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Found 49 results

  1. This past month has been the most productive by a mile. A nice new tradition I'm starting up is putting up 2 Patreon updates a month now. One at the beginning of the month and one at the end. These posts are getting super meaty and full of news now, so the separation gives some breathing room to the avalanche of content to talk about. This month's posts are about finally finding a programmer to help me exponentially speed up development. We got a lot done in just the past 30 days and now the prototype phase is at least 50% complete. See the full Patreon Exclusive posts here! Otherwise come back in a month for some big news. Because now that we have momentum going, a new demo you can play will be here before you know it. Or for now, come checkout a quick summary of October's progress on the Yotes Blog.
  2. Hey fellow ponies! I am developing a MLP RPG based on the Paper Mario series. I have been working on it for several months and looking for artists to help create the characters, HUD, concept art, and other 2D-related items (3D artists, sound and music composers are also helpful)! To see what I have done so far, the link to the game's development demo is found here. If you want to help contribute, get Spike or Derpy to send a letter to
  3. My entire past week revolved around a game that wasn't mine for once. I took the time to play the newly released followup to my favorite indie game of all-time (Undertale, in case you didn't know) and it was time well spent. I came out the other side of those credits re-energized, inspired to work harder, and pumped up on well-designed RPGs and quirky/interesting fantasy worlds. Overall, a nice reminder of why I love gaming so much.See what notable new design elements are coming (without getting too specific) along with some Earth-Shaking indie dev news on the Yotes Blog.
  4. Phew... saddle in (*RIMSHOT!*), fillies and gentlecolts, this one's gonna be a doozy. So, a while back, me and a friend came up with this idea for a Final Fantasy-styled My Little Pony RPG that would involve characters and settings ASIDE from Equestria. But not in any way you've ever seen. Ideas were tossed and turned, batted and cartwheeled, smashed and incinerated left and right, but finally, it was decided. The story would involve a young pony living on a remote island traveling to Equestria with her partner in an attempt to stop a power crazed maniac from destroying their home. However, what's interesting to note is that not only is their island so far out of Equestria's boundaries nopony outside of the island is aware of it's existence, the island lacks many of the things that Equestria has, including deserts, dragons, and even alicorns. And yes, the islands current ruler is a unicorn, not an alicorn. On the island, alicorns are believed to be only "Myth"; Make-believe beings created for the sole purpose of foals bedtime stories. So imagine this young travelers shock and surprise when she arrives in Canterlot, and meets Princess Celestia for the first time. That's not going to give her a sense of deja vu, now is it? Anyway, your ultimate goal in this game is to find the villain and put a stop to his evil plot, and sure, while you can just go straight to his lair and do that, you'd be missing out on about 80% of the game by doing so. The real center stage attraction in this game is the sidequests, kind of like Zelda: Majora's Mask, where you don't HAVE to do all the optional side stuff, but doing so will not only net you a better ending, but multiple means to boost your characters strength and powers that'll give you the edge in battle. Now, all of this is awesome to talk about, but there's just one problem: I'm a one-man force with little to NO budget to develop this game with! The best engine that I have to develop this game with is RPG Maker VX Ace, which is all fine and dandy ( it beats 2003 by a long shot ), but I can't create sprites for all the games characters ( whether they're from the show or not ), sprites for the background environments ( or ANY of the environments, for that matter ), or compose a soundtrack that fits with the style of the show. If I had those two things, I'd be working on this game from dawn till' dusk right now. So, here's what I need help with: I need someone to volunteer their time to get me the character sprites, environment sprites, and soundtrack that I need to make this thing a reality. I'm sorry to make a request of this scale with next to no money to kick around, but it's all I got to work with right now. I'm just glad I was able to catch a Steam holiday sale and get a better engine to develop the game with then RPG Maker 2003. If anyone thinks they're good enough to do that, PLEASE let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with what I need. Thanks a lot, and see you again soon!
  5. I was thinking about how much have the mane six progressed and wanted to read your opinions on who is the best influence for a character throughout the show. It doesn't have to be a mane six member, but any character (or characters) who had shown development during the show with the influence of its relationship with other character. I'll be starting with... Fluttershy: I think her best influence is somewhat an easy one and it is no other than Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash has been a close friend to Fluttershy since childhood, she has shown how much she cares about the shy pony and has helped her to break her shell and become more confident little by little.
