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Found 8 results

  1. Feather Data

    Health Do you have Diabetes?

    Whether it is Type 1 or Type 2, do any of you have Diabetes?
  2. Little Pinkie Pie in her onesie, is ready for bed
  3. Out of all the ponies in the show, which pony ever gave you the "I might die from cuteness" reaction? For me it would be Flurry Heart, Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Belle.
  4. Look who popped through the fourth wall and took up residence in my apartment! We watched the new episode together today. Very excited to finally get my very own Pinkie, and the Beanie Baby version was both an excellent financial deal and very cuddle-able. Pinkie: " Ohmygosh, I'm so excited, I've never been this excited before, well, except earlier this morning when you saw me on the discount rack at Vintage Stock and took me up to the cashier and I went *GASP* and then you let me sit on your dashboard all the way home, but really what could top that?!" Seriously, this has been the best day in a long while.
  5. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    Questions regarding ponies?

    What are the origins behind the ponies' instinct to break into song, and join in? Can it affect non-ponies? If so, how can you resist their song? It is said that looking at a pony's cute gaze can cause you to love him/her, or suffer some form of "diabetes". Is it true? Do ponies like to assimilate newcomers and visitors into "their Herd"? If so, then how? Are they strengthened by, or attracted, to friendship?
  6. HorsesandMOARGaloar

    How effective is a pony's "cute gaze"?

    A lot of pony fanart usually has an Equestrian pony gaze at the viewer, either in happiness, or sorrow. Some people think that looking at their gazes directly allows them to influence you to love them or do as they wish. But how effective would you think this will be?
  7. ActFast231


    So I just got into a big fight with my mom about my Type 1 Diabetes. I go to regular school in a month. And she believes that I need to where a dog tag at all times, and constantly have all my diabetic supplies on me constantly and to have my blood sugar checked 5 times a day just to make sure it doesn't go off at all, and that if I go to work out I need something on me JUST in case I get a low. Honestly, I think it's dumb. I don't need all these stupid precautions for school, or anywhere for that matter. The fact is, if I have a diabetic stroke, who's to say they would see the dog tag in time? Who's to say how long it will take to get my supplies out? Will they know what to use? Or how to use it? If I have a stroke, I die. Not all the precautions in the world will change that. So I manage it MY WAY and make sure that doesn't happen. She is convinced that I will die if I don't take EVERY precaution. Nope, I'll die no matter what. Sorry, but there isn't a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it. This is a disease I will have for the rest of my life, and in all honestly, it will likely kill me one day.
  8. Nas

    Scootalove Vector

    After being satisfied with my first vector (from practicing off of another vector), I decided to start making some of my own; starting with the new episode from today. As requested by ~Chaotic Discord~, my second vector represents one of the biggest and best turns the show has took- the beginning of a sisterly relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. I'm proud to present my very own Scootalove vector! :3 EDIT: I worked on that thing for like, 6 hours straight and it was about 2 in the morning when I finished. I was pretty drowsy when I made the final touches, and I found a couple of layering derps. So, I just now revised it a little bit and now I think it is 100% perfect. EDIT 2: I found out how to get a .png file of it, so I fixed it. This and other vectors in the future will be transparent, hi-res images.