wanna know what everyone thinks about it. Thanks if you contribute Note to self, don't spam the button if it didn't work the first time :S
  23. I am planning to buy destiny for PS4 or PS3. I wanted to play without paying any subscription thingy. Is there anyway?
  24. Hello all! Destiny is approaching is quickly (as an, it comes out TOMORROW!!!) so me and my friend Scott are looking for some people to play with for our Destiny Clan, Valiant Guardians. To join, you must follow the following criteria: Console: PS4 Age: 15+ Mic: Yes (if not on PS4, use skype) Must be mature and respectful. We don't care about getting the next kill or getting a quickscope. We care about each other and we look after one another and leave no one behind. To apply to join, sign into your PSN ID via and apply to join here: To add me as a friend, my PSN is colonelih8gumby Warning: Some people currently in the clan might not be too fond of hardcore bronies. If you like to quote the show or spout memes, you can't join. That counts as being immature and disrespectful. Hope to see you guys out on the frontier.
  25. New song's out. "Destiny" feat. Haymaker, a hybrid orchestral song that's about Twilight vs. Tirek. I did my best to try to capture what I thought about the episode. Version: Enjoy Source: Carbon Maestro - Destiny (feat. Haymaker)