  6. Release feels so close. It's like the pieces are all in my lap and I just have to follow the instructions to put them together. The final version of Battle Gem Ponies is so clear in my head now that I'm fanboying over it sometimes. In the last 7 days I charted out exactly how all 360 battle moves will look, I recreated every menu, rebalanced the battle system, came up with catchier names for things, sorted out details for a DLC & multiplatform launch plan, and closely studied just about everything that makes the games that inspired this one so great. To keep track of things I made a week-by-week breakdown of the rest of BGP's development. Counting down what's left to do to get the game to a launchable state. If you wanna find out what the Yotes Games Wednesday Milestones are, look at the list on this week's new devblog!
  7. Throughout most of the series, there've been some character statistics problems; like the amount of episodes each character stars in. Back in season 2, AJ had a pretty underwelming amount of spotlight since both of her episodes was more "Mane Six" than just Applejack. For season 3, Rarity didn't have a single episode. For season 5, Spike just got one and it was pretty poor. And season 6, Pinkie didn't get a single solo episode, and there was too much Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Season 4, however, had the perfect amount of starring episodes for each character! Yes, AJ got 5, but all of the Mane Six, Spike, and each CMC all had a fair amount of starring roles - three or more! We need more of what season 4 had: each Mane Six, Spike, CMCs, Starlight, and others all having a fair amount of starring episodes! Sometimes we have unnecessary slice of life Rarijack or Rainbow Dash episodes, and then characters like Spike and Fluttershy always getting the least amount of spotlight per season. In season 7's episode list, certain characters get 4, while others get 1! How's each character gonna develop themselves fully before the show ends if this keeps happening? Just seems really unfair. Perhaps this might not be a big deal to most of you, but to some of us, it is!
  8. For the last time, Twilight is NOT A FREAKING MARY-SUE! Let me explain in detail if you are one of those bronies that hate her because you think she is one. Before I do however, if you don't know what a marysue even is here is a link to the definition: Mary sue You get the idea? Mary-sue's are "perfect" characters with no reasons to be what they are. They are flawless and usually just puppets of the creators fantasies! Twilight has many reasons as to who she is and why she does certain things and is definitely NOT Lauren Faust's self-insert character. Unlike a mary-sue, Twilight grew as a pony and changed throughout the show. She still has things learn, but she still improved over time. Mary-sues DON'T change. They stay "perfect" no matter how much the creator wants you to believe they changed. Not only does Twilight change, she has reasons to be the way she is in the first place! The very beginning of the show even shows that clearly. Right away, you learn that Twilight is a bit anti-social, an over-worker and much more. With Mary-sues, the creator is very quick to show their nonsensical perfections or their meaningless edgy backstories. None of which happens with Twilight. BTW being a princess doesn't always equal to a mary-sue trait. Usually princess mary-sues are ALREADY royal or become royal through nonsensical reasons. Twilight didn't even know she was going to be one! Plus, there were no hints she was going to be one in the show. She EARNED herself to be a princess. Royal status wasn't given to her without purpose like mary-sues are. Ok, there a few more things I could say but I think I made this long enough. If you still think Twilight is a mary-sue, thats ok. Just don't shove it down people's throats like some people do.
  9. You know what I found out recently? Nothing ever seems to bother Spike. He never met his parents? Doesn't seem to care. He doesn't know how he came to pony kind? Doesn't care. Spikeabuse? Doesn't seem to care. Doesn't interact with others much? Doesn't care. Crushing on the girl who doesn't feel the same? Doesn't care. Really, nothing ever seems to bother him. Sure there are a few unique times when he does, like when he thought he was being replaced, but only because he wants to be the one to help his friends. He just doesn't seem to care about his own well-being. Or if he does, he does a really good job at hiding it! He just likes helping his friends out with problems, and that's it. I find it weird, yet I envy him for it. I want whatever water he's drinking! Seriously, what's the catch with him? If you think Pinkie is the most mysterious character on the show, I find Spike to be the most mysterious. What's going on in his head? Out of the development he's receiving, I wanna know this. How is he so content with everything? There's SO MUCH of his character we have no idea about! He's not very open with his emotions.
