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Found 16 results

  1. Whenever I write Applejack's dialogue, I usually write with standard spelling, instead of the "Ah"s and other dialect-like spellings typical of any fanfics about her. To me, it not only looks nice, but I also prefer the reader to imagine AJ speaking, because I am sure that they already knew that AJ speaks in a country accent, making the accent-ised spelling unnecessary. What do you think? Do you think that this is fine (relying on existing info and imagination), or is it better to use a dialectal spelling to reflect AJ's voice better? Eg. "I'm sure that you're not wandering around, partner. Trust me." vs. "Ah'm sure that yer not wandrin' 'round, pardner. Trust me."
  2. Hi there! I've noticed that some MLP fanfictions make the ponies sound like parodies of themselves and I want to avoid that, but I'd like some advice. Does Rainbow Dash really say, "20% cooler" a lot? I know she talks about things being cool/awesome/radical (and maintains that those concepts are different, LOL ), but I only recall her saying that something was "20% cooler" once. People often write the Apples' dialogue with a phonetic accent (writing "Ah" instead of "I" for example). I find that tough to read, so I don't do it (and I can easily imagine their voices easily), but what are your thoughts? Also, what sort of exclamations does she use? People seem to write Luna's dialogue as though she speaks in the Royal Canterlot Voice all the time, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't. I haven't paid much attention, but does she ever speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice? Does she ever use Shakespearean even when speaking at a normal volume? I noticed that Rarity seems to be quite affectionate in her language (she says, "Fluttershy, sweetness, come down from there" in "Bats!" and "We're not going to judge you, darling" in "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" for example). How do I write that without making it seem like I'm making fun of her? Also, how do I write scenes where she's being dramatic without making it seem like a parody?
  3. NOTE: Copied and pasted my review from here and contains some extra edits. Trixie and Starlight's chant and dance were total cringe. Looking for me to dish another negative? You ain't gonna find it here. (On the) Road to Friendship's story's incredibly simple, its focus driven 100% by Starlight, Trixie, and their incredible chemistry. Just like Spike, Big Mac, and Discord from Break Down, they only became friends two seasons ago, yet thanks to Haber's clever writing, you'd think their friendship goes back to childhood. Until Season 6, Trixie only stood center stage for Boast Busters, Magic Duel, and Rainbow Rocks as a tertiary character. But Haber brought her into becoming a reoccurring character and has become a vehicle for storytelling around Starlight. Their magnificent chemistry is thanks to Haber's incredibly tight dialogue, a continuous improvement of the show started by Shadow Play. With everything they say to and about each other, you buy into it, whether it's their praise, banter, jokes, passive-aggressive insults, and full-blown arguing. Their exchanges were snappy and completely believable; each moment and line flowed so well, even when the vocabulary repeats, with no hitch at all. Thanks to their chemistry, Haber takes advantage of as many comedic opportunities as possible. Virtually all of them land. Some of my favorites include: Starlight teleporting back to the school in a hurry, only to briefly return to say goodbye in between. Starlight throwing a little meta joke about how Twilight and friends would sing a song to commemorate their voyage, only for them both to start a song themselves. Blowing open the inflatable raft causes Starlight to get pinned to the window. During their descent into fighting, Starlight and Trixie share passive-aggressive barbs at each other during the Somnambula magic show. While sleeping in the caravan in Somnambula, Trixie talks and rehearses in her sleep, while Starlight snores noisily, each a callback to previous episodes. Kudos to Haber for using a combined pun of the village's name. The elder pony peaks out of the chest, sees nothing happening, and returns to sleep. Cue credits. But the best comedy comes during We're Friendship-Bound. Aside from being the season's best song up to this point, it's incredibly upbeat with catchy lyrics and just-as-catchy jazzy beat. Like Apples to the Core four seasons ago, its jovial tone reverberates through