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Found 5 results

  1. You are in Equestria, and the ponies know and love you. One day though, you decide to take a stroll through the Everfree Forest for no reason at all. You get lost and come across an alter to a demon god, and being the curious goof that you are, you accidentally summon the god. He goes on about how he is finally free to reign death and destruction across the land, but you try to persuade him to go back to his realm. Somehow, this works, but on one condition. He makes a deal with you. You bring him one of the ponies, and he will leave quietly. So, you agree. TL;DR Version: You summon a demon god. To make him go back to his realm, you have to bring him one of the ponies. You agree to. Which pony would you bring to the demon god? Keep in mind that the pony you bring will never be seen again.
  2. It's simple. What is the hardest thing for you to roleplay? For me, I'd have to say fighting/tournament RPs. In these RPs, it is SO tempting to godmod/powerplay/go OP. This is due to the fact that each player wants to win. I struggled with this in an RP, which sadly I had to withdraw from. The fact that you have to be fair in this type of RP constitutes to why each fight between each character is very long. They can't go for so long and soon it has to end, and this is where I struggle the most. I try to end it quickly, but I might godmod without being conscious of it, until someone catches me doing it.
  3. When you walk into a theater to see a play the first thought to cross your mind is usually that the entire experience is not real. The actors have a completely separate goal, which is to conspire to make you believe the entire experience is real. They want you to laugh when a humorous scene happens or cry when a character dies. They want you to believe that what you are witnessing is real and happening right in front of you. Take that same concept and apply it to everyday life. Ask yourself what divides reality from a fictional experience. Is it that the events you see outside of the theater are "real"? What makes them real? Is it that they effect you personally or could potentially effect you personally? In Hindu mythology it is said that the world is God's theater and we are both participating as the actors and audience. In essence, there is no differentiation between God and man; and if we believe that this life is more than just an act happening each time the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we have missed the point entirely. I am not saying that you should think this way or make this your center of thought, but you should play with it. Think about what life would be like if you knew it was a play, something that wasn't real. How would you change? How would you view death? On the topic of death, it should be said that even the concept of dying is completely misunderstood. Death to the American public means the end of your ego and yourself, you are no more than a memory. All life leads up to is death and nothing really matters because you will one day pass away. But what if that's not the case? Because after you really think about it, considering yourself more than just flesh and bone, what if life is a lesson and death is the end of that lesson, reincarnation is the beginning of the next lesson and the time in between (the astral plane) is "summer break"? What if life is a lesson in the cosmic drama school?
  4. Yeah its another rave about how much technology hinders me. I finally got enough motivation to make an ask tumblr and improve my art. Feeling proud, i decided to upload all my art to the tumblr and the forums respectively. It was going all well until my scanner decided to stop working for no reason. I checked the drivers and they were fine. rolled the drivers back and it still didnt work. re-installed the program and still didnt work. So i decided to re-draw all my hard work on the computer using MS Paint. I found out that there is little to no precision in MS Paint. Sometimes i wonder if technology is really here to help us or if its there to hinder us.
  5. Though this is actually pretty petty, I've been following a pattern recently. There are many threads I'd like to post in, but whenever they have a moderate to large number of replies already, I tend to just not post there. I also find I can't comment on art topics because it's a fairly touchy subject. (drawing/painting/etc is a show of self-confidence, especially if you post it... I have an obvious habit of trying to detail the mistakes rather than the finer points) So here are my questions. ----- Do you normally read ALL the posts in a thread with many replies? (say 20 or more) (realistically, of course) & What do you think of people who give negative art critique and claim to have experience but do not have any proof nor intend to offer proof at all? (many, if not all of the art thread replies I have seen seem to praise rather than give such critique) ----