  10. RK5 Debug Console For RPG Maker VX Ace "I was tired of testing stuff in the Editor - Now I can do that on move" Version: 1.2.1 I've noticed, that some members use RPG Maker VX Ace to make games. That's why I'd like to share this script, that I wrote ages ago. Perhaps it will be useful for somepony. def draw_introduction This script adds an in-game console, that can be brought in any scene to perform a script call, that can be typed during gameplay. There are many, many, many possibilities of using that console, starting from simply changing variables to even performing advanced codes to affect objects or even create them. Besides freely typed strings, the console contains build-in commands, for quicker debugging like teleporting player to specific maps and coordinates or hooking objects like windows to move or resize them and print their parameters into a txt file to allow developers configure them in the script properly. end def features-=> Type script calls to affect things in your game! Example: $game_party.members.each do |m|; m.hp = 1; = 1; end Typing the above in the console will set HP and MP to 1 for all party members. -=> Use build-in commands! Think of cheats or commands in Minecraft lel (spawn items/gold, noclip, teleport and stuff like this)-=> Hook objects like windows to adjust their position, size or opacity and print the results into a txt file!-=> Change variables, actor/enemy stats and many, many more-=> Check values maintained by variables etc.-=> Everything is up to you! Planned Features:-=> More commands - because why not? end def draw_instructions► SCRIPT DIFFICULTY: ★★☆☆☆ - ★★★★☆ from build-in commands - to advanced usage ► REQUIRED SCRIPTS! [■] CP Keyboard Input script by Neon Black └►[author] http://forums.rpgmak...626-neon-black/ └►[script] ► USAGE:-=> Place script(s) below ▼ Materials; above ▼ Main Process-=> Plug & Play-=> Press '~' (tilde) to bring up the console or exit from it.-=> Type /help in console to view available commands and such.end def draw_currenty_available_commands end def create_screenshots # Screenshots #Some gifs showing this script in action:@> Testing stuff on fresh project @> 'HOOK' Command! @> Testing commands ~ Uses version under development@> Toying with menu ~ Uses version under developmentend def terms_of_use-=> You ARE allowed to use this script in non-commercial projects.-=> You ARE NOT allowed to use this script in commercial projects. Contact me first.-=> You ARE allowed to edit this script to your needs.-=> You ARE NOT allowed to repost or post modified versions of this script without my permission.-=> You ARE DEFINITELY NOT allowed to claim this script as your own. Just to be clear. ^,^-=> Crediting me, Rikifive would be heavily appreciated.-=> You ARE obligated to read and follow the terms of use of CP Keyboard Input script created by Neon Black as well While I won't kill anybody for breaking these terms of use, it still would be a violation of personal rights, that shouldn't happen.By using this script you accept these terms of use.Not reading them DOES NOT exempt you from liability.end def put_download_link download_link_pastebin = RK5 Debug Console v.1.2.1 required_script = CP Keyboard Input script v1.0a by Neon Black #CHANGELOG end Certificates: Egghead stuff confirmed. This script was tested by Eric. He didn't complain.
