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Found 12 results

  1. FUNDRAISER SUCCESSFUL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING Hello everybody, My name is Samuel Curd, I'm a brony artist going by the screenname "Dilarus", I've been in the fandom since last year and have loved every moment of it. I taught myself to draw and started contributing to the brony community with my tumblr pages Southern Belle AJ and Meet the Pones, I've gained some very modest fame there and hope to continue for years to come. And now I have to ask all of you to support me in a very personal endeavour. You see, my older brother Ben went to Australia to get out and see the world and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with cancer. He has had an operation and is currently undergoing treatment in Nyah (near Victoria), but the chemotherapy is making him far too sick to work. Without any money he cannot afford to buy food and his accommodation is $70 a week, so my family is paying all we can to support him. The Australian government won’t give him any money except providing the operation and treatment and he naturally wants to come home to England. His insurance (Outback Insurance) aren’t paying for his treatment since it’s being provided by the government and they won’t pay for him to be repatriated to England since it’s not a medical expense. So in a nutshell, my brother is stuck literally across the globe without money and wants to come home. And so I would like to ask the brony community for their help in this endeavour, myself and Casy wish to hold a livestream with lots of drawing and games in the hopes of raising the $1100 (Australian dollars) for his plane ticket home. This equates to roughly £650 or $1000 US, I know it’s a lot, and it may be a long shot, but I hope that we together can spread the word and bring my brother home to his family. The fundraiser will likely be held this Sunday (20th July 2014) from 8AM to 8PM GMT. If you’d like to join in with or watch in the fun, we’d like to play minecraft, battleblock theatre and portal 2 for a while, as well as possibly drawing a special picture TOGETHER including OCs of people watching the stream. More artists are always welcome, and any reblogs/reposts/facebook statuses etc would be greatly appreciated. Already we have raised $300 from donations, thanks so very much to everyone to get us this far!
  2. Hello everypony! So you may know of me and my blogs already, but if you haven't I'm Dil and I created Southern Belle AJ. Click here for the magics! Southern Belle AJ is a meta-comic of sorts, I write stories based on or inspired by questions from my followers. The first outing started as an impromptu comic written one evening to explain a relationship between Applejack and Shining Armor, the next story revolved around Sweet Apple Acres being attacked by giant cats, which culminated in a grand finale that... well I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Nevertheless I gained 200 followers in two months and I want to keep going. To catch up with Applejack's adventures, check out the meta-story archive here So as I push on with the meta-stories I am simultaneously trying to improve the quality of the comic as a whole, working at higher resolutions with more detailed lineart and, recently, introducing colour. Sadly this means that I'm spending longer and longer on each panel and my posts-per-day count has dropped because of it. What I would like is for a like-minded artist to help share the burden, be it inking, colouring or providing luscious backdrops in order to preserve a quality product that can be enjoyed by all. Now I'm aware that this is the Everest of optimism, but if you don't ask you won't receive. This is not a paid position, all work is done purely for the love of MLP and a desire to tell interesting and heartfelt stories in the My Little Pony universe. You will, however receive FULL CREDIT for all works and co-authorship of the blog should you wish to stay on long-term. You will receive a share of all donations, but this is not guarantee of a constant income. If you would like an example of what I'm asking for essentially I need someone to turn this: Into this: One thing I would like to make clear is that this will require commitment, I plan on creating panels for the foreseeable future so I'd prefer not to have to find new partners a few weeks down the line should you change your mind. I won't pressure you or set strict deadlines but conversely I expect a basic level of professionalism. Any questions please ask, I look forward to hearing from you all!
