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Found 2 results

  1. Roll a die on Google and post your result! Now before I go on, I have to ask that you show some integrity in making your roll. Please only post your first roll. You do not get a re-roll. Of course, who's gonna stop you? The dice police? Just do this for me, please... You can also use a physical die if you want. Or any six-sided die so long as the result is random! So here's the story: You get to go throught portal to Equestria! Of course, you can't go there in your human form because the ponies don't know what humans are, with the exception of Twilight. So to keep everyone from freaking out over this new creature, you have been turned into a pony! Of course, you can't just be any pony. So that's what you roll the die for! All results total 7 1 or 6 means you are an Earth Pony 2 or 5 means you are a Pegasus 3 or 4 means you are a Unicorn So what did you get? Do you like your results? :tAjTk7v: There's a poll so we can keep track of how many of each there are. I'll go first. I've already posted this in Count to a Million (it's where I came up with the idea for this game) and my result there was 6 so I'm an Earth Pony I, for one, am actually not too upset about this. Earth Ponies are awesome too
  2. Roll to Dodge-A fairly simple game, some of you may have heard of. Basically, Roll to Dodge is an RPG-ish forum game, in which successes in a character's actions are determined by a dice roll. For example: Gary Stu attacks Mary Sue. Gary Stu rolls a 3. Because he rolled a 3, his attack will be met with moderate or adequate success. If he were to roll a 1, his attack would fail completely, and likely backfire. If he rolled higher, his attack would be more powerful, harder to defend against, and generally better. Rules 1. Each player must submit a character. Characters can be made up quickly, randomly, or poorly, so long as an adequate description of them is given. 2. The Game Master (GM) rolls the die and determines the actions of NPCS, as well as the outcomes of player decisions. 3. The winner of a game (determined at the end of a game) will become the new GM. (provided that they are willing) 4. Players do not decide the outcome of actions. The Game Master and die do that. 5. Between 5-8 players are generally allowed per game. These players are usually the first one's to ask to join at a game's end. Characters Distance Traveler (Delernil) Princess Luna (Shift) Flutterbat (Human/EQG) (Denim&Venom) TF2 Medic (Toon Richard) TF2 Pyro (DigitalRocket) Any questions? Ask me.