  11. I wanted today's blog entry to be a little different and more on the personal side. I recommend you read through it, but keep in mind, it's merely opinion; and as with all preference, it can always be argued against. Feel free to make your own interjections. The internet is a platform for belief, you needn't hide it. This entry in particular is talking about Season 7 -- and considering I make up everything as I go along -- it may contain light spoilers. I think about this a lot, but it's never really bothered me or made me recollect as much as I have now. I speak, of course, of the new Season 7. I watched the new episodes Live on Brony.Tv as I always do; but during my viewing, I noticed something rather odd. Peculiar, really. It wasn't something I was expected. What came out of me were cheers of excitement, but it sounded dull and lifeless. It was a cautious cry, something I'd been meaning to let out, but was waiting for the right evidence as a signal to sound. The odd detail that caught my eye was the new logo hastily plastered across my screen. Its dull purple colors stained across that beautifully painted, pink canvas created so many seasons ago. It felt out of place; it didn't feel the same. To be honest, I like the new logo and I believe it matched the "Guardians of Harmony" toy line perfectly; but staring at this new face felt wrong. It seemed as though the MLP I had grown to love had been defiled, dishonored, and disgraced. I know for a fact Hasbro shows little to no respect for their toy line or their mainstream franchises as proven through some of their older works. To them, it's no more than a name with a pricey dollar sign tagged along its ear. However, I figured there was still a heart hidden somewhere in that machine they've built themselves out of. It appears I stand corrected. To see this new logo pasted upon the title card made me cry a little on the inside (I'm not afraid to admit it). It felt like a sign of moving on; this wasn't the same show anymore. The simple characters who once had wishful goals were gone. The humble ponies I could relate to had evolved into "superstars" of their time. It was a devolution introduced at the end of Season 3; I failed to see it. (then again, I didn't discover the show until second-half Season 5). I'm not sure if these are her final breaths; but it is clear, MLP has changed drastically and the logo was a stamp to seal the deal. To take a step back, I know the show began to decline when the writers started to leave. It's hard for a show to stay afloat when newer creators try to shape the show in their own image. It's difficult trading hands as it changed the original point of view; but, based on memory, many of the writers left because they were either offered better opportunities (understandable), or because of their lack of control over the show's direction (variables controlled only by Hasbro Co.). The fandom has been at war with Hasbro since the dawn of our existence, yet here we stand. It's hard to believe we've made it this far in FiM and still have another season to go; that's incredible, but is it still worth it? I never thought I'd find myself to loving ponies, it wasn't, nor ever will be, a norm. However, just as the show has, ideas change. The show has become my curse: I love it so dearly, but I hate seeing what it's become; regardless, I follow it for its legacy and continue to smile upon the community. I like to see how things end and where they stop. I have a habit of not giving up on abandoned ideas. Still, even with all that in mind, the glowing button of departure glows more brightly than before. Seeing the fandom's past works of joy and celebration appear today as lowly tearjerkers. Time moves on, but looking to the future is futile. I know about twenty of these show up on the blogs/topics list daily and it's been a concern prevalent since the end of S2. I get it, it's a logo; but before you interject, allow me to wrap this up with one more quote: "Progress isn't always a good thing" Thanks for tuning into the Archives, -RealityPublishing
  12. Even though the name "Equestria Girls" was almost never used within the movies (except as titles), the name "Equestria Girls" was used both as the name of the toy franchise, and to refer to the Mane 6 (and their friend Sunset Shimmer, as in the ads' lyrics, "We are Equestria Girls"). I wonder, why did Hasbro choose the name "Equestria Girls" for that franchise, rather than some other name? And why did the Mane 5/6 not refer their own group as "Equestria Girls" (which sounds somewhat patriotic to Equestria) in the movie, not even after they became friends?
  13. Welcome everypony my name is BoomBlocks and I am the Owner of PXL Productions and i am asking for all of the comunity to help and chip in this project i am creating. The following project is a MLPRPG or a My Little Pony Role Playing Game. This game is going to be a long one with 10 diffrent Worlds to create each with its own level of difficulty and puzzles. Is stars a young mare who has been in a terreble event and for her survival the queen offered a proposal if she is fixed she will train to be her personal protector but the events go wrong and the Queen is murdered and your character has been blamed for it and she want to get to the bottom of this and find the real murder and expose them. This is the story i have so far but for all this to come true i need the help of some talented programmers, 3d Modelers, Script writers, Concept art creators, and many many other ponys. Below is a list of things i need created and people i need. ----------------------------------------- Story:You are a young mare who has been raised in a orphanage until a event where war has been brought all over the city and the orphanage was burned to the ground with you in it but u managed to barely survive. You are on your last breaths of life when you see some siloets and then you pass out. When you wake up your in a small enclosed room with a Dr. He sees your awake and makes you a deal that changes your life. The deal is for saving your life and improving your body functions you will train and become the queens personal protector for the rest of your miserable life. You have choice but to accept since you are on your death bed. Extra: This game is placed 100 years after the events of the mane 6 and celestia and luna have passed away.