each scene, which ranged in activity, danger, and atmosphere. I don't recall the last time Pinkie broke the fourth wall, but Trixie and Starlight shattered it everywhere, especially this line(!): But like the rest of the season, Haber progressively tests their friendship. While Starlight's preoccupied at the school, Hoo'Far asks if he can trade his bigger caravan for hers. She says no, because it's her home. Her smaller, cramped wagon comes into play twice, including as they relaxed the first time. Trixie closes the door, causing SG to accidentally drop a smoke bomb. Starlight wasting bits on street food over essentials. Trixie waiting a long time in line for a particular street vendor over shopping at another empty vendor that orders the same thing. After all the hotels are booked, they get really testy with each other. Despite apologizing with each other… …they get really cramped inside her wagon. Starlight can't move, so she moves the smoke bombs, squashing Trixie. They couldn't sleep in the same room! Trixie wrapped a bandana around her muzzle to stop her snoring. Next morning, thy passive-aggressively take the last of each others' food, the haycake by SG, the juice by Trixie. This passive aggression continued into the failed magic show, one of Road to Friendship's funniest scenes. The water boils that night when they traded sleep- and meal-related insults and accusations, culminating with Starlight ejecting Trixie's supplies and: But the boiling foamed the next morning when Starlight traded away her wagon for his behind her back. You think that her impulsiveness would let her think twice about trading it away. Despite her decent alibi of traveling with a roomier wagon, Starlight has two major problems here: Her timing. Neither of them got along and fought the night before. Those feelings pass over here. Starlight traded it while Trixie slept. It doesn't matter if your intentions are good. This is her property, and she decides what to do with it, not SG. It ain't no surprise why Trixie's so upset; her anger's completely justified. Starlight comes off as a major plothole here, why she's primarily written to be in the wrong in Act 3, and becomes the episode's primary apologizer. This is a reversal of No Second Prances, but done way better. In the former, Trixie used Starlight, and she had to make it up to her. Here, Starlight screwed up badly and has to make it up. Some are a little disappointed we see nothing of Saddle Arabia beyond just Hoo'Far (who, BTW, had really excellent and witty dialect), but like Chrysalis in The Mean Six, those who do miss the point. This episode's about experiencing the ups and downs of friendship, having their friendship tested, overcoming it, and becoming closer. In the grand scope, Saddle Arabia isn't necessary, and the story in between more than makes up for it. All in all, it's an excellent episode — one of the best of not just the season, but the show, too.
  4. I think I've become obsessed recently with how many lines a character gets in an episode. It could just be a temporary thing, though. Has anyone else?
  5. Alright, so let me explain the idea here: this year the game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven" was released for the PS4, it's an arena-style fighting game containing characters, stages and story from the manga/anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", created by Hirohiko Araki in the 1980's and still running to this day. In the game the fights are between two teams, each one has two characters in it, and if the characters in the team are somewhat connected they will oftenly have a special bit of dialogue before and after the fight, which brings us to the point of this topic: What if My Little Pony had a game in this style? What would the special dialogues be like? I'll be writing some bits of dialogue that i came up with, but feel free to write your own dialogue here too.
  6. Brush Stroke, the stallion, is my ponysona. Silver Laurel, the mare, is one of my best friend's OCs. Brush Stroke is trying to concentrate even though his attention sucks. It was a rough drawing, so quality definitely isn't the best. Note: They are married.
  7. I was wondering if any of yall have a good way to extract the dialogue or vocals from the show without picking up the background music or sound effects. I currently have a method that kind-of works using audacity, but it lowers the quality slightly and still picks up part of the background music. Ideally, I would like to use short sound clips in my brony music like some other brony artists do.
