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Found 6 results

  1. Hey fellow ponies! I am developing a MLP RPG based on the Paper Mario series. I have been working on it for several months and looking for artists to help create the characters, HUD, concept art, and other 2D-related items (3D artists, sound and music composers are also helpful)! To see what I have done so far, the link to the game's development demo is found here. If you want to help contribute, get Spike or Derpy to send a letter to
  2. MY LITTLE PONY: THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP This is a fanmade game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. Princess Twilight and her friends are preparing to Celebrate their one year anniversary picnic of becoming friends. However the very night before the picnic is to take place, a surge of magic flashes through Ponyville! Twilight Sparkle wakes up the next morning to not only find her wings missing but also the fact that no pony remembers who she is! The more Twilight investigates what has happened, the more she discovers that a more sinister magic is at work... Can Twilight rekindle the friendships she lost and fix time itself? Or will she be doomed to her fate of disappearing from existence forever? Ponies! A unique Friendship system inspired by Persona 4's Relationship system! An original story line! Real Time ATB combat!(Using Yanfly's signature ATB combat system) The choices you make MATTER! Unlike other RPGs where they give you choices that have no great impact, every single decision you make for Twilight actively impacts how she will interact with her friends, other ponies, and even the storyline itself! 3 unique endings and a HIDDEN ending! Explore Equestria! There are over 60 HIgh-Definition parallax maps planned!(subject to change) Mini-Games and Puzzles! 20 hours+ of gameplay and more with New Game+! Original Soundtrack!(with credit to Magical Girl Nanoha anime for their awesome soundtracks breathing new life into the game!) The Soundtrack can be found in the same place as the game! Click the download image to be taken to the gamejolt site where this project is currently being hosted! Note: Despite the fact that the version currently reads as 1.0.8 does not by any means imply the game is anywhere near close to being done. at the moment, I'd estimate it being about 15% done at the moment. If this thread gets enough people following it, i'll be sure to update it more frequently TRAILERS:
  3. Ever seen a 3D platformer with RPG elements? What would be good combinations for it? I forgot to add some examples for it. A Hat in Time uses the combo by letting the protagonist search for expert points and invest in new stuff. Also games like Kingdoms Hearts (Thanks @Dapper Charmer for mentioning).
  4. Has anymone seen the BBC movie The Gamchangers?
  5. Testing a CCG's cards with sticky notes isn't as hard as you'd think. All you have to do is write the info on the sticky notes, sometimes using two, and you're good! At least, I am. I got my Uno cards, I got my pen and felt tip pens, I got my sticky notes, I got my tape (to keep the sticky notes from coming off) and I got my computer with my Deckbuilding document open! (I set this up so you guys could see what I'm doing :3 I actually make these sitting in my chair, not on the floor ) That's why I need tape. :3 And I messed up on that one up top But, waste not, want not~~ (Especially since I lost my other set of sticky notes) And this is the whole shebang! (That's a digital keyboard resting on its box in the background, in case you're wondering. Also, the rug is Pooh.) FOOVILLE: THE ULTIMATE PIGGY CCG COMING A LONG TIME FROM NOW Let the foo-ntastic games begin...
  6. Usually I would just discuss this with my own DevTeam only but seeing as this is an issue that concerns all MLP large scale projects like ours is scoping out to be, it's appropriate to post here. Yeah well basically I've always felt uneasy creating this MLP game due to copyright scares and I'm wondering what other game devs are doing about this. In my opinion, getting a lot of publicity during production is the worst thing to do, it'll just mean the Hasbro peepz will be keeping a closer eye on you. Also I'd say don't dream of getting accepted by Hasbro or dream of becoming super famous across the brony fandom because of your game. If you are, you should really revise the reason why you're doing whatever you're doing; just try to finish the damn project. Fame should be an unexpected fortune that arises while you're doing something you're happy and comfortable doing. (That's just my opinion ^-^) And now quickly to the topic So what is the best way to overcome these barriers? I mean it is illegal, and we don't want to get into serious trouble. The ways I was thinking about it was Develop everything in secret then, after completion, in a big rush just release it everywhere P: although that might lead you into some big trouble, but the great thing is you have your completed pony project! Get a rusty knife and stab your project in the butt, wounding it horribly, may even cause disease, but it will not die and can be fixed up. What I mean is do it the fake way. Change all licensed content to something stupid. Like Twinight Spurkl the Party crazy horse. Or heck, even just remove all trace of ponies completely, and replace it with other stuff. Now you're probably thinking :0 wat no, but here's the cool bit. Side this, just release a ponifying mod with the game. Disguise it as a Translation Pack, I dunno. Then comes both of these ways together. So you could just follow the first route and leave the second. Meaning you wont get as much a response from the public.Or you could take the second and leave the first. What this means then is that you could publicise your game (showing off the PonyMod version of course) and then when it comes to legal stuff, be like *quickly hides/deletes Mod*'we ain't got no ponies, just this game with Jonathan the bear shooting his pal Draco the Duck' *shows off poorly drawn sprites with no animation, drawn in half a minute on Paint* - Yeah but seriously, the non-pony version can be as crappy as you want it, no need to put effort into it, unless you want to. (Gah! Forgot my point about using both ) Anyways the safest way would be to completely take out all MLP stuff and forget about a Mod. I'm happy to go any way at all guys (my own [pirate] crew, not you random forumers) I just need some input P: So what are your tips and advice for this overriding issue? How should we tackle the issue? Should we just forget it; struggle our way through to a heroic and tragic end; be secretive and sly about it; be moderate and mediocre about it and hope for the best? wat do? ^That paragraph makes a good TL;DR funnily enough.