(There will be a hidden memorial that can be unlocked to earn a awsome item. Its a secret tho) ----------------------------------------- Voice Actors -Main character -Queen -Royal guards -Enemys ----------------------------------------- 3D Models:Has to be able to create any model needed for the games progresion and including armor and things that fit on the base model - - ----------------------------------------- Terrain creators:His to be able to create diffrent terains in unity for the 10 diffrent worlds - - - ----------------------------------------- Script Writers:People to help me create the story line and character speaking scripts - - - ----------------------------------------- Concept Artists:People to creat concept art for the games extra section you can unlock(And textures for game assets) - - - ----------------------------------------- Programmers Info:(Have To Know How To Program In Ether C# or Java) -Has to be able to create the following -Ui interface for HUD -Inventory system( Prefered skyrm like) -Health/Mana System -Custom variable system for saving Programers: -Compro51 - - ----------------------------------------- Animators:Creat animations for visual effects - - - ----------------------------------------- 3D Model Riggers:Has to be able to add animation rigs for Any elements in the game that needs it - - - ----------------------------------------- Beta-Testers: - - - ----------------------------------------- Other Possitions will be added later but this is who i need for now. I am creating a test enviroment for the beta testers to test certain elemets of the game to sort out bugs and stuff. Discord: To do list: -Create public database for anyone to test game -Create public database for beta-testers to get lastest files for game
  14. Hi, some of you might know me, most of you don't. I'm a university student of Illustration and Visual Communication. I love all kinds of games and have a wide interest of little skills I like to pick up and try and use. I've really enjoyed my production classes and it's encouraged me to realistically attempt a long term goal of mine, develop a card game. Before I go on to giving details about the game and tell you how to get a free test copy sent to you I'll give you a little fun fact about this game. The main character design, The Overlord, was based on a plastic fork. I had a broken plastic fork on my table and thought it looked like a funny tall eared cat-thing so I drew it out and the card game followed. I still have that fork and use it as inspiration to finish this project. Weird, right? A Brief Game Description: "You and your demonic friends must appease your Overlord by offering tribute every day. You’re all sick of being on the bottom and agree to start collecting loot so that you can takeover the Overlord's position. Unfortunately, none of you can agree on who the next Overlord should be. Amass more loot then everyone else in order to overthrow the Overlord and take your rightful place on top. But getting greedy risks the rage of the current Overlord, who won’t go easy on any of you. So build your stash in secret, back-stab your friends and give as little as you can manage to the Overlord to stay out of trouble." Tribute to the Overlord is a bit of a deck building card game that pits players against each other and a common board enemy. There are 5 rounds; the situation and cards to deal with it change every turn. There are various strategies implemented to combat total RNG but the game should be able to be picked up and learned in half an hour or less. The game is targeted at player groups of about 4 or 5 but can physically be played with groups ranging from 2-6. Target age group is early 20's to early 30's but could be played comfortably ages 12+. I've been developing this table-top card game for awhile now and am nearly at a point in which I can test the game with outside peoples. This project has a few goals: To be a refined piece for my personal portfolio, Test myself in finishing such a comprehensive project, and get a tiny foothold in tabletop game development (I have other ideas I'd like to develop one day). The past few months I have been working on this on and off in between personal projects and working side jobs, school stuff and the occasional Poniverse thing. Most of the focus has been on the rules and gameplay up to this point. Now I'm dividing my time between game balancing and art. Now I'm looking for candidates to play-test this game and give feedback, help balance and find game loop-holes I may have missed. I'll be shipping out around 10 prototype copies of this game sometime in February (or thereabouts depending on how the next school semester fairs for me). These copies will be shipped out free to those living in the US. I currently will not be shipping elsewhere; but if you fill out the provided form you'll be sent updates on the game and be notified if I get an international thing going. I'm shipping these out for free in return for feedback, if you can't or don't plan on proving feedback or testing it for problems, don't bother signing up. If your interested in signing up to get a free alpha copy and helping this game become complete in it's design; please fill out this form here. Please note that this is NOT first come first serve, I'll be semi-selectively choosing candidates to test various bits. Also, as stated this is an ALPHA where the focus so far has been primarily on gameplay and functionality, the art is mostly wip or in a placeholder state right now. It is quite likely that it will be in a similar state when these copies are shipped as well. Meaning it may not be a pretty game, but it'll work. The Beta phase of the game is a ways off, but will have nearly completed art and enforce the necessary updates found in the alpha. If you agree to get updates on the form above then you may get sent a Beta copy. So don't worry if you arn't offered an Alpha. The ALPHA deck will be printed on heavy weight paper and laminated so they feel pretty high quality for prototypes. Alpha decks will most likely be in black and white because the focus is on game mechanics and balancing rules and cards. If your interested in this project or have questions feel free to talk to me about it. And again, if your interested in getting your hooves on an Alpha copy to test, fill out this form asap.
