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Found 73 results

  1. This is a club for honoring the best character known to man, Diamond Tiara. She is just so likable. The way she bullies the cmc for not having their cutie marks and the way she makes fun of the disabled. Screw those unlikable idiots called the mane six, this character is where it's at! So honor away!
  2. I think it's diamond tiara because she bullies other ponies that she thinks is below her! Trixie just shoves her "talents" in your face but it's not as bad as diamond tiara. What do you think? EDIT: Poll created, vote!
  3. This is not something you should have to say. In a good show, no character should be extraneous. Friendship is Magic is amazing with their characters, and everyone's personalities and lives have always been so amazingly etched out. Which is why i'm so confused every time I come across Diamond Tiara. From the first episode, it was clear she was supposed to be a one shot character. Like the shop owners in Putting Your Hoof Down, she was supposed to show up, cause trouble, and disappear. Ideally, no one would have cared about her then, because her archetype has already been used in hundreds of other shows But rather than axe her, they decided to keep her as recurring character, continually causing problems for the CMC so they learn valuable lessons by working their way out of trouble. But by doing that, they made her a full character. Now she has her own life, motivations, and history... or was supposed to, anyway. The writers thought it would be better if she remained as she was, so all the potential was removed from her character, and any time that would've been spent working on it went to the CMC. Usually, that isn't a problem, because villains in tv shows usually do exist more so for the heroes than themselves. What makes her different from other villains like Chrysalis or Sombra, however, is that they have something to gain(ultimate power) should they win. In every interaction we've seen between Diamond Tiara and the CMC, she doesn't stand to gain anything from her actions. It's an endless series of lose-lose scenarios, something that requires a character run against common sense and their own nature to make the plot work. There's no "free will" here, just the writers' ideas being directly put into action with no consideration for the character. And that's why Diamond Tiara should disappear. Because she's little more than an accessory to character growth for the CMC, and it's heartbreaking. Its cruel to keep bringing her up to lose in scenarios she shouldn't even be in, and its awful to keep rewriting her personality to fit the needs of the episode. A character was created for the sole purpose of helping others through their suffering, and I find it tragic. Of course, I don't want her to leave, but it seems like the best option at the time. I'd appreciate any thoughts you guys have on this idea.
  4. Apple Bloom: Howdy everypony! Since Twilight decided to do questions with my sister and her friends, me and my friends decided to join the fun! Ask away! Sweetie Belle: Hello. Scootaloo: Hiya! Babs Seed: Heya, everypony! I'm visitin' the Apples, so I got plenty of time spare. Diamond Tiara: Greetings! Apple Bloom was gracious enough to invite us, too! Silver Spoon: Yeah! I can't wait to see your questions for us. Rules: No shipping questions. No hate questions against the characters. No inappropriate questions - they're kids for crying out loud! No one-word responses. Please be clear with your questions so our characters can answer them properly. No repetitive questions.
  5. Why wasn't the CMC, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon not at Camp Everfree? Snips and Snails were there, and they should be the same grade or at least some of the same classes that they are, for what we know from Friendship is Magic. So why didn't they go?
  6. I personally love these two, as is probably obvious. But I am disappointed that for whatever reason they seem to have been cast aside with no intention of using them, it has been three seasons now. Why reform them at all if you have no plan for their future? Every other reformed character (sans Gilda, who did send Gabby in the first place) has been recurring and important. But Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? All they get anymore is the rare background non-speaking appearance, and lately not even that. You'd think with how important in the CMC's story they were that they would get some interaction and run with them, but they don't. I just don't understand why they were thrown away as if they were one-off antagonists of no importance like the Diamond Dogs when they aren't. And I can't think of any reason that doesn't disappoint me or frustrate me as a fan of the two. Do you have any ideas why they've done nothing? Do you want them to return?
  7. Anyone upset that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have only appeared in non-speaking cameos so far? I know we still have almost half a season to go, but it's still disappointing the writers haven't done anything with them. Both characters have plenty of possible stories and character development. Judging from the synopsis of the new episodes, it doesn't look like they will have a lot of screentime. Are any of you upset about the lack of the former bullies so far?
  8. So we all know Diamond Tiara was a brat prior her redemption, and I honestly can't just blame is all on her mother. I think some were a cry out for attention given both er parents seem to never be around for her. Heck, Randolph a better parent. For example, the whole Gabby Gums thing could have been her doing it to feel special, to feel important even if it meant stepping over others. (her mother probably taught her that one.) Her father only got her into that bunny hop thing because she insulted Granny smith, a business partner not because she did wrong. That poor filly was just lashing out for attention this entire time. What do you think?
  9. Because I strongly doubt it! I only think she married him for his wealth. I mean I dunno what Filthy Rich sees in her anyway. We all know how she treated Diamond Tiara, and Filthy Rich should know it! For a rich guy, pony Filthy Rich is really nice, and he deserves better than Spoiled MILK! He should divorce her!