  3. So here we are once again! You may well be aware of the animation myself and Erboi are working on titled "caring for your new pony", we've floated about the forums gathering talent like a picnic gathers ants and we're back once again to attract bigger prey; animators. The animation is a short parody piece meant to poke fun at bronies in a lighthearted way by asking what would happen if a fan were left in charge of a pony from the show. So we're ready to begin production, we have the storyboard, animatic, backgrounds, voices and my own personal good looks but what with real life rearing it's ugly head the animation itself may take longer than anticipated. You can watch the animatic here: note that not all the voices are included, this is just to demonstrate the length and the types of shots we will be using. So what do we need? Essentially, since I'm not an animator, (I wrote, storyboarded, and found talent) and Erboi will be beginning a career as an animator, super great job to him for that, the project may require more animators to take a share of the burden to ensure it gets completed. If you can use either toon boom or Flash to any passable degree, we want YOU. This is UNPAID work, sine we won't be making any money from the project and we're doing this for the love of My Little Pony, voice actors and composers included. Feel free to reply with any questions or send me a PM, ideally we would like two animators to lend their talents, and you will receive credit for any and all work contributed. So far I've been nothing short of astounded by the support of my fellow bronies, from finding Erboi himself to our wonderful cast of voice actors and even those who came forward to help me make Southern Belle AJ, so my hopes are high that MLPforums will continue to bring talented individuals together to achieve what one alone cannot.
  4. Hello once again, everypony! So I've been absent from the forums as of late but I was working hard on yet more pony art! So people might now that I was thinking of starting an "ask Applejack" blog on tumblr, and well I did it. It's called "Southern Belle AJ" (for those who are curious, a Southern Belle is an archetypical character in American culture, the picture of grace and civility of the southern state's upper class, In short a "Beauty from the South"). What started as a light-hearted back and forth between myself and the tumblr community, with them asking questions and myself drawing the answers, quickly escalated into a whole meta-universe in which Applejack and Shining Armor had a fling some time in the past and, currently, Sweet Apple Acres becoming besieged by giant cats. Yes, the SBAJ blog is now a full-blown meta comic, with the story being shaped by YOUR questions and suggestions. Visit Southern Belle AJ here The Great Cat Plague chapter one here Chapter two is ongoing right now! Any follows and/or reblogs would be greatly appreciated, and remember to ask AJ any questions/ give any suggestions that come to mind. I'd also greatly appreciate any critique/suggestions for improving SBAJ, any meta-story ideas, plot lines, subject matter etc. It's all useful! Edit: Just uploaded the Shining Armor Incident in its entirety, make sure to read the text for a description. Read it here
  5. Hello once again, friends! So I need to do some non-pony art practice for a change of pace so why not ask me questions and learn a bit about me in the process? Source: Ask questions for art practice!
  6. Welcome to Casy and Dilarus' collab thread! Can I get a woop woop? Well those of you who have visited my request thread or follow my tumblr will know that myself and Casy have crossed paths on multiple occasions and the resulting art has a dash of my style of lineart and a heaping helping of Casy's beautiful colour and backgrounds. I love working with Casy, she continues to inspire me throughout my journey of artistic learning and I'm most proud of the things we can create together. Collaboration is a wonderful thing and very inkeeping with the ethos of the show, in my opinion anyways. So, enough jabbering, on with the arts! 1. Bucking tired 2. Hugs make everything better 3. Discord 4. Luna And that's it, Luna is our most current piece, and who will be the subject of our next piece? Well, that would be telling ;D Want to see more of our art? Casy's Tumblr: Twitter: @casy_nuf Dilarus' Tumblr: Twitter: @Dilarus
  7. Hello all! Well incase you missed it, I was present on the latest episode of Physics With Wing and spent nearly three hours explaining in detail how to draw ponies. This was Win & Lugi's birthday stream so happy birthday to them too! Just scroll to "previously on physics with wing" at the bottom and choose the first vid there; Skip to around the 30 min mark if you want to get right into the tutorial since I had technical issues at the start (thanks windows 8) I'd like to think I cover the basics of getting to grips with drawing ponies and I hope this can be of use to you all.