  15. Hello! I, RealityPublishing, am looking for dedicated artists who would be willing to help me complete a fan-game titled, "Fallout: Equestrian Revolutions". The game, in its bare, dulled state, is nearing completion (mechanic and story-wise). The only problem is that we do not have sprite of any kind. I made a post about this earlier and I am please to announce that 88% of the game is complete (minus what's needed for artwork) and is awaiting help. If you are willing to lend a hoof in making this project possible, please message me when you are confident. Details of the task will be labeled below: Fallout: Equestrian Revolutions is an original story based on the ever-popular, Fallout and Fallout: Equestria crossover. Though it features none of the characters in either, it will continue to provide the apocalyptic atmosphere many have loved about the original Interplay Fallout games (link below). The engine we are using requires "sprites" and needs each animation to be separated by a single frame (similar to the ToonBoom Animator or stop-motion animation style). Vector Animation is preferred at this time, but those who are comfortable with SFM (custom models may be needed) or any other style of art is very much appreciated and (depending on abilities) may be used to change the game's face altogether. I'm sure my demanding tone isn't very "ask-worthy" of me, but I sincerely do wish this game to be finalized and played by others. Please, and thank you for your help, -RealityPublishing LINKS: (Fallout Gamplay, It's a Speed-run, but good for the perspective)
  16. Hello! I am developing a Fallout: Equestria game based on the mechanics of the first, Fallout: Classic. I've already created many of the core actions such as, movement, inspection, collision, inventory, and halfway through saving. (All in one night!) Problem is, we're in desperate need of sprites and graphics to make the game complete. We haven't done any of the story boarding, but I imagine it'd be done rather quickly. The sprites require the respective top-down perspective of the original games. There will be a photo down below, but I'm sure you can find more by google search. (You'll probably be drawing Lil' Pip 700 times) For the sake of rigging the game, please don't draw anything until you've contacted me. Thanks! If you're interested in helping out, please PM me. I really hope to finish this project. Thanks! -RePub
  17. Soooooo I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time: Writing a FanFic. I've never actually written one for MLP before (so I'm writing a short Luna and Pinkie Pie story first to get a feel and boy oh boy I hope it becomes hilarious because that's a duo you don't see a lot of) but in other fandoms I've noticed varying opinions on the OC character. Obviously there's quite a few well loved OCs in the MLP fandom (some of which I don't understand but hey I don't judge). But typically the attitude I hear is 'Ew, don't use an OC, if you use an OC I will not read your fic. You need to use Canon Characters at all costs and try to eliminate OC characters (this does not apply to one-line OCs that are not a main part of the plot.' I want to gather your opinions on how well an OC might go over if they were integrated into a story that primarily revolved around the mane 6 (+ the other princesses), and what it would take for that OC to be an acceptable part of the plot.
  18. My friend Lucas has an uncle who is a MAJOR video game collector, he lives in Brazil. He claims to have the hard drive that contains the ROM of Conker 64. Lucas says his Uncle said the computer is really old, and needs fixing, but the hard drive is completely fine. This is NOT a prank (Although he may be pranking me), this is real news!
  19. I am doing research on the lore and land relations throughout the story, i want to apply it to factors in a Game Template i wanted to design for the Website "Roll 20" if anyone can point me in the direction to some good lore friendly content and theory crafter's i would great appreciate the assistance and please i would like it to be the most update data as of late please and thank you
  20. Created a topic dedicated to development, engines and enthusiasts from both gamers and developers when it comes to game design. Things like: Discussing about engines sharing tips and tricks asking gamers what they like Asking developers about their experience and work helping each other with developing a game how to market your game etc... Let's start the discussion with; Which engine do you prefer?