  8. What are your most favorite quotes from My Little Pony? Be it your funniest, most inspirational or just most random quotes. Here are a few of my favorite quotes: Lesson Zero — Rarity: "And of all the worst things that could happen, this is THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!" Rarity: "Oh, what a drama queen. Mm. Relatively speaking..." A Dog and Pony Show — Spike: - "I'm coming for you, milady. Hi-ho, Twilight away!" Twilight Sparkle: - "And what do you think you're doing?" Party Pooped — Rainbow Dash: "I think they broke my record for most stuff broken in under a minute. I mean, they even broke the trophy." Fluttershy: "So, um, do we walk back up the slide or... Or what?" Make New Friends But Keep Discord — Discord: - "Fluttershy, tell the Hugs here about the time we went to the store and came back with two cakes instead of one, because that's how crazy we are when we're together." Fluttershy: - "Um, we went to the store and bought two cakes. [poker face]" Discord: "I'm doing her a favour, Fluttershy! It's a lovely dimension! White sand beaches, attractive wait staff... I mean, okay, the humidity isn't great, but where isn't that the case these days?" Hearts and Hooves Day – Cheerilee: - "He's my shmoopy-doopy sweetie-weetie pony pie." Big McIntosh: - "You're my shmoopy-doopy sweetie-weetie pony pie." Apple Bloom: - "Did he just say–" Cheerilee: - "You're my cutie-patootie lovie-dovie honey-bunny." Big McIntosh: - "You're my heartie-smartie smoochie-woochie baby-waby." Cheerilee: - "You take the first sip, snuggle-wuggles." Big McIntosh: - "No, you take it, schnoodle-dumplin'." Cheerilee: - "No, you, shnooky-lumps." Big McIntosh: - "No, you, pookie-pie." Mrs. Cake: - "I'm all for romance, but this has been going on for hours. What's happened to these two?" Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks — Sonata Dusk: "Hello? We sing, like, all the time! It's how we get people to do what we want. [...] Wha-What did I say?" Fluttershy: "Uh-huh. Oh, that's probably not it..." Twilight Sparkle: - "Why isn't she under their spell?" Spike: - "Never takes off her headphones." Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Animated Shorts: Guitar Centered — Trixie Lunamoon: - "Twelve-thousand dollars?! You'll pay for this Rainbow Dash!" Pinkie Pie: - "No, silly! If you want it, you have to pay for it." Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Animated Shorts: A Case for the Bass — Granny Smith: - "Since when do you play the bass?" Apple Jack: - "...[Face palm]"
  9. So what is the worst lines of dialogue you've ever heard spoken on this show? Whether they be awkward, dumb, corny, or even suggestive post them in this topic.
  10. Hi everyone, I have been writing the beginning of my fan-fiction that has Pinkie Pie as one of the main characters. But I have come across a problem: I find that writing Pinkie's dialogue is a little tricky because I don't want to accidentally exaggerate (and consequently shallow) her personality or make her OOC. I was wondering -- for those of you who have written Pinkie Pie -- what advice do you have for keeping Pinkie's dialogue in character but also not sacrificing her depth? Also, are there any fan-fictions already published that have done this well that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!
  11. Ok, so this may seem a little nerdy-I mean eggheadish, but I personally love the vocab that is used on MLP. The first time I noticed was when I was watching "A Bird in the Hoof" and Princess Celestia commented on the pheonix cycle as being melodramatic. I was a little taken aback that a word like melodramatic would be used. Later I was listening to the Flim-Flam brother's song and I saw that someone in the comments mentioned how they use the word nonpareil. That was even more amazing to me because I actually had to look it up. It's a strange day when your outsmarted by a cartoon show. So now I'm on the hunt for the best words used in the show, and I wondered what other people have found.
  12. Yeah, more shitty artwork. Crona (Left): Soul Eater Pinkie Pie (Right): My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  13. Running from your problems is easy. Facing them isn't.
  14. Typical anime dialogue may (to my ideas) may involve: gasping, "ah"'s, spoken-out thoughts, and motivations. Can you tell me your ideas of typical anime dialogue, and its characteristics? Also, please list down an example of "anime dialogue", and some ways to improve it.
  15. I made a video that is actually not funny and funny. Take a look:
  16. LOL! Those three phrases always kind of annoy me since they're used so much. Are there any other phrases that seem to be used a little too much by the writers in MLP that you guys notice/are annoyed by? "Somepony" and "everypony" don't count because they're not going anywhere- although the funny thing is that I notice when the writers accidentally use someone or somebody.