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Found 10 results

  1. A thread for all who love Digimon! With Digimon Tri on the horizon I though it'd be awesome to hear what everyone else thinks of Digimon, favourite character, episode, season etcetera! Go wild! All things Digimon are A-OK on this thread! (nothing adult or anything like that) Personally I don't have a favourite Digimon, too many
  2. So here's a question I'd like to ask for those wiser than me in such matters. Why is it that in a lot of anime, the protagonist controls or somehow commands an external unit or a separate character to do their fighting? Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Zatch Bell, Medabots, Gigantor, Hell if one is charitable about the idea of controlling any number of Mecha shows like Voltron, Gundam, and the Big O also qualify. Yes, I know it's not a universal, as we also have shows and magna like Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakasho, etc. It just seems remarkable because such sentiments don't exist in as much western media that wasn't influenced by anime and even if you do have a character that fights through another like a beastmaster who commands animals or a mastermind with a legion of robots, they're often either A ) villains using their proxies as minions or B ) the exception rather than the rule with the rest of the cast fighting more conventionally. So why is this? Is there a particular Japanese cultural concept that gives rise to this idea or is it just the nature of divergent creativity?
  3. Yes I do indeed do other things besides ponies ^^; Have some pokemanz and digimon! The dragon down at the bottom is Mayhem, a personal character.
  4. Well? Personally, I enjoy Digimon Data Squad (despite most hating it), but I'm going with Pokemon on both questions. It's just a lot more enjoyable to me. Well, you all?
  5. My favorite season of Digimon is season 4: Digimon Frontier I've watched every episode of that season 4 times. It was excellent. I definitely recommend watching it. So many unexpected twists in the story. My favorite Digimon would be BurningGreymon or Parrotmon
  6. Anyone feel nostalgia? If you didn't already know (which would be surprising) this is the third generation of the Digimon franchise. This installment in the franchise first aired April 1st of 2001 and ended March 2002. The story of Tamers is similar to Digimon 02 by starting out with three main characters and remaining in the real world at first. What Tamers does that was different was that it was marketing the card game as well. The major element of the installment was that they had to use cards to boost their digimon's abilities or force digivolution. I had watched the show in Japanese subs so every time they swiped a card it seemed so dramatic! SOU SHINKO PLUG-IN S!!!!! The characters themselves are forgettable but the Digimon are timeless on the internet. The ever popular Renamon appeared in this installation. The main character, Takato has a personality that goes all over the place. At one moment he seems like a strong willed ten year old and the next he is on the ground whining enough to make Rarity cringe. Out of all of the main characters the only one who seemed level headed nearly the whole time was Lee. When I re-watched the series I took notice of the significance of the Devas. The Devas are the antagonists of the show and are a beastly representation of the Chinese zodiac. The show's developers assumed that the viewer would have knowledge about the zodiac and wasn't completely focused on the red dinosaur on the screen. Back to Takato, he was embarrassing to watch a lot of the time. In a good amount of scenes, we see him grunting, screaming and flailing trying to encourage someone or something. It is apparently difficult to encourage anything with being on the verge of a mental breakdown. Overall the story and characters were fine. The story had a good balance of joy, sorrow, comedy, and cartoony action that any kid could hope for. I give the show a 7.5/10 but you might only enjoy it if you have already seen it once before. Edit: I was out nerded. Read top comment to get a more accurate review on the points I screwed up.
  7. A Kiwimon sculpt that I did a few weeks ago. Took me about 6 days, which is my personal record. And... that's it. Nothing really special or awesome bout it. Though, don't know if those "sculpture supports" beneath my sculpts are a good or a bad add-on. (If you could waste 10s to vote in the poll, please do it. Going to do a Dorugamon sculpt next and want to know if I should bother with the "support" or not) P.S. The poll is anonymous.
  8. Remember Digimon? Me too and it was awesome! (Yes, better than Pokemon.) Well Hapuriainen from DeviantArt made a character creator so now you can make your own Digimon character, give them a Digivice and choose a partner for them!
  9. I was speaking with my good friend, Google, earlier and stumbled across a little gem of a game emulating the older style Digimon virtual pets. I've always been charmed by these types of things so I quickly downloaded it and wasn't disappointed by it's charmingly outdated graphics. I was lucky enough to get my favorite Digimon, Elecmon, soon after starting the game and it's been sitting on the corner of my screen infrequently demanding attention ever since. Download Here If you play the game do share what Digimon you get and maybe we can test out the online battling function. I personally can't wait to see what my little friend here digivolves into. Cheers!
  10. OK, go to the moment in Episode Two when Nightmare Moon breaks the balls (no pun intended). There are falling shards of crystal and Twilight Sparkle has a look of utter hopelessness in her eyes. At that point, most viewers were thinking, "Oh no, what is she going to do now?" But I wasn't worried. Even though I never watched this cartoon before, I knew exactly how the Mane 6 were going to win. Physical objects can be destroyed, but virtues are intangible qualities good people possess and they will always exist. The closest parallel to the Elements of Harmony I know of are the Digimon Crests which the human children use to power up their Digimon. They represent Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, and Light. Incidentally, Season 2 added a ninth crest, Kindness! Anyway, the kids and their digimon are squaring off against a very powerful bad guy named Apocalymon. To gain an advantage, he rips the crests off of the children and shatters them. Unable to digivolve and fight, the kids and their digimon are defeated. They regroup in the digital world and recount all their adventures together. They talk about how much they've learned and grown during all their time together. It's like a typical anime clipshow, but it's exactly the same thing Twilight does when she rattles off everything she learned about her new friends on their journey to find the Elements. Having fininshed reminiscing, the human kids suddenly realize they don't need the physcial crests because they have the power of the crests inside them. They return to defeat Apocalymon, with ease, and season 1 ends on a happy note. Anyway, I've always liked this concept. Are there any other cartoons, anime, etc. where friendship or virtue themed items are destroyed but the good guys prevail because qualties like kindness, loyalty, etc. are really indestructible?