  10. Today, I am going to worship the best of all the ponies. the most likable and complex character even matching the complexities of G3 3.5 ponies. Yeah, that complex. Here is our queen of ponies, Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is the most lovable, relatable, and deep character in all of Friendship Is Magic next to Angel Bunny, Twist, Snips and Snails and Flash Sentry. Her intentions are good. Her goal in life is to constantly pick on the cutie mark crusaders for doing the scum of all of Equestria, not having their cutie marks. She does heroic things such as calling them blank flanks, making Apple Bloom's cousin bully her, and of coarse, making fun of Scootaloo for potentially being disabled. She sure knows how to deal with those less fortunate than her. I sure wish she had more episodes instead of those idiotic mane six. Especially that one annoying one Pinkie Pie. I mean really, all she does is annoy every pony and sing stupid songs. Her Lament in Pinkie Pride I just laughed at seeing her feel sad and left out because that's what the queen of brats diamond Tiara would do. Besides, the best part of Pinkie Pride was that one part where she got a song. She sure sang better than Pinkie's annoying voice. So this is why you should all think Diamond Tiara is best pony. She is the only best pony and any pony who thinks otherwise shall (suddenly, Chikorita gets hit in the head by a present from the party cannon and gets knocked out.) Huh, what happened. What, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BLOG? WHY AM I WORSHIPING DIAMOND TIARA AND MAKING FUN OF PINKIE PIE? I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THE STUFF SHE SAYS ARE WORTH DESERVING OF THE HIGHEST HONOR? WHAT IS THIS? I'M SORRY PINKIE! I HAVE FAILED YOU! Anyway after freak out let me just say, happy April Fools day.
  11. If you got to write for the show, what are some episode ideas you'd come up with? This is a little different from fanfic ideas in that you have to work within the limits of the show. That means it has to be kid friendly, it has to be resolved in no more than two episodes (and one is definitely preferable), and it has to be something that would reasonably fit within the canon.
  12. Hey, how are you? I hope you enjoy.
  13. Hello, so this is probably the most time consuming picture I ever made, I hope you enjoy it. It's actually a better verson of something I drew earier. The message that you should take from this picture is that everything and everyone, Diamond Tiara or even Adolf Hitler turns into an angel, when they are hugged by Fluttershy. <3
  14. Warning: Before continuing, this fanfic contains content that may be disturbing to some audiences. If you plan to audition, plz be aware that there are disturbing scenes in this, so if you can't handle content such as removing cutie marks using a knife and some elements of torture, go to a much happier place. The video explains everything. PLOT: After countless months of doing the unthinkable to other ponies, Apple Bloom starts to feel an uneasy impact from what she started, and the feeling only gets worse as time moves on, leading her to having thoughts of doing horrid acts to herself, now that she has become a victim of her own creation.
  15. Hey, everypony! Diamond Tiara here, starting up an ask thread so I can keep track of all my wonderful followers. You know the rules; throw me any questions you might have, and i'll try my hardest to answer them. With my own added flair, of course. ... (Of course not, Silver. But just because i'm reformed doesn't mean I have to pretend to be somepony i'm not. In this case, incredible...) ... Ask away!
  16. So, now that Diamond Tiara was reformed and she doesn't manipulate people anymore (which was also apparently what her Cutie Mark was representing), will she gain a new Cutie Mark to replace the old one, or she will have forever the talent of manipulating? I really hope that she somehow gains a new Cutie Mark representing her new talent.
  17. Ok, I have another poll for two fillies that don't really get a lot of love. Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon. Vote above and put reasons below. Like last time, here are some pictures. Do I really need to say who I like better? SPOILER: It's Silver Spoon.
  18. Helly, that's my second time drawing MlP Ponies, I hope you like it
  19. It's coming. The grumpiest, bumpiest, sugar-lump-rumpiest issue of Friends Forever like, ever. Because it totally stars the two most wonderful, amazing, wealthy, stupendous, beautiful ponies in Equestrian history. PREVIEW: So for those of you who love being special, and know how embarrassing it would be to be not special (I don't even want to, like, THINK about it), you should totally get this comic when it comes out on May 13. I can't wait...
  20. We saw them together at the end of Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but are they really still friends? I can imagine Diamond Tiara forgetting about Silver Spoon after she befriends the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Silver would be upset about it. It could lead to the CMC helping them out with their friendship problems and we get to see what Silver Spoon's talent really is, since we now know what Diamond Tiara's talent is; and if the two have anything in common other then being rich.
  21. Personally, even though we've seen first-hoof why DT was such a sadistic and rotten brat, I don't think I can forgive her. After all, we can never forget that moment when she belittled Scootaloo for her inability to fly. That is equal to a bully mocking a person in a wheelchair for their inability to walk, which is downright cruel and unusual. I do feel sorry for DT, being that her mother (whom I sorely hope gets her comeuppance in a future episode) forced her to be the way she was, but she had the chance to stand up to Spoiled Rich long before she was introduced to the show proper. Your thoughts?
  22. I have a lot to say about this episode... for obvious reasons? To subscribe:
  23. Now it's kids lost in the woods during a school trip, seemingly written before Magical Mystery Cure: CMC edition, as the CMCs are arguing with the rich duo, and Scoots clearly lacks her shield butt
  24. At the end of the episode we see a new Diamond Tiara, one who wants friends. I don't argue that, but I do argue that she is not in the least bit redeemed. Look at her explanation 1st off she lies about always knowing that she could get ponies to do what she wants. 2nd she phrases her cutie mark pretty scummily. Not, I can convince ponies to do things, but "what I want." I'd say that just as the CMC have slightly grown, DT also has slightly grown. She's taken on a different goal; having friends. But she isn't redeemed and she doesn't get how to have friends ('scluding bribes, of course).
  25. One of my short comic ideas from Crusaders of the Lost Mark