  21. Where do I have to begin with.... We've seen the industry evolving time to time with new technology and innovation. With the possibilities of programs like Blender, 3DS Max, Unity, Source FilmMaker and Unreal, more little developers could easily make a big budget-like game. Besides little developers (Most of all called A developers when being ranked) there's also a side industry called Indie developers. Mosst of them describe them as designers who wants to be unique and special. I was openly to give them a chance. I liked the game Fez, probably because I'm a fan of platformers, and Braid was also interesting, but that's where it stops. When I went deeper in the Indie industry I found more unlikeable parts. One of the big disappointments in the industry are the heavily narrative driven walking simulators. Games like Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture look great in graphic still and that's all. Dull dialogs, no enemies to fight, few to nothing to discover, boring and hardly entertaining. But one of the biggest problem inside that industry are the developers. They're obsessed with the idea that games are art, while gaming should be active and entertaining, and behave like they're holier than the most experienced developers like Hideo Kojima and Gabe Newell. And if that's not enough, they also act hostile to people who showed appreciation for their work and whine that they're entitled to our money. Look, I've no problem if you want to start a crowdfunding for your game, but they do it on a aggressive way and think we're in debt to them. Not to forget that the anti-game rhetoric inside the Indies is horribly strong. It's like they're spiritual clones of Jack Thompson mixed with SJW craziness. It also explains why they throw so many political slurs to gamers and developers who follow the traditional way of game designing. And they're not safe for the aftermath. Most of these indies eventually go bankrupt, lose support, see their career ending in nothingness, metaphorical executed by a gaming mob or become the laughing stock of the Internet. I learned from the whole scenario that games are to keep us entertained, not being obsessed with being thinking that games should be art and that we should be thankful that gamers appreciate your work. If I would start as a developer (even with other people), I would follow the way of game designing, make games that are both fun and challenging to play, always remember to not insult your audience and never make politics out of entertainment. The whole situation around the Indies left a bad taste, but I learned a lesson from it.
  22. Hello everypony! Here are the blog I will be using to write about development progress of the Celestial Supernova mini-episode animation. Using the regular forums I found out could lead to something known as "Double Posting" and I refrain from causing such, so I am switching to using the blog to keep you guys updated! Here is a recap of what has happened recently: - Summer has started! - Script is written! (Suggestions appreciated!) - Need voice actors! Post your auditions here - Stay pony my friends! /) Signed, EndenDragon -_-
  23. So. The last week went bad. Hardly any forcing was done, and narrative was just not happening. I completely ignored her. Not by choice, but just because I got distracted. So today I promised her I would pick it up again, and apologized a lot for ignoring her so much. To start off, I immediately went to have a forcing session to come up with a proper name. After a few minutes of pondering I settled with Starlit Skies, or just Starlit for short. I kinda like it, and if she doesn't like it, we can always change it later. So after that I told Starlit some stories, about me, summer breze and about ooBrony, because he's a cool guy. I hope I'm not boring her with my endless talks about summer breze... :3
  24. Day 3. Today had plenty of opportunities for narrative, as this was my first day with Tulpa-chan at school. I told her about the classes, and the pupils, and everything. At home the narrative fell a bit short though: I was watching anime and playing games and completely forgot about her. Only in the evening did I remember. So I listened to storm sounds and talked for about half an hour. It was pleasant, I should do that more often. I think I've made progress again. While I was narrating, I remembered the tip that I should have personal reminder of her, so that I'll keep narrating. So I wondered what kind of item I should have to remember. While I thought about that I just asked her what she thought, not really expecting an answer, and suddenly I heard/thought "a ring" as soon as I finished the question. I know that that wasn't my plan, because it a ) surprised me, and b )it is a stupid idea, as I don't have the money for a ring. So I think that that was Tulpa-chan again. And now I've gotten a little leather bracelet to remember. I think this'll help a lot. I also found out that my special somepony had at least one fully developed Tulpa as a kid, which is really cool. Maybe Tulpa exist more frequently among really young children.