  8. Hello my fellow lovelies! So I watch Game Grumps as often as possible and they always get a laugh from me and brighten my day so I thought it best to give a little something back in the form of a "Game Grumps Animated" short. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I did making it. Audio taken from Mario Sunshine pt.27 Danger Pudding. Please take the time to check out my tumblr if you approve
  9. Audition Closed! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was very tough choosing just one applicant with so many wonderful submissions! Announcer: Trevor Palczynski An animatic is being created (80% complete) to aid the audition process, watch it here; As the topic title suggests, I am going to be animating a new fan movie entitled "Caring for your new pony" and am in need of a male voice actor to play the part of an announcer and a female to play Applejack. Caring for your new pony is meant to be a spoof informative piece about how to properly take care of a pony; feeding habits, bathing schedules etc. Download the script here As you will see, the piece is tongue-in-cheek and pokes fun at My Little Pony fanatics. Don't worry, I'm a huge MLP fan and this is in no way meant to be malicious, it's just my own dark way of injecting humor into the brony community. (I really wish the spellchecker would stop underlining brony with a red squiggly line) I am planning on playing the guy myself and I have Apple Bloom cast already so please do not bother auditioning for them. The Announcer: Your role is to explain to a lucky fan the best way to properly care for their new pony. You must speak clearly and cheerfully, I had pictured him having a deep voice but please try a variety and I will pick the most suitable candidate. If you can make your lines sound as though they are coming from a small tape recorder then please do, it saves me the trouble of learning how to do it myself. Applejack: What can I say? You all know what this gal sounds like. As for direction, you're stuck in the same predicament as Apple Bloom and have resigned yourself to the situation. Submitting: Please read the script for lines, announcers you don't have to record all lines for the audition, just pick whichever you like. Please send all auditions to dilarus(at) with the subject "audition" in .wav or .mp3 format. Thank you everypony and good luck! <3 Thought I'd add some of my sketches to show you the style I'll be using, enjoy! Apologies for the quality, my scanner isn't compatible with my new Windows 8 laptop, grr.
  10. Hello ponies! Next up is some digital sketches of our favorite little filly, Raspbery Swirl! As always, feedback and critique is most welcome! Check spoilers below for older posts
  11. Hi everypony! So I want to make some more digital art and the programs I have are an utter pain with my drawing style. I would like a program that can accurately emulate a real pencil to begin with. For example, if you go over a line with a real pencil, it should get darker and darker with more strokes or pressure, creating a nice layered effect. You can then shade with light feathery strokes or outline with a pen tool, colour with markers or pencils or what have you. But I have Flash, which doesn't let you do any of those things and photoshop's pencil tool creates jagged pixelated lines that don't layer or respond to pressure. Here's what I can draw with pencil and paper: Ok that one wasn't pony-related And here's what I can draw with Flash: It's okay but not quite as intricate as I'd like. Can anyone suggest a decent program that I can use to make images like I do in my sketchbook? (Or tell me how I can get photoshop to do this as I have no clue) Many thanks
  12. Hello all! So I'm working on an animation called "Caring for your new pony" and I would like to find some talented individuals to help make it a reality. Want to read the script? View it here; Whether you're a graphic artist, vector artist, background artist, animator, composer, voice actor or all of the above, I want to meet you! In a nutshell, "Caring for your new pony" is a parody instructional video teaching viewers how to properly take care of their new pony. It's a comedy piece mainly focused on a typical American guy and Apple Bloom, his mail order pony. I have rounded up a selection of artists to record the voices for the piece and I have drawn out character designs and a storyboard to help give an approximation of the final piece. You can see the storyboard here; D'aww So what do I need? Well the sad truth is that I've never actually animated anything. I'm a writer, concept artist and storyboard artist so I'm perfectly happy providing oodles of sketches and giving aid and direction to anyone who needs it but when it comes down to producing the animation I fear my lack of experience may well cause the animation to suffer a lack of quality. Her new owner might be a little too affectionate If there is anyone out there who would be interested in taking the role of animator you would be welcomed with open arms. I could also use someone to help design a logo for the piece and the title screen for the animation, as well as a credits screen with links to contributor's websites. I would love for some vector artists to design illustrations to be used in the video (how to bathe your pony, how to feed your pony etc.) or even to digitize my sketches to be used for promotional art on my website and on any other available sites. I also need a male voice actor to play the part of the "Guy" in the script, you can view the audition post here; There is a view to turn this into a series, based on the ponies' experiences with their new human owners but baby steps for now, if we create a quality product then we can see about possible sequels. Concepts for the various owners So, no matter what you do we might just have a place for you on the team, I only ask that you're passionate about taking part. This project will need dedicated individuals that can take the time to see it through to its conclusion. All work will be unpaid as this is a not-for-profit animation since we're working with Hasbro's characters but everyone involved will receive credit for their work. If you're interested in joining, post below or email me at dilarus(at) with the subject title "Animation". Please include an example of your work eg. images, demo reels, links to finished projects. I hope to hear from you soon, it's been great fun working on this project thus far and I hope to make it fun for all of you to contribute to.