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Found 6 results

  1. --- Hey guys! I've just released my newest song. ^^ It's called Protector, and it's a Drum N' Bass track tribute to my friend Stealth Protector! I hope you all enjoy, this is officially the first release under the new label thingy that I release my music on, Pinnipedia Records/Recordings (Whichever sounds cooler to you.). OtarineTrax was always just a parody of LapfoxTrax, anyways. Enjoy! --- Download : --- Otarine on SoundCloud : @officialotarine Otarine on Bandcamp : Otarine on Youtube : --- PIN001
  2. Yea so like sometimes I need a break from listening to death metal and emo, so I kick it with some J-pop. Some J-pop recs would be appreciated if you can give me any.
  3. Come together, my friends! Today, shall be the mark of a REVOLUTION!!! Overthrow the bronies! Overthrow the chickens! Let desu ring! LET IT RING!
  4. Do you prefer one or the other in your sandwiches? Or do you like to eat both like me. BTW, Swiss cheese isn't really Swiss. It's actually a North American version of cheese from Europe called Emmentaler (I think lol).
  5. Pick a side and post a picture Have fun, and show no mercy desu!
  6. Hello, I have produced my first 2 signatures ever! They are not the best things ever, but I was wondering on which one you guys think looks better? Or the 2nd one? Do keep in mind these are my very first attempts, so any input would help! Thanks for taking the time to help me decide, or improve these sigs. ~Desu